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Surface episode 11 and Up
  • Categories:Animal, Television Episode


I've been watching this series on NBC since it began last Fall in 2005. It's not great (many of the ideas seems lifted from movies like E.T. Jaws, Close Encounters and shows like The X-Files), but I'm addicted and call it a "guilty pleasure show". As for the TF... here it is... Miles (one of the main characters) is a kid whom befriended and tried raising one of the creatures on the show after it hatched. He calls this creature Nim (short for Nimrod). Miles was both bitten by many of these "creatures" and then brought back to life by Nimod further into the show.

In Episode 11 - Miles begins to slowly show traits that "the creatures" have. And in future episodes... it is revealed that Miles is slowly turning into one "the creatures". (It was mentioned and shown in the previews for future episodes). To what extent Miles changes... I don't know. There were visuals of his eye changing. His skin changing and slime etc. I wanted to bring it up and let everyone know if you're even remotely interested in watching how the series plays out with the TF. I'm a bit skeptical on how far they'll take it since we're talking about a TV Show. But you never know.

- Mako -

originally posted by guest (Mako) on 2006-01-04, no edits, entryid=1017