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Category: 'Television Series'
A Cheeky Angel
This new anime based off a popular manga series by the same name has just started showing in Japan back on October 5th. A boy was given a magic book by a mysterious old man containing a genie of some kind, and wished to be the manliest man alive, but the evil genie instead changes him to a beautif ...more
A Minha Sogra uma Bruxa
Female, Animal
Portuguese TV series loosely based on bewitched. Features multiple transformations (not all of which are listed).
Adventure Time with Finn and Jake
Age, Inanimate, Size
Size (Jake's Shapeshifting), Inanimate (Magic Man episode), Age (Lich episode) Cartoon Network presents a new hit cartoon called Adventure Time with Finn and Jake, most commonly called Adventure Time! Finn the Human lives with his buddy Jake, a shapeshifting dog in a magical land called Ooo i ...more
Ala... Dina!
Animal, Female, Gender, Inanimate, Male, Size, Were, Age
Spanish tv show about a female genie and a family... episodes of possible interest: ===Season 1:=== 01 - "Genio y figura parte 1" - Animal - boy into pig 03 - "Mascota familiar" - Animal - woman into parrot; man into raven 07 - "El estreno" - Age - boy into man 09 - "Cumplesiglos feliz" - ...more
Bez bebek
Age, Animal, Gender, Mythical, Inanimate
Turkish tv show that is, as it seems, about a doll-girl who lives in a toy-world but doesn't want to be married to a jester so she moves to the human world, where she works as a nanny. She transforms randomly into a doll until episode 72, then she turns into a cat sometimes. She also can perform ma ...more
"Bleach follows the adventures of Ichigo Kurosaki after he obtains the powers of a Soul Reaper (死神 Shinigami, literally, "Death God") — a death personification similar to the Grim Reaper — from another Soul Reaper, Rukia Kuchiki. His newfound powers force him to take on the duties of defend ...more
Cô nàng bất đắc dĩ
This is a Vietnamese remake of the Argentinean series Lalola for VTV3. Lan Anh is played by Vũ Thu Phương. The first episode aired July 6, 2009.
Captain Simian and The Space Monkeys episode Gormongus
Captain Simian and the Space Monkeys is an animated series about a crew of anthropomorphic primates who travel through space battling the evil rhesus 2. The gorilla of the group, named Gor is turned into a large hulking monster named Gormongus after being subjected to an isotope, and this i ...more
Claude ("Bleach" character)
Male, Gender
Claude, a mod soul, has the ability to shape shift. Throught the Bount Arc, he has shapeshifted into Orihime (Gender), Chad (Male), Ichigo (Male), and Renji (Male). Claude first appears during the Bount Arc, an arc exclusive to the anime, which is between the Soul Society Arc and the Arrancar ...more
Courage The Cowardly Dog episode Wrath Of The Librarian
In this episode of Courage the Cowardly Dog, while digging in the front yard Courage digs up an old children's book titled the Pixie and The Pickle Pirate which was long over-due in the library two years ago next tuesday. He goes to return it to the library but he is unable to pay the fee, ...more
Dinosaur King
This new anime is into it's second season, with new episodes on Youtube, and The main protagonist, Max Taylor, son of Dr. Spike Taylor, a Paleontologist, and his friends, Rex Owen and Zoe Drake, get new Dinosaurs: a Triceratops named Chompf for Max, a Carnotaurus named Ace fort Rex, ...more
Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency
Animal, Gender, Male
Based on the Douglas Adams book, this series in part revolves around a transference machine through which souls are swapped with animals and other people.
Dragon Ball GT
While Goku is training on Kame's Lookout, Emperor Pilaf finds the black star dragon balls and summons the dragon, and Goku sees Emperor Pilaf and asks him what he is doing. They have a little talk and then Emperor Pilaf accidentally wishes Goku were a kid again. In order for Goku to turn back, he n ...more
Drop Dead Diva
Premiering July 12 on Lifetime, this series focuses on a model wanna-be named Deb who gets killed in a car crash, goes to heaven, but doesn't want to be there, so she goes back to earth in the body of a physically unattractive but smart lawyer named Jane Bingham.
This is a Turkish remake of the Argentinean series Lalola for Kanal 1. Ece is played by Hande Ataizi.
Emperor's New School
Gender, Animal
In this series, various characters transform into different animals across many episodes. There is also some gender swapping. Kuzco is commonly the main character who is transformed. All transformations are triggered by drinking potions from Yzma's lab.
Mythical, Animal
This is a fantasy crime drama series on NBC which takes a new spin on fairy tales. The main character is a descendant of a family of beings called "Grimms" which serve as the balance between humans and mythical creatures. The mythical creatures in this series are called Wesen and are inspir ...more
Gender, Mythical, Animal
A television series based off of a Japanese manga of the same name. I cannot believe that nobody has bothered to even hit the message board to offer suggestions for a better description of this series. TLDR; This entry needs a better description. Contains several episodes with transformati ...more
Jeannie (cartoon) episode The Dog
This was a Hanna Barbera Saturday morning cartoon spin-off of "I Dream of Jeannie". I In Episode #14 called, "The Dog" Hadji turns Corey into a dog for calling his dog a Mutt. Read more at the wikipedia entry: *Wikipedia Entry for Jeannie (Cartoon)
Kokak is a Philipino fantasy show about a girl who is cursed to turn in to a frog. Also at the end (Spoiler Text)
This is a Spanish remake of the Argentinean series Lalola for Antena 3. Lola is played by Marina Gatell. It was discontinued after 138 episodes.
Los Protegidos
Age, Male, Gender
Spanish series about a family where the kids have super powers. One of the kids, a teenage boy named Lucas, has the power to shapeshift into other people and has, on a number of occasions, turned into various female characters.
Gender, Monster, Male
The main antagonist for the final season of Lost (and presumably the entire series) has been the smoke monster that has inhabited the island for an untold amount of time. In past seasons, the monster has been able to take the form of the deceased on the island, including Mr Eko's brother Yemi, ...more
Mythical, Male
Episode 2x01, 'The Curse of Cornelious Sigan' - con artist Cedric is posessed by the most powerful wizard in the world, Cornelious Sigan. Sigan then attempts to take over Merlin's body. Episode 2x09, 'The Lady Of The Lake' - Freya, the druid girl Merlin is sheltering, turns out to be cursed so t ...more
Monyet Cantik
Furry, Animal
Indonesian mini series about a young girl who occasionally becomes a monkey girl. She transformed into a monkey girl because a monkey clawed her arm when she was at the zoo.
Monyet Cantik 2
Furry, Animal
Indonesian second mini series about a young girl who occasionally becomes a monkey girl. She transformed into a monkey girl because of the monkey clawed her arm when she was at the zoo or animal theme park. It said that it is a curse.
Moya lyubimaya vedma
Age, Female, Animal
Russian version of "Bewitched". Episodes of interest: Ep03 - TF: man into dog Ep18 - TF: cat into a woman and back Ep27 - TF: man into ape Ep35 - AGE: man regressed to boy Ep36 - TF: man into horse Ep44 - TF: man into dog EP50 - TF: woman into frog All spells are reverted during their ...more
Murder Princess 2007
A princess fleeing from a murderous plot bumps heads with a famous female bounty hunter & they swap bodies. The Princes hires the girl to impersonate her while she pretend to be a maid in waiting. The bounty hunter & her friends ( cybergs) agree. So the the fake Princess goes back & kicks buts & ...more
Mystic Knights
Several shrinking scenes. First, the side kick male character is shrunk, in a later episode the lead female is shrunk for nearly an entire episode, and finally one of the villains is shrunk to invade an elf village.