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Category: 'Television Episode'
Naruto episode Absolutely Incomparable! A Hokage-Level Battle!
SPOILER-ALERT!! This is another episode from the most excellent Japanese Anime, Naruto. Near the end of this episode, and at the beginning of the next episode (where they review the previous episode), the Leader of the Hidden Villiage of Sound, Orochimaru, reveals that he is only disguised as the ...more
Naruto Episode Blaze Away Byakugan: This Is My Ninja Way
Naruto transforms into a girl when running away from Sakura after a failed mission. Brief.
Naruto episode Entire Series
In the show there is a technique that makes the user transform into another person or an object, in the first episode, as a test, the instructor asks all the students to transform into him one by one, while everyone does a good job, the main character, Naruto, however transforms into a naked, female ...more
Naruto episode Episodes 146-147
Malicious Mizuki is transformed into tiger after having drunk a potion multiplying by ten its force.
Naruto episode I am Konohamaru
Naruto is a new Japanese cartoon series. I've found episodes 1 and 2 translated by the #animeone group on mIRC. server. Episode one has a brief gender Transformation at the beginning, but episode 2 is just overflowing with Gender transformations. If you don't have the mIRC program, ...more
Naruto Episode Kidnapped! Naruto's Hot Spring Adventure
Animal, Female, Gender
Naruto agrees to help two members of the Akagi clan get the money Tsunade owes their boss because of her gambling debts. Shizune accidentally receives a letter sent by them claiming to have kidnapped Naruto and, not wanting Tsunade's chances of becoming Hokage ruined by her debts, decides to fix t ...more
Naruto episode Long Time No See: Jiraiya Returns!
Another Entry from the Japanese Anime, Naruto. This is a new incident involving Naruto using his ninja technique "Sexy no Jutsu". Jiraiya, the Legendary Hermit (often referred to as "Perverted Hermit" by Naruto), says that he needs sexy babes in order to work. Naturally Naruto responds by using ...more
Naruto episode Please, Mr. Postman
In this episode, you get to observe Naruto's Harem no Jutsu twice. The first is at the hot springs with his sensei Jirayia (mispelled). The second is when Naruto tries to stop the mailmen from delievering the mail (due to Naruto mixing up important documents). A pretty funny episode overall. Worth ...more
Naruto episode Return of Master Jiraya
It starts out with Naruto trying to wake up his trainer. Then this toad sage comes in and is doing "research". He's really drawing nude girls. Well Naruto tries to get him to teach him how to walk on water. Then the guy says ,no. So Naruto says "But you have to train me!" and then the sage says why ...more
Naruto episode The Will of Fire Still Burns
Naruto tries to convince the saddened Konohamaru with his infamous sexy jutsu. It's brief, but worth to watch as Naruto himself becomes embarrassed.
Naruto Episode Tonton! I'm Counting on You!
Mizuki(the man Naruto fought in the first episode) escapes from jail and lures Naruto into a trap by transforming into Lady Tsunade's assistant Shizune. Usual Naruto transformation with the popping sound and cloud of smoke.
Naruto Shippuden episode 422 - 423
Age, Gender
In a two part flashback episode, Naruto returns home and teaches Konohamaru new ninja skills, including rasengan and shadow clone. Konohamaru repeatedly uses his "sexy technique" to master the new skills but realizes he has to step up his game. Another character, Udon, assumes the form of a domin ...more
Nationwide Insurance commercial episode Fabio commercial: Life comes at you fast
They will be showing a commerical during Super Bowl XL (40) during the 3rd Quarter, featuring Fabio. He is in a Gondala in Venice, Italy, rowing while a woman is sitting, enjoying his company. Fabio then passes under a bridge and hands her a rose, then it shoes Fabio as an older man! the tagline f ...more
Navy: NCIS episode Dead Man Talking
In this episode, a Navy NCIS investigator is murdered, and the show's cast looks into the case he was working on to try and discover why. He had been tailing a beautiful woman that had something to do with a 3 year old case of embezzlement from the Navy. During the stakeout, agent Anthony Dinozzo ...more
Ned's Newt episode Unknown
Ned's newt, Newton, exhibits his crazy personality and morphing powers(somewhat like The Mask)every time he eats special newt food, Zippo. He regularly does impressions of female (as well as male) celebrities. In one recent show, he did Bette Davis, Lauren Bacall, Geena Davis and Dolly Parton.
The New Adventures of Robin Hood episode The Assassin
Lord Cloughton arranges a summit with three important Normans to conspire with the Saxons against King John. Each member of Robin's band undertakes to fetch one of the participants, protecting them from the men of Count Rood, who wants to prevent the meeting: Robin fetches the suspicious and relucta ...more
Wonder Woman episode "The Boy Who Knew Her Secret" Part I and II
In a 2-parter called "The Boy Who Knew Her Secret", Wonder Woman encounters an alien shapeshifter who assumes the forms of a teenage girl, Diana Prince, and Wonder Woman herself in order to trick a young boy into handing over a piece of an alien pyramid-like device its enemies need to complete thei ...more
New Captain Scarlet episode Shape Shifter
In this CGI update to the old Gerry Anderson puppetmation show, the Mysterions take control of f an experimental form of pure attomic matter able to take any form programmed into it. They use it to duplicate Captain Scarlet, and get aboard Skybase. The duplicate can assume the form of anyone he to ...more
New Laugh In episode Unknown
A man went in a door said "change". A Painter paint "sex" on it, and the man came out as a woman.
New Outer Limits episode Falling Star
The time travel is done by taking over the body of a person in our time. At one point, 1 of the 2 male time cops sent to catch the woman is in the body of a woman. Short.
The New Outer Limits episode Ripper
Alien body swaps from female to male to taunt "Jack the Ripper."
New Twilight Zone episode Dead Woman's Shoes
A remake of an original TZ episode 'Dead Man's Shoes'. A murdered woman seeks revenge by possession anyone who puts on the shoes she died in.
"A New World" episode of The 4400
In the season premiere, after 4400 baby Isable aged to an adult in the finale we learn that Lilly (her mom) had aged from 29 to 75 in between seasons. (Spoiler Text)
Nick & Jessica Variety Hour episode Private Detective Skit
Early in the hour, N&J do a skit with a 1950's style private detective and his beautiful client. Nick voices over, letting the audience hear his thoughts about the PI biz, but Jessica says her thoughts out loud. She tries to voice over her thoughts again, but voices her thoughts this time as Mr. T. ...more
Night Court episode Unknown
Just before he gets married, Bull signs up to have his virginity restored. Roz and Dan think it's a scam until Bull is transformed into a bald ten year old. Since it involves sex, Dan has himself reduced to a boy too.
Night Court episode Unknown
Dan has a date with twin Swedish stewardesses, but is unable to go because he has been bitten by Harry's possibly rabid dog. The girls are so impressed by his honesty that they confess that they used to be men. Dan then spends the next hour brushing his teeth. In another episode Harry aquits a ...more
Night Court episode Unknown
The judge faces down a nasty practical joker in a knock down drag out joke fest. The bad guy plays a trick on dan saying "Presto Chango Mammario!" And dan grows a pair of breasts. Dan then says well you can give me breasts but you can't take my..." Then he looks down and screams then runs from the r ...more
Night Court episode Unknown
Dan is excited about his old college buddy's impending visit. Dan is horrified when he realizes his buddy has had as sex change and is now engaged to a man.
Night Gallery - Lindermann's Catch
The crew of a lonely bitter sea captain find a mermaid in their net. The captain falls in love with her but runs into a little trouble trying to make her into a woman.
Night Gallery episode The Housekeeper
A scientest hires an unattractive old woman to be his new housekeeper. It turns out that he wants to place her mind in the body of her beautiful but nasty wife, and her mind in the housekeeper's. The old woman agrees, not knowing the scientest has a secret.
Night Gallery episode Since Aunt Ada Came To Stay
Aunt Ada is a witch who wants to steal her niece's young and beautiful body. The niece's husband realizes this, and tries to save her. It appears he's successful, but it is revealed to the audience that the witch succeeded. Based on a story by A.E. Vogt.
Night Stand with Dick Dietrick episode "What I Did for Love"
A man transformed himself into a woman to catch the eye of a lesbian. Season 2, episode 31.
Nightman episode The Magician
A beautiful young woman magician from the forces of EVIL comes to test Nightman to see if he is much of a threate. She changes shapes several times during the show. The most effective is when she tkes the form of the hero's(nightman) mother when she was young and first just hugs him & then tries to ...more
Nightmare Ned episode "Girl Trouble"
Ned Needlemeyer is a young grade-school boy who gets wild nightmares. After being tricked by the bullies of his school into using the girls' bathroom, Ned drifts into a nightmare about what life would be like if he had been turned into a girl. Can he survive the fairer sex? *Nightmare Ned: "Girl ...more
Nightmares & Dreamscapes: From the Stories of Stephen King episode You Know They
A couple on vacation get lost on the road and are in the middle of no where. On a road they see there is a tree stuck in the road and the husband goes out to get rid of it. While doing so the wife has an hullucination that he is now old, then when she looks in the car mirror her reflection is that ...more
Ninja Scroll episode Shelter from the Rain
In this one a man Jubei (the hero) kills at the beginning of the episode turns out to be a creature that inhabits people's bodies, referring to the body as a "bag" that contains him. In the course of the episode the creature inhabits two women, a traveller and a lady who has been searching for two y ...more
Ninja Scroll TV episode The Fate of Rengoku
Not sure about this one, as it isn't really a full change. Rengoku has the ability to replace limbs she loses in combat, and when she teams up with another ninja in order to kill her brothers killer. He does so on the condition she lets him have an item jubei (the hero of the show and the killer ...more
Ninja Sentai Kakuranger episode 53
Female, Animal
An evil team of 5 ninja ladies, who serve an evil master named "Daimaou" and also have the power to morph into cat-like rangers, were transformed back into normal cats by the Three God Generals (The Three Mega-Zords or Zords) to defeat them in order to help the Power Rangers to defeat Daimaou and s ...more
Nip Tuck episode Unknown
Ava Moore played by Famake Jansen a recurring charater from the show used to be a man named Avery Walker
Noah's Bark
Age, Animal
On a mission to the planet Canus Dogillia Atomic Betty's partner Noah makes a rather lame joke about the planet's anthro canine inhabitants the Dogillians. They respond by turning him into a dog as some way of teaching him how to think on his feet, err, paws. The regulars try to reverse the process ...more
Nobody's Watching episode Lost
In this episode, Will and Derrick are psyched for the new episode of "Lost" and dress up as characters from the show. One of them dresses up as Shannon, and is actually played by the original actress from the show. His voice is dubbed over hers (for most of it). She throws in a number of guy-like ma ...more
Normal episode Unknown
Adapted from Jane Alexander's stage play "Looking For Normal". Shortly after his 20th wedding anniversary, a Midwestern husband and father comes out to his wife and pastor that he wants a sex-change operation. He is met with disdain and rejection by a lot of his co-workers, friends, and family membe ...more
Nowhere Man episode Forever Jung
Old nursing home able to turn old women into young sexy women, then implanted control unit into their brain and use them to kill other people on command. One of the old women turned into the wife/mistress of the Appellate Court judge and was ordered to kill him. In the end the male doctor pulled a f ...more
"Nursery Crimes" episode of Kim Possible
New villain Nanny Nane has a machine that can turn adult. into babies. Ron went through the machine, back and forth, turning between a baby and back to himself, about a dozen times.