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Category: 'Webcomic'
Abstract Gender
Two friends get transformed into girls as part of some type of experiment, when they go poking around a haunted house. ===Current Staff=== Writer: Rayne Artist: TBD Colorist: TBD Site is going to be Revamped, Comic is on temporary Hiatus.
Accidental Centaurs
Web Comic
Angels & Aliens
A webcomic where a man is recruited into an organization called the Angels without his permission. This involves a transformation that grants superhuman abilities. However, all the Angels are female, so he also has his gender changed.
Webcomic at, also available in graphic novel format. In an alternate timeline just a few heartbeats from our own, a young guerrilla fighter and a prototype jet fighter magically awakened to sentience begin life together as "siblings." Along the way, the jet discovers shape-shift ...more
Autumn Bay
Age, Animal, Gender
There are a number of transformations in Autumn Bay. Many of them have to do with the cosmic trickster entity known as Nesariel. (Spoiler Text) Andrew Chapel is changed as part of a "fantasy" into a cat The author has promised that transformations of various types will be a recurring ...more
Awfully Generic
A group of friends living in a nameless town have various adventures of a magical nature. One of the girls in the group is actually an alien disguised as a human to study earth culture (and a MALE alien, at that).
Babe in the Woods
Female, Furry, Animal
Park rangers at Great Smoky Mountains National Park in Tennessee are really intelligent animals from another dimension. Their job is to keep humans from finding the portal to that dimension within the park, or else their existence would be erased. One unlucky teenage boy, Cody, stumbled onto the ...more
Birth of Venus
When Mara Mercer is mistaken for her twin sister, reporter Madison "Madge" Mercury, she is beaten and raped by a member of the mysterious organization The Rebirth. While Mara recuperates in the hospital, The Rebirth send someone to finish the job. (Spoiler Text)
In Episode 360 - the end of the "Backup Dad" storyline - we learn that the Norse goddess of death, Hel, whom we had seen during the story (and had hired the Valkyries to go after Odineye) was not the real Hel... (Spoiler Text)
But I'm A Cat Person
Female, Gender, Male, Size, Animal
A chance encounter with a stray dog leads to recent college graduate Bianca Washington becoming the new Master of a "Being", a virtually immortal intelligent animal who lives to fight other Beings and serve his/her Master faithfully. Beings can change their human forms at their Masters' whims and ...more
Clan Bob
One of the main characters in this web comic can think as both a right and left brained person at the same time. For some unknown reason this bends reality around him, changing peoples genders.
Closet Gamers
Hero is resurrected and goes from male human to elven female.
Comic Mischeif
The main character is turned into a half-squirrel at the beginning of the comic. He is like this throughout the comic and he cannot talk while he is half-squirrel. EDIT: DEAD LINK
Comic X
By the author of Super Magical Transformer Patty. TG elements show up from time to time, usually as part of the "Gender Blender" segments. The author seems to have an affinity for it, though his characters do not. EDIT: Dead Link
Coming Full Circe
I found a new web comic that I think is worthy of our support. "Coming Full Circe" Its just on page 7 but it's full of great Tf's I will not spoil them for you but its a really good start The Story so far is Circe is living as a book store owner in modern times and it seems someone is tryin ...more
Corner Alley 13
Male, Gender
One of the characters of Corner Alley 13 is Drel, a shapeshifter raised by drows in the Underdark. Drel, the son of a werewolf, cannot change into a wolf or other species but can mimic the appearance and voice of anyone he sees. At first, he uses his ability to spy on the webcomic's main characte ...more
Coyote Dance
Tyler is in love with Nicole, but Nicole won't return his affection. Someone hear's the young man's troubles and decides to help. Help comes in the form of a mythical creature, the Trickster of Native American Legend. Tyler's life is turned upside down and hopfully for the better. Examples of T ...more
A webcomic about a class of gifted kids.
Magician uses too much milkweed in a spell and inadvertently gives himself a sex change.
Dandy and Company
This is an early bit of the comic this storyarch ran from September 30th to November 27th (but it was put on pause for a while in October) Bernard, Dandy's owner, was invited to a rally by his dog, unfortunately it was an anti-human rally. Well, one of the dogs that attacked him was a werewolf thu ...more
Dark MsStress
3D generated adult online comic featuring TG transformation elements. Updated monthly by Midnight
Darkwoman moved her site from allwomanweb to web1000
Demon Eater
Monster, Mythical, Furry, Size
Webcomic about a demon that eats other demons to grow bigger and stronger. Starts out as a spawn. Evolves into a lizard, bird and later a human-like form. Seems to be slowing changing into a human as the story goes on.
Dimension Hopping
Discordia is an ongoing comic about magic, transformations and people in a world close to our own. It all began when reality jumped out of the window and the power of the ancient goddess of chaos was unleashed into the world. It changed Drew's life forever, once a man, now a woman. Yet it also give ...more
a web comic, the comic follows a girl by the name of Emily who gets transported to a fantasy based world known as Domain and gets turned into a naga by a Dark Elf. webcomic:
Dragon Kingdoms
Comic strip about some kids and a giant. Growing / Shrinking is a major element in most story arcs.
The main character of the story is a female werewolf. She bites another person, a man. Shortly after being bitten, the man will also become a werewolf.
Drop Dead Gorgeous
A donation comic from the artist who writes the webcomic Sins. Drop Dead Gorgeous (DDG) is an online comic about a boy named Zip that dies and finds out that he's been assigned an Afterlife counselor that moonlights as a game show host. After trying to run away from her, Zip gets stuck to a Rea ...more
Dungeon Crawl
A reoccuring villan calling himself the Archdurid, is killed by the adventuring party. Much later, he returns after being reincarnated as a dyrad. Dyrads are always female. The Archdurid start a battle where is is killed The Archdryad meets up with the adventures
Eerie Cuties, Big Girls Don't Cry
Melissa the witch gets a hold of the gender switching Tiresias Orb. She plans to use it to steal Layla's boyfriend. Story Starts here Picks up again here
Eerie Cuties, Sisterly Love
The young vampire girl Nina uses a magic vase to switch bodies with her older popular sister.
El Goonish Shive
This ongoing comic on the net has both many gender and furry changes. One of the main characters invents a transformation ray and belt. Played for laughs. . . . . . . . . . . .
Embracing Yin
Under artists and sketches and Fish there is a comic where a male character seems to be slowly transforming.
Eve of Cloves
It's the story of a Prince, Evan, who was to be assasinated, escapes, but is somehow changed into a girl.
Evil Diva
Diva, a nicer than average demon use a magic wand to hide her angel friend from her mother by transforming her into a plush.
A barbarian tries to rescue a princess from an evil wizard, but unfortunately for him things don't go as planned. The wizard has laid a curse upon his head. Will the barbarian's curse ever be lifted? There is only one way to find out... Early on spoiler: (Spoiler Text) Another spoiler abou ...more
Exiern: Dark Reflections
A barbarian tries to rescue a princess from an evil wizard, but unfortunately for him things don't go as planned. Set in an alternate universe to the original Exiern story where things play out differently at a critical point in the rescue attempt ... but ultimately still less than ideally for ou ...more
Familiar Ground
A fantasy humor comic that follows the antics of a sarcastic frog, a mystic cat, and a shapeshifting horse as they accompany their humans on an epic quest. Updates three times a week, MWF. * website
Fanboys "Sweet Tooth"
Sylvia notices Lemmy eating a bunch of marshmellow peeps, 5 cases to be specific. Lemmy offers Sylvia one of them, but she refuses and warns him that he will turn into a marshmellow peep if he keeps eating them like that, but in a twist of irony she is turned into a peep instead.
Farchie Archie
Jughead turns into a woman.
New TG Web Comic. Here is a synopsis: Kentoshi was desperate - he wanted to get tall ASAP! But one thing goes wrong, and he ends up turning into a girl instead! ~Oh woe is him in the field of war and love~ Updates THREE (3) times every week.
Fox Tails
Fox Tails by Fallon Willard is the story of Miyo, the young female kitsune, well young for a kitsune anyway (900+ years) and Keen Kotoru, the confused and slightly forgetful 18 year-old boy. Miyo was frozen for several hundred years and is awaken in modern times to find that she had lost seven of ...more
Fox's Shadow
Fox's shadow follows the Adventures of Fox Shadow as he fights evils...and generally messes up. One such mistake was when Fox & Co Accidentally summoned a Male Tiger a catgirl. A smaller Transformation in the comic involves Fox's Partner having a pair of Cat ears, and a rather long and fl ...more
Gender, Mythical, Size
In one storyline, the main characters are slowly being turned into manga art. One of the characters turns into a fairy, and is able to switch genders of people with magic powder. One of the characters is turned into a girl that looks suspiciously like the girl ranma. Also, near the end of the story ...more
G.A.A.K: Groovy Ass Alien Kreatures
A group of Goonies-like misfit teens try to save the world from kooky aliens from outer space who've come to conquer the earth and meet the original cast of "Star Trek".
Gaia Online
Gaia Online, the largest forum I've ever seen, had an event on April 1st, 2006. Gino is the the son of the late Gambino ("the most powerful man on Gaia") whom died via sniper shot combined with a 500ft fall. On April 1st, Gino challenged Ian to a deul to the death for the love of the beautiful S ...more
GG Guys Webcomic - #133
Skyrim characters witness transformations before their eyes of character from male to female and eventually to Lizard.
Girl Genius
Also a print comic, I put this here because the scene is more easily accessed online. Anavek (royalty that is all you need to know) was dying. Her brother Tarvek builds a mechanicle body for her. She is only shown briefly in a flash back before being in the body. All in all a good comic in its ...more
A whacky comic about two lesbian lovers who like to go on adventures. In this stroyline several characters have swapped bodies including policeguy into the body of the main character Otra and Otra into the body of a cute cat. Bodyswap storyline starts here.