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The Basil Brush Show episode Double Trouble Two
  • Categories:Age, Television Episode


The Episode starts with Basil, Molly and Dave in jail. But they are soon joined by cousin Mortimer. After Basil and the gang recap everything that has happened. (They accidently clone 2 mr. stevens, the real one is fired for being bad, the new one a genius has been captured for testing in a secret government lab). After finding the real Steven, they break into the lab and save the fake. By Basil mucks up trying to get rid of stven's clone instead makes copies of everyone (Himself, molly, dave and Bigo) Eventually the orginal gang are fired and replaced by the clones. They go to work at Anil's and get paid 25 pence the lot of them. Basil has an idea to let the clones age and when they are gone get their jobs back. It works. the gang are back.

originally posted by guest (WereElvis of London) on 2006-01-06, no edits, entryid=1013