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Category: 'Television Episode'
X-Files episode Hellbound
Original teaser: "Convinced it is an X-File, Reyes (Annabeth Gish) is drawn to a murder where the victim has been skinned alive. Yet she is unsure why she has such a strange connection to the case." (note from the editor: please avoid posting copyright material. Also can someone confirm or reject ...more
X Play episode Episode #5013: MLB 2006, Shining Tears, Yager and more!
In this episode morgan webb takes some steroids and becomes big and muscular and throughouth this skit goes around flexing her musceles (actually i believe it was a guy in that muscular form but was very convincing thought) this skit had to do with baseball video games.
The X-Files episode The Unnatural
Gender, Gender
In one of the latest episodes this season, Arthur Dale - a former Roswell cop - tells Mulder a tale involving the Conspiracy and baseball. Dale is charged with protecting an up-and-coming black player in the Minors named Josh Exley who is later revealed to be one of the shape-shifting Greys. When Da ...more
The X-Files episode Dreamland
Caught in the effect of an experimental stealth device, Mulder finds his identity switched with another man's. Continuing in this man's life, he encounters another victim, an air force pilot in the body of an old indian woman.
The X-Files episode GenderBender
A serial killer changes gender after each kill.
The X-Files Episode Terms of Endearment
This entry is now marked for deletion - no transformation content - cj 2007nov19 It is about a man possied by a deamon wanting to have a child and he kills them if the child is deamon like though. At the end of the episode you see what looks like the deamon leave him and go into a woman.
The X-Files episode Without
After seven years the Alien Bounty Hunter (Brian Thompson) has taken on a number of forms but none of them female - until now! In Part 2 of the Eighth Season opener, the ABH makes up for lost time by assuming the forms of *two* women! The first time he appears briefly as Scully in order to hide a ...more
X-Men episode Night of the Sentinels
Jubilee is wandering through the HQ wondering how to get out and she comes across Morph who is watching TV. Morph changes himself into Senetor Kelly and says "My fellow Americans, I am an idiot." Then transforms into a buff guy in the commercial. Lastly he sees Jubilee on TV and changes into her.
X-Men episode Unknown
Morph, the shapechanging member of the team often assumed the forms of the female team members. Most of these changes were brief, lasting only seconds. The most prolonged impersonations involving both Rogue and Storm were in the episode "Till death do us part" - part 1. Morph wasn't a permanent m ...more
X-Men episode various
A shape-shifting X-Man appropriately called Morph has assumed the forms of various female teammates in several episodes. In the pilot, he's practicing his shapeshifting by mimicing people on TV - including new member Jubilee who appears on the news. In "Til Death Do Us Part", Morph - now resurre ...more
X-Men Evolution episode Adrift
This is a short but interesting TF: The main episode is about Cyclops and his brother being shipwrecked in a hurricane. One of the subplots deals with Nightcrawler, Kurt, messing with his image inducer. He breaks it forcing Professor X to fix it. He fixes it but good. As a practical joke the Profess ...more
X-Men Evolution episode Self Possesed
Rogue is having trouble with her powers. Every person she's ever absorbed is fighting to take control of her. Among others, she morphs into Sabretooth, Magneto, Cyclops, Mystique.
X-Men Evolution episode Unknown
The Shapeshifter Mystique changes into many different people, both genders.
X-men Evolution episode Unknown
Rogue touches Sabretooth causing an unexpected transformation. She grows claws, fur and long wild hair taking on the appearance of a werewolf rather than Sabretooth. It's a nice detailed TF.
X-Men Evolution episode Witch and the Wardrobe The Toad
The mutant called Mastermind can create the illusion around himself to look like anyone. He fools a passing man by becoming a beautiful woman and an officer by becoming a father carrying a child.
X-Men: The Animated Series
Female, Animal
On the Episode (S02 E05 - Repo Man) of X-Men, a female mutant named "Snowbird" who has the power to transform into any animal that is color white. She first transformed into a Snow Owl and then into a White Wolf.
Xena Warrior Princes episode Punch Lines
Gabriella takes Xena's horse to the river tp wash the horse. She accidenty shrinks Xena's horse Argo. Then Lachrymose shrinks Gabriella down to a few inches tall. Later Joxer finds her and takes her back to the river were she shrunk Xena's horse. While they are there Lachrymose appers again and trys ...more
Xena Warrior Princess episode Little Problem
Thanks to Aphrodite, Xena is trapped in the body of a little girl and must help the child deal with the grief over her mother's death, while Gabrielle and Aphrodite separate the two before sunset as well as keep Xena's body safe from the bad guys.
XHDRBZ episode Expendientes secretos x
XHDRBZ is a mexican TV program it is on air wednesday 10:00 P.M..In this program there are a lot of parodies , this week the parodie was x files(expendientes secretos x)In which ,the bad , a doctor, gives Moler and Scoly a dietetic drink .At the end of the program , the camera shows us the bodies ...more
Xiaolin Showdown episode The Demon Seed
Xiaolin Warriors as well as Jack Spicer and Vlad are turned into plant-like versions of themselves.
Xiaolin Showdown episode Chameleon
One of the robots of evil boy genius Jack Spicer is a "chameleon bot." While this shape-changing robot shows off a number of male forms, it spend most of the episode as an overly-perky version of female Xiaolin monk trainee Kimiko.
Xiaolin Showdown episode Dream Stalker
Hanniabal Roy Bean uses his Moby Morpher Shen Gong Wu to impersonate Kimiko in order t to trick Clay into leaving Raimundo alone with Bean so that Raimundo will fall asleep and Bean can create a monster from his sleeping mind.
Xiaolin Showdown episode Enter the Dragon
Dojo, the comedic dragon who helps the Xiaolin Apprentices find Shen-Gong-Wu, normally only changes size. In this episode, however, he changes shapes a few times in one sequence in order to trick Omi into releasing him from a cage when he goes temporarily insane. He first changes into Master Fung, ...more
Xiaolin Showdown episode Hannibal's Revenge
Kimiko uses her PDA, the Mind Reader Conch, Changing Chopsticks and the Eye of Dashi to connect herself to a satellite so that she can read the world's thoughts. Hannibal Bean spies on her and acquires secret information about Chase's weakness by the Heylin Eclipse. Wuya teams up with Hannibal in an ...more
Xiaolin Showdown episode Pt. 2 Saving Omi
In the previous episode, the evil Chase Young had turned young monk Omi to the dark side. Omi's fellow monks, Kimiko, Raimundo and Clay (and bumbling former bad guy Jack Spicer), went to the dark universe and reclaimed Omi's good Chi, turning him back to good. But Chase Young had made Evil Omi swe ...more
Xiaolin Showdown episode Screams of the Siren
The Shen Gong Wu "Gills of Hamachi"(Hamachi means yellowtail in Japanese, it's a type of fish) is a collar that turns the user into a mini version of the Creature from the Black Lagoon and allows them to breathe underwater(but at the same time, you cannot breathe out of it).
Xiaolin Showdown episode Various episodes
The Shen Gong Wu Monkey Staff turns the user into a part-monkey(furry features, agility, hairy limbs, prehensile tail) When it made its debut in the series, main villain Evil Boy Genius Jack Spicer and sole female Xiaolin warrior in training Kimiko were both affected by it.