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Author: barackobrahma
Created: 2017-02-08 17:54:54
Categories: <category>Age, Gender, Movie</category>

<spoiler>Orphan girl has grown and find true love with an unknown and mysterious guy. The guy disappear after the first encounter, leaving her pregnant. After the labour, is revealed that she was a hermaphrodite, and her female side, although not completely developed, was enough to gestate a baby, but resulted in severe complications, which lead the obstetrician to remove all her female parts, do a neofaloplasty, and prescribe male hormones, so now he can lead a normal life as a male. After a few days, her/his child is kidnapped. In the future, he meets a guy who can travel through time, and is challenged to go back in time and find that mysterious and unknown guy, who he blames for his misfortune, supposedly to kill him. He finds himself back in time, still as a girl, and discover that he was that guy, and fall in love with his female counterpart. In the mean time, the time traveller goes one year ahead, kidnap the baby, and travel back a few years, leaving the baby girl in the orphanate, ie, to grow up, and restart the cycle. Then, the girl-who-turned-guy is incorporated in the same company as the time traveller, effectively becoming another time traveller... which we discover is the same time traveller seem before, but an younger version. In the end, we also see a really old version of the time traveller, as a lunatic terrorist.</spoiler>
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Categories:Age, Gender, Movie


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