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Category: 'Television Episode'
Ugly Americans episode Better off Undead
Age, Gender
Foolishly taking Leonard's advice Mark allows himself to be transformed into a duplicate of Randall's ex-girlfriend Krystal in order to save him from a zombie cult. Unfortunately the spell is actually a curse and Mark would visibly age into an old woman for the next week only to die of old age. . ...more
Ugly Americans episode So you want to Be a Vampire?
Gender, Male
Frank and dozens of other people are afflicted witha new disease called "Mad Larry" which turns them, including women and children, into duplicates of Larry King.
Ugly Americans episode Soul Sucker
Monster, Female
Callie transforms into two other distinct demon forms in this episode but most interestingly she duplicates Mark's mother for a while.
Ugly Americans, episode Wet Hot Demonic Summer
Age, Gender
In this episode, the wizards gather at Mt. Magic with their apprentices and get them circumcised before they become full-fledged wizards. This is demonstrated when a naked wizard boy with a turban gets circumcised and ages rapidly. Later, Satan's demons invade the mountain and the Wizard of Copyr ...more
The Ultimate Book of Spells episode The Rift
The kids go through the book of spells and end up in the Underworld where imps live. They then end up inside an imp's shop and find the magical portal device the imps were using to seal things from the world above. The kids take the portal, but go back to retreve the book of spells which they left b ...more
Ultra Maniac episode Changeover
Ayu Tatehishi is the coolest girl in school who has a crush on a boy named Kaji. She has to beat him in tennis but she dosn't want to fight, so she reasoned to her friend Nina Sakura that she has a disadvantage fighting. Nina misread the situation so she turned her friend Ayu into a boy.
Ultra Maniac episode Gigantic Pets
Maya's pet chameleon Lulu and Nina's pet cat Rio turn into giants after being splashed by a magic enlarging potion.
Ultra Maniac episode Quest
Nina's pet cat Rio can turn into a boy.
Ultra Maniac episode R&B
Maya, Nina, Ayu and Yuta turn into thier 20 year old selvies to go into a disco to hunt for holy stones
Ultraman episode Unknown
Ultraman has been a long running series in Japan, in which usually the theme is a human transforms into a giant warrior and fights daikaiju (monsters). THERE ARE SEVERAL movies and TV shows based on this. Even a female ultraman, whom transforms into a male looking warrior.
Underdog episode The Big Shrink
Simon Bar Sinister invents a shrink potion, which he squirts people with through a flower on this lapel.
Underdog episode The Flying Sorcerers
Polly Purebread is kidnapped by flying sorcerer man so she can bake cakes for their king. When Underdog tries to stop them, they turn Underdog into a basketball.
Underdog episode Simon Says
Simon Bar Sinister makes a camera that turns people into photographs.
Underdog episode Simon Says 'Be My Valentine'
The evil Simon Bar Sinister creates a machine that turns people into large paper valentine cards.
Universe, in Toyko Tenchi Muyo! episode Unknown
In the first two series, Ryo-Ohki a cute cat/rabbit animal can turn into a spaceship and in the third it can turn into a Gundam-like robot.
"Unknown" episode of Quantum Leap
Our hero possesses the bodies of numerous men in various time periods from the 1950s to the 1990s throughout the 5 years worth of episodes and most of the novels and fan-fic on the net! some episodes occasionally featured non- m/m possessions instead. Worth noting is that while Sam is in the ...more
"Unknown" episode of Star Trek: The Animated Series
When visiting a water world, aliens transform Kirk and Spock into webbed fingered gill breathers.
"Unknown" episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
The Dax symbiont is currently a young woman. But Commander Cisco originally became good friends with her when she was a man.
Unknown Television episode Unknown
A man is turned into a woman and his younger brother into a grown man. This was part of a chinese TV series.
Unknown Television episode Unknown
there was a spanish show where a young boy who has a weight problem, who finds a magical coin in an old house and decides to keep it. Later his beatiful teenage sister was making fun of her brother's weight. And durning the arguement they both wish that they were in each other's shoes. Then mirac ...more
Urusei Yatsura episode The Fox who loves Shinobu
One of the heroes of this show is kitsune (fox) named Fox. He can change into anybody, and believes he can do exact copy, but fox ears, tail and 50cm height alvays betrays him.
Urusei Yatsura episode The Groom's name is Ryunosuke
A sex-change gun switches the gender of a boy and a girl. The only problem is there's only one charge left in the gun.
Urusei Yatsura Episode 120 Duel! Benten vs. the Three Daughters
One of Lum's rivals in her alien school is another alien called Pepper, who has the ability to shed her skin. When Ataru tries to chase her down, at one point, her skin comes off when he tackles her, so Ataru decides to try on her skin and take for a joy ride Of course, while wearing Pepper's skin ...more
Urusei Yatsura episode Attack of the Protozoa
Two boys get stuck in a garden of Eden. Lum tries to rescue them, but ends up with that worlds Adam and Eve. So the world makes a new couple by changing Mendo into a girl. The changes happens at the end of the episode.
Urusei Yatsura episode Beware the Earmuffs!
A bunch body switching as a result of mind exchange earmuffs.
Urusei Yatsura episode Hardselling Happiness!
One person gets the power to change anyone he touches into a girl, another get the power to change anyone he touches into a boy.
Urusei Yatsura episode I Dearly Need You! Return of the Honest Fox! #134
It's the episode in which Fox first sees a movie in which a fox changes loving woman into a vixen, then uses the magic seeds to change Shinobu. But he lost the seeds and instead, all the shows heroes (including Ataru, Lum, Cherry) changes into foxes, then half-foxes. Its corresponding manga is # ...more
Usagi-Chan de Cue episode Unknown
This 3 part show is only around a hour and a half long all together. Its about this girl and this rabbit who while the girl and this person are fighting they fall off the roof. The girl trys to rescue the rabbit. During the fall the girl and rabbit fuse to make this bunny girl, the bunny is normally ...more