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Category: 'Television Episode'
"Observer Effect" episode of Star Trek: Enterprise
Two alien entities possess a number of crew members. While they appear to be 'beyond' physical things like gender, they do seem to possess both male and female crew members, sometimes going back and possessing the other person later, so in a way, they swap bodies with each other. It's just to ...more
Odyssey 5 episode Skin
A new breed of Synthetic lifeform able to jump from host to host, assume the look and new identity of the host as part of the host's skin and act normally, while traps and kills the host within the "skin" in about an hour. The "jump" require skin to skin contact, and the old host it leaves usually a ...more
Offcentre episode "The Backup"
A guy compeating for a big-screen TV by touching it for an alloted amount of time begins to see things when he envisions his fat competator as a beautiful women.
Ogenki Clinic episode Unknown
The doctor and nurse switch bodies after sex.
Ois Shibie or something simialar episode Unknown
I missed the last 10 mins it was an anime from japan about a boy who has been changed into a girl as punishment for spying on the girls at school dont know if he got changed back or not was all in japanese my friend translated some of it but very good thre boy hates having boobs and having to wear a ...more
Once Upon A Time S306 "Ariel"
In the six episode of the current season, we discover that Peter Pan's shadow has been posing as Belle since the beginning of the season in order to convince Mr. Gold to abandon his search for his grandson and leave Neverland. Until now, he had assumed that Belle had been a manifestation of his con ...more
Once upon a time Season 1 Episode 12 "Skin Deep"
Rumpelstiltskin transforms the man whose fiancee he is holding prisoner into a red rose.
Once upon a time Season 1 Episode 13 "What Happened to Frederick"
Prince Charming goes to collect water from the lake the Siren guards. She appears to him as a beautiful unarmed woman. The Siren tries to seduce Prince Charming, but fails as his heart belongs to Snow. She then takes on the appearance of Snow White. It includes transformation scene. link of prev ...more
Once Upon a Time, "Heart of Gold"
(Spoiler Text)
Once Upon a Time, "In the Name of the Brother"
Cora disguises herself as Regina's adopted son, Henry, to have a conversation with her daughter.
Once Upon a Time, "Lady of the Lake"
Cora poses as Sir Lancelot.
Once Upon a Time, "Save Henry
(Spoiler Text)
Once Upon a Time, "The Cricket Game"
Male, Female
Cora poses as her daughter, Regina (aka "the Evil Queen") to frame her for the murder of psychiatrist Archie Hopper (aka "Jiminy Cricket"). (Spoiler Text)
Once Upon a Time, "The Queen is Dead"
Cora takes on the form of the Blue Fairy.
One Life to Live episode Unknown
The character Al died and was permitted to possess the recently dead body of Michael months ago. The dearly departed Al had a mission for Valentine's Day 2004, and that was for Marcie to see that even though he looked like Michael McBain, he was really Al. He spent months giving her clues that ...more
One On One episode Manic Monday
Characters: Actors Flex/Breanna Washington: Flex Alexander Breanna/Flex Barnes: Kyla Pratt A dad and daughter swap bodies. He's a sports writer and she's a high school girl. In her body he dresses in business-type clothes including tie and unbelievably he c ...more
One Piece episode Avalanche!
In this episode they reveal that the leader or the a town had eaten the "Ox-Ox Fruit" which gives him the ability to turn into an Ox or an OxMan. Tranformations are on screen and pretty good.
One Piece episode Let's Get Ready to Rumble!
Luffy, Ussop, Zoro, Nami, and Sanji meet an interesting little blue-nosed Reindeer named Tony Tony Chopper. Chopper is studying to be a doctor, under Dr Kureha, an older woman. In the battle against King Wohpol and his Henchmen, Chopper demonstrates his Rumble Ball technique, which last for 3 minu ...more
One Piece episode Today's Grand Performance! Mane Mane Montage!
In this episode of One Piece (a very popular anime in Japan), there is a villain named Bon Clay who is able to turn into anyone he has seen or touched in the past. While battling with one of the main characters, Sanji, Bon Clay decides to turn into another main character, Usopp, because he does not ...more
Onegai my Melody Episode 24
A girl named Kanou wanted to make herself look more beautiful with the help of Zona's magic. She asked Zona to switch body parts with any person that she catches eye on so she make herself look more like a supermodel.
Onegai My Melody episode Episode 37
In this episode the class is changed to animals ( i can't see what happened because never watched the episode, but i got this from a japanese blog ). also the name of episode 30 ( it should be good to go back to a child) seems to have ar, however i didn't find any pictures or the episode.
Onegai! Samia Don episode Sid Has a Date with a Boy
In this animation, Samed is a sand magician that can grant children's desires and these desires only have effect during the light of the sun. In this episode, Sid is jealous because Ann has date with a boy. Sid wishes to be turned into Ann to ruin things for her.
"Operation Date" episode of My Parents Are Aliens
In an attempt to con a football/soccer jersey from a classmate, Josh enlists Brian his alien foster dad, to pose as teenaged daughter Mel. Brian then scars Josh for life when he gets a little too much into character during a pretend practice date.
"Operation F.O.U.N.T.A.I.N" episode of Codename: Kids Next Door
The KND encounter a girl who owns the fountain of youth and to make sure its a secret still she turns Number 2,4, and 5 into little kids, probably between the age sof 2-5) while Number 1 and 3 are turned into little babies. Also the bad kids turn into little kids as well.
"Operation G.R.O.W. U.P." episode of Codename: Kids Next Door
The Delightful Children use a cigar ray gun thing (from the episode Operation C.A.B.L.E. T.V) to turn Numbah 1 into an adult. The KND attach the Delightful Children's house, where they find the Delightful Children repeatedly zapping their Butler, turning him various ages, until finally he's a baby. ...more
"Operation L.I.C.O.R.I.C.E" episode of Codename: Kids Next Door
The tale of the pirate and his cursed crew as told by Stickybeard is remarkably similar to the curse of Cortez from Pirates Of The Carribean except with the cursed pirates falling to pieces when the sun comes up and that when they touched the curse treasure they became licorice skeletons.
"Operation S.L.U.M.B.E.R." episode of Codename: Kids Next Door
The traitor Chad disguises himself as Number 86's mother during her slumber party. This is done by using his Battle Ready Armor, or BRA for short. Also, Numbah 4 poorly disuises himself as a girl to sneak into the slumber party.
"Operation T.A.P.I.O.C.A" episode of Codename: Kids Next Door
Three teen supervillains trying to flood the town with tapioca pudding are really three members of the "Senior Citizen Squad." They used "anti-aging cream" to become teens for brief periods at a time.
"Operation: C. A. B. L. E.-T. V." episode of Codename: Kids Next Door
Operation: C.A.B.L.E.-T.V. (Crazy Arrogant Baby Loses Every Television Viewer) "Mr. B" is the president of the KidsTastic Cable TV Network. He looks like a baby and even has to wear diapers, but he talks with an adult voice and smokes a cigar... and he HATES being called a baby. He enlists the KND ...more
"Operation: F.U.T.U.R.E." episode of Codename: Kids Next Door
It seems from this and the commercial that all boys are being turned into girly girls. From the commercial male Numbah 1 walks into a room and along with he female members of KND in pink dresses are what appears to be the male members of KND as girls. It did not look like a cross dressing affair, m ...more
"Operation: G.R.A.D.U.A.T.E.S" episode of Codename: Kids Next Door
Father chages the kids into animals.
"Operation: H.O.U.N.D." episode of Codename: Kids Next Door
In this episode, A girl from KND's classroom is a werepoodle that eats other people's homework. At the end of the show it is reveal that the school teacher is also a werepoodle. This episode has a couple good transformation sequences.
"Operation: K.I.S.S." episode of Codename: Kids Next Door
Numbah 2's experimental device malfunctions (with help of a hamster and a chili dog) and ages him into a much slimmer teenager! The teen alert alarm senses the change, goes off and the other kids kick Numbah 2 out of the treehoouse headquarters. He says hello to a cute teenage girl, they instant ...more
"Operation: S.A.F.A.R.I." episode of Codename: Kids Next Door
Numbuh One has to get a shot. And discovers that kids are being turned into moose. It turns out to be the doing of Chester, whom after a long chase similar to "the most dangerous game" Chester manages to get in a shot on Nigel and he starts to turn into a moose with a large nose, antlers, hooves ...more
Orphen episode Unknown
There is two gender changes. One is implied in which one of the second characters is stated to have changed himself from a man into a woman when he was badily ingured. The other (and main one) is where Azalie (the female stuck in a dragon's body after being transformed into one) changes bodies t ...more
Out of Jimmy's Head Episode: Out of Jimmy's Body!
From wikipedia: In order to take Robin to see a movie, Jimmy asks Sonny for help to make him look older. However, instead of making him look older, Sonny switches bodies with Jimmy so he can see the Appleday cartoons. Meanwhile, Jimmy's dad, a parrot, Robin and her piano teacher also switch bodies. ...more
Out of the Blue episode Double Jeopardy
One of the twin boys wants to be different from his brother, and the angel asks if he wants blonde hair, freckles and a little button for a nose. The boy says yes, and the angel changes him into a girl. When the boy objects, the angel says, "Well, it's different." This episode aired in December 16 ...more
Out of This World episode The Three Faces of Evie
This series is about a half-alien 13-year-old girl with control over time, who develops her powers gradually making some mistakes along the way. In the listed episode, Evie is upset because she thinks she is too young to impress a boy. She tries to make herself older, but overshoots terribly and m ...more
Out of this World episode Every Beano Has His Day
Evie accidentaly transforms her uncle into a dog for an episode. In another episode, she transforms a frog into a boy to pose as her date.
Out Of This World episode Evie / Stevie
Her best friend can't get a date to the prom so Evie turns herself into Stevie.
Out Of This World episode Man of Granite Cowboy Kyle
Evie turns her mother into a man so she can go to a reunion party for someone she turned into a statue.
Out of This World episode My Little Evie
Half-alien teen Evie Garland is plotting with her Antarean father Troy (via their crystal communicator) to make a special birthday present for Evie's human mother. She places an old music box next to the communicator; it plays "The Old Gray Mare" and has a rotating ballerina in it. But when Troy s ...more
Out of This World episode Unknown
Evie makes herself about ten years older to impress a boy.
The Outer Limits episode The architects of fear
Taken from the description on the video: Grimly concluding that a common enemy, not love, is the only hope in unifying the warring nations of Earth, a group of scientists set out to secretly create the ultimate, global threat - an all-powerful alien monster. But can fear save the world? Ro ...more
The Outer Limits episode The Chameleon
Taken from the description on the video: Academy Award winning actor Robert Duvall stars as Louis Mace, a CIA hired assassin - as could-blooded and lethal as his name. His assignment: infiltrate an alien spacecraft and kill its bizarre-looking inhabitants. His disguise: a genetic operation th ...more
The Outer Limits episode The Human Factor
From the description on the box: A snowbound outpost isolated from the world-at-large where a handful of people maintain constant alert against enemy attack ... a crazed Army major haunted by the ice-encrusted ghost of a soldier he left to die ... a machine that swaps minds between two bodies. Th ...more
The Outer Limits episode The Hundred Days of the Dragon
Description taken from video: No one knows, the but the president is not who he appears to be. In a terrifying timely story of genetic engineering and East-West powerplay, "The Hundred Days fo the Dragon" strs Sidney Blackmer as a popular American President who puts into place a master plan t ...more
The Outer Limits episode The Inner Child
After recovering from a near-fatal blow to the head, a woman finds her body being taken over by a second brain, the remnants of a siamese twin that was absorbed into her body.
Outer Limits episode The Refuge
Following a great disaster, a man finds a snowbound lodge. In the lodge are other survivors of this disaster, including four women:Gina, a kind nurse;Justine, a promiscous shrew; Debi,the bimbo girlfriend of the lodge owner; and Angelique,a religious fanatic. As the episode progresses, the four wome ...more
Outer limits episode 2nd soul
Semi corperal Aliens need freshly dead human bodies and are trading techology with earth for them. The earth offical's best friend's wife dies and her body is given to an alien. The former husband starts stalking her.
Outer Limits episode First Anniversary
Two men fall in love with and marry two women who are later revealed to be shapechanging aliens. In one scene, one alien woman (Jayne Heitmeyer) tries out the forms of different women, transforming from a blonde to a brunette, and then a black woman (Angela Moore), as she asks the other alien for h ...more
Outer Limits episode Free Spirit
The Spirit of a murdered man comes back to haunt the scientists responsible for his and other test subjects death. He frequently possessed a very plain looking female patient and very briefly one of the female doctors. The story is very poorly written, although well directed and well acted. There ...more
Outer Limits episode Human Trial
Recap show. Very Interestingly done. Several Military men are plugged into virtual reality machines, as part of a psych test and evaluation, and made to experience the past episodes as the main characters including female characters. This could also fit into male/male. They show the soldier then swi ...more
Outer Limits episode Identity Crisis
Military project allows a mind transfer into and back out of an android body. Something goes terribly wrong and a soldier finds himself trapped in the android body (his own body is electrically burned). His wife is not amused...
Outer Limits episode Paradise
Old women regain their youth throught the use of an alien device, but only long enough to conceive an alien child.
The Outer Limits episode Stranded
T'rnar - an alien criminal possessing shape-shifting abilities - is the only survivor of a prison-ship which has crashed on Earth. He befriends a young boy named Kevin hoping to use him to gain his freedom. In one scene, Kevin's friend Brad comes looking for him and stumbles across the damaged ship ...more
Outlaw Star episode The Strongest Woman In The Universe
In the final round of the tournament both fighters transform with one turning into a tiger and the other a werewolf. A rather funny episode that I dont want to spoil for anyone with too many details ^_^. There are also a couple of minor transformations in the series as well (a villian can take t ...more
Oyayuhibime episode Unknown
Has scene with the main character on his girlfriend's cellphone!
Ozzy & Drix episode An Out of Body Experience (1&2)
I know this entry was already but I cannot find it, so I will resubmit it... An Out of Body Experience 1: Ozzy gets transfered into a girl named Christine's body when she gives Hector mouth-to-mouth when he jumps off the high dive to impress her, while there Ozzy starts changing colors and actin ...more