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Category: 'Website'
The Accidental Babe
A phony film trailer about a man given a sex change by accident.
Alien Flesh
The name and purpose of this site is inspired by the book Alien Flesh by Seabury Quinn. In here you will find captioned pictures of men who have gained their greatest dream or worst nightmare; namely becoming women. Also a listing of recommened books and stories centering on this theme will be cont ...more
Alien Loves Predator
Here's a surprisingly competent photo-comic about an Alien and a Predator actually getting along in New York City. In this particular strip, Prez, the Predator, catches a cab driven by a cabbie who just happens to have a Ring of Power. The cabbie demonstrates this by turning Liv Tyler into a mir ...more
"... a site dedicated to the sex changing and cross dressing individuals from the world of Anime, Manga, and Games."
Anjawana's TG Manga and Anime Page
There is a new website with informations about comics and animes, my friend anjawana is the webmaster.
AR Archive
The best age site EVER! story chat images links it has it all!
Animal, Age, Were, Gender, Mythical
the artist Arania from transfur homepage that has alot of transformations that are not seen on
Bendu Monk's page
Bijyosou Manga Keikaku
A list of manga with either males transforming into a female (jyosei henshin) or males crossdressing (jyosou) themes. A few dozen have descriptive reviews. Text is entirely in Japanese.
Black Tapestries
This webcomic features mostly furry material, but there's also straight animal transformations. The main character is a rogue cursed to change into a fox woman, seemingly at random. The sorcerer who curses her enjoys doing stuff like this to people he doesn't like, and there's no shortage of mater ...more
Bonus Stage
This is a pretty amusing flash series as a whole, about two gaming nerds who, basically, just hang together. In the 7th Episode, titled "Cube," the duo gets warped through various dimensions thanks to the infamous Time Cube ( Amongst all the Mega Man and Rocky and Bullwinkle re ...more
Brain Transplant Business
A brain transplant website! It sets itself up as a serious business with examples and prices. Very well done
In a sneak preview of the "Genie Magic" the Bratz movie, two guys crash the party when the genie is still there and one of the Bratz girls wishes that they would "totally croak". The genie then turns both of them into frogs. There is currently a "sneak peak" of this TF on the Bratz website: ht ...more
Brazilian TG List
Media Site
The Bug House
Mr. Bugs site had many clips from movies and tv about gender or female transformations. Closed Down. Copies of the site can still be found on the #fictionmania irc channel.
Carrot Rukia
Animal, Gender, Inanimate
Named for it's first transformation, this website contains art of anime characters being transformed. Most of the art is inanimate transformations, but there are also a few tg tfs (due to Naga's donations), and animal tfs. The main upkeep of the site is done by Branzent (who has a gallery) and ...more
Catprog's site
Animal, Gender, Mythical, Furry
This is a story building site with a furry transformation theme. Protagonists turn into both real, fictional and mythical animals, and there is also a fair amount of gender swapping.
cc101983 face transformer
Lots of 50%Animal / 50%girl face. There are realistic photomanipulations
Changing Workplace
Web Comic
Transsexual Documentaries from the Transsexual Community. A grassroots non-profit QuickTime multi-media site... Your TG related animations and videos are welcome!
Charby the Vampirate
A cute gothy webcomic, though rather obviously influenced by Jhonen Vasquez's work. Most of the cast is made up of little monster kids, sort of like Satan's Muppet Babies. Quite a few of the main characters have shape-shifting powers, often transforming into huge monsters to slaughter their en ...more
Chimera Unlimited
This is a personal site with transformation drawings and stories. Primary animal transformations. Has a section of female satyr sketches and drawings. Also features the Random TF Generator program.
Choose Your Own Change
Lots of TF stories of all kinds
Closet Monster's Corner
Primarily a "Masking" website. Contains some TF images. Nice collection.
The Cobalt Jade Website
Erotic fiction featuring science fiction and fantasy inanimate-object transformations. Being IT
Size, Inanimate
Conjoined Dreams
A site with images of 2 or more women (well, most of the pics have women) conjoined together.
The Crack Head Thory
This is an RPG (Role Playing Game) where it functions under what is called the Crack Head Theory which says: Every time that you say, write, read, view, or even think of something, a world is made. As you continue to do this, that world becomes more solid until the point that, that world starts ...more
Creations of Alen and Goose
A yahoo group that has art and stories based on different things. People are welcome to post their own things.
Crimson Fury - Legend of the Red Wolf
A spinoff, Crimson Fury involves Shaedwyn, the sister of Black Tapestries' main character Lorelei. The webcomic picks up after she and her fellow bandits have been transformed into wolves by the anthropomorphic wizard Issac (as seen in Black Tapestries). Unlike her comrades, Shaedwyn retains her h ...more
Website with some cute photo manipulations.
Crystal's Story Site
Story Site
Age, Animal, Female, Furry, Gender, Inanimate, Male, Mythical, Size, Were
Groups of artists that feature transformations in their Art.
Dick for a Day
Just found this website, didn't know if anyone here would be interested. There is an interesting clip on there. It is a website about the book "dick for a day" where woman write out their fantasies about waking up with a dick...for the day
Don't be Afraid
A webcomic with random happenings of tranformations.
Donniegee's Captions
Age, Gender
Image Recaps in many different categories.
DreamMaster's TG Comic Translations
Most of then an can be download at IRC
Some of the best animal transformations I have ever seen. It is mostly in Japanese but some of the site was translated.
See this yahoo group, it has some mangas and tg with tg, its free but you have to join in yahoo group, ok.
Hi friends i see this site in brasil and i invite all friends here to see it. It is in portuguese but the links is very ease to use
El Loco Bruja's Bruja-ha-ha
Abigail Soto is the artist and writer of growing fame on Digital Arts and beyond. Her DA site is full of hundreds of TF pictures where her magical characters lay to waste everyone from the average Joe to comic book superheroes. Most famous of her characters is a nigh-omnipotent sadistic and bra ...more
Electric Morph Gallery
Age, Gender
The home of nomad2000's excellent art and animations. Has not been updated for some time.
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