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Category: 'Website'
Japanese TF media list
many coote! K.A.T (kids into animal transformations)-style references. You can use babelfish ( to translate it, but movie/comics/boot titles are translated into meaningless gibberish.
Jekyll's Daughter
A continuation to the original Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Henrietta Jekyll recreates her father's formula 25 years later with unexpected results. ***Note: You can read the prologue for free. The remainder of the website has character sketches, a historical overview, a couple of Flash transformatio ...more
Jennifier's Transgended Story Pages
Stories, recaps, and gif animations.
Magical MtF Transformations ( Transgender / Transformation stories centering magical, SciFi gender changes, comics, pics, discussions, dating, chat ) The introduction is available in English, German, and Russian, but most of the site is only available in Russian.
Jump The Shark
On the 'Puberty' page of the website, it features a pictue of a young boy morphing into a mid-twenties man
Kathy's Caps
This website has several pictures with caps and others to be cap by the community. Gender transformation as main, but also other type of transformation available. Just created and trying to grow.
Just a new tg caption site that I found that is alot of AR/TG as well as normal. It just started so read the summary on teh group.
Kenitiro Image BBS
A Japanese upload site with a multitude of great tfs. Mostly transformation into food via melting or morphing bodies. Also has some animal tfs.
Lady Sekhmet's Video Clip Collection
A small collection (~250) of TF related video clips that are rotated online for viewing 5 or so at a time as well as a little gallery of misc images and music. Enjoy!
The Laidly Worm of Spindlestone Heugh
An educational website on myths and legends. This legend deals with a saxon princess turned into a dragon and includes a multimedia presentation of the legend
Lana's Sci Fi TG Page
Lana's message board is the defacto home for the #fictionmania irc channel. And before losing her hosting when the first fictionmania closed down, the site had an excellent collection of scans and stills frames.
Lana's TG Chat
Web based chat room. Closed Down
Latex Blue
An unusual comic about living furry suites. They are sometimes altered, swap parts or even wear each other. Be warned this comic has a fair amount of adult content.
Lion King Fan Archive
On this website various artists have done fanart to do with the lion king include a few characters from other movies as lions in the lion king style like Victor from Corpse Bride, Willy Wonka, and Steiner from ff9.
Living With Zombies
Two slackers are pleasantly shocked when (apparently) everyone else on Earth suddenly turns into a zombie. Their neighbors, their friends, even girls in the middle of taking a bath - poof, all ugly and undead. There's no obvious reason, but at least it lets them live out their video-game fanta ...more
A website containing several pics, stories, and links of giant furries. Several growth / shrink pics.
Madame Hexxina
Website wit lots of TF content. reminds me of Naga's site
Madasama Image Gallery
Another Japanese image, with large amount of pictures of Poser women being turned into statues, usually by strange devices, but also by other means. Also contains art of women being otherwise transformed, usually flattened, either before or after the statue transformation. http://madasama.blog28 ...more
Magical Sailor Fuku
New home and slightly reworked since the fall of xoom.
A pay per view website. This Turkish magician offers photo montages of scenerios where he tricks a woman into his magic box and then transforms her. Seems to be mostly flattening, at least one twister. Videos and cartoons supposedly to follow. About ten bucks per download. *Magicione's website
Male SuperHeroes as Women
Several different Yahoo Groups are dedictated to this subject. They have photomanips, drawings and cartoons featuring female versions of superheroes and other fictional characters. Like all Yahoo groups, you must join the group before you can enter.
Male Videogame Characters as Females
An interesting website showing pictures of male characters turning into females from a variety of videogames and animes.
Jenny's North site dedicated to the now out of print Mantra Comic.
Many Realms
Actually a portal to several story and picture sites dealing with inanimate TFs, mainly to robots, mannequins, dolls and statues.
Maria's Blog
Fictional blog of a man who wakes up one day with the body of a blonde woman. The account is fictionalized as a blog and users are able to vote as to how the story progresses.
Mashiro's Castle
Mashiro's Castle is a great site with TG images and original stories. The English version is a work in progress, but there are a decent number of stories that have been translated.
Matthew-Raizoku's Forum
Matthew-Raizoku is a fan of Pokemon and furry tfs and has made his own message board that deals mainly with said transformations in the form of stories and art and discussion of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon.
Maxcat's Giantess Realm
If you enjoy giant women, this is the site for you.
Medusa Project
A Spanish and English community site devoted to petrification and similar inanimate transformations. The forum was moved to a new board around the beginning of 2008, but the new forum doesn't contain any of the old content. ***The original forum requires user registration.
Mermaids Tail
A website with general transformation pics. Also has transformation comics.
A site dealing with stories, art, and photomanips of male transformation. It has.muscle, growth/shrinking, stone, muscle breast, enlarged or multiple genitals, centaur/furry, and other transformations.
For completeness I have included this site in its own catalog. A website deciated to cataloging published works that deal with transformations.
Michael Binary
In both German and English, this site has stories , media lists, morphs, recaps, video clips and original animations.
Midnight Aurora
Created as the sister site for Magical Sailor by Aurora. Midnight Aurora host Captioned Immage ranging from MtF, FtM and even some CD. It also contains short TG stories as well as a forum for discussions. Link:
Minimizer's Shrinking Site
Media Site
Seems to be a website for a convention of animal transformation fans. Looks interesting, haven't looked much into it though. Just happened to stumble across it.
Mr light blue's tg captions
All of mr blue's captions in one place i am accepting suggestions and contributions still too enjoy.
MrBlue15's TG Caption site
This website will show tg captioned images all of which will be male to female, the website is in its early stages but i will be posting on a regular basis. I also would like any creative imput such as themes, images and sites that may be of use thanks.
Naga's Den
Animal, Gender, Inanimate, Mythical
This is a very adult orrientated website, has a bunch of tf and tg art, a lot like Aeaei Ranch on Chimera Unlimited. The website of Naga, an artist whose art mostly deals with the antics of an insane sorceress and her garden, but there are many other categories. Most of the art is of the inanima ...more
The Nation side website has a rollover on their web page from one of their ads that shows a young girl and then her again but older wearing the same outfit. The Caption reads "daddy's little girl" then Daddy's little handful"
The New Age Magic
New Age Magic site to replace the one that got deleted. Main site for all genres of female AP.
Nick Arcade, Clickamajig, Chemistry set
In chemistry set, you choose potions to mix and depending on which combination you choose, you mutate him in some way. This can range from giving him an extra set of arms, turning him into a dog, a copy of the Mona Lisa, or even a hot female version of himself!
Nivlek makes a wand that turns humans into animals.
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