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Category: 'Television Episode'
T.U.F.F. Puppy episode Puppy Love
Gender, Inanimate, Mechanical
Dudley Puppy falls for the new temp secretary at T.U.F.F., French poodle Fifi Oui Oui. Unbeknownst to him, the viewers already know that... (Spoiler Text)
T.U.F.F. Puppy episode Share-a-Lair
Animal, Male, Gender
T.U.F.F. and their evil counterparts at D.O.O.M. keep blowing up each other's secret bases with missile strikes, thanks in part to intel from their new field agents. Eventually, a real estate agent finds a new office for T.U.F.F., one they have to share with current renters D.O.O.M.! In the end, b ...more
"Tacking Into the Wind" episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Odo impersonates another Changeling, a female Founder (most often seen on the show) to help Cardassian rebels take over a Jem'Hadar ship.
Tail Spin episode A Baloo Switcheroo
Animal, Gender
A magic body switching idol, switches Becky and Don Carnage.
Tales from the Crypt episode Fatal Caper
An elderly, wealthy British lord decides to change his will to include his third son whom he had disowned 15 years earlier. Mrs. Henderson (Natasha Richardson), executer of the will, informs his two other sons that are faced with two choices: they must either locate their brother before inheriting a ...more
Tales From the Crypt episode Only Sin Deep
A prostitute sells her youth to a pawnbroker who she thinks is crazy. Whith her money she ends up hooking up with a rich man, but within days she looks like an old woman. When the rich man finds her, he thinks she's a burglar and she kills him. She tries to redeem her youth, but then can't, as h ...more
Tales From The Crypt episode Spoiled
A scientist catches his wife in bed with the cable guy, and swaps their heads. Brief, at end.
Tales from the Crypt episode Staired in Horror
Clyde is a fugitive who holes up in a house occupied by an elderly woman. One night he finds an attractive woman upstairs, but he discovers it's the same woman. She tells him that a long time ago her spouse caught her having an affair and put a curse on the house. She must stay up stairs if she want ...more
Tales from the Crypt episode The Switch
Age, Male
An elderly millionaire asks a plastic surgeon to give him the body of a younger man to win the girl of his dreams. An old man is in love with a young woman. He pays a young man millions of dollars for his body parts (one piece at a time) until they have switched bodies. Ironic twist? The girl i ...more
Tales from the Crypt episode Unknown
A guy is being tormented by his imaginary friend. He almost banishes the friend, only to have him take over his body for good.
Tales from the Darkside episode A Serpent's Tooth
A women receives a serpent's tooth that makes everything she says come true. She accidently changes her daughter's boy friend into a peice of fruit cake, and strangely no attempt is made to change him back. In the end she turns herself into a statue made of salt.
Tales From the Darkside episode Auld Acquaintances
Two long-lived witches that had previous agreement of sharing a talisman/amulet for the last few hundred years, decided they no longer want to share it. Near the end, one of the witches was changed to a black cat.
Tales from the DarkSide episode Deliver Us from Goodness
A housewife leads such a selfless life, she becomes a saint. This apparently entails that everything she wishes for becomes true. When she catches her teenage daughter using forbidden makeup, the daughter tells her that she's auditioning for the role of Cleopatra in the school play. "Well, I wish ...more
Tales from the Darkside episode Going Native
An alien is sent to earth as a human female to observe human interactions.
Tales From the Darkside episode Mary Mary
Mary, an attractive woman suffering from a crippling case of shyness, is spied upon by an interested neighbor, who finds her conversing with the mannequins she has brought home from work. Since she seems intelligent and intriguing when alone with these lifesized dolls, said neighbor pressures her f ...more
Tales from the DarkSide episode Payment Overdue
An uncaring woman whose job is to pester people into paying delinqunit loans, scares a Latin immigrant into killing her self. The immigrant's gaurdian angel comes and changes the woman into the immigrant. There is no phycal change but the apartment, her clothes, hair and accent changes and she g ...more
Tales From the Darkside episode The Swap
Young wife team up with a pretty boy to kill her old and ugly husband to get the wealth. The husband saw through all of the plots and managed to get potion to swap body with the pretty boy before murdered. All was revealed after the two young lovers got married.
Tales From The Darkside episode The Trouble with Mary Jane
Male and female demons take over female & male bodies.
Tales From The Darkside episode Unhappy Medium
When a TV Preacher dies he leaves his sister, her daughter and his protg looking for the will. That is until he possesses his daughter's body.
Tales From The Crypt episode "Ear Today"
This episode of the show is about a safecracker who gets involved with a man's wife and is hard-of-hearing, he gets superhuman hearing as the result of an operation but the twist is that the hearing is that of an owl. And he starts becoming owl-like near the end, his head spins around, he s ...more
Tales From The Crypt episode Assassin
It turns out the male ex-government assassin went into hiding as a housewife.
Tales From the Crypt episode Judy, You're Not Yourself Today
Played mostly for laughs with some horror. Carol Kane is funny as the vain, silly wife. A old woman comes to the door of a be an exclusive cosmetic repretative. She's a witch who then swaps bodies with the young wife and leaves to take a plane to Las Vagas. The husband tricks the witch pretentious ...more
Talkshow with Spike Feresten episode uncertain
Larry King's head on a dancing bikini body... 'nuf said... Found on youtube at this link:
Tama and Friends episode Casey and Friends
Casey is the human boy who owns the cat Tama, who, along with other cats and a dog or two, is the main subject. In this episode Casey, sick in bed, would drift off to sleep and become a cat who was a friend of Tama. None of the cats seemed to remember that he wasn't always there amoung them. At t ...more
Tattooed Teenage Alien Fighters From Beverly Hills episode Switch
Gorganus plans to alter the power portals wile the sentinels are within them, so he sends out Voldak. After their fight with Voldak, Nimbar sends them back trough the portals and they switch bodies. Laurie's mind is in Gordon's body and Gordon's mind is in Laurie's body. Drew's mind is in Swinton's ...more
Taz-Mania episode A Young Taz's Fancy
Episode in which the jungle boy "Bushroot" tries to capture Taz by putting on the classic "female (insert species here) costume". In this case, it's a cute little tazmanian devil girl suit! The episode is a good thirteen minutes long and full of the typical sort of gags. The real highlight is the "q ...more
Tazmania episode The Outer Taz-mainian Zone
Taz's sister wishes she was like her brother and switches bodies with him.
Teen Angel episode Date With an Angel
Marty pretends to be a girl that Steve calls up for a date, to save me him from being rejected. Unfortunately he didn't really think it through, and now has to go on a date with Steve as a girl.
Teen Angel episode Living Doll
In this episode Rod, God's cousin shows Marty that guys only care about girl's looks by turning into one.
Teen Angel episode Unknown
The giant head morphs his head into a female to prove to Marty that all men are shallow.
Teen Titans episode "Trust"
In the episode "Trust", villainous shapeshifter Madame Rouge shifts into Robin and later Hotspot (a black young male superhero). There's at least one sequence where Rouge is shown to shift from Robin (male) to herself and back, while still in Robin's uniform.
Teen Titans episode "The End"
Raven is used by her Demonic Father Trigon to form a porthole to enter the mortal world and make it hell on earth, when done with her he takes her powers and regresses her to about about 4 or 5 years old, off screen. (Spoiler Text)
Teen Titans episode "Kole"
During a mission in the Arctic, the main five meet two new heroes, Kole and her caveman sidekick Gnarrk. Kole in here is extremely different from her comic book counterpart, where in the comics she controls crystal. In the show, she literally becomes a crystal statue. In this state, Gnarrrk can use ...more
Teen Titans episode "Aftershock Pt.2"
Terra, a former Titan with powers over the Earth (earthquakes, manipulating geologic objects) who joined Slade, and who also thought she had killed the Titans discovers that she has failed. As the episode progresses, their fight comes and goes and Beast Boy (who needs no introduction and had a ...more
Teen Titans episode "Bunny Raven, or How To Make A Titananimal Disappear"
The trailer shows Cyborg turned into a bear, and Raven, as indicated by the title, turned into a bunny.
Teen Titans episode "How Long is Forever"
Starfire is sent ahead 20 years in the future, where she sees older versions of Robin (now Nightwing), Beast Boy (as a balding circus freak), Raven (dressed in a white cloak), and even an aged Cyborg. Before the end of this episode, Warp (the episode's villain) becomes younger and younger until he ...more
Teen Titans episode "Lightspeed"
Madame Rouge briefly poses as Hive Five leader, Jinx, in order to catch Kid Flash off guard.
Teen Titans episode "Revolution"
Mad mod, an old English blimey bloke with a tricked out cane, attacks the city, hypnotizing everyone to think America is still under English rule. In the opening of the show, Robin fights Mad Mod. They both are holding the cane, Mad Mod then pushes a button on the cane giving Mad Mod Robin's youth ...more
Teen Titans episode "Switched"
A villain switches the minds of the two female characters "Raven" and "Starfire" in the others body and they must try and learn each others powers to save the rest of the Titans.
Teen Titans episode "Titans Together"
With nearly all the Teen Titans captured, only a few remain, one of which being Jericho, a possessor, he looks someone right in the eye then possesses him or her. In the final episode he Possesses Cinderblock briefly, then possesses numerous other enemies during the final battle
Teen Titans episode "Fracture"
The Titans are thrown into an alternate reality. For some reason Beast Boy's mouth is missing. Since he cant talk he grabs Ravens mouth and puts it on his own face. When he talks he has her voice. When Robin asks Raven a question, she rips off Cyborgs mouth and talks with his voice.
Teen Titans episode "Wavelength"
Cyborg, while he and the other Titans try to stop a villain who has stolen his technology to make a weapon, battles a character named Bumble Bee, a girl with insect wings who has the ability to shrink in size while keeping her full size strength, similar to the Marvel comics Wasp. It is said she wi ...more
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012) episode Plan 10
In this episode the Kraang have invented a body switching device. Raphael and a Kraang swap bodies, and later April O'Neil and Casey Jones swap bodies.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles episode "Catwoman from Channel 6"
April begins transforming into a humanoid cat after a stray jumps into a transporter with her.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles episode Enter: Mutagen Man
A delivery man gains shapeshifting power, and briefly takes the forms of, among others, an old lady and April's assistant Irma.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles episode "Rebel Without A Fin"
The evil Dr. Polidorius plans to sink the city and populate it with a race of fish people. He captures April, and uses a machine to transform her into a fish woman.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Fast Forward episode Invasion of the Body Jacker
The evil Phantoms (the villians of the show) have a new technology their leader possesses that can take over people's bodies. We open the story where he has body-hopped into a young female's body to get to the mall, and approach a sales-clerk standing outside his store, and then this orb comes out ...more
Tek War episode Alter Ego
A man uses a "Morph Mask" to disguise himself as gorgeous female, in order to deliver a message to Jake. (Not really a transformation) Brief.
Tekwar: The Movie episode Unknown
Dr. Bethancourt undergoes a radical experimental surgery to change her looks and avoid detection by a TekLord. After the surgery, she then appears as a beautiful young blonde!
Tenchi Muyo GXP episode First Paycheck and Presents
(spoiler) In this episode one of the main characters is acctually another one of the main characters. The character Ryoko Balta (space pirate) is acctually another character named Erma (Galaxy Police Officer/ Space Pirate Spy) who is a dog/cat alien. When she confronts Seina to kill him she can't b ...more
Tenjou Tenge Episode 25
A young girl named Maya Natsume, who is dressed in a kimono, transformed herself into a voluptuous chick, which is an adult version of herself.
The Tenth Kingdom episode Unknown
In the early scenes of this 8-hour miniseries, the haughty Prince Wendell gets turned into a Golden Retriever by the Evil Queen. A great, detailed spell as the dog touches him and the prince is flabbergasted as the dog turns into him..and then he turns into the dog.
"Terrible Swift Sword" episode of The 4400
In this episode the Nova Group escape including one that has the power to impersonate anyone. Jordan Collier is talking to this gorgeous woman in his office and he says "You look Remarkable...I am very impressed" Turns out this is the guy using his powers to look like a woman as a demonstartion. He ...more
Testees, S01E02 Pills for Men
The two main characters of the show undergo a gender reassignment surgery. The women (played by the same actors) are then thrust into situations such as whoring out to their friend's father and engaging in some lesbian sex with an ex girlfriend.
Tex Avery cartoons episode Little 'Tinker
A little skunk trying to attract a girl, but everybody are scared by skunks. So, he changes first into Frank Sinatra and later into a fox (by a cartoon fox-paint). When he finally finds a cute vixen, he accidentally falls from a bridge, the paint washes away and he reverts to skunk. (Spoiler Tex ...more
Thank You for Not Morphing
The witches are hunted by three shape shifters after the Book of Shadows. Two of these shapeshifters morph into images of two of the sisters. When they morph back, it is shown that the shifter taking Alyssa Milano's place is male. Brief, but there is an onscreen morph.
That's So Raven episode Dont Have A Cow
The show is scheduled to have the 2 female stars and best friends on the show make a wish that somehow comes true, turning them both into cows!!! It should be shown next friday October 17 on the disney channel!
"The Thaw" episode of Star Trek: Voyager
When the Voyager finds a planet, they discover that the people of the planet, who had been nearly wiped out by a catastrophic shift in nature. The remaining inhabitants placed their minds in stasis, complete with artificial environment. (Spoiler Text)
"The 13th Floor" episode of PSI Factor: Chronicles of the Paranormal
The couple living on the 13th floor was marriage problem. The wife was possessed by the building while in the elevator, and started to taking everything out on the husband. P.S. Can this consider as gender?????
The ABC Afterschool Special episode Through Thick & Thin
Overweight girl swaps bodies with her thin sister Leslie hibbard was one of the girls, I think. I saw it in TV Guide, but missed the show, sad to say.
The Addams Family Cartoon episode Metamorphosister
In this episode Pugsley Wants to make his sister mizerable (aka happy in their terms) so he tries to turn her into a dog. But the first time he fails and she becomes a porcupine, then a bear, and a wildebeast. So on his last try he gives up while she is stomping him as a rhino. Then she says I enjo ...more
The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog episode Sonically Ever After
Tails the fox gets turned into a girl. Sonic and tails are transported to a story book world and take the roll of "Hansol and Nettle"
The Almighty Johnsons episode A Damn Fine Woman
Axl, the incarnation of Odin, accidentally transforms into a blonde woman in his sleep. He tries to change back and find out why he transformed in the first place
The Amazing Spiez!, episode "Operation Killer Condos"
Totally Spies! spinoff series about a team of tween spy siblings. In this episode in order to rescue their parents from an evil real estate mogul without compromising their identities they use a hologram watch to disguise themselves. The watch turns the sister into Jerry (the older leader of WOOH ...more
The Amazing World of Gumball episode "The Job"
Age, Animal, Female, Male, Gender
In the episode The Job the dad gets a job and it upsets the universe so much a bunch of things get changed around town as he goes by. (Spoiler Text)
The Archie Show episode The Disappearing Act
Jughead comes up with some sort of vanishing formula that he paints himself with. He spills it on members of the gang with some people being gone from the waist down and others from the waist up. He comes up with an idea until the formula wears off for members of the gang to match top and bottom to ...more
The Armstrong & Miller Show
A comedy sketch show on BBC One. In the first episode of the second series, it had a sketch which spoofed Star Trek. It showed three of the crew beaming down to a planet and the inhabitants showed them some hospitality. It turns out that the aliens can shapeshift. (Spoiler Text)
The Boys episode Cherry
Madelyn Stillwell (Elizabeth Shue) uses shapeshifter Dopleganger (Dan Darin-Zanco) who takes the form of a woman named Rhonda (Aniko Kaszas) in order to seduce and blackmail Senator Calhoun. While having sex with the senator, Rhonda blindfolds the senator and changes back to his male form taking ph ...more
The Boys episode Nothing Like It in the World
Male, Gender
Homelander (Antony Starr) flies to a house where Madelyn Stillwell (Elisabeth Shue) is waiting for him. After a while together, Madelyn (Spoiler Text)
The Butterscotch (1997) - episode "Power Flower"
Female, Gender
In episode 2 a genie which fullfills wishes like worded transforms gabriella hall into a man and back. some more transformations occur in this series, most female/female. french film, also shown in USA. NOTE: According to our research, this is both a television episode, and a movie.
The Carol Burnett Show episode Star Trek
A Star Trek spoof, where the crew gets their genders reversed.
The Chronicle episode Touched by an Alien
Alien Assassin can't live in earth's atmosphere so has to body hop. Transfer's via mucus membranes during sex. genetically engineered to emit sex pheromes to ensure ability to transfer. 4 swaps, Initial into dancer(not shown) Dancer's boyfriend, room service clerk, female lead
"The Date" episode of My Parents Are Aliens
Josh can't get himself to ask pretty Tania out on a date, so Brian does it for him. Unfortunately he asks the wrong girl and Josh ends up with two dates at the same time. Simple enough for Brian to take one girl as Josh and Josh to take the other, but when the girls discover each other they leave ...more
The Day of the Doctor
Animal, Gender, Male
The shape-shifting Zygons play an important role in the primary subplot of the episode. Though technically hermaphroditic, they are all portrayed in their natural forms by male actors. The Zygons end up mimicking: (Spoiler Text)
The End of the World
in the 2nd episode of the new Dr.Who 2005 "the day the earth dies" The last human appears to be a thin sheet of skin whith a face "female vioce and face" she states how thin she is and how many operations it took to look like that. The Doctors assistant talks to her to find out what has happend ...more
The End of Time: Part One
Male, Gender
At the end of the episode... (Spoiler Text)
The Fairly OddParents: Manic Mom-Day
This episode seems to be a Fairly OddParents direct take on the classic Disney movie "Freaky Friday". An argument between Wanda and Timmy on how hard it can be for Timmy's mom compared to the problems that Timmy faces (Francis, Crocker, etc.) results in a bet. Timmy will switch places with hi ...more
The Flash episode Don't Run
Male, Race
In this episode Clifford DeVoe / Thinker (Neil Sandilands) uses his chair (Spoiler Text)
The Flash episode Lose Yourself
Gender, Male
Team Flash finds the last bus Meta, Edwin Gauss. They bring him to Star Labs, and using his powers they are able to break into DeVoe's pocket dimension. Doing so is exactly what the Thinker wants as he sneaks into Star Labs to take the powers of the final 3 bus Metas. Clifford DeVoe is still in ...more
The Flash episode Subject 9
Gender, Female
Team Flash finds the 9th meta from the bus, Izzy Bowin, Fiddler (Miranda MacDougall). Clifford DeVoe is inside Rebecca Sharpe's body, but her body is breaking down to fast. He tracks down Izzy (Spoiler Text)
The Flash episode The Trap
Age, Male
Barry, Caitlin, Cisco, and Joe form a plan to confront Dr. Harrison Wells, and to force a confession. The plan is going well, as Dr. Wells shows up and Cisco is able to activate the shield to protect himself, but then it falls apart because Dr. Wells is able to walk through the shield. (Spoiler ...more
The Flash episode Tricksters
In flashbacks in this episode, more is shown of the night that Barry's mother was killed by the man in Yellow. It is revealed that after the attack, the man in yellow ran off. (Spoiler Text)
The Flash episode True Colors
Gender, Male, Race
===Male/Race=== In this episode Ralph Dibny (Hartley Sawyer), aka in the comics the Elongated Man, has a run in with an old friend. While relating the encounter to Team Flash, he changes his form into that of the friend, and learns he now can use his powers to shape-shift. He later uses this power ...more
The Flash episode Who Is Harrison Wells?
Age, Female, Gender, Male
A woman robs a bank, but swears she was with her husband at the time it happened. Later, a man is seen trying to sell the jewelry that was stolen from the bank. On his way out, he touches a woman, and (Spoiler Text) A new metahuman is on the loose. (Spoiler Text)
The Golden Years All Episodes
An old man, due to an accident with a truck carrying radioactive materials begins to age in reverse. He tries to keep it secret from his wife by redying his hair back to grey. As far as I know, the series only went three episodes or so before being cancelled
The Good Place, Janet(s)
Gender, Female
Team Cockroach enter Janet's void. Unfortunately, the humans' (Eleanor, Chidi, Tahani, and Jason) bodies dematerialize and reform in the form of Janet's body, giving D'Arcy Carden a chance to showcase her acting abilities! At one point, Eleanor-Janet pretends to be Jason-Janet in order to talk to C ...more
The Grim adventures of Billy and Mandy Episode "Spidermandy"
When Billy finds his "son" Jeff the Spider lying in his bed with "Spider Pox", he goes to Mandy for help to get rid of the giant spider. (Spoiler Text) LINKS *The Grim adventures of Billy and Mandy "Spidermandy"
The Highwayman episode The Hitchhiker
Male, Gender
Alien possesses a series of male and female bodies in an attempt to contact its home world. It possessed a female reporter first, then the general, the Highwayman, female scientist at the radio telescope, male doctor, and the major, mostly through touch. Can see this on youtube, in 5 parts Hi ...more
The Hunger episode A Matter of Style
Showtime series in which a nerd gets bittten by a female vampire and becomes one. She tries to coach him on how to seduce women so he can feed. When that fails she suggests he tries being a woman. He turns himself into a brunette.
The Hunger episode Replacements
All the women in the town are slowly put under mind control by a small creature. Each woman that encounters one of these small creatures gets their maternal instinct triggered to protect the small creature, even breast feeding it, and would attack their husband or other males in the town and drive ...more
The Hunger episode The Double
In this episode, a woman has lived for centuries by inhabiting the bodies of various people. However, she encounters her "double" who wants to reclaim her old self. Very good scene when the thief possesses her double's lesbian lover.
The Inheritance
At the end of the episode Adalind Schade, her full hexenbiest powers restored, uses a hair sample in a potion to transform herself into a copy of Juliette. This story-line is continued into the next episode, "Blond Ambition".
"The Invosibibble Mam" episode of My Parents Are Aliens
Brian trys to get foster daughter Mel's boyfriend Trent to take him along to a music festival, so he morphs into a cool and hip teenaged girl called Spam (Melanie Orchard). It works out too well, with Mel feeling miserable and Brian making plans to marry Trent and have his kids. For Mel's sake Br ...more
The Jersey episode Coleman's Big Date
Colemen is going on a date with a girl and as everything is going wrong, the Jersey jumps him and his date into an Oakland Raiders football game. As his date enters into an Oakland Raiders' defensive player Darrell Russell, Coleman jumps into a cheerleader's body Jennifer Lynne Puckett, a good look ...more
The Jersey episode Its a Mad Mad Mad Mad Jersey
The vain Hillary founds out what the jersey can do and she uses it to possess rich jocks and then use their money to send her expensive clothes! She is warned not to do it as the Jersey can punish those who misuse it, but she does anyway and is trapped in the body of the heavy weight champion of th ...more
The Jersey episode Nick's a Chick
Nick Lighter (Michael Galeota) is making fun of women's sports and in order to teach him a lesson, the Jersey grabs him as it transports him into the body of WNBA basketball player Lisa Leslie.
The Jersey episode Ouch
Morgan gets dissed by the boys because they said she couldn't play their street hockey game. She watches tv and the jersey grabs her. She is transported and jumps into a male hockey player Bryan Dafoe.
The Jersey episode Sophomore Year
With the use of The Jersey, Nick Lighter (Michael Galeota) Jumps into the body of swimming star Lindsey Benko, wins a race and uses a news crew interviewing her to promote his cousins attempts to save girls soccer at the school with a fundraising car wash.
The Jersey episode Speaking of Coleman
The jersey helps Coleman (Jermaine Williams) overcome stage fright by showing him first-hand on what it's like to be a part of the all female singing group 3LW/Three Little Women (who appear as themselves) by putting Coleman into the body of one of the three female singers (Kiely Williams) during a ...more
"The Kiss" episode of PSI Factor: Chronicles of the Paranormal
Murderer has the ability via a kiss to take over a persons body. After he takes over the body he has the ability to change body back to his orginal form, which is shown.
The Last Banquet of Miroku's Master
in this episode, the team goes to a mountain to retreive some "mistic sake" for the preists "dying" master. Anyways, they fall into a cloud of sake or something, and the everyone gets drunk. The two shapeshifters of the group breifly turn into kagome, and start up a can-can line with the origina ...more
The Legend of Sleepy Halliwell
In the show, a headless horseman is conjured by a teenager named Zachery who cuts The Charmed Ones heads off. Piper is the first one then Paige and Phoebe get theirs cut off and they are trapped in the school. Zachery takes the form of Paige to get close to the headmaster of the school to kill him ...more
The Librarians episode "And the City of Light"
Experiment by Tesla puts citizens " out of phase". they interact with real world by possession. (Spoiler Text)
The Librarians episode "And the Horns of a Dilemma"
Minotaur transforms or magically illusions itself as a human (presumingly to disguise itself) as its labyrinth is extended to overlay a real city.
The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis episode Dr. Jeckly and Mr. Gillis
Maynard drinks a potion which turns him into a monster, then into a duplicate of Dobie's dream girl. Dobie decides to drop the girlfriend and date Maynard, but at the end of the episode he changes back. Brief.
The Mysterious, Lecherous Monk
Miroku is accused with selling fake charms, preforming fake exorsims, and flurting with all the women in a village. The only problem is that he didn't do it. It turns out that he is being impersonated by a tanuki (raccoon-dog). The imposter come to a town saying that he is a monk, and is sent ...more
The Naughty List Part 1
Brian comes home to see Josh playing with a toy meant for one of his friends. Josh has enough sense not to let Brian play with it, but when he has to go to the loo he thinks its okay for his older sister Mel to hold it for safe keeping. Unfortunately, "Mel" is really Brian in disguise and in the ...more
The New Addams Family episode Granny, the Happy Medium
Uncle Jester, a practical joke loving ghost is raised by a seance. He possesses Morticia to trick Gomez into inviting him to stay so he cannot be banished by another seance
The New Adventures of Robin Hood, episode The Assassin
While attempting to deliver a proposal for a summit meeting between the Normans and the Saxxons, Robin chases down a would-be assassin on horseback. Upon finally catching up with him, he finds a beautiful blonde woman of regal bearing instead! Thinking that the assassin lost him during the chase, R ...more
The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh episode "A Knight to Remember"
In an imagining within the story (story in a story) Rabbit, the Great Wizard, tried to cast a spell, but turns into any random animal unintentionally sometimes (or sometimes he can do it intentionally I guess). Like a Frog, a fly/bee, a Pelican, and a Turtle.
The New Adventures of Zorro (1997) episode "Night of the Tolchen"
Female, Animal
An old wise woman named "Grey Owl" first appeared as a bear and then transforms back magically into an Elder (Old) Native American wise woman.
The Planet of the Ood
The head of a corporation specializing in the surgical alteration and enslavement of an alien species to serve mankind is slowly drugged by one of his 'loyal servants'. Towards he end of the episode we see him transform into one of the aliens quite graphically after his attendant alien has revealed ...more
The Power of Three Blondes
At the beginning the Charmed Ones race up into the attic after escaping a demon who they claim fire it's teeth out of it's mouth. They go to cunsult the Book of Shadows but it runs away from them. The three women are revealed to be three blonde sisters seeking to steal the real Charmed One's identi ...more
The Sarah Jane Adventures Series 3 Episode 1&2
(Spoiler Text)
The Scooby & Scrappy Doo Puppy Hour, episode "From Bad to Curse"
From the era where it was just Scooby, Shaggy and Scrappy facing off against actual supernatural events comes this episode in which the three are tasked with recovering a gypsy amulet. The man who stole it uses its power on the trio to turn them all into something more fitting of their personali ...more
"The Secret Agenda Of Mesmer's Bauble" episode of Friday The 13th, The Series
Guy turns into a female rock star, Angelica with the help of a cursed crystal.
The Secret World of Alex Mack Episode The Switch
Alex's mother steps into her when she's in liquid form and they switch places.
The Simpsons episode The Front
Grampa dreams of being a woman in a Western setting, being fought over by two male gunfighters. Very brief.
The Simpsons episode Treehouse of Horror VIII
Bart experiments with Professor Frink's teleporter. Hoping to give himself mega strength and the ability to fly, he goes through the transporter with a fly. The fly winds up huge with Bart's body; Bart winds up small with the fly's body. They change back at the end. In another episode, Bart ...more
The Sub-Mariner episode Spell of Loralie
A rivalry develops between the very evil Loralie and the beautiful Lady Dorma, Subby's girlfriend, with whom she swaps bodies in this 6 minute segment of a Sub-Mariner marvel cartoon from 1966
"The Transient" episode of PSI Factor: Chronicles of the Paranormal
Gender, Mythical
A dybbuk - an ancient demon, was loosed and switching body after another. Old woman, priest, taxi driver, and in the end, a young teen girl that was baby sitting for the taxi driver's kid. The dybuk/teen girl escaped/walked out of the apartment because everyone was looking for the taxi driver.
"The Valentine" episode of My Parents Are Aliens
Josh thinks he's been rejected by Tania Thomas (Emily Fleeshman), a girl he's got a crush on. Brian tries to help Josh get revenge by morphing into a duplicate of Tania so he can perfect his insults beforehand. Fairly brief.
The Vengeance of Hibagon episode of Secret Saturdays
Part of "Secret Saturdays". A scientist creates a mind swapping technology and uses it to (Spoiler Text)
The Vision of Escaflowne episode Reaction of Fortune
Those wierd cat women finally have whats coming to them. By using the luck thing they turn old.
"The Warrior" episode of PSI Factor: Chronicles of the Paranormal
The statue of an ancient Chinese warrior was been sold on black market by the Chinese government official in US. The statue was broke up into two pieces, the head, and the body, and was seperated. The body of the statue awaken, and looking for its missing head,. It also killing those involved with ...more
The X-Files episode "Mulder & Scully Meet the Were-Monster"
Investigating reports of a strange lizard-man type creature seen during an attack on a man, and the discovery of three dead victims -- Mulder & others cross paths with the strange creature. (Spoiler Text) (Spoiler Text)
The Young Ones episode The Party
The guys are having a party. Cinderella pulls up in her coach and Mike instantly starts putting the moves on her. When midnight passes she turns into a pumpkin. Mike doesn't realize what happened and carves her into a Jack 'O lantern.
"Things That Go Bump In The Night" episode of Dresden Files
Terrific Show! Desden, his detective friend Connie Murphy and some other wizards are trapped in Harry's place, surrounded by the death demension. If they go outside it will kill them and its growing. They try to find out what is going on and how to escape. (Spoiler Text)
The Three Stooges episode Unknown
Joe Besser (the stooge who replaced Curly Joe, who replaced Shemp, who replaced Curly) dreams his sister Gertie dies and is reincarnated as a horse. When he tells her of the dream she dumps a bowl of food on his head.
"Unknown" episode of Star Trek: Voyager
In one episode, Tom Paris manages to break the Warp 10 barrier with a shuttle, but it has all kinds of effects on his body when he gets back to Voyager. His lungs stop processing oxygen, he gains and loses the attributes of various animals, but is still human until near the end, where he abducts Ca ...more
Thriller episode The Remarkable Mrs. Hawk
Circe is alive and well in the present day, and naturally her pigs always take first place at the fair.
Thrills episode Supernatural
This episode of this late-night television show from Pay TV channel Cinemax (often dubbed "Skin-emax" for a reason) had two reporters for "Thrills" magazine, a man and a woman, investigating a house reputed to be haunted. Splitting up to investigate the mansion, the woman enters a room where she se ...more
Thundarr the Barbarian episode "Mindok the Mind-Master"
Mindok the Mind-Master was once a human, but when a flaming meteorite swept between the Earth and the Moon and cause the collapse of civilization, he was gravely injured and had to transplant his brain into a mobile floating casing. Two thousand years later, after he has mastered magic as well as ...more
Thundarr the Barbarian episode Island of the Body Snatchers
An old witch steals Areil's body.
Thundercats episode (various)
In at least three episodes, the evil sorcerer Mumm-Ra takes on female form. In "The Garden of Delights", he appears as a sort of Third Earth version of a "Faerie Queen" in order to lure Tygra into a trap. In "All That Glitters", he takes on the form of one of Willa - the Warrior Maiden - in order ...more
ThunderCats episode Thundercubs
Several of the ThunderCats are regressed in age.
The Tick episode The Tick VS Dinosaur Neil
In this episode of the tick the villain of the day is Dinosaur Neil- a palentologist who accidentally eats some dinosaur tissue and turns into a 50 foot dinosaur if he doesn't take his aspirin.
The Tick episode The Tick vs Science
Professor has mind switching machine. Multiple switches with several characters.
The Tick episode The Tick Vs. Dinosaur Neil
Chairface injects a tour-guide with dino-DNA and turns him into a dinosaur.
The Tick episode The Tick Vs. Europe
An evil Eastern-bloc scientist transplants his brain into a cybornetic vending machine, becoming The Eastern-bloc Robot Vending Machine Cowboy.
The Tick episode Tick vs. Science
At a mad-scientist convention, a mind-transfer device switches the bodies of The Tick and his side-kick Arthur. There are MANY other transformations in this one including the Tick becomming a zebra and Arthur a giant tongue creature! One of my favorites!
The Tick episode Unknown
The Brainchild transforms the Tick into a two headed bird that can only speak high school French.
Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! Episode Cats
Male, Animal
Tim learned how to change himself into an orange house cat. But sadly, Tim really can't control it. He randomly changes between his cat form and a small, screaming, naked version of himself.
Time Heist
Gender, Female
Mutant human has ability to shape-shift. (Spoiler Text) Link to trailer with relevant scene:
Time Trax episode Perfect Partners
Selma, the hero's holographic computer assistant changes her appearance from a prim, schoolmarmish type to an attractive blonde.
Timekeepers episode Episode 5 (I believe)
Male time-traveler uses a machine that uses the DNA of a victim to turn into various people during the episode. He briefly turns himself into a female police officer in order to plant a bomb in the women's locker room. After transforming into the police woman, he briefly checks himself out in the ...more
Timon and Pumba episode Be More Pacific
In theis episode Pumba finds a beratone whale washed on shore of a beach. He helps the whale back into the water and the whale then reveals that he is magical and will grant him three wishes. Pumba doesn't want anything so he doesn't wish for anything. Timon hears of this and tells Pumba to go ...more
Timon and Pumbaa episode Monster Massachusetts
Torgo, a mad scientist's assistant is changed into a beautiful blonde when he destroys the metamorphatron.
"Tin Man" episode of Stargate SG-1
A mad scientist places the minds of sg-1 into bodies of robot replicas.
Tiny Toon Adventures episode Unknown
The Tiny Toon's loose their humor. When they get them back they go in the wrong bodies so Plucky and Elmyra switch bodies.
Tiny Toon Adventures episode Unknown
In the ep titled "thirteensomething" Buster Bunny and Plucky Duck briefly taunt Babs Bunny by morphing into sexy females. Both show quite a bit of cleavage. Brief. In an ep titled "Two-Tone Town" Buster also chnages into a beautiful girl to fool Yosemite Sam. While its supposed to be just crossdress ...more
Today's Special episode Unknown
This is a children's show. One of the characters is Jeff, a maniquin that comes to life when he puts on his magic hat.
Tokyo Mew Mew episode Unknown
A group of teenage girls are the subjects of a new experiment in which they inherit certain ablilities from endangered animals and are supposed to save the world from aliens, who are seeking to inhabit the Earth because the conditions on their own planet have become inhabitable. When in battle, and ...more
Tom & Jerry episode "Switchin' Kitten"
A cartoon short made in 1961 for theaters. A mad scientist, assisted by Jerry, swaps the brains of a dog and a cat. Tom happens by this castle and is baffled by the dog-like cat's behavior. He keeps trying to convince the cat that it is a cat, but in the absence of a mirror, that proves difficult ...more
Tom and Jerry episode Dr Jeckle and Mr. Mouse
Tom makes many futile attempts to keep his milk dish away from Jerry. So he decides to poison it. He dumps all sorts of chemicals into it and leaves it for Jerry. Jerry drinks it and grows to about twice his size and gets quite muscular. He proceeds to beat up Tom. Eventually it runs out, with a bu ...more
Tom and Jerry Kids episode Droopy and dripple: the curse of Dr Wolfenstien.
In this episode of Droopy and Dripple- the mad doctor Wolfenstein tries to impress the heroine of the story who rejects him because he's ugly, so he invents a potion that makes him gorgeous- but there is a catch- if hit by moonlight he turns back into himself again, the things he turns into are Elv ...more
Tom and Jerry Tales Episode: Which Witch
Tom and Jerry run afoul of two feuding witches. The witches end up attacking one another with a flying hatchet. When Tom and Jerry bury the hatchet a curse is broken. The witches become male dogs. Apparently their master cursed them as punishment for always chasing Tom. The episode ends with t ...more
Tom Terrific episode Unknown
The Tomorrow People episode Unknown
The series involved a group of kids with special skills who represented the next phase of human developement and fought in defence of mankind against both terrestrial and extraterrestrial threats. (Sound familiar?) Perhaps the greatest threat they faced was a villainous shapechanging robot named J ...more
The Tonight Show episode Unknown
Jay relayed questions from the studio audience to Guest Pamela Anderson. Several questions were asked about implants and then... The next question was from Elise... "If you could be a man who would you want to be and why?" Pam snapped back with the reply, "I could be you!" Jay That would ...more
Tonight Show with Jay Leno - Virtual Jay sketch
This is part of one of the Virtual Jay sketches, Jay is on the computer trying to book a flight to Italy when his cat knocks over a cup of water, which spills over the keyboard and causes the computer to short circuit. As Jay tries to fix it he is zapped and is transported into the computer ...more
Tonight Show With Jay Leno episode Unknown
Suppose to be Leno in drag doing a take on the movie 'To Wong Foo', but is really a model with Leno's voice.
Tonight Show With Jay Leno episode Women Liquid
A bogus ad about a liquid that transforms men into women. Has a couple of male to female morphs, including Leno using the product.
Toopy and Binoo episode Baby Toopy
Toopy (a large, talking rat) wants to play baby with Binoo (Toopy's living plush cat), with Toopy being the mommy, and Binoo being the baby. But Binoo wants to be the mommy, so he puts a pacifier in Toopy's mouth, turning him into a baby. He remains a baby until the end, when he drinks a bottle of ...more
Torchwood episode Cyberwoman
Mechanical, Female
Spoiler Alert: The half robot and woman later did a brain transplant in order to be with her lover. Brief, at the end of the episode A woman appears to have been brought back to life as half human and half robot, though due to a malfunction she is now on the loose threatening those around her ...more
Torchwood episode Day One
A Gas which escapes from a meteor posses a young woman. (Spoiler Text)
Torchwood episode Greeks Bearing Gifts
One of the characters meets a woman who gives her a rock necklace that allows her to listen to peoples thoughts, but is this woman to be trusted? at the end you find out that the woman is an alien who possesed a body a long long time ago and has been ripping out peoples hearts to survive. c ...more
Totally Hidden Video episode Unknown
This aired in the late 1980s. It was a rip-off of 'Candid Camera.' In one epsidoe, grandfathers would take their grandkids to the park and 'discover' a booth that said 'fountain of youth' or something. They'd go in, and a little boy would come out, claiming to be the grandfather. Those kids look ...more
Totally Spies episode The Incredible Bulk
Jerry, WHOOP founder and coordinator, sends Sam, Alex, and Clover to investigate an ex-body-builder who has been sending the younger male body builders some Bulky Bars that contain a substance that makes their muscles bigger and lose their intelligence (they start to end up like the Hulk, without th ...more
Totally Spies episode Attack of the 50ft Mandy
An old enemy of the Spies tries to use a growth ray on one of the spies by tampering with a beautification booth at a spa but ends up causing the their school rival Mandy to slowly grow to 50 feet tall. Eventually the villian uses a handheld version to grow one of the Spies into a giantess and the t ...more
Totally Spies episode Boy Bands Will be Boy bands
Face switcher switches the faces of guys with the members of a boy band. Also, towards the end, the spy in yellow's face is switched with a wrinkly older women. All swiches are resolved at the end
Totally Spies episode Freaky Circus Much?
The girls investigate a circus that is changing people into freakish animal people with a magic mirror.
Totally Spies episode Game Girls
In one episode the girls recive a belt which allows them to transform into people. Alex goes and starts transforming briefly into a plumber and then into Sam then back to Alex. Later Sam and Clover change into male security guards to get into a video game convention.
Totally Spies episode Pasion Patties
In this episode people become addicted to a cookie and become very fat there are a few images at but you would need to see all of it to get the full story line I wasn't quiet sure were to put this if it was Miscellaneous or size so I went with Miscellaneous
Totally Spies episode Totally Switched
A mad scientist/pyschologist has come across an amulet that switches personalities. He believes the best therapy is "to walk a mile in someone elses shoes" Clover, the blond spy, and Jerry, the British guy in charge of the girls, get swapped. They're altered personalities wind up having Clover/Je ...more
Totally Spies episode Wild Style
In this episode the gilrs investigate a sunkin ship and end up on an island with a bunch of half human animals. Clover gets infected and becomes a half cat girl. Very well done TFs make this a must see. You can see Images here
Touché Turtle and Dum Dum episode "Flying Saucer Sorcerer"
Tracker episode The Beast
A blind man is led into the middle of an intersection and left to be run over by his German Shephard. While picking up Mel from an aborted date, Cole senses the presence of one of his prisoners, and soon determines the German Shephard has been taken over by one of the last arrivals on the train: Med ...more
"Trading Faces" episode of Kim Possible
Female, Gender
Kim is searching for the truth behind several famous teen girls who are stealing valuable items around town. It turns out that Camille Leon is the chameleon behind the robberies, using an experimental Nanobite beauty treatment to replace her lost fortune. Camille imitates several of her wealthy f ...more
Transformers Animated episode "A Bridge Too Close, Part 1"
In the first part of the second season finale, the deceptacon Starscream has several clones of himself. Each is given life by a piece of an all spark fragment taken from his own body. A female starscream explains that each clone represents a part of Starscreams personality. One is a liar, one is ...more
Transformers episode Autobot Spike
When spike is injured, his mind is transfered into a mindless autobot body.
Transformers episode Microbots
Transformers episode Only Human
Cobra Commander makes a cameo appearance as 'Snake', and sells a technology to some humans who don't want the autobots interfering with their plans. When some of the autobots are captured, Rodimus Prime, Ultra Magnus, Springer, and Arcee, have their minds are transfered into blobs of organic materi ...more
Transformers episode Rebirth 2 and 3 of 3
In this final Episode, Daniel becomes the head of the only female Autobot RC. He is not really female, but when he is her head, he feels everythign that she does. She is pink and is wearing lipstick, so she is definitle female.
Transformers Generation 1 episode Forever Is a Long Time Coming
The main human female character marissa fairbourne is regessed to an infant due to time altering effects.
TransGeneration episode Unknown
A multipart Sundance channel documentary on the lives of four transsexual college students transforming their lives and adapting to life in a new gender.
The Triangle episode Part 1
In the beggining we see Columbas have a run in with the Burmuda triangle in which him and his crew see a 21st century cargo ship, one of the crew I guess gets affected by time and ages or something, it looked like he was aging. But the true ap came in the middle. An airplane runs into navy planes ...more
The Triangle episode Part 2
In part 2 of the mini series, we begin to realize what on earth is happening. As it turns out the triangle or something ir creating alternat universes for a short period of time around the main characters. Like a man has two sons instead of one. But the one with transformation was there was one wher ...more
Tricky TV episode Boy gets flattened
This episode airs in the UK tomorrow (Tuesday 12th Dec 06) in the UK on the citv channel (channel 624 on sky digital). A boy gets put through a wringer device and comes out flattened. I might be able to get a low quality version like the scouts to brownies, but if anyone could get a high quali ...more
Tricky TV episode Boys Turned into Girls
Magician Steven Mulhern presents an illusion which he says will turn a group of boy cub scouts into a group of girl brownies. The boys walk through a tunnel and when they come out the otherside they have been turned into girls (all apart from one - who is still a boy). Stephen then says "hands up ...more
Triptank - Game Over
In this segment, Jeff has to pretend to be his ex girlfriend Linda after aliens incapacitate her. He does this by donning her skin while the aliens keep Linda alive, skinless, in a tank.
Trollz episode Topaz Possessed
Kid's cartoon about 5 pretty girl trolls. A boy gremlin possesses the body of Topaz.
True Blood episode I Don't Wanna Know
Sam reveals to Sookie that he is a shape shifter by changing from a dog back to his human form in front of her. He further explains that being a shifter is hereditary and he can change into various animal forms, but dogs are easiest for him. He cannot impersonate other humans since people are "to ...more
True Blood episode I Wish I Was the Moon
Tommy is asked by Sam to open up the bar as Sam is dealing with a fire that took out his houses. As Tommy is looking at the mirror (Spoiler Text) In this same episode, Marnie is once again possessed by (Spoiler Text) Also, to save his boyfriend Jesus, Lafayette is able to heal him when he is ...more
True Blood episode Spellbound
A woman, Mavis, appears to Lafayette and later she (Spoiler Text) Tommy uses his skin walking powers again, this time he takes on the form of (Spoiler Text) and meets with a businessman to sell the natural gas rights. Soon after leaving, he has the similair violent change back in the woods.
"True Q" episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation
Tired of watching Dr. Crusher and Q arguing over her, Amanda briefly changes Dr. Crusher into an Irish Setter (who's red coat of course matches Beverly's red hair). Brief but humorous.
Tsurupika Hagemaru kun episode Episode 51-A
Schoolboy Hagemaru and his female teacher switch bodies when struck by lightning. Hilarity ensues (clean). At the end, they are struck again and switch back, but a boy and girl near them get switched. An anime website says the show ran from 1988 - 1989. ...more
Turbo Teen episode Unknown
This was a cartoon show in the 1980's where a teenager crashes into a lab and gets zapped accidentally by a ray, which combines him with his car- whenever he gets too hot, he turns into a the car. Whenever he gets too cold, he turns back to normal. He can control his car form just like KITT in Kni ...more
Turbo Teen episode Unknown
There was an episode of "Turbo Teen" in which one of the main characters is accidentally shrunken to a few inches tall during a test in a laboratory. The scientist friend of theirs who was conducting the experiment sends them on a mission to recover a microchip after shrinking the rest of them and ...more
"Turnabout Intruder" episode of Star Trek
A bitter and envious ex-girl friend of Kirks switches bodies with him, in order to take his command.
Tutenstein episode Cleo's Catastrophe
When lightning strikes an ancient Egyptian sarcophagus in a museum, the mummy of a 10-year-old Pharaoh is brought back to life. Short in stature, but long on attitude, King Tut-ankh-en-set-amun believes he is the supreme ruler of the world. Join Tut and his friends � Cleo (a hip, 21st Centur ...more
Twelve Forever pilot episode
A pilot episode featuring a new cartoon from CN. Boy transforms into a mom. Link
Twice in a Lifetime episode Some like it not
A series on PAX, {U.S.). In this episode, a womanizing dentist chokes to death, and is given an opportunity to redeem him self, by being sent back in time, by an angelic judge, as a woman to convince his younger self to change his ways.
Twice Upon A Time
At the end of the episode, the Doctor regenerates for the thirteenth time. This time, he becomes a young woman with short blonde hair.
The Twilight Zone episode The After Hours
An attractive woman visiting a huge department store finds herself accidentally locked inside after closing. Weird things begin to happen, centering primarily around the oddly realistic mannequins. Finally one of the mannequins comes to life to explain to the terrified woman that SHE is in fact a ...more
Twilight Zone episode The Collection
Jessica Simpson plays Miranda, a college student who is earning extra money as a babysitter. Her charge is a young girl who acts like her collection of dolls are real girls (one like chocolate, one's afraid of the dark, one likes to watch Buffy, etc). When the girl says her dolls have escaped, Miran ...more
Twilight Zone episode The Four of Us are Dying
A guy has the power to take the form of anyone at will. He's a con artist who reads the obituaries and then empties the bank accounts and seduces the girlfriends of recently killed men (seeing is believing). All too soon, he realizes that some of those people had enemies...
Twilight Zone episode The Fugitive
The alien turns into a duplicate of a little girl so the people who have come for him, won't know which one to take. Brief, at end.
Twilight Zone episode The Masks
A dying rich man invites his cruel family over for Mardi Gras, forcing them to don grotesque masks. He agrees to leave them his fortune if they don't remove them till midnight. The man dies as midnight, but when his family removes the masks, their faces have been transformed into the hideous masks ...more
Twilight Zone episode The Pharoh's Curse
Harry, a retiring magician (Xander Berkeley) shares a famous trick with a colleague Mario Devlin(Shawn Hatosy) but the trick, where two magicians exchange cages, is not just stage magic, it is REAL magic! The two men exchange bodies, but not souls, leaving youthful Mario trapped in the aging ...more
Twilight Zone episode A Quality of Mercy
A bloodthirsty World War II officer suddenly takes over the body of his Japanese counterpart, putting a human face on the enemy.
Twilight Zone episode The Self Improvement of Salvadore Ross
A man finds he can trade or buy characteristics from other people. He sells his youth to an old business man and then buys it back a year at a time from a kid and his friends.
Twilight Zone episode A Short Drink From a Certain Fountain
A wealthy man in his late 50s finds that he cannot keep up with his gold-digging trophy wife, who is in her early 20s. So the man pressures his scientist brother into giving him an experimental youth serum. The serum works, turning the man young enough that "I may be drafted." But the serum continue ...more
Twilight Zone episode The Trade-Ins
In the future, you can buy the body of your dreams. An old couple want to become young again, but only have enough cash for one of them.
Twilight Zone episode 4 O'Clock
A vengeful, crazy man decides that at 4:00, all evil people in the world will shrink down to 2 feet tall. Three guesses as to who actually shrinks...
The Twilight Zone episode It's a GOOD Life
A small boy wields god-like powers over a community that he has psychically isolated from the outside world. Reality in this private little corner of Hell is dictated by his immature desires, while the helpless adults must endure it all stoically and try to keep him happy by only thinking GOOD thou ...more
Twilight Zone episode Jess-Belle
A woman sells her soul to a witch for the love of the man of her dreams. The drawback is that she must change into an animal every night (She changes into a jungle cat, a rat, and a toad).
The Twilight Zone episode Kick the Can
A group of senior citizens decide to play a game of kick the can. At the end all of the adults that join the game turn into kids and run off.
Twilight Zone episode Miniature
Robert Duvall plays Charly, a shy bachelor who lives with his mother. While touring a museum, he finds a 19th century doll house. Inside is what he thinks is a mechanical doll, female, playing music. He learns that the doll isn't mechanical, but wood. Eventually, Charly falls in love with the doll, ...more
Twilight Zone episode Number 12 Looks Just Like You
In a future world where teenages pick their adult bodies from a catalog, a plain girl wants to remain unchanged.
The Twilight Zone episode Our Selena Is Dying
A young doctor "inherits" an old and moribund patient from his father's practice and finds her near death. Also living in the house is a beautiful and cruel young woman and her senile "mother", supposedly the dying matriarch's sister. Another niece is summoned to take care of the near-dead woman, ...more
Twilight Zone episode Persons Or Persons Unknown
Man wakes up to find no one remembers who he is, not even his wife, and all evidence of his past existance is gone. This proves to be a nightmare that he wakes up from. Then, he discovers his wife has inexplicably changed appearances, and is a completely different woman. Brief, at end of episode.
The Twilight Zone episode Something In the Walls
In this episode of the updated series, an apparently mentally disturbed young woman is convinced that patterns in wallpaper or wood grain are actually living -- and evil -- entities which can do terrible things to unsuspecting human beings. For her peace of mind, she is confined to a room with enti ...more
Twilight Zone episode Time Lapse
A hospital orderly is tending a patient being guarded by the Secret Service. The orderly begins to have blackouts, during which he seems to be planning the assassination of the President's daughter. It turns out he's being possessed by the man in the coma, who is actually a Secret Service agent out ...more
The Twilight Zone (2002 Series)
A black man being chased by three thugs asks a white man to let him into his car. The white man drives away for a little, then stops for awhile, watching the beating in his mirror, then drives off again. While wracked with guilt, the man slowly starts to turn into the man whom he refused to help, b ...more
Twilight Zone episode Unknown
A guy finds a genie who will grant him four wishes. Of course everything backfires. He wishes to be a powerful man, a twentieth century leader. He is turned into Adolf Hitler, about to kill himself in a bunker below Berlin.
Twilight Zone(1985 series) episode Aqua Vita
Fountain of Youth sold in bottle waters that return your youth to you. Starts pretty cheap, but the more you order and drink, the higher price you'd be charged. The moment you stop drinking it, it age you. An anchor woman in her 40s risking loosing her job to younger reporters found out about the ...more
Twisted episode Bonus Mileage
"Twisted" is a "Twilight Zone"/"Way Out"-like series from Australia which is now being run in the U.S. on the Mystery Channel. In the episode "Bonus Mileage", a nervous and boorish air passenger portrayed by Geoffrey Rush is drawn into a conversation with a smooth-talking fellow flyer from first cl ...more
Two and a Half Men episode "We Called It Mr. Pinky"
This is an illusion only - no transformation - marked for deletion - cj 2007sep01 After being psychoanalysed by his Rose friend who explains the syndrome of Oedipus to him, Charlie goes in his mother and sees itself by twice with the face of his mother in a mirror.
"Two Days And Two Nights" episode of Star Trek: Enterprise
'When the crew takes shore leave on the famous pleasure planet of Risa, Trip and Reed go clubbing only to end the evening as unwitting victims of robbery.' Two aliens but human looking hot babes lured the two male officers down to the basement of the club, and they turned out to sound like male, ...more
Two Guys and a Girl episode Halloween 2 Mind Over Body
A mad scientist switches Berg and Sharon's brains and Pete and Ashley"s. The actor's do a good job copying each other's personalities. Johnny has to change them back.