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Author: barackobrahma
Created: 2016-04-10 23:23:35
="Fallen" Episode 39 of The 100=
Categories: <category>Multiple Possession, Mind Control, Identity Death, SciFi, Series</category>
Series: <a rel=series rev=episode prep="episode of" note=" Multiple Possession, Mind Control, Identity Death, SciF "> The 100 </a>

The series still going on... so, a lot of spoilers here.
In the XXII century, ALIE, an advanced AI creates a hive mind by possessing humans. She (depicted as a woman, her former creator) was, until episode 38, just hiding her intentions, as a benevolent being, although she is responsible for a nuclear war that happened 97 years ago. Raven, one of the citizens of Arkadia, a recently built village with the remains of their former space station (ie, home) that landed on Earth, realized that ALIE wasn't just making their suffer disappear... she was erasing and/or blocking those memories form everyone. And while she was trying to get hid of ALIE's control, by short circuiting ALIE's mind probes (some highly advanced neural chip), ALIE took control of her free will and obliterates her mind completely. Because of this, ALIE can now manifest herself as a physical being to others, who didn't have the neural chip, by using Raven's body. </spoiler>

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"Fallen" Episode 39 of The 100

Categories:Multiple Possession, Mind Control, Identity Death, SciFi, Series
Series: The 100


The series still going on... so, a lot of spoilers here.
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