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Category: 'Website'
O'Melissokomos: The Bee Keeper
Gay male transformation (stories, morphs) and more!
Offical #Fictionmania Homepage
News and help for using the #fictionmania channel on irc.
Okashi Blog
A Japanese blog with several transformations from male to female.
Once I Was A Man BLOG
Fem Object Transformation captions. Angry women turn people into the most delightful dresses, shoes, hanbags, bras and panties ETC.
The Opposite Sex
A online comic about a boy that has an accident at school with a radiation gun. After being blasted he turns in a girl. frequently updated
The Pack
A very active board centering on any and all aspects of werewolf life, appearance, film, legends and lore.
A flash series beginning at involving a guy getting turned into a cute little panda by an evil wizard. There are other, minor transformations, and maybe more on the way. That wizard's kind of crazy.
Peliculas de cambio de cuerpo.
New Yahoo bodyswap group:
The Perception Laboratory's Face Transformer
"You can use the Perception Laboratory's Face Transformer to change the age, race or sex of a facial image, to transform it to the style of a famous artist, to make an exagerated caricature or even make an ape of yourself!" says the website. Covers a lot of transformations, eh? I will say th ...more
Captioned TG photos. A site to submit your own photos and morphs. Also has artwork and animation and is constantly updated.
Photo Fakir
This is my tg transformation photo site that shows fun pics of bodies with new owners. Access requires yahoo adult registration and approval by site administrator.
Pink Gladiolas
Frequently updated transgendered story site.
The Polymer City Chronicles
A unique online comic, the Polymer City Chronicles is all about overdeveloped alien women and the men who oggle them. And, occasionally, video games. The main characters are Andrah, who's huge and blue, her scientist husband Otto, and Sheeri, the token cute furry girl. There are others, but tho ...more
A web site with 3 pics (2 TG one misc) so I am not sure what it's final focus would be if anything. From the look of it's forum it is currently taking art requests.
The Process
Animal, Gender, Size
Lorekeep's process webpage is back, and better than ever. The process has returned again. This time, it appears to be a collection of art by one artist, as apposed to an expansive collection of art from a multitude of sources. As it is now an independent site, the updates are somewhat slow as th ...more
The Pygmalion Syndrome
Inanimate TF stories (statues, statue-like paralysis) by Leem, erotic but no hardcore.
Rachel's Haven
Age, Female, Furry, Gender, Male
A website developed by the captioner Rachel, devoted to various topics on transformations related to Gender, Furry, Age, Male and Female. Includes many captioned images, as well as various Role-Play Topics. Also, as of Oct 2008, it now includes a story archive. *** Registration required to ac ...more
Red Vs Blue
Based on the Halo video game, this is among the funniest web video comics out there. The red and blue teams must fight it out for domination of the Blood Gulch in the middle of nowhere. (Small Spoiler) Transformations include Mechanical, Posession, and Gender. ...more
Red vs Blue: The Blood Gulch Chronicles
This is a bit complicated. In this web series about two opposing military bases in a canyon on an alien planet, a member of the red team (Pvt Donut) has been stuck with pink armor, and is consequently mistaken for female by the blue team. The blue team, meanwhile, has lost one soldier (Pvt Church) a ...more
Robo's World
Images recaps, stories, and even a female body swap done in comic book style. Saddly It has not been updated for a couple of years. Many links on the site no longer work.
Roo'd Awakening
Web Comic
Rubberbando's World
Site has artwork, animations, and stories involving several types of transformations such as clowns, balloonies, zentai, toys, dolls, etc.
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