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Category: 'Television Episode'
Packages from Planet X episode "Mind Licorice"
An alien licorice is intended to switch minds with a smart girl to pass a test, but accidentally swaps minds with a raccoon instead.
Painkiller Jane episode "Friendly Fire"
Gender, Male
Jane is captured after a night of drinking by a Neuro with shape-shifting abilities. He impersonates several of the people Jane works with, mostly as Jane's partner Maureen, and once as Jane herself.
PainKiller Jane episode Portraits of Lauren Gray
A number of women who work as fashion models suddenly end up aging overnight. So jane and her team go undercover to find out why fashion models are aging to death. Jane meets a woman called Wanda who is a beautiful fashion model but has a terrible secret. When she kisses a woman on the lips she dra ...more
Pan Tau episode Unknown
Who doesn't remember of the amazing adventures of Pan Tau. The serial started in 1967 and ended in 1988 with a movie. Pan Tau is a friend of children able to change his appearance into a puppet by tapping with his fingers on his bowler. He won the hearts of children in a flash and as a result of hi ...more
Pappyland episode Pappy's Teeny Tiny Adventure
Pappy tells a pencil to shrink but he shrinks instead. The Buddy Bear comes to the cabin and almost steps on Pappy. Pappy then climbs onto Buddy Bear's hand and is placed on a table. He then snaps his fingers and ends up outside the cabin. Then Donkey Dan comes along and finds Pappy in the grass. Pa ...more
"Parasite" episode of Heroes
A new character is introduced in this episode named Candice Wilmer who has the power to shapeshift. In this episode, she morphs into the forms of Simone Devaux (which is freaky because she's dead) and Sandra Bennet (Claire Bennet the cheerleader's adoptive mother).
"Parental Bonding" episode of Danny Phantom
Danny meets the new hot girl at his school, Pauline. He wants to take her to the dance but is afraid to ask. Suddenly, when he least expects it, she turns into the Dragon he fought a minor time ago and now he has to fight her all over again. But this time it's personal when she reveals to Sam she o ...more
Part 2 The Tragic Love Song of Destiny
In a retelling of what happened to Kikyo and Inuyasha we see that Naraku impersonated both Inuyasha and Kikyo in order to turn them against each other. This has been hinted at in the series before, but this is the first time that we see what really happened.
Partridge Family, 2200 A.D. episode The Switch
Keith and a gorilla switch bodies as Danny pulls the switch on Dr. Binkley's molecular transformer, and the family does its show with a crowd-pleasing addition. Danny gets his due as Veenie mistakenly flips the switch while Danny and a pig are demonstrating the machine
I caught this episode while changing channels. The teen-aged witch girl had apparently cast a spell that had swapped the heads of two women onto the other's body! The 2 women were referring to their bodies in various undesirable ways. It gave me the impression they may have been middle aged les ...more
Passions episode Unknown
Passions, a daytime soap, has several witches on the episode. Now there is a Zombie Charity who has, two days in a row turned herself in to Julian Crane. Charity morphs into Julian, and then disappears like Jennie, with a head bop. This Soap is hard to follow and is not your normal soap, i.e. Wit ...more
Pataliro episode Unknown
One character changes genders quite freqently, Although its hard to tell.
Paybacks a Witch
While being held hostage in a bank with others BiIllie & Paige are tapped not being able to use their powers. Henry (Paige's boyfriend) is shot and a possessor demon takes posesson of a disturbed Vet. He wants mostly Billie as she tortured him & has been killings his fellow demons but also hopes to ...more
Pepper Ann episode Myself My Mother
Pepper Ann and her mother switch places.
"Perfect Day(40)" episode of Ben 10
Animal, Furry
While inside his mind, Ben turns Gwen into a superhero anthro rat in order to escape. Ben 10 is trapped school in a dream world where he, grandpa, and Gwen are left to fend off multiple villains led by Enon. (Spoiler Text)
The Perils of Penelope Pitstop episode Big Top Trap
Penelope Pitstop is a circus performer and in one of the traps, the Hooded Claw kills Penelope and replaces her at the circus by "quick-changing" into her.
Perversions of Science episode #1.9 "Ultimate Weapon"
Shapeshifting aliens attempt to procreate with human beings. One attempts to seduce a woman (Heather Langenkamp) by first assuming the form of an ex-boyfriend and later her husband. The other takes the woman's place with her friends but gets drunk and has to be brought back to her home. Turns ou ...more
Perversions of Science episode Dream of Doom
After engaging in some experiments in lucid dreaming, Arthur finds himself trapped in a never ending dream. Each time he wakes from a dream, he finds himself in another dream. At the end to break the cycle he shoots himself. Only to awake and find that he's now his wife. Brief at end.
Perversions of Science episode Given the Heir
An egotistical millionarie fakes his death, gets a sex-change and body-restructuring, and returns to the past to attempt to become the lover of his past self.
Petite Princess Yucie episode The Evil World is Full of Cats
Yucie and most of the inhabitants of the demon world are transformed into cats by a fiendish cat bent on world domination. Sadly the transformations are the "poof" variety.
Petite Princess Yucie episode Unknown
This charming anime centers on Yucie, a fun-seeking girl who's 17 years old but looks as if she's barely a teenager. In spite of this, she manages to stay sweet and jolly, until she discovers she's being considered for the ultimate role as the Platina Princess. That's when the pressure mounts as she ...more
Phantom Hunter Miko episode Vol. 2
A lot of bodyswaps by usage of pendants in this episode. A perverted old man and a dog, two young women & a young man and a young woman. This happends at a restaurant by the beach. Adult behavior from both sides (not including the dog that just sleeps all the time.)
Phantom Investigators episode Skating the Plank
Casey, the shapeshifting member of the group, transformed himself into a mermaid at the episodes climax in order to distract the spectral pirates attacking his friends.
Phil of the Future episode Age Before Beauty
Keely, Phil's 14 year old girlfriend, uses his New-Ager device to make herself older, age 25. Airing this Friday, November 12 at 7:00pm (est) on the Disney Channel.
Phil of the Future episode Broadcast Blues
This episode starts out with Phil transformed into Keely.
Phil of the Future episode Dinner Time
Phil and Keely use the Insta-morph to transform into Phil's mom & dad to fool their high school principal.
Phil of the Future episode Future Halloween
Debbie Berwick becomes an evil male voiced cyborg (the sugar and spice 3000) looking like Debbie. Also Phil's past costumes are shown. He becomes a toddler, and a chair and an adult male wrestler! Apparently he used his morpher to actually become those forms in the future he came from.
Phil of the Future episode Neander-Phil
A malfunctioning gadget switches Phil's and Curtis' personalities.
Phil of the Future episode Phil without a Future
In today's episode, "Phil without a future", Phil gives Keely a man's voice in order to pretend to be his guidance counselor from another school. She speaks on the phone to his current guidance counselor.
Phil of the Future episode Pim-cipal
After winning the Principal for a day contest Pim stages a coup hrowing out the Vice-Prinicipal. Phil and Keely become the resistance and use the Wizard to turn Phil into Pim so she can admit her crimes on the closed circuit tv's in the school. When Pim tries to stop them she is morphed into her mal ...more
Phil of the Future episode Stuck in the Meddle with You
Phil and Keely are partners in science and they are doing a lab. Keely notices Grace and Grady working together and Grace has an "I like you" look on her face. Grady is what some would call a nerd and Grace was really pretty, but worked really hard. Keely thinks of a plan to hook them up, but Phil ...more
Phil of the Future episode Versa Day
Phil and Pim are forced to switch bodies due to a large amount of arguing. Airing on June 25, 2005 @ 6:30.
Phil of the Future episode Via, or Me...Uh Tia
Phil introduces Keely to a new girl Via so he doesn't have to do all the girl things that Keely likes to do. Unfortunately, Keely begins to do everything with her and starts to ignore Phil. In one scene, Phil is in the hardware store pooring his heart out to Keely. When he's done however Keely te ...more
Phil of the Future episode Your Cheatin' Heart
New Disney Channel show. In the very first segment of the first episode the young daughter uses her Insta-Morph to pretend to be their father. The mother then punishes her by making her do 50 push-ups. The mother then uses the Insta-Morph and we find out it was Phil, the son, the whole time.
Phineas & Ferb episode "Night of the Living Pharmacists"
Gender, Male
A power surge affects Dr. Doofenshmirtz's latest -inator, the Repulse-inator. The targeted victim becomes contagious, simply touching another being will cause that being to also become "repulsive". The plague spreads rapidly, much like a zombie infection in this hour-long nod to Romero's "Night o ...more
Phineas and Ferb, "Mind Share"
Phineas, Ferb, Isabella, Buford, and Baljeet switch bodies with space aliens to go on an intergalactic vacation. Unfortunately, the aliens they switch with are all imprisoned.
Picket Fences episode Unknown
A pretty school teacher who Carter Pike is dated, is revealed to be a transsexual. She is fired, but her students rally around her.
"Pilot - Part 1" episode of Poltergeist: The Legacy
In Part 1 of the Pilot episode, a demon came out of a chest possessed the antique shop owner, so it can be chase down and kill the beautiful female member of the Legacy house, and try to find the 4 other chests.
"Pilot - Part 2" episode of Poltergeist: The Legacy
In Part 2 of the Pilot episode, a demonic child is born which can assume any form and uses this ability to prey on the Legacy's weaknesses and desires in order to obtain the four mystic keys they guard. Three out of the four forms he takes are female! First, he appears to the priest as his fian ...more
Pink Panther episode Pink-a-Rella
A number of transformations result after the Pink Panther gets a hold of a witches magic wand. The final confortation with the witch sparks a transformation battle, ending with the witches being changed into a female pink panther.
Pinky, Elmyra & the Brain Episode Teleport A Friend
Brain has developed a tranporter device and is going to use it to..... duh.... TAKE OVER THE WORLD! Well, of course Elmyra ruins his plans by getting in the way of transporter device and both Brain and Elmyra are merged into the same body...... YES! Brain has control of the hands, while Elmyra ha ...more
Pirates of Dark Water episode The Dagron Master
Onda, the Dagron (Yes, Dagron) Master tricks Ren into wearing a Dagron skin armor than supposedly will protect him from them, but instead truns him into one. The rancher later sells him to Bloth.
Pirates of Dark Water episode The Dark Dweller
Tula is kidnapped by the Dark Lord - the being responsible for the Black Tide and the expanding Dark Water across the planet of Rule. Ren receives a telepathic vision from Tula and after rescuing her she and Ren escape. After a brief reststop, Tula asks Ren for the Treasures of Rule he carries. Ren ...more
Please Come Back, Soon-Ae 16 Episodes
Link to official site Korean dramedy about a wife her husband and his younger mistress and what happens when the two women survive an auto accident but end up occupying each other's bodies! Also it is now available in DVD!
Please Save My Earth episode Unknown
A group of teenagers find out they are the reincarnation of some scientists from the moon. One boy is the reincarnation of a woman.
Pokemon - Haunter versus Kadabra
After losing a gym battle to Sabrina (leader of the Saffron Gym), Ash and his friends run away from her in fear. However, before they can reach the exit, Brock and Misty are turned into dolls by Sabrina. Ash is saved from this when a mysterious man (Sabrina's father) shows up and teleports him t ...more
Pokemon Advanced Challenge episode Gulpin It Down
In this episode, a bunch of Poison type Pokemon called Gulpin completely take over a town, and they just go crazy eating everything in sight. The professor in this episode (sorry, I forgot his name) uses this machine to help rid the town of all the Gulpin. The machine works by firing some sort ...more
Pokemon Battle Frontier - Battling The Enemy Within
Ash and his friends are underground, in the ruins of some ancient temple. Upon hearing the story of the King of Pokelantis, and how this man supposedly captured a Ho-oh, Ash decides he wants to battle the Ho-oh. So without thinking this through, he goes right into the King's room. Ash find ...more
Pokemon episode Beauty and the Beach
During a beauty contest James uses a female body suit to enter the contest.
Pokemon episode Ditto's Mysterious Mansion
A Young girl named Duplica is able to imitate just about anyone, but in this episode, she shows off by imitating Nurse Joy, Officer Jenny and finally Misty.
Pokemon episode Lights, Camerupt, Action
In this episode, Ash and friends help a movie buff get his movies to a small village. While Ash, the movie buff and the rest are sitting around the campfire, they talk about their fondest memories of the movies. Ash = Adventure/Comedy. Brock = Western. May = Titantic remake. Max tells everyon ...more
Pokemon Master Quest episode Hocus Pokemon
In the episode "Hocus Pokemon", Ash and the gang meet up with a Murkrow-toting witch who is making a potion to allow trainers to read their Pokemon's thoughts. The final ingredient she needs is the tear of a Aipom. Predictably, even though she's been searching months for one, now that Ash and the o ...more
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon episode Team Go Getters: Out of the Gate
Animal This was a Pokemon TV special based around the story of the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games. The story is about a boy who's been turned into a Squirtle. It begins with a boy (whose name wasn't a ...more
Popeye episode The Ace of Space
AP/AR Popeye is abducted by martians who want to test their weapons of destruction on an average earthling. The first device they place Popeye in is called the Cosmic Ager. The counter starts at 0 and starts moving forward. They cut to Popeye inside the ager and show him growing older and older ...more
Popeye episode "I Yam Wot Yamnesia"
Wimpy and Olive switch bodies. Very brief, at end.
Popular Mechanics for Kids episode Escape
Tyler thinks his co-host Elisha (of 24 fame) couldn't do his job or last a minute as him and vice versa. The two swap bodies, and when they realize they were wrong they try and swap back but can't.
Port Charles episode The Gift
In episodes to be shown on the soap opera Port Charles sometime from July 18 thru the end of the month, 2 female characters Livvie and Alison magically "trade places" after a wish is granted to their friend Jamal according to the TV Guide. Livvie and her boyfriend Caleb are vampires, while Alison's ...more
Port Charles episode Unknown
after a couple of months, Jamal discovers his girlfriend Imani's secret. She tells him to look in the sky, he sees nothing but the moon ... a big full moon. He turns back and finds a snarling wolf in her place. This is the last we see of Jamal and Imani, as this was the final episode of the show.
Pound Puppies episode Kid in the Doghouse
This entry is marked for deletion - no TF content in episode - cj 2008 july 23. There was possible dog TF in the series, "kid wakes up as a dog". I found this reference in gorpus archive and not sure about this.
Pound Puppies episode Peter Pup
In a fantasy episode loosely based on Peter Pan, pound puppies Whopper and Bright Eyes and three kids looking to adopt pups are turned into pigs after eating enchanted candy. After admitting he lied, a lot, Whopper turns back into a puppy onscreen with the children shown as having been cured lat ...more
The Power Puff Girls episode Unknown
The Girls fight a villian who has a ray that turns things into random cuts of meat. The mayor is turned into a pork chop. He can still talk and move, but is never restored. At the end, they turn the ray on the villian, transforming him into hamburger meat, which they eat.
Power Rangers Dino Fury Episode The Makeover
Animal, Gender
A new Sporix beast Boneswitch has the ability to swap the people's bodies. He first uses this power to swap the bodies of Mucus (a female mushroom monster) with Slyther (a male monster), and after a few minutes at the insistence of Void Knight, swaps them back. While swapped, the new body retains ...more
Power Rangers DinoThunder episode "Diva in Distress"
Donkeyvac Monster, a strange moth monkey looking monster, drains the youth from several of the towns people, including an one of Kira's friends, who is a pop diva making her an old woman.
Power Rangers in Space episode "Invasion of the Body Switcher"
A monster with the ability to alter appearances changes Astronema into Ashley, who sneaks aboard the Megaship. Later, Ashley uses the monster to change into Astronema to escape.
Power Rangers in Space episode Invasion of the Body Switcher
This is already on this list: Other entry and someone did already mention this. Sara 11/14/07 A monster with the ability to alter appearances changes Astronema into Ashley, who sneaks aboard the Megaship. Later, Ashley uses the monster to change into Astronema to escape. Need to delete th ...more
Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue episode "Neptune's Daughter"
Mythical, Female
Beautiful mermaid turned into a human girl to spend her last moments with the Blue Ranger named "Chad".
Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue episode Olympius Ascends
on the fox saturday cartoons 8-9pm eastern sat... 4 power rangers, 2 boys & 2 girls, are absorbed by Olympius, a powerful monster and he changes into their shapes to infiltrate the base. There was 1 scene with all 4 shapes in a row and 1 with his male ranger form changing into a female ranger s ...more
Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue episode Trakeena's Revenge
The Power Rangers LSR squad team up with the Space Rangers to take on the big bad villains from both series when humans start to disappear from an office building. The Mother of a little girl is taken to the 13th floor by the evildoers and SHRUNK down along with other kidnapped humans to become a p ...more
Power Rangers Lost Galaxy episode "Memories of Mirinoi"
Female, Gender
Maya's old friend Shondra appears on Terra Venture. Kendrix's suspicions of her are proven to be true, when Maya finds Shondra stealing the Galaxy Book. (Spoiler Text)
Power Rangers Lost Galaxy episode Mean Wheel Mantis
In this episode, Trekena employs the assistance of an insect monster called Motor Mantis. When he starts terrorizing the Terra Venture, the pink and yellow rangers try to stop him. In the middle of the fight, the two female rangers get turned into solid gold trophys. The only way they can be turned ...more
Power Rangers Lost Galaxy episode Redemption Day
The Magna Defender reveals that he "switched spirits with"/possessed Leo's brother Mike to return from 3000 years of imprisonment. When the Magna defender sacrifices his life to save the space colony, Leo lives again as the new Magna Defender
Power Rangers Mystic Force episode "Broken Spell"
Gender, Size
An old man asks a group of kids to help find a missing person. Five step forth to help him and become the new Rangers. The transformation shows up when we find out the old man is really the White Ranger/Sorcereress, Udonna. She transforms twice, once each way. There are also several other tr ...more
Power Rangers Ninja Storm episode Sensei Switcheroo
Shane and Dustin take turns swapping bodies with their sensei, a ninja master currently stuck in the form of a guinee pig.
Power Rangers SPD episode Recognition
A male alien, Wootox, taken captive by the rangers is being taken to his cell by Sky, the blue ranger. Sky and an alien criminal switch minds. After Wootox destroys his translator, Sky can't tell the rangers of the swap! The Sky-minded monster gets beat up by the Rangers, and the criminal-minded B ...more
Power Rangers SPD episode Reflections part 1
In part one the rangers are up against a villain who duplicates (apparently completely) the bodies powers and even voices of prior villains. In his normal form and costume, he's a male with a black costume covering all his features and face. At one point he is split into about six or seven villain ...more
Power Rangers Super Dino Charge Episode Freaky Fightday
A new monster, Professor Strickler, shows up. During a fight he swaps the rangers bodies so that (Spoiler Text)
Power Rangers Super Megaforce episode "The Grass is Always Greener...Or Bluer"
A body-swapping monster named Tranceferer attempts to use his power to swap a monster into the body of a diplomat, but the rangers stop him. The monster then decides to use his power to switch Jake (the soccer playing green ranger) and Noah's (the smart and somewhat nerdy blue ranger) bodies. Th ...more
Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel episode Happy To Be Me
Tynamon uses his magic to steal (Spoiler Text)
Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel Episode Monster Mix-Up
A group of monsters lead by Versix are trying to escape their court date so he uses his power to (Spoiler Text)
Power Rangers Super Samurai episode Trading Places
Inanimate, Monster
A monster knows as Switch Beast, switches peoples bodies into random objects. He changes Bulk into a soda can, Jayden is a garden-gnome, Kevin a ballerina music box, Mia as a fan, and Antonio into a fish he was going to eat. Later, to reverse the changes, Mike and Emily force the monster to put ...more
Power Rangers Turbo episode "Cassie's Best Friend"
On this Episode of the Power Rangers Turbo, a monster named, "Mr. Goorific" has turned two of Divatox's Pirahnatrons into a mouse and a turtle with his tube of goo (which he uses it to aim at his enemies to put a mask on their faces and turn them into animals). Then when he used it on the Terror Zo ...more
Power Rangers Turbo episode "Honey, I Shrunk The Rangers Part 1"
Divatox sends Shrinkasect up to the surface with a bomb. He then meets up with the Power Rangers and the Blue Senturion. Shrinkasect then shrinks the Blue Senturion and four of the power rangers down to five and a half inches tall. Later Justin goes to Angel Grove Park and finds the Blue Senturion ...more
Power Rangers Turbo episode "Honey, I Shrunk The Rangers Part 2"
Adam then finds away out of the box and they climb down a neckleace of pearls which brakes causing them to fall to the floor. They escape Divatox by going through a pipe and Divatox sends her now shrunken Piranahtrons after the rangers. After defeting them the rangers go through a vent and come acr ...more
Power Rangers: Operation Overdrive episode "Crown and Punishment"
Male, Mechanical
As of episode 25 "Things Not Said", it was revealed that the Red Ranger, Mackenzie "Mack" Hartford was not human, but an android, which allowed for him to combine with the Sentinel Knight, who was merged with the sword Excelsior, to form the Red Sentinel Ranger. (Spoiler Text)
Power Rangers: Operation Overdrive episode "Pirate In Pink"
Rose the pink ranger is possessed by Brownbeard the pirate to help her loosen up and to have fun, calling herself Rosie the Bold. When the ghost finally finds the jewel, he leaves Rose's body and she returns to normal, with no memory of what happened in the past hour.
Power Rangers: SPD episode "Idol"
In this episode Dru returns from a secret mission after being lost for a year. He was best friends with Sky (Current Blue Ranger) before, and now must fight him. (Spoiler Text)
Power Rangers: SPD episode "Wired Part 2"
At the end of this episode, Emperor Gruumm has finally had it with Mora, a young child, as she is reverted back to her original form, an adult known as Morgana.
Power Rangers: Turbo episode Fall of the Phantom
The evil General Havoc captures Cassie, the Pink Ranger, and threatens to turn her to stone unless the Phantom Ranger surrenders himself. The Rangers go to where Cassie is being held in an attempt to rescue her, but during the fighting she's turned to stone. The Phantom Ranger shows up and uses hi ...more
The Powerpuff Girls episode The Boys Are Back In Town
THe Girls' archenemy Him brings back the Rowdyruff Boys to fight them. Previously the Powerpuffs defeated the Boys by kissing them, but Him has modified their structure so that kissing them makes them grow to gigantic size. With their increased size and power, the Rowdyruff Boys are more than a matc ...more
The Powerpuff Girls episode Criss Cross Crisis
The Girl's creator and guardian, Professor Utonium, is working on a property-swapping device. When he cranks up the power too high, everyone in Townsville swaps bodies with someone else! The Girls wake up to discover they now have the bodies of series regulars Professor (Buttercup), Ms. Bellum (Blo ...more
Powerpuff Girls episode Criss Cross Crisis
The ultimate body-swap episode. The whole city of Townesville gets swapped into every conceivable human and animal including plenty of tg, ap and ar. The focus is of course on the girls, Mojo, the Mayor, the Professor and Miss Bellum who all go through a whirlwind of changes so fast you can only c ...more
Powerpuff Girls episode Doggie Do Monkey See
Mojo Jojo uses the Anubis jewel to turn the citizens of the world into dogs, including the Professor and the girls themselves. When they beat him, he turns into a dog.
The Powerpuff Girls episode Nano of the North
The Powerpuff Girls, who can take on the most gigantic monsters and come out victorious, are thwarted when their hometown is invaded by microscopic monsters. To let them take on the invaders at their own level, Professor Utonium shrinks the Girls to microscopic size so they can tackle the "Nanobots" ...more
Powerpuff Girls episode Nuthin' Special
Blossom has Ice Breath, and Bubbles can speak any language (including commmunicating with animals). Buttercup doesn't seem to have any special power that is hers alone. She goes through an assortment of odd powers, but Blossom and Bubbles can duplicate anything she does. At one point, Buttercup anno ...more
Powerpuff Girls Z episode Girls,the Bond of Family
Mojo makes hat that when put on to a human, the human is turned into a monkey link to copyrighted material removed
Princess Knight episode Heckett to Cat
I found this on youtube. Some girl named catgirlriana posted a clip of a girl turning into a cat. It looks like it's from the 70's and is real good. So here is a link to the clip.
The Prisoner episode Do Not Forsake Me, Oh My Darling
Patrick McGoohan's character, a spy trapped in a dystopic village run either by his former spymasters or by the enemy, has his body switched with that of another in hopes that, in order to regain his own body, he will seek out the scientist who developed the process - the scientist whose knowledge ...more
The Proud Family episode Adventures in Bebe sitting
Penny is forced to stay home from a party to baby sit her little brother and sister, Bebe and Cece, when Al Roker (who, for some reason, has magical powers in the show) appears to her. Not thinking, she wishes that Bebe and Cece were old enough to take care of themselves, and Al Roker changes them ...more
The main premise of the show was about our protagonist, Yuuta. After some unfortunate events, his soul managed to get detached from his original body, and he must prevent himself from getting excited from seeing panties, or else the world will end. In episode 4 (Spoiler Text) In episode 6 A ...more
Punky Brewster episode Unknown
Punky dreams she exchanges minds with her dog, Brandon.