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"Vol. 2" issue of Bakeru-kun
  • Categories:Misc, Comic Book
  • Comic Title: Bakeru-kun


Fujiko F. Fujio's second volume of stories begin with Kawaru once again having his consciousness placed in Bakeru's entire family. Trouble begins when his real mother comes looking for the missing boy and he realizes he's displaced his body-in-doll form. Wondering how best to search for it he sorts through his sizable doll selection when he comes upon one that's invisible. Using that form he eventually discovers his doll-body at his girlfriends just at the moment she notices it and transforms into him . Fortunately the invisible Kawaru is able to switch her back before she discovers what happened. But then when he gets home and switches back with his real body he drops the invisible doll and futiley searches for it just when his mother walks in and steps on it. It ends with Kawaru rushing to switch the invisible being back with her real body.

Other stories have Kawaru transforming into a panda and the neighborhood bully accidentally transforming into Bakeru's sister (reversed during his/her bath with the help of the invisible body again).

Not yet available in english.


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