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Category: 'Website'
Sapphire's Place
One of the largest and oldest sites for transgendered stories.
Sayoran Change
Some pics and files with sayoran transformad into girl and wearing girls cloths.
Sebastian Blackcat's Magick Shoppe
Inanimate, Animal
This is an unusual fetish art site owned, and operated, by a man who calls himself Sebastian Blackcat. This site features images of men and women being turned into sex toys and animals. It's mostly fan art of various animes, but there's some origional art as well. The site also fetures a guest gall ...more
SHiFT #1
A web comic based around a kid that can shapeshift. We see his first change on page four. He changes him self into a girl to get to know another girl he likes. Site being updated starting 1/1/10
The Shrinking Sorceress E-Zine
This site is dedicated to women who use magic to get what they won't. Full of Galleries and stories about women who magically change people to everything from animals to cigars.
Simply Captions
Another website featuring captioned pictures, and nothing but captioned pictures. Oh, except for the guestbook.
Siren Song
The site has been reopened by some of the crew that was running Gynomorph. The original site had still frames of tg movies and shows long before metamorphose. It also was the home for original art and poser animations. It was shutdown by its creator Siren.
Demo allows you to create a virtual person for your web site. Any sex age and voice you like.
On this site, you may submit dreams you've had, and the artist will render them in cartoon form. I've seen every type of transformation on there.
A very weird and complex program-made webcomic, now apparently defunct. I can't describe the nuances of the plot, since I lost track pretty quick. It looks like a pretty adult-oriented comic too, so be warned. Lots of nudity. As best I can tell, it involves a bunch of anthropomorphic folks g ...more
Solid Girl
A large site housing a gallery of statue transformation art from various authors, most Japanese, but some English speaking artists as well. Also has links to various inanimate websites and a BBS/Oekaki with more images.
Age, Furry, Gender, Inanimate
A stuck fetish site, but has a Transformation branch. Good for TF and Stuck fans. I really love it, and want to see it get more members.
Stills and clips from a wide of transformation types.
Strange Things
Eddie Glover's collection of modified picture.
A Study in Gender Transformation
Realistic computer generated male to female transformation sequences.
Taralynn's Desk
This website is a story site where I posts her stories. It's young but is a TG site that a lot of us can enjoy. Two stories are up so far. "Mother Raven" is a one shot about a boy named Lowrie who destroys a raven's eggs and she gets her revenge on him many years later. "Crew Shift" only has one cha ...more
Tebra's Ebay Auctions
Professional artist Walter Adams sometimes sells original artwork on ebay.
TF Board
A discussion forum for TFs
TF Games Site
A message board created to continue the work of the now closed TF Gaming Workshop. Much like the gaming workshop the site is dedicated to the discussion, creation and testing of transformation games.
TF Seeker's Sightings
A website with dozens of links to other furry and transformation-themed websites, along with the "Furcyclopedia Transformica", a dictionary of furry and transformation terms.
This is a choose/write your own adventure-style site. It has all kinds of transformations, and of course you can contribute your own.
TG Brazil - recopilations from many sites
TG Creation
A site containing videos edited together to create TG themes, primarily containing adult content. Created by Lilac Wren.
TG Fiction (in Russian)
TG portal in Russian. Comics, Stories, etc
TG Mad Scientist
Several complete scans of stories from comics. The site has daily bandwidth limits.
TG Pictures from Japan
Professional quality art of male to female changes.
TG Taizen
A GaiaOnline Guild which focuses on TG & Cross-Dressing Anime, Manga, & Webcomics. Guild Captain: Olorin90 Guild Vice Captain: Silence of the Clams
New site with a ton of free tg clips Right here or
The King & Us
Fox Sports has always had its own unique style of broadcasting. This year they have teamed up with Burger King and are debuting a new episode of an animated short staring Kurt, T.B, Howie, Strahan, and Jimmy Johnson. At the end of the first episode -which they previewd yesterday during the Fox pr ...more
The SCP Foundation
Inanimate, Animal
An Wiki-style catalog of the secret underground research base for alien artifacts and other strange things. It includes, for example, scp-531 - a cat statue, which changes humans into its copies when distrubed scp-731 - manhole cover, which changes humans into rats
The Weekly Transformation Blog
The Weekly Transformation Blog just started up at There will be a short descriptive transformation every week and art and videos to follow. Any ideas will be accepted from readers and feedback is encouraged. Thanks! Double A Team
My yahoo group about transformations of any kind but u guys need to send me some files for it, and other people can access them.
TimeSignalMan Upload BBS
A Japanese upload site, which is, similar to Kenitiro, run by a single artist. Mostly comic strip, inanimate tfs dealing with a spoiled little girl and her maids. Tfs include flattening, outright tf into objects, melting, etc...
Trans DNA
TG TF captios, images etc etc...
Transformania - Magical Transformation Fantasy
An enthusiast's archive of images, information and transformation related media.
Transformation and Giantess Fantasies
Gender, Size, Inanimate, Animal
Dedicated to making short videos (for sale) of all types of transformations.
Transformation Graphics Archive
The first big collection of transformation art on the internet. It is now shut down.
Transformation Media
Animal, Furry, Inanimate, Gender
Transformation Media is your one-stop shop for all types of transformations. TG, Anthro, Full Animal, Inanimate, and everything in between! Site supports free media uploads by members. Content includes stories, captions, art, and Choose Your Own TF-style. Also includes links, forums, and more! ...more
Transformation Picture Bulletin Board
This is a site that proves that I need to learn Japanese. It is a upload site for all transformation artwork. There is some great stuff on here, but it is mostly animal transformations. I highly suggest it.
Transformation Stories
Age, Animal, Gender, Inanimate
Transformation Stories is a "social content network" based on coRank. It's a place where people submit, share, vote and promote stories with various transformation themes.
Transformation Stories List
This is a old abandoned website. It has still functional interactive stories, and alot of good stories having to do with transformation. Also there is an extensive list of transformation stories, books, movies, comics and tv shows.
Transformation Story Archive
Probably the oldest transformation story archive on the internet. Has not been update in a while.
Transformation U
Web Comic
Transformation Video Clips @ YouTube, veoh, and Google Video
Furry, Gender
This is the place to add links to users who share transformation video clips. Do NOT include links to any user / page who is sharing a significant part of a complete copyrighted work (even if that work is broken into parts)
Transformer's Captioned Pictures
TG image recaps
Image Site
Transgendered Graphics and Fiction Archive
Jenny North's site has many scans from transgendered comics and other print materal, as well as stories. Definitely worth a visit. Unfortunately updates have been slow lately.
TSAT is a netzine devoted to *all* kinds of TF fiction -- furry, inanimate, TG, lycanthropic, etc. You name it, we've been presenting the best of it since our first issue, back in 1998. Every issue also has some some pretty darn good columns -- by Phil Geusz, Jeffrey Mahr, and Oren the Otter -- and ...more
TV Magic Video Captures
This site has one of these illusion categories that show, "Double Sawing". Two females has been mixed up their body swapping part by magic cabinet for illusion show. Check out for several click on double sawing vidcaps.
A wiki devoted to cataloging "tropes" in media. It has a great deal of tropes related to TG and TF content (each "trope" page consists of a description with a list of examples). Good starting points include; A list of transgender/cross dressing related tropes. Shapeshifting tropes.
Unending BE Addventure
Age, Animal, Female, Male, Mythical, Size, Gender
This site features an unending story with characters who often find themselves being transformed in many ways. The most common stories feature men becoming women in awkward situations. All of the stories are written by people who visit the site. I'm afraid my description doesn't do this site any ...more
Union of Heroes / Union der Helden
Inanimate, Mechanical
Union of Heroes is a photowebcomic about a team of superheroes – from Germany. The prologue starts with a young man named Marc, who is transfered to a parallel world by a stranger who just introduced himself as "TheOneWhoKnows". There Marc finds out that his alter-ego was the superhero "Erze ...more
Unknown Heroes
New website with a few stories and comics. Based around several characters with special powers and transformations. BIG SPOILERS DO NOT READ IF YOU WANT TO BE SURPRISED Coming soon a story with miscellaneous transformations and another with a gender change.
Sonic fanart, and some growing pics, but not in the way you would think, also a sonic/knuckles/tails tg in the art section.
Visible Time
The site has along list of age progressions in many types of pedias
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