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Author: guest
Created: 2024-01-04 06:48:53
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*Categories: <category>Gender, Movie</category>
*(C) 2000, 32 Minutes mins, Cast: Noah Beil (Reese; Male) , Kate Duyn (Reese; female) , Adult Content, Magic, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, On Video

Reese, an up and coming DJ, has an eye for the ladies who, in turn, seem to be drawn to him because of his growing celebrity. Never mind the fact that his rich girlfriend will be moving in with him soon. Reese fully intends to take full advantage of her cash and still get as much outside action as he can get away with.

That is, until he meets Artemis (Kristen Kakos). The Goddess of Darkness and Guardian of the Honor of Young Women, amongst other things, Artemis notices the hopelessly skirt-addled Reese leering after her but doesn't act. When she overhears him make a lewd comment about her, however, she decides to teach him a lesson by turning him into a woman. Suddenly an attractive female mark, Reese (Kate Duyn) experiences firsthand just what kind of crude, sexist pigs we guys really are.

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