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Category: 'Transformation Process'
Alien Technology
Technology created by a extra-terrestrial species or race is used to transform the character(s).
Body Swap
Two or more characters are placed into each-other's bodies or into the body of another character of the story. Requires a trade or swap of physical forms, not a possession of one's body by another.
Becoming, or to create an exact copy (a clone) of another being.
Transformation caused by lightning or powerful electric or magnetic forces. EMF = Electro-Magnetic Force
Transformation that is caused by and carried-out by some form of magic power(s). May also be used for transformations caused by Mythical or Divine powers.
Mind Control
Remote control of another another being while NOT using possession.
One character's 'soul' slips his or her physical body and takes up residence in the body of another entity, without necessarily removing that entity from it's own body. There often will be two souls in the one body. Does not matter which soul is in control or dominant, or whether the body's o ...more
Human created or discovered technology is used to cause the transformation. This category defines chemicals and chemical formulas, medical procedures, and nano-technology. Can also include mind or memory swapping devices, or futuristic devices if invented or discovered by humans.
Virtual Reality
A transformation that is attained by the character entering a virtual world. The character is likely to know that the transformation is not real. The perceived realism depends on the technology used to create the virtual world.
Explanation of the category 'Transformation Process'

The process a character goes through when being transformed.

Can also describe the event that caused the transformation.

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