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Category: 'Television Episode'
Y Tu Mummy Tambien
Uneven eposode. But worth seeing. Ancient Egptain Demon tries to find a body for his evil witch lover ( she really likes sex!)who was killed a LONG time ago. He finds a lot bodies of witches and betwen the 2 of them she possessed them,but can't stay in the body long without it dying. The only cha ...more
Yogi Bear episode "Brainy Bear"
A crazy scientist used a brain transferring experiment machine on Yogi and Chicken to which brains which made both Yogi and the chicken to switch bodies.
Yogi's Treasure Hunt episode Beswitched, Buddha'd, and Bewildered
In the tradition of almost every Hanna-Barbera cartoon dating from the Flintstones' "Monster Fred" episode to the PowerPuff Girls' "CrissCross Crisis," there is a multiple body swap. In this episode of Yogi's Treasure Hunt, the personalities of the crew are switched around by Dick Dastardly and Mutt ...more
Yonimo Kimyona Monogatari episode 2006 - Fall special
An office Lady switches with her Boss at work. They have to go along with it, somehow. The Special is a collection of short storys, this one is the second. In the end he is switched back but she switched with a mad guy.
You Can't Do That On Television episode Anniversaries
The kid regular named 'Dougie' is shown having a birthday party. He blows out the candles, leaving one burning, however. His mother (Abby Hagyard or something) says that one candle left burning means that the mother gets her wish instead. Suddenly Dougie is a girl in a dress and wig (same kid) a ...more
You Can't Do That on Television episode Episode 82: Growing Up
Christine, the host, is doing a sketch where she is locked up in detention and has been for 10 years. The principal comes in and she laments about having to leave 10 years older. He produces a cream made from the Fountain of Youth and rubs some on her face. There is a poof of smoke and, in her st ...more
You Can't Do That on Television episode Myths, and Legends Fairy Tales
In one brief sketch, a wooden doll changes into a boy
You Wish episode A Real Don Juan
the male genie sets his female mistress up with Don Juan to get her dating again, but when 'D.J.' returns to his book, the genie turns himself into an exact duplicate. There is a morph onscreen of Don Juan changing back into his usual shape!
You Wish episode Unknown
The rug shop curator is turned into a woman wearing lingerie. Very Brief.
Young Blades episode 112 - Chameleon
Shapeshifter briefly disguises himself has wife of royal figure in order to taunt him in jail. Also disguises himself as Jacque (on of the female muskateers pretending to be a man).
Young Hercules episode Battle Lines Part 1 & 2
In this episode Strife and Discord cause a battle between the Amazons and the Centaurs. Strife changes into one of the Centaurs and Discord changes into one of the Amazons.
Young Hercules episode Iolaus Goes Stag
In this episode Artimis the god of the hunt changes Ioulaus into a deer and the deer gets his body.
Young Justice - 2x11 - Cornered
Late in the episode Zatanna uses Miss Martian's psychic link to briefly possess Mal Duncan to tell Superboy that Despero is incapacitated and it's safe to attack him. Later, Miss Martian not wanting to share a warehouse basement with the other members of the team, briefly assumes the form of Mar ...more
Young Justice episode Image
Race, Female
In this episode, we learn a bit more about Miss Martian and why she looks the way she does. She copied the appearance and personality of a character she saw on a sitcom called "Hello Megan." Her usual appearance is basically the green-skinned version of Marie Logan, the actress who played Megan o ...more
Young Justice Invasion episode Depths
Gender, Female
Prior to this episode, 6 members of the Justice League (including Superman and Martian Manhunter) have left earth. To keep up appearances during a press conference about a shuttle launch, Martian Manhunter appears to answer questions, and Superman is seen in the sky. (Spoiler Text) Later in the ...more
Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell episode "People in Hell Want Ice Water"
In this episode of the weird Adult Swim comedy "Your Pretty Face is Going To Hell" -- (Spoiler Text) This is a brief morphs/shift.
Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell episode "Welcome to Hell"
This episode of the weird Adult Swim comedy "Your Pretty Face is Going To Hell" has one of the demon characters morphing into someone's Grandmother This is a brief morphs/shift.
Yu Yu Hakusho episode The Masked Fighter's Secret
In this episode Yuske (I think thats how its spelled) finds out that the masked fighter that is helping him through the Dark Tournament is actually is Master Genki (Who is old and a sort of pale green) is teacher, the age regression comes when she uses her Spirit Energy for a special move and her sh ...more
Yu Yu Hakusho episode Kuwaabara: A Promise Between Men
A dead boy posses a shcool girl
Yu Yu Hakusho episode Rando Rises and 99 Attacks Kuabara Falls
The point of this particular part of the show is that Yuseke Urameshi, a Spirit Detective, has to go see the Phsychic Genki and enter her tournament. Whoever wins gets to learn her Spirit Wave technique. However, a human hunter named Rando is also looking to gain her power. He has already defeated 9 ...more
Yu Yu Hakusho episode Throughout the Series
Most of the characters in this show are either demons or part demon, and alot of them are disguised as humans or simply have demon forms. Therefore there are demonic transformations throughout the series. I don't remember the names of the sagas before the Saint Beast saga In the 1st storyline whe ...more
Yu-Gi-Oh episode First Duel
Joey sends out a baby dragon against all three of Mai's harpy ladies, and then uses time wizard to turn baby dragon into a thousend dragon, and the harpies into old crones.
Yu-Gi-Oh episode Unknown
Yu Gi, with the help of his Millenium Puzzle can become a much older version of himself and back again.
Yu-Gi-Oh! Enter the Shadow Realm episode Mechanical Mayhem
After loosing his duel against a Machine Knight, Tristan has his body taken away from him and he is turned into a small robotic monkey. Also in this duel, Machine Knight uses a magic card to turn an angel and a nun into robots.
Yu-Gi-Oh! Enter the Shadow Realm episode Noah's Final Threat
Mythical, Inanimate
As Shinoto, Noah uses his powers to turn Kaiba and Mokuba to stone. Yugi challenges Noah to a duel, but the catch is for every turn that goes by, one of Yugi's freinds will be turned to stone. Noah Bonds himself with his deckmaster Shinato and becomes it. Shinato is a giant stone angel figure.
Yu-Gi-Oh! episode Evil Spirit of the Ring
One of my favorite episodes. Bakura, the foreign exchanged student, has come to Duelist Kingdom with Yugi and his friends. In reality, Bakura holds the Millennium Ring, which allows the evil spirit (Yami) of a thief to take over Bakura's body against his will. In this episode, Yami Bakura challeng ...more
Yu-Gi-Oh! episode Unknown
Marik, holder of the Millenium rod can take control of the minds of either male or female humans, they then in turn sometimes laugh, or speak in a deeper, more masculine voice. He has done this to Tea, Yugi's female friend (they aren't an item or anything) more than once in the series. More mind c ...more
Yu-Gi-Oh! GX episode Mirror, Mirror - parts 1 & 2
Hassleberry and Syrus are captured and Hassleberry is turned into a dinosaur and Syrus is turned into a car in episode 78 and are transformed back in 79
Yu-Gi-Oh!: Enter the Shadow Realm episode "So Close Yet So Far"
After being killed, Noah's mind is transfered into a virtual world by his father. Noah lures Yugi and his friends to his virtual world to steal their bodies. Noah later steals Kaiba's little brother Mokuba's body to escape to the real world.