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Category: 'Website'
Specialized computer software for photographic body swapping with skin tone matching. The site also has all of these body swaps people have made. *Only usable on PCs.
Fairview High
Your standard "freak high school" scenario. The chapter in question features the local werewolf turning human, and his classmates trying to change him back with a kind of seance. The witch girl screws up, and all her friends become talking animals. May be more transformations on the way. htt ...more
Fantasias Transexuales Latinas
A latin place for a latin celebrity methamorphose (pics)
Fantasy Artmorphs
Stories, original art, morphs and writing tips from Fish.
Farhad's TG Manga and Anime Page
Fan translated tg manga and a large catalog of japanese tg comics.
Female Disguise Media Archive
Much more masking and unmasking on these pages:
Female to Female Transformations
Yahoo group dedicated to Female only Transformations.
Female/TG Age Progression Group
Female/TG Age Progression focuses on female-to-female and TG age progression. Changes include transformations and bodyswap.
Femur's TG Comics
Has original and modified comics and illustrated stories of a transgendered nature!
Fiction Branches
Create your own story website with lots of transformations, especially gender.
Fiction Mania
A very large section of stories, and a busy message board, make this arguably the center of transgendered net fiction.
Final Fansanity
Jazon, after being blasted by the Ghost that haunted the sword, was awakened by Lorenzo to find that he had become a woman.
The Fountain of Youth
Stories and Morphs of men regaining their youth, or sometimes losing it.
Fox in the Mirrior
A somber and kind of depressing hand drawn flash movie. Beautifully done by any standards. In it the vixen shifts back and forth from animal form to furry form. It teaches a lesson about facing the person in the mirror, which is one of the hardest things to do sometimes.
Freya's Sexual Fantasies
A website here to unashamedly cater to those who wish to see and read magical and sci-fi Transgender images and stories. Contains stories and caption images of a hardcore nature. Home to the Spellbooks story universe.
Freya's Sexual Transgender
A website here to unashamedly cater to those who wish to see and read magical and sci-fi Transgender images and stories. The images and transformations here are of an adult nature and are very sexually explicit.
Comic-styled original art, updated three times a week.
Fur-Morphed: Where Dreams Become Reality. A website that is dedicated to transforming people into furries with the use of hypnotism and other such practices. There have been some responses of positive results. *FurMorphed Website
(Fictional) website which proposes furry TFs for real. :) Prices are very high.
Gaia's 2006 Halloween Event
In this Role Playing Forum, if a character drinks a Zurg Energy Drink, which is "out of this world" they turn into an alien with green skin, frail bodies, big heads and big black eyes. The only way to change back is by drinking a RedBino Energy Drink. The New NPC, "Ron Bruise" seems to have some ...more
Gaming Guardians
Male bot EDG and his evil ex, female bot Radu-Radu, switched bodies when she kissed him in the 9/22/04 panel of the comic. But the switch wasn't revealed until EDG gained consciousness in the 9/29/04 comic.
Inanimate, Animal
This is the site of Gammatelier, also known as Gamera, an very prolifient artist. Although most of his work is of conjoinment and otherwise, he has galleries containing an increasing amount inaminate and animal transformations.
Gender Bender Videos
Huge collection of TG Transformation Videos. CAUTION! Some links on this site (such as "Contact", at the bottom of the page) will launch a rogue ad page that will attempt to lock your browser, and trick you into clicking or calling for paid support for some so-called problem with your computer ...more
I am replacing my old Geocities site at (it is listed in your database as "Bendu Monk's Page") with a new site called I have alreday stopped updating the old site, and will be taking it down some time in the next week or two. The new site has ...more
German Transformation Board
Giant Tiny Fiction
G/PG-rated short stories about giant/tiny/shrinking/growing people or animals.
Glamour Lust
Adult webcomic/manga featuring gender-shifting faery/incubus Aerael and succubus Iolanthe/Iolaus and their ongoing relationships with two vampire brothers. The webcomic is no longer updated, but the site with archived comics remains active at present.
Gorgon Art
Gorgon Art is a website that contains the inanimate transformation artwork of many poser and pen/paper artists. The site notably contains an extensive array of the works of ArgoForg, the moderator of the site, JMD, and CMQ. The site also has a sister Yahoo Group, which is closely tied with the ...more
GPF Comics
Yet another long-running webcomic, GPF (as in, "General Protection Fault") features a burgeoning mad scientist named Nick and his girlfriend, Ki. The latest story arc involves the both of them plugging into a revamped version of one of Nick's old inventions, a virtual-reality machine called "th ...more
Greyflank's Web Site
Transformation stories written by Greyflank
Siren Song artists, Mako, C. Black, and Daniel-San's website.
Half Giraffe: Human Flea
In a bizarre accident, top secret scientist Mitch McGraw is shrunk to the size of a flea. He passes out from the shrinking, and a gust of wind blows him onto the scalp of his assistant. When McGraw awakes, he is unaware of just what has happened and thinks he is on an alien landscape with gigantic l ...more
Happy Tree Friends
Happy Tree Friends is a web site/ tv cartoon about cute and cuddly animals in which every episode at least of them meets a ghastly death. On a website you can adopt the characters and one of them is sniffles and watch him die three different ways. The last is called mix in which he mixes chemicals t ...more
Haunted Memories Changing Portrait Art
This website offers SPOOKY portraits that change when you walk past them. The antique photo portraits show people morphing into vampires mostly, but there is also a demon, a zombie, a skeleton bride, a headless woman, and an invisible man. These are very high-quality and quite unique! Custom wo ...more
Were is a fake website offering their medication that will cure Dysphoric Social Attention Consumption Deficit Anxiety Disorder (DSACDAD) (an equally fake disorder) While the site might seem real, there are some strange side effects: "Side effects may include mood changes, muscle strain, ...more
Headswap Demo Clip
I found this by chance yesterday. It's a VERY well done headswap clip. Check it out! I'll post some pics after this is posted.
A Spanish/English web about all kind of transformations, AR TG TF... the images are not so bad.
Holy Dragons, Holy Unicorns
This webpage contains many tales, and at leasr three of them have high TF component. "The Epidemic" - about mutagenic disease, which turn hands into paws ( "Stones of Howtown" ( - town wher ...more
Homestar Runner
The group says a ghost story, and when it's Strong Sad's turn (near the end) he says the robot had the brain of an old man. Short, but funny.
Homestar runner
In a non-linked toon called lappynapped, you hear several messages. The last one appears to be marzipan, until the voice coughs and becomes homestar's voice, commenting that he had a 'spit bubble' caught in his throat.
In the February 23rd update on, one of the characters named Strongbad does a regular feature wherein he answers fan e-mail. In this one Strongbad tells what he would change Anytown into if given the chance. One change is a gender switch to make a perfect? girlfriend. This ...more
the site has many weight gain screenshots of people mostly girls
webpage in Spanish, but with very good videos, some in English
Ian's Gallery
A gallery by the artist Ian with many images, most of them tributes to games or comics. TG transformation is a common theme.
If Only Life Was Predictable
You upload a picture of yourself or others, and it will show you what you would look like as a member of the opposite sex, or what you will look like in 10-40 years. It's pretty cool.
Illyra's Blog
Blog entry about a 35 y/o man who woke up as a Suicide Girl style "hot" chick, after stumbling upon a too-good-to-be-true website that granted wishes.
Incredible Shrinking Women
This link has many other Shrinking Women links, and this link has even this website added to its group of links...
A website that caters art and comics to those who enjoy gender changes.
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