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In this Tim Burton oscar winner the two main guys in it are spririts who call on a exorcist named BeetleJuice. Several tfs happen include 1 age progression to which the two grow older and older until they enter a corpse/zombie like form, 1 (i guess you would call it a monster tf) in which the man pulls half of his face off and becomes a pyteridactyl like beast while the woman does the same and turns into a gothic aligator-like monster with eyes on her tongue. There are also a couple of size changes involving the heroes and BeetleJuice as well as the goth girl. One head shrink (BeetleJuice) and one bit in which Betelguise turns himself into a freakish Disneyland-ish ride. Trivia: If you look closely during the scene where Beetlejuice turns himself into the ride you may notice a smiling Jack Skellington head- the Jack Skellington character was later used in Nightmare before Xmas. It's truly an amazing film.

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