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Children of the Corn 2: The Last Sacrifice
  • Categories:Mythical, Movie


The movie is the sequel in the 1983 classic horror flick "Children of the Corn" which is about the children of the town up to 19 years old believe there is a god like thing in the corn feild and makes them believe that anyone over 19 isnt pure, so they kill all of the adults, including their parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents , maybe brothers and sisters if they were over 19. When a child turns 19 they sacrifice themselves on the 19th birthday. People who stumble apon the town get killed unless they believe. A young couple stumbles apon the town and run their lives as the children led by their leader Isaac try to sacrifice them in the cornfeild. In the end they stop the evil and excape with two little kids who want to leave the town.

The sequel takes place right after the first ended and te couple tell of what happened and the police come and take the kids into foster care. Their new leader Michael has a new plan for the town in which they now call him home. In the end after the kill all the adults, except for a couple, the leader gets killed, but before he does he transforms into a demon and then dies.

originally posted by guest (Tazz) on 2006-01-06, no edits, entryid=1012