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"Vol. 3" issue of Bakeru-kun
  • Categories:Misc, Comic Book
  • Comic Title: Bakeru-kun


The third volume of Fujiko F. Fujio's work has Bakeru/Kawaru invite some friends of his over to his house to enjoy a swim in the pool. One of his classmates clearly tells some lies about him so to get revenge he decides to scare him by transforming into a strange turtle creature, a whale and even a dinosaur. In the end no one takes notice of the kids tall tales.

In other stories:

Kawaru transforms into a witch magically giving his girlfrind a number of gifts (actually he just bought it with the father dolls unlimited money supply).

Kawaru scaring a door-to-door salesman away with a bear's form which he then foolishly leaves lying around as a doll when his real mother drops by for a visit. She walks home not understanding peoples strange reaction to her. Kawaru as Bakeru reverses the process just before she reaches a mirror.

Kawaru being kidnapped as Bakeru, who keeps trying to escape by switching bodies, eventually he succeeds as the dog and then brings the police.

One story explains where all the different clothes some of the characters wear come from. It seems putting a dolls clothes on one of the puppets and then growing to full size enlarges those clothes too. Kawaru, as Bakeru's mother also sews a few outfits together as well (s/he's quite the clotheshorse). Apparantly fleas are enlarged too if they're in the the doll-sized material.

In yet another story, Kawaru trys out a doll that's a shapechanger, turning into a duplicate of whatever form Kawaru was in when he activated it, in this case his own. With his consciousness split between two of himself he sends one out to play baseball with the neighborhood kids and the other stays home to do his homework. Unfortunately he still hasn't quite got the hang of multi-tasking and finds his two sleves interfering with each others movements at critical times. Asked to clean his room he uses Bakeru's mom's body to do the work, but suddenly gets into the game by running bases, nearly running into his real mom. Using Bakeru's sister's body to do his homework, he finds him/herself throwing a pencil cup through a window, forcing his mom to stay in his room to make sure he does no more nonsense.

In the next story he uses three new dolls, a girl, a villainous looking man and a cat to teach the local bully a lesson. At the end the bully is swapped into the man and Kawaru into the bully before being restored.

The next story has Kawaru trying to help an older sick neighbor. He uses the mother body to cook and clean for him before he finally learns he just misses his wayward son. Kawaru just happens to have a doll that looks like him too.

The final story has the return of the friendly alien, as it appears there's something wrong with the father dolls bottomless wallet. Turns out a lot of phoney 10000 yen notes have been showing up. Kawaru, in the form of Bakeru's father, is almost thrown in jail when the alien, as Sherlock Holmes no less, shows up with a real counterfitter working in the neighborhood.

originally posted by guest (Justin) on 2006-01-02, 1 edit, entryid=1022