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Category: 'Television Series'
Oohlala Couple
"After twelve years of marriage with Na Yeo Ok (Kim Jung Eun), hotelier Go See Nam (Shin Hyun Joon) gets into major trouble after Na Yeo discovers his...more philandering ways. What was supposed to be happily-ever-after has turned into a bitter divorce battle between the 40-something couple. But ca ...more
Ore, Twintails ni Narimasu
Souji is a fan of twintails. When one day a strange woman called Thuearle tells him that all twintails on earth will vanish, he agrees to help her. He is given a bracelet that transforms him into a twintailed girl with super powers and from then on fights monsters that rob girls of their twintails. ...more
Ouran High School Host Club
Episode 13:"Haruhi in Wonderland!" (Fushigi no Kuni no Haruhi). Haruhi has a trippy, Alice in Wonderland-esque fantasy dream, with characters from the series in the various roles. In the scene with the caterpillar, Nekozawa, a teen-age boy and Kirimi, his little sister, eat from the mushroom tha ...more
Papa To Musume No Nananokan
Age, Gender
Father and high school daughter swap bodies during an accident and are forced to live each other's lives for one week.
Pixel Pinkie
Size, Animal
Austrailian animated series about a girl named Nina who has a phone with a genie liked Pixel named Pixel Pinkie. ===Animal=== "Trick or Treat" -- Nina turns into a cat and her friend Anni into a dog. ===Size=== "Tall Stories" -- Nina wishes to be taller but turns into a giant.
Que Vida Mas Triste (QVMT)
"Que vida mas triste" is a spanish TV series with highly successful. In episode 26 of season five, Borja is transformed into a girl overnight. I'm sorry, but these series is only in spanish. Enjoy!
Rubik the Amazing Cube
Two episodes dealt with transformation: In "Rubik and the Pooch-Nappers", Carlos is transformed into a poodle by Rubik to hunt a gang of dog-nappers (and is stuck in that form when Rubik's colors are scrambled). At the end of the episode, the two crooks are turned into cats. In "Rubik in Won ...more
Age, Animal, Inanimate, Size, Gender
Turkish comedy show, that seems to be about a man whose wife died and comes back as a ghost to prevent her husband to be married again. She can perform magic and transforms mainly her husband but also other people as well. some episodes of possible interest: 05 - man wears baby clothers 10 - T ...more
Secret Garden
Kim Joo Won (Hyun Bin), an arrogant and eccentric CEO who maintains an image of seeming perfection, and Gil Ra Im (Ha Ji-Won), a beautiful, but poor and humble stuntwoman Their accidental meeting marks a tense, bickering relationship, through which Joo Won tries to hide a growing major attraction ...more
A turkish TV show revolving around a young woman who is infact a goddess/angel from another world sent to project the Earth from rival angels. She has the ability to cast magic on herself and others including teleportation, size changing spells and more.
Netflix (Distributor) Description: "From the creators of "The Matrix" and "Babylon 5" comes this tense series in which eight people can telepathically experience each other's lives."
Space Adventure Cobra
Animal, Gender
My favorite animated futuristic series features Cobra, an space pirate who fights mobsters and other criminals with his partner Lady Armaroid, and his ultimate weapon, the Psycho-Gun (embodied in his left arm). Chapter 28: Doug is a killer (cowboy-style) who has the ability of shapeshift. In th ...more
A race of supervillanous aliens comes to Earth to conquer it. They comically attempt to fit in along with several darker moments where they dispatch those who may blow their cover. These include, shrinking and crushing them underfoot using their technology or beating their enemy to death with super ...more
Teen Wolf (2011)
Teen Wolf is a Television Series that is based on the premise of the previous Movies and Television series to carry the same name. In this series, Scott McCall, a 16 year old unpopular kid and his friend Stiles find a body in the woods. Stiles father, the sheriff, interupts them, and Scott is le ...more
The Daily Show with John Stewart 6/14/2012
(Spoiler Text) Brief.
The King & Us
Fox Sports has always had its own unique style of broadcasting. This year they have teamed up with Burger King and are debuting a new episode of an animated short staring Kurt, T.B, Howie, Strahan, and Jimmy Johnson. At the end of the first episode -which they previewd yesterday during the Fox pr ...more
The Life and Loves of a She-Devil
BBC adaption of Fay Weldon's novel. It has more than a few hints of the supernatural. But basically an unattractive housewife, who is big & somewhat fat has her husband stolen by a pretty romance novelist. She vows revenge. The TF part involves incredible plastic surgery in which her height is sho ...more
The Sarah Jane Adventures: Eye of the Gorgon - Part 1 and 2
Inanimate, Mythical
Kid TV show where a former Dr Who Companion Sarah Jane fights evil aliens with the help of kids, including Maria. In this show, a race called the Gorgons is trying to invade earth. One of their number has possessed the body of a nun for several hundred years and gained control of other nuns. In ...more
The Vampire Diaries
===Season 5=== Episode 11 - "500 years of solitude" = End of the episode Katherine hops into Elena's body Episode 12 - "The Devil Inside" = Katherine is in Elena's body but she doesn't have complete control yet so Elena does gain back control of her body occasionally. They do a spell to giver K ...more
Todd and the Book of Pure Evil
Todd and the Book of Pure Evil is comdedy/horror TV show available on Netfilx. The aforementioned Book grants wishes and then evil commences. There are various transformations throughout the show.
Vice Versa
It's a tv series of a boy (thomas) who swich into a girl body (emmanuelle) when he hit his elbow. (The transform is not so good...!) one link to the oficcial website:
War of the Worlds
This show had many alien to human physical type body hop or possession. However it would eventually destroy the host's body and then they had to hop a new body. There was always a good special effect of the aliens absorbing into the new host bodies.
What If
Winsome Witch
Female, Animal
===Episode 8 - Winnie's Baby=== Winnie's turns her Baby, Spooky, into a Cat; And she turns herself into a beautiful woman to disguise herself to hide both the baby and her identity from a Police Cop. ===Episode 16 - Tallyho the Hunter=== Winnie transforms herself into different animals in orde ...more