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Category: 'Television Episode'
R.L. Stine's The Nightmare Room episode "The Howler"
A boy buys a machine called the Howler which is a machine that looks like a weird radio and allows people to talk to ghosts. The boy and his two friends go to a place called 'the pit' to communicate with the spirits of three boys who went missing years before. When the machine is activated the thre ...more
RahXephon episode Episodes 24-26
--Spoilers for the ending of the show-- An old man, and creator of the RahXephon system, Lord Bahben, takes over the body of his neice, Helena. She is a cute blonde girl. He does this because he wants to see his RahXephon tune the world, as he had planned. It is revealed that he was been alive ...more
Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased) episode O Happy Isle
Jeff and Jeannie are sent to a remote Scottish island to investigate the apparent suicide of a young gay man. Was it suicide, murder, or something more bizarre? It is discovered by the Private Investigtors that a rich islander in putting a chemical in the local beer to slowly turn the genders of ...more
Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased) episode Pain Killers
Wyvern (Marty's ghostly tutor) is teaching Marty how to shapeshift. He shows Marty how to turn into a beautiful Hawian girl. Later Marty tries this to wake his best friend Jeff up but when he tries to turn back he finds he doesn't have enough energy so he's stuck with a couple of her features.
Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased) episode Whatever Possessed You?
Female, Gender, Male
Towards the end of the episode, Jeannie Hopkirk (Emily Fox) is shown entering a room. She then talks in Marty Hopkirk's (Vic Reeves') voice. Apparently Jeannie's soul was placed in a dying man's body whilst Marty possessed Jeannie's body to protect it. You briefly see the "depossession", where J ...more
Ranma 1/2 episode Enter Copycat Ken and his Copycat Kerchief
Copycat Ken is a martial artist whose technique is to photograph other martial artists and impersonate them and use their own moves against them. Near the end of the episode he impersonates Akane in order to get close to Ranma, and then female Ranma to fight with Ranma.
Ranma 1/2 episode Pretty Womanhood
Ranma is cursed to become a girl whenever he gets hit with cold water. It takes hot water to change him back. In this episode Ranma has been hit the head and he thinks that in fact he is a girl.
Ranma 1/2 episode Stormy Weather Comes to School! Growing Up With Miss Hinako
A teacher in the Ranma 1/2 universe has the power to change herself from a young 6 or 7 year old girl to a 20 year old women by absorbing peoples "Ki". Ranma tries to seal this move of hers and is constanly found holding her in "strange" places when she suddenly becomes a women.
Ranma 1/3 episode Unknown
Ranma 1/2 spoof.
Ranpo Kitan: Game of Laplace episode 3
A young detective protege and his even younger assistant are tasked with solving mysteries. Episode 3 A case involving the disappearance of a young girl is tied to an urban legend, the Shadow man, who is said to be a master of disguise. (Spoiler Text)
"Raped" episode of Quantum Leap
Sam leaps into a young rape victim.
"Rascals" episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation
When preforming an emergency transport of Picard, Guinan, Keiko and Ro from a shuttle craft caught in a strange energy field, they are transformed into children.
Ratchet and Clank episode Up Your Arsenal commercial
Similar to other Ratchet and Clank playstation 2 commercials this one focuses on the "Sheepinator". A group of young boys is about to try it on a cat when ones mother comes out of the house and is hit by the ray and subsequently transformed into a sheep. Silly stuff...
Ray Bradbury Theater episode The Martain
A returned son from mars turns out to be a martain who empithizes strongly with humans and can change himself into the object of their desire.
Read or Die: The TV episode The Family Game
An agent name Mirror Man morphs into Nenene.
The Real Ghostbusters: Stay Tooned
Ray and Slimer try to fix the TV so they can continue watching The Sammy K. Ferret Show, but a freak accident occurs and brings the title character into the real world. The Ghostbusters have to deal with them as Sammy's cartoon antics become all too real and dangerous. The Ferret starts to turn e ...more
Reboot episode My Two Bobs
At the end of the previous episode/movie A second Bob returned from the web who appears to look and act more like the original Bob than the Bob who came back to Mainframe with Enzo Matrix. Rebooting in one game that is a take-off on Pokemon and Dragonball Z and similar anime, classic Bob is transfo ...more
Record of Lodoss War episode 8 Requiem for Warriors
The Grey Witch inhabits the body of the male thief (Woodchuck) after occupying a female body for a large part of the series.
Red Drawf episode Unknown
The Gang, (lister, the cat, and the hologram,) all male, have swapped bodies in various episodes, including one called Bodyswap, I think. (They also have become other people on occasion during their adventures, tho usually looking like the original, in journeys home or through time or parrellel un ...more
Red Dwarf episode The Inquisitor
The Inquisitor turns Lister into a boy, then an old man.
Red Dwarf episode Backwards
Holly, the ship's computer, is played by a bald man whose face is projected on the computer screen. At the beginning of the third season, Holly has had a sex change and is now a woman. By the seventh season, he is a man again. At the end of the second season,Dave Lister travels to an alter ...more
Red Dwarf episode Balance of Power
The hologram, Rimmer, turns into Krissie Kochanski to trick Lister into not turning him off.
Red Dwarf episode Body Swap
Male, Gender
Rimmer convinces Lister to loan him his body for two weeks. A female officer's memory record is downloaded into Lister's body. Brief.
Red Dwarf episode DNA
The crew find a DNA machine that enables them to change their physical form. Lister is changed into a chicken and a hamster; the robot Kryten becomes human; and Lister's lunch becomes a monster. Lister is transformed into a superman to fight the rampaging curry, but he winds up only one foot tall ...more
Red Dwarf episode Nanarchy
When Dave Lister looses his arm, Kryten arranges for his microscopic robots to construct him a new one. They go a bit overboard, giving Lister the body of an Olympic weightlifter. Very Brief, ending joke to the episode.
Red Dwarf episode Pete: Part 1 & 2
Kryten the robot uses a time device to de-age Kochanski and the Cat to the apparent age of young children. Baxter and Kill Crazy accidentally devolve themselves into apes.
Red Dwarf episode Polymorph/Camile
In 'Polymorph,' the crew are attacked by a hideous, well, Polymorph. It turns into, among other things, Lister, Rimmer, and a sexy woman. In 'Camile,' the title character is a female blob who appears to the crew as the object of their desires. Rimmer, Lister, and Kryten all see women, but the C ...more
The Red Skelton Show episode Unknown
In the show's main sketch, Red portrays his rustic hick character Clem Kaddlehopper, on whose farm is a well with water that has rejuvenating properties. Naturally, Clem goes to Hollywood to give aging actresses youthening mud packs using the water. His first client is a silent movie diva who refuse ...more
"Relics of Demons Past" episode of Jackie Chan Adventures
Jade is zapped by a fan containg the power of a wind demon. After burping in class she takes a part frog form.
"Renaissance Man" episode of Star Trek: Voyager
Delta Quadrant beings take Captain Kathryn Janeway hostage and it's up to The Male Doctor to fulfill the requirements of their ransom. The Doctor must fool his crewmates by holographically assuming their identities. The identities include several crewmembers, including the female captain and B'Elan ...more
Repo manor
Female, Female
Its starts which what you think are charmed ones fighting a demon but they morph into Demons. They've been working for years to 'become' the charmed ones. Its a more than shaping shift or an iluusion - more like a duplication since they also have their powers. eventually the replace the sister who ...more
Requiem for Darkness episode Willow Woman Episode
A willow woman haunts an inn killing off any new bride and child of the innkeeper to keep him for herself. But she is more then she appears. There is also other transformation in this series.
Artie suspects that a government official has hacked into the Warehouse 13 database, so he sneaks into the official's office to find evidence. When the official (who turns out to be Pete's former boss) arrives unexpectedly, Artie uses a special camera to literally turn the official into a two dimen ...more
Return to Ogenki Clinic episode Return to Ogenki Clinic
At the end of the video tape the doctor and the nurse swap bodies during sex (only about 5 minutes)
"Return to Tomorrow" episode of Star Trek
Spock's mind is put inside of nurse Chapel's body. Brief, near end.
Revelations episode Unknown
At the end of episode 3 the convicted Satanist uses magic to swap bodies or possess the girl who is in a coma. Likely to see more of this in Episode 4.
"Revenge" episode of Quantum Leap
Sam leaps into a woman in prison.
Rich little's Las Vegas Special episode Unknown
Anyway a running gag on the show has Rich trying to help a guy improve his appearance by brewing up a potion a la Jekyl & Hyde, at one point turning him into Susan Anton.
Ripping Friends episode Ovulator
The Ovulator, an evil chicken attepts to take over the world by selling eggs and not letting cows give any meat, which they apparently want to do. Villainy! Slab, the only one who can hold his protein has to stop the Ovulator. He uses a cloud to rain on the Ovulator, hypnotizing him. Slab tells the ...more
Rizelmine Episode 13
Animal, Age
On this Episode of Rizelmine ("Hafuun! The Transformation With "Adult Goods"!?"), Rizel tries to open up a ball (or a capsule) as hard as she could and when she finally opened it up, POOF she turned into an adult version of herself and looks like a cat girl.
Roar episode Tesh
A series from down under starring a young Health Ledger. He leads a collition of Celtic tribes against an evil roman - their armys are ledby an evil Queen Diana she has a 400 year old wizard who was the soldier who stabed Jesus with the spear & he can not die. The series has been shown on the Sci ...more
Robocop episode Faces of Eve
Criminals find a device that will transform them into someone else. There are two scenes in which they turn themselves into women.
RoboCop: Alpha Commando
The villain super agent ERG returned, who was made of electrical wires. He wanted to be human, and had selected a male reporter to be his host. But during the mind swap process that ERG built, Special Agent Nancy Miner tried to save the male reporter by bumping him out of the mind swapping platform ...more
Robot Chicken episode The Munnery
A kid makes a wish on a star. His wish is granted and he bursts out of his house as a giant robot. He goes onto 5 other boys houses and they each wish to transform into something different: Transformations include Mechanical (robot), Animal (dinosaur, turtle, giant squid) and Gender (princess). A ...more
Robot Chicken episode "The Robot Chicken Lots of Holidays... Special"
Gender, Animal
Another Quantum Leap parody featuring the Nerd as he leaps into the holidays as a turkey, then a guy in a bunny suit, then as a leprechaun, then as a Rabbi, and finally as a girl.
Robot Chicken episode "We Are a Humble Factory"
In a segment called "Spring of the drowned girl" (which in turn is a parody of the anime series called Ranma Nibun no Ichi), the nerd falls into the lake and gets a pair of breasts. He then attempts to show his "cleavage" to a comic book guy at a comic book store. At a cosplay convention, He dress ...more
Robot Chicken episode Toy Meets Girl
In this brief segment called "Sam Leaps into Paris" (which in turn is a spoof of Quantum Leap) Sam becomes a blonde girl.
Robot Chicken episode "Kiddie Pool" segment "A day in the life of the Olsen Twin
The Olsen twins go to there main business HQ, they receive great news left and right. Sales are up on the CDs, their toothpaste was voted #1 in America, and one of the guys just saved a bunch of money by switching to Geico. Then, terror erupts. A giant dragon is terrorizing downtown. The Olse ...more
Rocko's Modern Life episode Crusin'
Rocko and Heffer take Heffer's Grandpa on a Senior Citizens' Cruise. However, Heffer and Grandpa both have to use the toilet so Rocko and Heffer get stuck on the boat. When Rocko finds that they're going to ram some ducks, he takes control of the wheel and ends up in the legendary Bermuda Triangle ...more
Rocko's Modern Life episode Feisty Geist
Hilarious episode where Rocko and Heffer visit a fortune teller. While there, they get vistited by the spirit of from the 13th century, whom Heffer had wronged in a past life, and now seeks revenge. The spirit tries (unsuccessfully) at getting Heffer by possessing Spunky the dog, Rocko's friend Filb ...more
Rocky & Bullwinkle episode Fractured Fairy Tales:Speeding Beauty
An ugly witch turns Beauty into a horse, and says the only way to return to normal is have a prince kiss her. She becomes a race horse, and tricks her owner, the Prince, into kissing her. The two get married, but the Prince doesn't live happily ever after. For, although she's no longer a horse, Beau ...more
Rocky and Bullwinkle episode Unknown
Mr. Peabody and his young friend travel back in time to Florida and meet Ponce de Leon. Ponce has discovered the Fountain of Youth, and his entire crew are now babies. The local Indians are also affected. Ponce and the chief end up opening a nursery school.
Roswell episode Chant Down Babylon
Max was forced to use his power of healing to rejuvenate a dying old man, which caused Max to age and turn to dust. The old man was turned young all right, but he ended up looking like Max. The man's younger wife didn't mind the change, until Max's personality started to take over. Max and the old m ...more
Roswell episode I Married An Alien
In a daydream based on 'Bewitched', a noisy reporter who discovers the truth about the Roswell aliens is turned into a basset hound (brief), and then, a parrot (permanent).
Roswell episode Unknown
In a number of episodes, in the 1st 2 seasons, an alien who aided Tess and kept a covert eye on the Roswell aliens and their safety, shapeshifted into a number of other identities, most noticably An FBI agent who he masqueraded as for quite some time after killing the man as a threat to his charges. ...more
Round the Twist episode Brainless
Gender, Gender
In an experiment gone wrong, Pete and Linda's brains are separated from their bodies. When Anthony and Bronson try to put things right they accidentally return the brains to the wrong bodies. Brief, near end. Helping out in a science experiment the older Twist kids, brother and sister of about 14 ...more
Round the Twist episode Seeing the Light
In one scene, a family of ghosts takes over the bodies of the Twists without regard for age or gender.
Rugrats episode The Incredible Shrinking Babies
Chuckie fall asleep and starts dreaming about being shrunk. It starts with Chuckie lookig up and seeing Dil as a giant baby compared to his shrunken size. Then Tommy,Phil,and Lil come out from under a blanket. Dil then sneezes and Chuckie grabes hold of blocks to keep from blowing away. Phil and Lil ...more
"Rules of Engagement" episode of Dresden Files
In order to fool the demon into believing he had killed his client's boyfriend, Harry had to get Bob, Harry's dead friend that's able to emerge back in spirit form, to pretend to be the boyfriend, and get fried. After the demon left, Bob, still in the client's boyfriend's form, turned back to himse ...more
Rune Soldier episode volume 5, episode 18
Louie, a swordsman, transforms because of a magical object to a woman,a old man,a baby,a frog and a calamary throughout the episode. In youtube it is I episode