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Category: 'Television'
American Dad - Blonde Ambition
Stan Smith considers moving to a gated community and takes his son Steve to visit. To convince Steve, Stan shows him that his room could have a jacuzzi outside on the deck. Steve then fantasizes about throwing a huge party with women in bikinis who all love him. At the end of the row of women his f ...more
American Dad - Dont look a Smith horse in the mouth
Stan buys a racehorse in order to win enough money to keep his SUV, but the horse becomes emotionally disturbed and unable to race. In order to win the race, Stan uses the equipment at CIA headquarters to exchange his brain with the horses. Fun episode. There is a rumor the original ending in ...more
Are You Afraid Of The Dark, episode "The Tale Of Many Faces
A struggling model goes to her new employer after losing a modeling competition, she finds out that her new employer runs a theater and steals her employees faces, she makes the girls work for her since they can't go out into the world without their faces.
Asian Treasures
This Filipino series about treasure hunters features numerous TFs on a few episodes. In one episode all of the enemy henchmen are magically disguised as bikini clad girls. Another ep has two of the female leads possessed by male warrior spirits.
Avatar: The Last Airbender
Gender, Male
Aang, one of the heros of this animated series is a reincarnation of a long series of heroes termed "Avatars". In his subconscious mind, he had the memories of all his previous lives, going back for countless generations. He perceives them, in a meditative state, as other people. In particular ...more
Big Time Halloween
In a non-canonical Halloween episode of the show Big Time Rush, the members of Big Time Rush are all monsters. A mad scientist makes a machine to make them normal but it doesn't work. They test it on Carlos who is a Frankenstein monster. He comes out changed in several different ways. One of th ...more
Boy Meets Girl
Love Actually star Martin Freeman is to play a scruffy DIY store worker trapped in the body of a glamorous female fashion journalist in a new comedy drama for ITV1. In Boy Meets Girl, Freeman plays Danny Reed, a scruffy DIY worker who wakes up after being struck by lightning to find himself in t ...more
Camelot, episode "Igraine"
Spoilers Arthur's sister, Morgan, transforms into Queen Igraine (Arthur's mother). She replaces the Queen and returns to Camelot in her guise. Later in the episode she sleeps with Merlin, who doesn't appear to realize it's Morgan. The Real Queen escapes and returns to Camelot. Morgan retreats ...more
Camelot, episode "Reckoning"
Morgan transforms into Arthur's love interest, Guenevere in order to birth an heir. She sleeps with Arthur as Guenevere and sneaks out the next morning.
Dollhouse episode "Haunted"
When Adelle's friend, Margaret, is murdered her last wish was to have her recorded consciousness implanted into an active's body, which in this case was Echo. Margret, well past middle-aged, is pleased to find herself in a sexy young body. And since it is only a temporary swap, she decides to use ...more
Dollhouse episode "Omega"
===Female/Age Regression=== Alpha kidnaps Echo and later a young woman named Wendy. He uses a makeshift system to implant Echo's former personae, Caroline, into Wendy's body. He then uses the same equipment to implant all of Echo's templates into her body like had happen to him before. (Spoi ...more
Eureka, Episode "Omega Girls"
Beverly's dastardly plan springs into action when she fully takes over Allison's body. Wasting no time, she has Fargo transfer control of GD over to her so he can concentrate on training for Astraeus.
Eureka, Episode "Up In The Air"
Allison is losing periods of time, and finding herself in places she can't remember getting to, and hearing the tail ends of conversations she can't remember having. Attributing it to stress, she doesn't think much of it until she gives herself a brain scan. She discovers the neural implants in ...more
Fairly Odd Parents, Episode 'Mr. Right'
Timmy wishes he was always right, causing anything he says to become the truth. When a pro wrestler says 'Who's the man?' Timmy says 'Not you.' The wrestler turns into a burly woman. Francis later introduces her as his girlfriend.
Fantasy Island(1998), Dream
A man falls in love with a woman(Jennifer Gardner) – who's really a dolphin. With at least one on screen transformation from dolphin to human female form.
Fringe episode "The Man from the Other Side"
Gender, Male
Three shapeshifter soldiers are sent from the alternate universe to the normal one, still in their immature embryo state, 2 made it and the other didn't. The 2 shapeshifters killed and took over teenagers(male and female) identities with their mouth devices. Later the two shapeshifters tracked down ...more
Garo, Episode 24
Gender, Female
Female transformation/illusion in part 1, demon possession of another female in order to stay on Earth in the rest of the episode.The demon did checked out his new female body by touching his new female parts.
Harry and the Hendersons episode "Uncle Mack Comes Back"
The spirit of the family's recently deceased uncle possesses Nancy's body to take care of unfinished affairs
Honey, I Shrunk The Kids episode Honey, You've Got Nine Lives
Animal, Gender
Wayne invents a neuron nudger and Diane accidentally turns it on and gets her mind put into Wayne's co-worker Bianca's cat and the cat's mind into her body. Wayne accidentally switches his mind with family dog Quark's. Near the end, Wayne got his body back, but Diane is in family dog Quark's bo ...more
Honey, I Shrunk The Kids episode Honey, You'll Always Be A Princess to Me
Diane tries to use an ancient spell to stay young. But instead got possessed by a 3,000 years old dead princess.
Legend Of The Seeker, episode "Princess", S02E13
In order to bring Nicci back from Hell, Sister of the Dark has to sacrifice one of their own in order to allow Nicci to possess the body. Shown in the first 2 minutes of the episode. The rest of the episode is about trying to sneak into a castle to save Kahlan, but no magic powers would work withi ...more
Legend of the Seeker, episode "Resurrection", S02E07
Male, Female
The Mord'Sith Denna brings back Khalan's sister in another woman's body and sent her to kill Cara. In the same time Denna killed the Seeker and put the soul of a general in the Seeker's body and used him to claim the throne.
Legend Of The Seeker, Episode "Walter"
A Darken Rahl look-alike was captured by Mord'Sith and intended be used as Darken Rahl's mean of return to the living world. The Seeker and his group of helpers rescued the look-alike, but had to make a deal with Darken Rahl in exchange for a scroll they needed, by killing the look-alike so Darken ...more
Legend of the Seeker, episode Desecrated S02E16
Zed got mummified by mummy bandages and was taken over and became the mummy. Later the duke suffered the same fate when Zed was almost killed by Kara, and the mummy bandages took the duke as the next host.
Medium, "The Man In The Mirror"
When Allison faints and falls into a mysterious coma, her spirit transfers to another coma patient in the same hospital, a man named Todd Emmry played by Jeffrey Tambor. She goes to her house and tries to live with Joe and the kids even though she is now a middle aged bald man in a hospital gown. ...more
Merlin, episode Beauty and the Beast, part 1 and 2
In a two part episode of Merlin, there will be a troll disguising itself as a beautiful woman to seduce King Uthar
Mighty Med - Episode 17: Mighty Mad
Dr. Wrath, a male shape shifter villain, infiltrates the high school as... Stephanie, a female student. Also, normal pizza has a weird side effect for Alan, briefly turning him into an elderly Chinese lady!
No Ordinary Family episode No Ordinary Brother
No Ordinary Family is about a family who gets superpowers after their plane goes down in the jungle. The episode is about how the family deals with the father Jim's brother but the series has a conspiracy subplot involving the lab where the mother (Stephanie) works and her boss. (Spoiler Text) ...more