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Category: 'Video'
Off The Hook TV and Aroarah in "SEX CHANGE"!
A short 'video' film at youtube I found. Flex finds an ancient cane made of a bull's private part, & with one perverted wish the cane morphs the all male crew into Aroarah, a female rock band (Currently On Warped Tour), about to go on stage!
Male, Female, Gender
Max is a high tech hologram put on the dark side of the moon by a master race thousands of years ago and set to 'switch on' once human technology had reached the digital era... That time is now! MAX has multiple personalities and these manifest throughout his dialogue, when mid sentence MAX will mo ...more
Peppergod Talking Show
On the Peppergod talking show, one of the guests is "Sex Changed Peppergod".
Phoenix Wrong: Inspired Justice
Durring one of the scenes, the character Phoenix Wright transforms (with minimal process) into what I believe to be the main female character from the same game. This flash video is based off of the series of flash videos known as Pheonix Wrong, known for its random parodies using sprites from the ...more
at the end of the video the girl's friends turn into pinatas
PS3: Entertainment like you've never seen before
Halfway through the TV ad, a robot dances maniacally, it's outer skin morphing into the image of a female dancer, from face & hair to body.
Puppet Rapist
In the fifth and final episode of this series, the maniacal Puppet Liberation Association demonstrates an unusual chemical weapon by transforming a kidnapped human into an animate foam-rubber puppet.
Queen of Prussia - YouTube serials
Gender, Mythical
Video of several stills shot to form a story. There are a few transformations hinted at in the descriptive text. One transformation per episode. (???) I'm not understanding the meaning of the following, original description and will remove it unless someone else edits it - cj This is epis ...more "Werebear video"
This is a video made by a rather talented person. It's all in CGI and some of this stuff on his website is just plan impressive. The video is of a person transforming into a Were-bear and then attacking the camera. It's very very short, but it is very high quaility. After watching the video, I ...more
Sex Change Potion
Short film on Youtube where one guy gives his friend a sex change potion. Not bad *Link to Youtube
Slob Evolution
A young male model is transformed into a slob via time lapse photography. A parody of the Dove Soap "Evolution" commercial.
A short film from the UK on Atom Films. Description from the site: "Watch a smokin' hot babe take it all off. And we mean all of it. In fact, she takes off too much of it." Stripped on
A mysterious electrical energy shoots out of a shower head and an electrical box causing a brother and sister to swap bodies. The morph happens off screen and is only realized when the camera shows a boy getting out of the shower and a girl waking up in front of the electric box. They do their best ...more
Switcheroo: The Movie
Very funny video includes a body switch between a father and his cheerleader daughter. Switcheroo between a drug dealer and a parking meter steals the show.
The Swap
Things get awkward when an old friend comes to visit... A new short film by The Bubble and Squeak Collective.
To Save a Princess
A short homemade video about a some people playing Dungeons and Dragons. We see the people both playing the game and as their characters running around the woods. There is a gender transformation near the end of the video.
Transformation and Giantess Fantasies
Gender, Size, Inanimate, Animal
Dedicated to making short videos (for sale) of all types of transformations.
Transformation Fastasies
Gender, Inanimate, Size
Video clips of various transformations. Sold at
Transformation Video Clips @ YouTube, veoh, and Google Video
Furry, Gender
This is the place to add links to users who share transformation video clips. Do NOT include links to any user / page who is sharing a significant part of a complete copyrighted work (even if that work is broken into parts)
The Wand of Change
A guy buys a magic wand off E-bay and uses it to spy on his girl as her best friend! Official E-mail address for this production:
Who's Inside My Baby?
Couple part ways after an evening, and the woman retreats into her home. Begins to undress. After removing her clothes, she removes her skin, revealing an old man inside, who wanders off to watch tv.
Yu-Gi-Oh: The Abridged Series (Episode 7)
Attention Duelists! The ghost of Seto Kaiba Yugi is dueling transforms into some sort of gay clown. Yugi kills him at the end. Meanwhile, Kaiba is busy screwing the rules with his 133t haxor skills.
Yu-Gi-Oh: The Abridged Series (Episode 9)
That limey kid from Yugi's school becomes a woman... in America.