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Category: 'Video'
American Idol: Ford Music Video
I didn't see all of this, but I saw all the American Idols from the Top 8 morphing into each other. Check them out at
Ask a Ninja - Episode 39: "Mirrors"
An interesting internet video series. In this episode the ninja discusses mirrors and gets into an argument with his reflection over who is real. The ninja then turns his reflection into a woman to show that it is the reflection.
Poser animation of a guy transforming into a woman and then changing into other women.
Being You
"Basically, a couple buy gifts for each other for their 1 year anniversary, but instead receive identical black rings that make them switch bodies, like a freaky Friday sort of thing."
Body Donor Program
Short, comedic video about a fictitional procedure that causes Female to Female bodyswap.
Body Exchange
Body Switch
Male A funny short clip about two guys who have a conflict as roomates. One decides to order the "acme ancient aztec body-switcher" and use it to switch bodies with his friend. ***Very funny and well done in my opinion.
After a sudden bodyswap one woman fights to get back her life. Short film at Youtube
Boys to Girls
Just found this by chance whilst on YouTube. Two young guys drink a sex change drink and it turns them into girls. It is poorly done and off camera - but hey its something
Brent got a Sex Change?
Short youtube clip about a guy and his friends getting sex changes.
The Change
Cool morph on youtube. (Spoiler Text)
Changing Channels, Not Beer
A guy finds out that his TV remote can change things, including his friend's clothes. He changes his friend's beer, and while they are fighting over the remote, the friend accidentaly turns his friend into a pretty hot girl.
Connectix Quickcam
This is a VERY old video (circa 1995) involving a power surge that animated a barbie doll. It was a contest winner for advertising the old Connectix Quickcams (the video was entirely made with a quickcam) and distributed on their driver cdrom. Pretty good stuff considering how awful those quickca ...more
The Curse!
A man and his friend yells at a bum. The bum places a curse on the man, telling him that you should never mess with a bum. The man turns into a woman. The man visits his friend to get help and is forced to have sex with his friend to get it.
Deep Space 69 episode Herman
Female, Animal
Hamilton, the talking koala sidekick, adopts a furry alien pet which he names Herman. That doesn't sit well with Jay, as a pet cramps his style with the ladies. But the pet is about to go through a few changes in just a week's time... (Spoiler Text)
Doraemon - Identity Swap Ring
Nobita wants to try living as a cat, so Doraemon uses this "Identity Swap Ring" to help him swap body with a cat. After experiencing some unhappy inccidents, Nobita finds it actually not so enjoyable and wants to swap back. But now the cat begins to like being human and doesn't want to swap back, wh ...more
Dragons of Histh
live action feature of the attempted rescue of Franklin Expedition survivors prior to Canada's Centennial by shapeshifting dragons This production is from Kinglake Film Partnership, a video production company operating out of Kinglake ,Ontario. The outdoor sets include The Trench,The Dark Wood,T ...more
Empire Earth III Trailer
Female, Gender, Mechanical, Inanimate
The trailer on the website's main page shows a transformation from an armor-clad warrior to a woman running through a forest, who transforms into a futuristic female warrior, finally growing metallic armor and transforming into a giant robot.
Freaky Friday
A skit for campus outreach at the university of Georgia. A male student runs into a female student while playing football and they switch bodies.
Freaky Monday
A French parody of Freaky Friday with a gender twist.
Game Over
Gender, Animal, Inanimate
A mini-TF short created by the makers of "Wand Of Change" and "The Last Piece Standing", Three Degrees off Center and Mako Pictures. Jay & Bob decide to square off playing a popular computer game, and reveal that a certain spell (curse of the skin) in the game can go beyond just transforming the ...more
Genderbender by magic
This entry marked for deletion - it already exists under its correct name - Wingin It, episode "i Carlie" - 2014dec17 cj Found this video on YouTube. Typical story line, boy gets turned into a girl till he understands girls.
Girl Dick Movie
For any high school student, puberty can be tough. Especially, when you're a 15 year-old girl who's just discovered she's grown a penis.
Halloween Wish
Amusing amateur Video on youtube. Quite well done all things considering. About 5 minutes. Gay man gets a magical pumpkin wish and is turned into a girl... amusing antics follow. PM
I Dream Of Farrah
When Farrah the sex-starved genie is released from her bottle, by a wanton womanizer.He still gets 3 WISHES. You're gonna love what he WISHES. At the End He becomes a Female genie
Instant Sex Change
This is a spoof ad for a product called Instant Sex Change. It has a Male to Female and a Female to Male transformation. The transformation isn't actually seen. It's a "flash transformation" which only shows the before and after of the actual transformation.
Just Like You Imagined
In this Matrix-like film from Kuwaiti filmmaker Zeyad Alhusaini, people called "gender shifters" are people who can smuggle outlaws through their own bodies. Shifters can also apparently change their appearance to those whom they are "carrying." The male shifter first eludes changes to a female t ...more
Just To Feel Something Different
A man and woman swap bodies in this short TikTok. *Just To Feel Something Different
This short movie is about a male student who wakes up in a gils body. Obviously he knows this girl, because he is on a picture together with her. Later they met each other and swich back to their original form. It's kind of funny, if you speak German like me ;-) here is the link:
Kiss That Frog
Gender, Animal
A frog wants to get kissed by a girl to turn into a prince. She doesn't want to kiss him. When he tells her he will turn into a princess instead she agrees to kiss him.
Kyle the Changer
Kyle the Changer This is a video that I made several years ago... with Mario Paint. (Do you realized how hard it is to draw animation with a Super Nintendo mouse?) Kyle calls his girlfriend and asks her out for a date. She accepts. Kyle than tries to make himself better for her by putting on ...more
Lily's Magic Wand
A young girl, Lily, discovers what she can do when she finds a magic wand in this wacky film. Includes gender, size, animal, and etc. Spoiler: Turns into an older form of herself, male, dark skinned male, stormtrooper, dog, cat, monkey, and then to a cupcake.
LInk gets transformed into a Girl. A short animated video
Magic Cereal
This short amateur video features a magical cereal box in which the owner can use to change his outfit. Fun ensues with all the odd ideas he tries out, sometimes not going his way. Clothing TF in general.
Man And Insect
A short Video where in a Man kills an cockroach, and gets transferred into a wierd world where in the population there is COCKROACHES! and at the end of the video he becomes one of them and whats left of him in the real world is just his clothes >>>BRIEF<<<<
Mega Shrink X
Gender, Size
A fake tv commercial made by college students about a size-shrinking drug, with a twist.
Mood Boobs official preview
Breast expansion based on mood.