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Category: 'Video Game'
Avenging Spirit
This is a game where "your" spirit has been summoned by a scientist/ghost researcher to rescue his daughter. At the beginning of the game, he lets you choose one of three bodies to possess, a male gunman, a fire breathing dinosaur, or a female fighter to start out in. While in-game, you can press S ...more
Bahamut Lagoon
A tactical RPG by Square, never released in English or outside of Japan Eventually, you get to a battle with a strange rabbit enemy. They use an attack that is called something like "playtime" which changes your characters into rabbits.
Bleach: Shattered Blade
In Ichigo's episode mode, Yoruichi tells Ichigo that he cannot get back to the human world unless he collects the broken Sokyoku shards and puts them together, which would have enough spiritual pressure to break open the Senkaimon gate and let them through. (Spoiler Text)
Boktai 2: Solar Boy Django
Animal, Furry
This is a Game Boy Advance game, the sequel to Boktai: The Sun is in Your Hand. In Boktai 2, at a certain point you are bitten by a vampire and as a result, gain the ability to turn into a mouse, a bat, and a wolf. The mouse and bat are for getting into small openings, and the wolf form, when us ...more
Breath of Fire II
The party is shrunken by a somewhat chauvanist wizard and placed into the body of the morbidly obese Queen of Tunlan, in order to destroy the micro-demons inside of her that made her overweight, and threaten to turn her into a demon as well. Interestingly enough, she gets thinner in parts as you cl ...more
Breath of Fire II
In this game, characters can unite with Shamans to gain extra skills. One of the characters, called Spar, takes on a VERY feminine appearance when united with a certain shaman. It does not have any effects other than aesthetically, though. Spar is androgynous, though, so this may not actually b ...more
Breath of Fire IV
At the end of the game Fou-lou and Ryu merge, The merged character looks like one of them with golden hair, the character looks like Ryu if you went against Fou-lou or Fou-lou if you agreed with him.
Breath of Fire Series
In all of the Breath of Fire series the main character you play as is a young man named Ryu, who possesses the ability to turn into several types of dragons. Each game is slightly different on how the transformation occurs.
Capcom Fighting Evolution
Female, Gender
The vampire Demitri Maximoff is at again in this new fighting game which features characters from past Capcom games. As in previous games he has a super, Midnight Bliss, which turns his male opponents female and changes female opponents into more arousing form of themselves.
Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow
The main character, Soma Cruz, has the ability to capture the souls of defeated enemies, giving him access to special attacks or abilities. Capturing the soul of a Curly (a female demon) allows Soma to transform into a giant Curly for a short time.
Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow
Mythical, Gender
This is a direct sequel to Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow that takes place 1 year after the first. Soma Cruz, the reincarnation of Dracula, must stop a mysterious cult from creating their own "Dark Lord." The power to collect the souls from defeated enemies to inherit additional powers like in th ...more
Chrono Cross
Male, Gender, Animal
Animal: At one point in the game, the magician Sneff turns your entire party into cats. While in cat form, you can even talk to another cat. Sneff turns you back after you learn that Fargo cheats at roulette. Gender: (Spoiler Text) Male to Male: The main antagonist (villain),Lynx, steal ...more
Chrono Trigger
Animal, Gender
Animal: One of the characters that joins your party is a humanoid frog called Frog. Frog was originally Glen, a human squire to the knight Cyrus of "Knight of the Square Table" in 600 A.D.. Glen was changed into his current form by the powerful mage, Magus. The only way to break this curse on Fro ...more
Clive Barker's Jericho
Gender, Male
In this game you play as a captain of a special assault squad. But due to the fact that the captain died, he can possess other team members to finish his last mission The squad contains 3 cute females and a male. All characters have special powers... Like the Asian girl who is a spell-caster.
Crimson Shroud
Certain shapeless enemy spirits known as "Witch Kings" assume the forms of the three heroes of the game. At the end of the game, (Spoiler Text)
Throughout this game, the main character is male. At a certain point in the game you will to need to enter the village of the Amazons in which only women are allowed to enter, so you need to become a woman. This is accomplished by a transform spell.
Dark Cloud
Dark Cloud is a Playstation 2 action-rpg game. Throughout the first half of the first dungeon, your main character continuously encounters a cat. Eventually, your hero encounters a mysterious man, and after a short duel, he fires an energy blast at your character. Your character notices the cat beh ...more
Dark Cloud 2
In the game, Monica, the spunky princess and one of the two main characters, has the ability to transform at will. In the first chapter, Monica transforms into a red haired boy to test and advise Max, the main character. Later in chapter 2, Monica transforms back to herself to help Max fight an evi ...more
Dead or Alive 5
In the True Kasumi chapter, the final boss is a Kasumi clone that has the ability to shapeshift into all four ninjas and is able to use their attacks at her disposal.
Deadpool the Game
Female, Gender
During the fourth chapter of the game, Deadpool encounters Rogue. Rogue is a part of the X-Men and has the power to take another persons power through physical contact. At the beginning of the level, Rogue gets kidnapped. Deadpool eventually finds Rogue and saves her. When Deadpool gets a ...more
Dirge of Cerebus: Final Fantasy VII
The sequal to the first Final Fantasy 7, focused around the storyline of Vincent Valentine. In the game, Vincent still has his limit break ability of transforming into the Galian Beast form for a limited time, which is this large, dark, hulking white haired demon that attacks with sharps claws and ...more
This is the 2016 reboot of the popular video game. Multiplayer game mode of doom allows the player to become a demon.
Dragon age 2
While doing the quest Night Terrors, you will enter two different buildings in the Fade. Upon entering one you will transform into Orsino the First Enchanter a male elf. The other will transform you into Arianni, the mother of one of the minor NPCs. The transformation is limited to cut scenes. Y ...more
Dragon Age 2: Legacy
Gender, Male
In this DLC for the game Dragon Age 2, your character first encounters Corypheus. Towards the end you must choose to side with either Larius or Janeka. (Spoiler Text)
Dragon Age: Origins
Monster, Gender
A a dark heroic fantasy role-playing game. The game includes a Shapeshifter class, available both as a joinable party member and as a option for the main player (if he/she is a mage). Includes a major sub-plot with werewolves. In this game world, demons cannot long exist away from their home p ...more
Dragon Quest
Many of these games have different transformations.
Dragon Quest Heroes: The World Tree's Woe and the Blight Below
Gender, Male
In the game you have the choice of playing as Luceus(male) or Aurora(female). Both characters are the Children of Light, so are special. At some point during the game, the other character is captured by the enemies. (Spoiler Text)
Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Sky
Inanimate, Male, Monster
===Celestrian to Human=== The Hero starts as a Celestrian, a winged angel, and after something happens to the Observatory, he or she falls to Earth, and becomes human. ===Human to Monster=== The Fygg is a magical fruit that when consumed grants a wish. Abott Jack of Alltrades consumes one, a ...more
Dragon Quest Swords: The Masked Queen and the Tower of Mirrors
Gender, Monster
===Chapter 4=== While at the castle waiting to talk to everyone about the Mask on the Queen, you are informed that a monster has been seen, which causes you and your Father to go and investigate. When you finish the level, you come across a 'Fishy' man. (Spoiler Text) ===Chapter 5=== When t ...more
Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride
Inanimate, Monster
===Human to Monster=== After the Hero and Harry escape, they learn that many bad things have happened in Coburg. When they investigate, they find 2 Queens of Dowager. When they later return with the Mirror of Ra, they see the truth. (Spoiler Text) ===Monster to Monster or Human=== There are ...more
Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Revelation
Animal, Gender, Inanimate, Monster
===Monster to Human or Monster=== Several mirror type monsters (Devil glasses, Haunted mirrors & Infernal panes) can cast the spell of Morph which changes their appearance to look like someone in the heroes active party. ===Human to Monster/Dragon=== Amos, an optional party member, has a sp ...more
Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King
Gender, Male, Animal
Not going into how it happens, play the game to find that out. This still may be a spoiler to some, so if you are going to play the game, do so before reading this... (Spoiler Text) There's also a major spoiler involving the game's villain. About halfway through the game, you fight the ...more
Dragon Warrior II
The Princess of Moonbrooke/Moonbrook that joins your party was cursed and changed into a Dog when Hargon's forces destroyed her castle. You need the Mirror of Ra to transform her back to normal.
Dragon Warrior III
Animal, Female, Male, Monster, Gender
===Monster=== The King of Samano is been acting very strange. He killed many people, and imprisoned the rest. After you sneak into his room at night and use the Mirror of Ra on him, it is revealed that he is a Boss Troll in disguise. The actual king was imprisoned long ago, but is freed when you b ...more
Dragon Warrior IV
Animal, Female, Male, Monster, Gender
Dragon Warrior/Dragon Quest IV has many different changes that occur throughout both the original game, and some new ones that are exclusive to the enhanced remake. ===Animal=== In the Prologue chapter of the enhanced remake, the Hero's friend Eliza shows off her new spell 'Morph'. This chapter ...more
Dragon Warrior VII
Gender, Monster, Animal
There are several instances in this game that contain transformations: ===Monster=== When you are playing the quest to get your stolen abilities back from the fake Dharma Temple priest, there is a scene in which a female character, Neris, is captured and is replaced by a monster in disguise. Yo ...more
A classic RPG for the SNES. In it, you play Ness (default name), a boy with psychokinetic abilities who is destined to save the world from evil aliens. There are a few transformations in this game. One of the party members, Poo (default name), has the ability to transform into certain enemies ...more
Earthworm Jim 3D
The game takes place inside's Jim's mind (Jim is in a coma). The storyline is Jim's 'Super Ego' has to search through his mind to find his lost marbles. The final boss in the game is Jim's Feminine side - Earthworm Kim. Her goal is take over Jim's mind which will give her control of his body. ( ...more
Elder Scrolls Online
Female, Male, Were, Gender
In the MMO game, there are multiple instances in which the player character's form is transformed. At the begining of the game, the player chooses which race they will be. Aside from your typical human races you have multiple elf races, the Kahjiit (a feline race), Orcs and Argonians (a reptilian r ...more
Eternal Darkness
Gender, Female
Eternal Darkness was an excellent psychological horror game for the NGC. The plot revolves around a women called Alex who (to simplify the plot) must learn defeat an evil god. First the player plays through 11 chapters as various characters who have been preparing for her fight (they were record ...more
Creatures called Balverines (another name for Werewolf) are basically, werewolves. They exist all through out Albion. In one instance in the game, a trader transforms into a balverine.
Fable II
Animal, Gender, Age
===Fairfax Castle (gender)=== After completing the main story of the game a few new buildings become available for purchase, one being castle fairfax which can be purchased for 1 million gold. On purchasing the castle a new quest begins and requests that you sleep in the master bedroom. After do ...more
Fable III
In the prison island expansion pack available for Fable III, the villain transforms himself into an exact replica of your character. If you played a female, he becomes a female and speaks in your voice. Brief at end, and you end up killing the villain, so it ends after just the one battle.
Fallout 3
Age, Animal, Gender
SPOILERS: At one point in the game you arrive in a simulated reality known as tranquility lane. In it, you are now a young boy (or girl if your character is female). The scientist who created the simulation likes to mess with those in it, and is in the body of a little girl when you arrive. ...more
Family Guy Video Game!
An amazing game from the creators of the series. (Spoiler Text)
Faria: A World of Mystery and Danger
The main character at the beginning of the the game is female but you find out later in the game the character was once male. Changing yourself into a man again is a major quest in the game.
Final Fantasy
The Western Keep is a ruined castle with a lone survivor, a king that has lost his crown. He says it was stolen by the evil elf king Astos and that he took it to the Marsh Cave. When you return it to him, he reveals that he is Astos, a huge monster that wants you dead because you know his secret.
Final Fantasy III
Size, Animal
There's a frustrating section early on in the game where you are stranded on an island and need to use the Size spell to cross through a town of pygmies. Not too much later than this, you have to shrink again to find a jeweled eye stolen by an awkwardly intelligent rat. In another dungeon, you n ...more
Final Fantasy IV
Age, Animal, Gender, Monster, Size, Inanimate
===Age=== One of your characters, Rydia, is only 7 when she joins your party, however, when she gets accidentally swallowed by the monster Leviathan and taken to the Land of summoned monsters, She begins to age rapidly due to the difference in the flow of time there, By the time she returns to y ...more
Final Fantasy Mystic Quest
The Crystal of Light disguises itself as an old man and helps the main character throughout the course of the game, giving him tips on where he should go. The crystal does not reveal itself until the end of the game.
Final Fantasy Series
Inanimate, Monster, Size, Animal
===Size=== Characters can be shrunk as part of a status change or magic spell, mini. ===Animal=== Status changes include characters being turned into: #Frogs in Final Fantasy III #Pigs in Final Fantasy IV ===Monster=== Status changes include characters being turned into: #Imps in Fi ...more
Final Fantasy Tactics
Monster, Furry
In FFT, your characters can be turned into a frog or a chicken and your monsters can be turned into a Marbol. Also some of the bosses turn themselves into powerful monsters to obliterate you.
Final Fantasy V
Gender, Female, Male
The Metamorph character appears to be an old Male wizard. After he attacks once, he usually "morphs". One of the possible transformations is SHIVA, the ICE Princess. He takes on the appearance and the abilities of whoever he changes into. Near the end of the game, you are in a castle. You find ...more
Final Fantasy VII
There is a code for the Action Replay that allows you to switch Cloud's and Tifa's bodies around. Doesn't affect the story at all, what it really does is switch their sprites. But it is damn funny to see Tifa in Battle with the Buster sword. May be possible to do with other characters, but has not ...more
Final Fantasy VIII
With the ability CARD you can turn monsters into cards. It allows the equipped character to change the opponent into a card, with a low success rate. It works only if the enemy is near-death. This is taught by the Guardian Force Quezacotl. It is cool, but never really works unless you use it ...more
Final Fantasy VIII
When you return to Dollet once you gain control of the flying Garden, you meet an.....interesting girl at the pub. She complains that she can't find any single young men in the town, and decides that Squall will have to do. She asks him if she's pretty, and if you reply by asking if she's rea ...more
Final Fantasy X
As well as Shiva and the Magus Sisters, Valefor and Anima are also female (Go talk to Valefor's Fayth after you get the airship if you don't believe me, also Anima is Seymour's mom and a Secret Aeon you find in Baaj temple - the same place you wind up in to begin with in Spira), and both get posses ...more
Final Fantasy X-2
There are two quick female to female changes in this game: The game begins with a concert featuring Yuna changing from her high Summoner outfit to the Songstress dresssphere. (Spoiler Text) heres one of them
Final Fantasy XI: Doll Festival Quest
In 2005, in the MMORPG, Final Fantasy XI there was a new side quest "The Doll Festival". Players form a 10 person alliance and talk to a Moogle located in any one of the 3 main nations. All you needed to do was stay in the 10 person party through the duration of the dialog. The dialog started ...more
Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance
There is a race of Laguz (they say that ingnorant people call them sub-humans). They will join our party. They can transform between human and animal to attack their enemy. There was a nice cutscene where one changed from a lion into a man.
Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon
Gender, Male
In chapter 16, it is possible to recruit Xane, a Freelancer who has the ability to imitate(that is, transform into), one of your other characters that he is standing next to. In a conversation between him and Tiki(a female manakete), he transforms into her and repeats everything she says, to her ...more
Goodbye Deponia
Gender, Male, Animal
At one point the player must replicate specialty drinks for the sewer dwellers, each having a transformative effect. One causes a patron to turn into an ape. Another turns a male patron into a woman. The last just makes another larger. The whole scene is a Donkey Kong reference.
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
The following appears on the in game radio ===Transcript=== "--Rapidite-- Man: Sexual re-alignment used to require years of therapy, months of hormone treatments, and you still ended up looking like a drag queen. Now you can let the woman inside come out in the comfort and privacy of ...more
Grand Theft Auto V
"Peyote Plants" collectables will let you play as one of 27 random animals in Grand Theft Auto V for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
There is a costume change code which turns the main character Tommy into any pedestrian including prostitutes, pizza girl, old lady, business woman, waitress, dressed up chick, dancer, and bikini clad swimmers! There is also a code to play as Mercedes the chick who is very sexually active, and Ca ...more
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A game that is played on a gaming console or computer that incorporates the use of computer-generated video, rather than text, to lead the player(s) through the game.

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