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The Sci-Fi Channel episode Commercials
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The Sci-Fi channel has various vignettes that regularily appear amongst regular commercials. The vignettes show a Sci-Fi theme, and therfore occasionally show transformation.

Vignettes currently running-
- A woman is standing on a mountaintop, and a butterfly flies by. She reaches out to touch it, and when it flies away her body transforms into a flock of butterflies and follows it.
- A woman is looking at a strange plant, and pricks herself on a thorn. As she is inspecting the prick, it is noticable that there is no blood, just water. She then suddenly explodes into thousands of drops of water.

Vignettes I've seen in the past but don't know if they are still around-
- A short vignette of a half frog woman jumping on a glass and eating a fly, no shown tf
- A vignette where a fairy shrinks a man down to about 2 inches.

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