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Category: 'Television'
Once Upon a Time, "The Jolly Roger"
Ariel, the mermaid, returns to Storybrooke in search of her missing Prince Eric. Captain Hook joins her on her search. (Spoiler Text)
Painkiller Jane, "What Lies Beneath"
Shapeshifter Jakob Baumgartner returns and shapeshifts into two women in the episode. (Spoiler Text)
R.L. Stine's The Haunting Hour, episode "Ghostly Stare"
Female, Male
Older sister and younger brother were left home alone, they went to nearby cemetery to copy headstones. The younger brother fell into a fresh dug grave site, and a male ghost took over his body and replaced his soul. The older sister figured it out when the younger brother keep saying he's cold, an ...more
R.L. Stine's The Haunting Hour, episode "Really You" Part 1&2
A live size doll looks like the teenage girl finally took the girl's place and replaced her, and the girl became the doll. But she later turned back when her mother realized the new doll is really her daughter.
R.L. Stine's The Haunting Hour, episode "Scary Mary" Part 1&2
A girl taken into the mirror space/dimension of Scary Mary after using Scary Mary's hair brush, where Scary Mary able to take all other trapped girls' face and became their mistress. The girl's face was taken and Scary Mary wore it to try to trick the girl's boyfriend that went inside the mirror di ...more
Saturday Night Live, Kim Kardashian hosts
Aidy Bryant and Kim Kardashian swap bodies. 2021
Secrets In The Walls
Single divorced mother and 2 teenage girls moved to new city and into an old house where a teenage girl went missing in 1950s. Later the family found the girl's dead body inside the walls of the house, which freed the dead girl's spirit to create a necklace and possessed the older teenage girl. ...more
Stranger With My Face
Depressed pretty teenage girl whose father has just died sees a double of herself and so do other people. The double seems to vanish into thin air. It turns out the double is the astral projection of her unknown twin sister who claims to need her help. Based on the book with same title by Lois Dunc ...more
Suite Life On Deck, episode Can You Dig It
While on a field trip to an archaeological site in South America, Cody found a crown from the tomb of an ancient princess. But the spirit of the ancient princess is awakened when her crown is discovered, and the princess possessed Bailey and determined to get her crown back. London was possessed al ...more
Supernatural, After School Special
Gender, Male
A dead teenager from Sam's past started to possess people in the school. The ghost was confined on a school bus, where he's only able to possess those riding the bus. Mostly male possessions, but at least 2 female possession did took place.
T女娲传说之灵珠 The Holy Pearl
During eps.22 to 25 an old wizard possesses the body of a young girl
Tales From the Loop
"A discovery in the woods gives two teenaged boys an opportunity to step outside their lives and learn everything is not as it seems." In an alternate timeline where (apparent) alien technology has crashed in a small Ohio town and is being studied in an underground laboratory known as The Loop, ...more
The Black Panther Animated Series on BET
During the series Klaw is recruiting super powered criminals to kill the black panther. One of the recruits is a body jumper called cannibal. During the second episode Klaw takes him to a whorehouse where he jumps into the body of a blond hooker. He stays in her body for 3 episodes. Based on com ...more
The Daily Show with John Stewart 6/14/2012
(Spoiler Text) Brief.
The Daily Show with John Stewart, 11/20/2013
Part of a bit showing that about how New York pizza is better than Chicago pizza because it's magic. Jason Jones shoves some NY pizza into Al Madrigal's face and Al becomes an attractive woman, but keeps his own voice. It's brief, but funny.
The Electric Company, 1970's
Marco the Magician, played by Bill Cosby, did a magic show by changing word, making a slight change to change the word by changing one letter. Doing things like changing "Cot" in "Cat". At the end he said he would do a special trick and turn "Me" into "Mae". He then waved his wand and there was a ...more
The Gates, Episode: Surfacing
In the new episode "Surfacing" the spirit of Teresa -who was killed by Dylan and Nick in an earlier episode- is brought back from the grave by Devon (whose agenda is still not fully known). Teresa proceeds to haunt Nick to exact her revenge for Nick killing her brother in a backstory to the series. ...more
The Legend And The Hero, episode 2 part 4
Thousand years old female fox spirit/demon sucked the soul and then possessed the body of a beautiful woman that was requested by the imperial court for the Chinese emperor's royal harem. The thousand years old fox intend to seduce the emperor to the point that he won't care about other things but ...more
The Sarah Silverman Program: Episode "A Fairly Attractive Mind"
Gender, Male
Sarah's friends Steve and Gary accidentally bump heads answering a mysterious dragon phone and end up switching bodies just before Gary's father is due to visit. Gary's father realizes that they're body-swapped because he's actually a Chinese prostitute who switched bodies years ago in a similar a ...more
The Troop, Episode "Taming of the Cube"
Hayley, a pretty teenage cheerleader, and Jake, her fellow troop comrade, switch bodies because of a huge Jell-O like cube. There is also a story within a story. As Hayley, Jake has to play Kate in a show production of "Taming of the Shrew" and 'her' performance as a crude unfeminine Kate works ...more
The Troop, Episode "The Prisoner of Lakewood"
One of the troop members named Hayley switches bodies with a monster when touch it, but each retain their voice in other's body.
The Twilight Zone: The Last Night of a Jockey
Season 5: Episode 125: Mickey Rooney is a man named Grady: a fomer jockey, banned from horse racing and down on his luck. He gets one wish, and wishes to be big. He starts to grow to over eight feet tall. He's then reinstated to horse racing, but due to his huge size, can no longer compete.
Todd And The Book Of Pure Evil episode "Black Tie Showdown"
Todd finds out his ex-girl-friend was actually 3 guys that wanted him to lose his virginity.
Tuyul dan Mbak Yul (Episode 3)
The fat djin claim that he has a wife, he ask help the baldy to find her. The baldy didn't know about his wife. Then fat djin transform into his wife. The baldy know the look of his wife as baldy's human friend. The baldy tell his human friend about the fat djin that claim as her husband. She doesn ...more
Twilight Zone 1989 Cat and Mouse
An old curse causes a man to transform into a cat during the day. (Spoiler Text)
Wizards of Waverly Place - "Angels vs. Wizards"
Gender, Inanimate
Maxine, formerly Max, is forced by live in family friend Harper to have a slumber party. His friends at school had ignored him as a little girl. So Harper secretly invited some 4th grade girls overnight so that Max, a teenaged boy stuck in the body of an eleven year old girl will make some friends ...more
Wizards of Waverly Place - Family Game Night
In this episode Alex uses a body swap with Harper so that Harper will do a test for Alex, however the swap won't reverse, leaving the two of them stuck in each other's bodies. There are several smaller transformations during the episode as they try to reverse the swap, including the two girls swapp ...more
Wizards of Waverly Place - Meet the Werewolves
Max casts a spell on his parents' food, turning Jerry and Mrs. Russo's minds into kids, then ages them up to teenagers through an aging spell on cookies. Also, Alex and Harper transform into Werewolves to attend Mason's parents' werewolf celebration, as Mason doesn't want his parents to find o ...more
Wolverine And The X-Men
Shadow King, a spirit now, can possess people Fallen style, and managed to possess Storm and kept her body for about half of the episode. He needs a host to survive, and near the end when he was driven out of Storm's body by Frost, Shadow King tried to take over Frost body as his own.
Yugenjikko Sisters Shushutorian (有言実行三姉
In Ep 32, Panda Man runs amuck slapping people with his magic golf club that switches peoples bodies. He ends up switching one of the main girls with some guy.