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Category: 'Television Episode'
V the TV series episode The Deception
In a special room that anyone wearing a necklace would appear as someone else. In this case, Diana appears to be the other female resistance fighter, Julie, in order to find out where the resistance is hiding the hybrid child of Alien-Human and where she is been transfer to. Even the food would appe ...more
V.I.P episode The Uncle from V.A.L
In this episode and old women morphs into a really hot woman to trick the police into arresting Val's uncle
Vampire Princess Miyu episode Series
It's a tv series about a vampire "girl" Miyu. Like other vampires she drinks human blood but she also gives them some kind of a sweat dream state. In every episode she fight with a Shinma (demons?spirits?) and brings them to their dark-world. That creatures always try to trick humans and almost alwa ...more
Vandraos episode Unknown
Sometimes uses a magic potion to change men into women, because his mental powers only work on women.
VanDread Stage 2 episode Unknown
One of the Main Characters, (the Second in command of a Female Pirate Ship) Whom needless to say is a vulptous babe is later discovered to be a Male Spy .
VCast Commercial episode The world of entertainment is shrinking
Several pop artists have been shrunk to about 6" and are shown with their (normal sized) entourages. Mildy funny...
Venture Brothers "The Better Man"
Male, Gender
After seeing the Outrider, the man who stole his wife, pass through the Second World, Dr. Orpheus is determined to do the same. (Spoiler Text) link to the video
Venture Brothers episode Assassiananny 911
In this episode of the Venture Brothers, Brock Sampson is called back into action to kill a rogue agent that went AWOL and took the agency's best plastic surgeon. The agent was Brock's boss and father figure, whom he now has orders to kill. When Brock finally catchs him at some secret lab in the j ...more
The Venture Brothers episode Midlife Chrysalis
The Monarch sends Dr. Girlfriend undercover to seduce Dr. Venture and inject him with a serum that causes him to transform into a giant caterpillar (and later cocoon himself). Classic line from Dr. Venture when he wakes up: "Apparently this is the reward I get for years of screwing with super ...more
Venture Brothers episode Powerless in the Face of Death
There is a really quick werewolf transformation in this one, but if you haven't seen it I won't ruin the secret for you. Hank and Dean Venture are clones because they keep dieing. Everytime that Hank and Dean die, Dr. Venture just brings them back and implants their memories. In the episode, Dr. ...more
Venture Brothers episode Showdown at Cremation Creek Part II
The thilling second part of the two part ending of the season of Venture Brothers. The Monarch is getting married to Dr. Girlfriend, but not if Phantom Limb as anything to say about it. With special guest star David Bowie, whom turns out is Dr. Girlfriend's father. It all ends with an epic showdo ...more
VH1 Best Week Ever episode July 29th 2005
On The Best Week Ever for this week two of the regular panelists John and Micheal (who are both rather unattractive) take a tour of the set of the show The Passions. At the end they visit the make up department. The enter the room and and exit a second later. John is an attractive male model typ ...more
VH1 ILL-ustrated episode Episode Number: 6 Season Num: 2
First Aired Wednesday May 19, 2004 Skits include: George Bush and daughter Jenna have a "Freaky Friday" Jenna Bush: I don't get it, you're me, but then..who am I? George W. Bush: You're me! Jenna: This is awful. We switched bodies, and I have an important national security meeting i ...more
Vice Versa (1955) episode Unknown
On hearing that his son doesn't want to go back to his English boarding school, an investment banker, who is just inspecting his newly acquired crystal artifact from India, upbraids the lad for what he wants to avoid. "I wish I was a boy with that kind of opportunity," the father says. As the crysta ...more
VIP episode Unknown
The assasin known as the "Owl" disguises himself as a Dental receptionist in an attempt to assasinate a Dentist.
"Vis-a-Vis" episode of Star Trek: Voyager
An Alien, who calls himself Steth, visits Voyager and swaps forms with Tom Paris against his will. Tom is sent off in the aliens ship and encounters the real Steth, now in the body of a female alien. The faux Tom meanwhile is having difficulty maintaining his character and swaps forms with Janewa ...more
The Vision of Escaflowne episode Unknown
There's some TG in there, near the end of the series (but it effects the whole series.) I can't really say much more, because it's a major spoiler, but it's in there.
Vision On episode Unknown
Male and female comedy duo get into a battle of the sorcerers. At the end a spell is cast which switches their bodies, but not their clothes or voices. (And "he" doesn't wear a bra) Brief
Voltron episode It Will Be A Cold Day
Princess Romelle of Pollux, tried to escape Prince Lotor on planet Doom by stealing a ship. But the ship was shotdown near planet Neve, and princess Romelle sent a distress signal to her cousin, Priness Allura, after the ship crash landed on the planet. But it was a trap, with the witch Haggar as ...more
Voltron episode The Witch Gets A Face Lift
The witch, Haggar, captured Orla, princess Allura's aunt, and assumed Orla's likeness and identity, in order to get inside the Castle and kill princess Allura.