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Category: 'Were'
Akazukin Chacha episode Character: Riiya
This is an anime that never made it over to the states. It tells the story og Akazukin a young girl trying to figure out her magical powers and she usually is wearing a red hood in the same fashion as Little Red Riding Hood. She has a friend by the name of Riiyu who is a werewolf that can turn int ...more
Ala... Dina!
Animal, Female, Gender, Inanimate, Male, Size, Were, Age
Spanish tv show about a female genie and a family... episodes of possible interest: ===Season 1:=== 01 - "Genio y figura parte 1" - Animal - boy into pig 03 - "Mascota familiar" - Animal - woman into parrot; man into raven 07 - "El estreno" - Age - boy into man 09 - "Cumplesiglos feliz" - ...more
Alpha Luna
Female, Were
This manga is about a girl with a werewolf beast and a destiny
The Amazing Spider-Man #124-#125
J. Jonah Jameson's astronaut son John finds a strange rock on the surface of the Moon that causes him to change into a werewolf, or Man-Wolf in this case. Spider-Man manages to save John's girlfriend Kristine from the Man-Wolf by ripping the gem off his neck. (Although John is seemingly cured at th ...more
An American Werewolf in London
Basically two male friends are in London for some kind of vacation, when a werewolf attacks them, killing one and injuring the other. The one that lived spent the rest of his time seeing visions of his dead friend. The movie has a lousy plot but it does have a great transformation scene.
An American Werewolf in Paris
Sort of an action movie remake of An American Werewolf in London.
Animal, Age, Were, Gender, Mythical
the artist Arania from transfur homepage that has alot of transformations that are not seen on
Army of Darkness issue 10
In the beginning of the issue, Ash is bitten by a werewolf, and soon after changes into one. You can see preview pages that include his transformation here.
Autumn Moon issue Unknown
Set of five stories, comprised of several parts, that follow Autumn Moon, a teenage girl in high school. At the age of 18 she discovers her family lineage contains the curse of the wolf, which has laid dormant for seven generations.
Avalon: Web of magic
Were, Animal
Children books about three girls which learn magic to save the world. One of their animals, talking golden ferret Ozzie is really an elf changed into an animal. There are lots of magic creatures and good werewolf too.
Bad Moon
A man goes to stay with his sister after becoming a werewolf, because through some bizzare reasoning he thinks that his family's love can cure him. Turns out that his nephew's dog can tell he's a werewolf, and the 'familial love' cure doesn't work (yeah, big shock there), so he ends up going on a mu ...more
The Beast Must Die
A big game hunter invites a number of guests to his isolated estate in order to hunt the real Most Dangerous Game, a werewolf. One of the guests is such a lycanthrope, though the identity is kept secret for most of the picture. A clever scenario, but not too well handled.
"Benwolf" episode of Ben 10
A Navajo werewolf (it's actually an alien) scratches the omnitrix on Ben's arm, causing Ben to absorb its DNA and progressively transform into a "werewolf." The transformation occurs in three stages, but there's only one actual transformation scene, and it's only into the first, slightly wolf-like ...more
Big Bad Beetleborgs episode She Wolf
Wolfgang (the werewolf) bites jara during a full moon, turning her into a she wolf.
Big Fish
Spoiler: Danny DeVito's character turns out to be a werewolf.
Big Wolf On Campus episode The Boy Who Tried Wolf
Tommy accidentally bites Merton - turning Merton into a werewolf at the same time a werewolf exterminator comes to Pleasantville...
Big Wolf on Campus episode Manchurian Werewolf
Tommy gets brainwashed by the evil werewolf syndicate, and he bites lori. unfortunately, lori's werewolf tf has already started, and tommy and merton only have 5 minutes to till midnight, so, they try to stop the syndicate, but the syndicate leader calls his guards to lock merton and tommy up in a ...more
Big Wolf Wolf on Campus episode Unknown
Tommy Dawkins is bitten by a werewolf and becomes one now with the help of his new friend Merton he battles all forces of the supernatural to protect Pleasentville (not the one from the movie).
Biker Mice From Mars episode Changes
In this episode of the Biker Mice revival series, the bro's old mentor Stoker is experimented on and involuntarily transforms into a savage wererat-like monster called Stoker Rat when under the sunlight. The transformation happens a few times in the episode and is shown to be quite painful, t ...more
Black Cat
Age, Were
Were: When the Chronos numbers are assaulting Creed's castle, Creed sends a man who transforms into a werewolf. Age: (Spoiler Text)
Black Sheep
A horror/comedy out of New Zealand. Scientist creates mutant sheep on isolated farm. Sheep become carnivores with a taste for human flesh. Interesting side effect of the bite are victims becoming were-sheep.
Blood and Chocolate
(from the website: "The story takes place in modern day Bucharest and tells the tale of nineteen year old Vivian Gandillon, who has spent her life on the run from the truth... that she is a werewolf. When her affections for a visiting America ...more
Bloody Roar
A series of arena fighting games in which the players can shed their skins to become half human and half animal. The ones that I know have always been there are werewolf, weretiger, werebeetle and I think there has always been a werelion
Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode Fear Itself, Wild at Heart, etc Charactor - O
The chactor Oz (Seth Green) is a werewolf and changes on screen several time through out the run of the series. Also in Wild at Heart another werewolf is introduced, Veruca.
Cariot Clothes
Race, Were, Female
A woman morphs into various ethnicities, then finally a tiger. Believed to be an Israeli commercial. Exact "Hebrew" text for the product: כריות
Monster, Size, Were, Furry
Claymore, the anime series, is based upon this manga series. The yomas, claymores, awakened beings, and demons of the abyss are capable of partially or completely transforming to human or monstrous forms. In some cases, the transformations are irreversible. (Spoiler Text)
Clemence Housman
A young man living in Scandinavia learns the woman his brother loves is actually the werewolf that has been killing members of their family.
Codename: Kids Next Door
Age, Gender, Animal, Were
Numbah One, Two, Three, Four and Five are agents in a secret organization to defend kids from the tyranny of adults and teens.
Commerical commercial Bloody Roar 2
This came out a long while ago, when Blood Roar 2 was coming out on Playstation One. This guy in an office turns into a werewolf and starts to attack people. I don't remember much of it.
The Company of Wolves
Based on the work of Angela Carter and -- like most all of her material -- wildly over-praised, this flick is a true mishmosh of retold fairy tales featuring dozens of werewolfian transformations, starting with Red Riding Hood and moving into the ever-darker regions of the psyche. It's supposedly c ...more
Curse of the Wolf
A young woman, Dakota, has finally found a way to "control" her Lycanthrope metamorphosis and desires to try and lead a "normal" life. All might be well if not for dakota's "pack", who want a different life for live in werewolf immortality and hujnt with them forever!!! Dakota attempts ...more
Curse of the Were-Woman
Gender, Were
He couldn't resist her. She was just so beautiful. So magical. So seductive. He knew that if they ever had sex, she would slowly drain him of his masculinity -- that was, after all, what this were-woman did. She was a supernatural creature who sexually fed on the male life force. And if she drained ...more
The new Wes Craven werewolf film reteaming him with Scream writer Kevin Williamson and Rick Baker. Here's an early review and description.
Dandy and Company
This is an early bit of the comic this storyarch ran from September 30th to November 27th (but it was put on pause for a while in October) Bernard, Dandy's owner, was invited to a rally by his dog, unfortunately it was an anti-human rally. Well, one of the dogs that attacked him was a werewolf thu ...more
Dark Shadows episode Unknown
Quentin Collins is put under the curse of the Werewolf. Although he is cured, the curse still affects his descendant, Chris Jennings. This plot was also used in the Dark Shadows comic book.
Age, Animal, Female, Furry, Gender, Inanimate, Male, Mythical, Size, Were
Groups of artists that feature transformations in their Art.
Dog Soldiers 2002
In the begining of the film some army squad was sent into forest in Scotland where they found something strange that killed another squad except for one person. All the film is about "uneven" fight between 6 people and hords of werewolfs and it's a lot of transformations. http://www.dogsoldiers. ...more
Doonsbury issue Unknown
In the 1970's, Bernie used to torment his lab partner, Mike, by using chemicals to turn himself into a werewolf.
DragonBall Z episode Gohan's Metamorphosis
In this episode of the show- Gohan is under top secret training from Piccolo and is warned not to look up at the full moon but ignores the warning and looks up at it and finds himself turning into a giant King Kong-like weremonkey (Known as Oozaru in japanese).
Drak Pack episode Unknown
I'm shocked no one has posted this (I think). The Drak Pack was a cool Saturday morning cartoon series that I think lasted for one season back in 1980. One of the characters... Stan... could transform into Howler; a young werewolf who helped the Drak Pack fight crime.
The main character of the story is a female werewolf. She bites another person, a man. Shortly after being bitten, the man will also become a werewolf.
Elder Scrolls III: BloodMoon
In this RPG for the computer, your character can be changd into a werewolf through a number of ways (the most common being attacked by other werewolves). Once contracting Lycanthropy your character will become a werewolf every night. As a werewolf your character loses all items and weapons, but its ...more
Elder Scrolls Online
Female, Male, Were, Gender
In the MMO game, there are multiple instances in which the player character's form is transformed. At the begining of the game, the player chooses which race they will be. Aside from your typical human races you have multiple elf races, the Kahjiit (a feline race), Orcs and Argonians (a reptilian r ...more
Creatures called Balverines (another name for Werewolf) are basically, werewolves. They exist all through out Albion. In one instance in the game, a trader transforms into a balverine.
Fables: Legends in Exile
Fables: Legends in Exile is by Bill Willingham I didn't get to read much, but I know that there is a werewolf as one of the characters. I thumbed through it at Barnes and Nobel. Someone else might be able to write a more detailed review.
Family Guy episode Deep Throats
Scandal in Quahog involving Meg and Mayor West, but that is beside the point. Brain gets a job as a Taxi Cab driver to have something to do. Cleveland tries to hail a taxi, but Brain gets a phone call from Lois and doesn't pick up Cleveland. Cleveland takes this the wrong way. The show continues ...more
Famous places of Ravenloft:
Mythical, Were, Animal
The Shadow Demi-plane of Ravenloft absorbs all horrors from the D&D multiverse. When someone commits act of horrible evil, Dark Forces could teleport him into misty realm, then change them to better fit his new evil role. Very often, they chsnge humans into vampires and werewolves, but other mutati ...more
Fatboy Slim
In the halfway through the Fatboy Slim music video to "Wonderful Night", Fatboy Slim transforms into a werewolf. He remains in this state for the rest of the video. As of August 18, 2005, the video was available on the Rhapsody music service.
Final Fantasy Unlimited episode "Subway. Enemy of the Dimensional Tunnel"
Lou Lupus, alias Ru Rufus, is a character that can transform into a werewolf. The transformation is very nice and the werewolf actually has a tail. This happens when Lou/Ru looks into a mirror.
An independent film currently in preproduction, Freeborn looks to be the be the werewolf movie that asks the question - if you were given the choice by someone you love, would you become one? The teaser looks fantastic - I love the feel to it. It's the kind of high end work you just love to see ...more
Fright Night
Animal, Were
Charlie Brewster is convinced that his new neighbor Jerry Dandridge (Chris Sarandon) is a vampire, so he enlists the help of horror show host Peter Vincent. At first no one believes him, until Peter catches a glimpse and sees that Jerry's reflection isn't there in the mirror. Charlie's best ...more
Gargoyles episode Eye of the Beholder
A ancient necklace transforms the villaness Fox (who later becomes good) into a werefox (anthro) at night or whenever anyone tries to take it off or even touches it. The Gargoyles spend the episode trying to (reluctantly) save Fox. The episode is nicely done, the transformation scenes are excellent, ...more
Gargoyles episode Mark of the Panther
In Nigeria, the gargoyles come in contact with two were-panthers in the service of the sorcerous spider Ananzi.
Ginger Snaps
Two sisters (Ginger & Brigitte) who's have doing a pact "Out by sixteen or dead in this scene - together forever", are doing their best to stay outsiders. While walking through the forest at night a beast attacks Ginger. Since then, infected with the obsession for meat, Brigitte's sister turns more ...more
Ginger Snaps II: Unleased
"Ginger Snaps- The Sequel" picks up almost immediately where the first installment ends, where Brigitte is cradling her dying older sister, who had become a werewolf. With Ginger now dead, Brigitte Fitzgerald (played by Emily Perkins in the original) is on the run from the Canadian suburb of Bailey ...more
Ginger Snaps III
Golden Sun II: The Lost Age
I ahe recently gotten to a part in this game where everyone in the town of Garho (Because of its close proximity to Air's Rock) has the ability to turn into werewolfs. The towns mayor is permantly a werewolf because he has used the psyenergy (phycic energy) reveal but he can speak english.
The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy episode Tween Wolf
Billy's doofus friend Irvin gets bitten by a werewolf. Staggering around, he sees an ad depicting someone's bikini bottom getting pulled down. This "full moon" triggers a very nice werewolf transformation, as Irvin's feet burst from his pants, followed by a bushy tail. "Oh no! It's puBERty!" he exc ...more