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Category: 'Television Episode'
Mad TV episode Lord of the Bling
In this parody of the Lord of the Rings, the cast is all black. At the end of the skit, the main character finally decides to put on the cursed bling. She turns into a white woman. At end.
Mad TV episode Unknown
From a couple of years ago. Man comes back from the hospital having received a head transplant. That is to say his brain in another man's head on his own body. His wife is shocked as the donors head is that of her lover. Then the head donor rushes in confused, his brain transplanted into a prett ...more
Mad TV episode Unknown
A TV show spoof about a dead black mother inhabiting the body of a fat white man. Purposefully tasteless.
MAD TV episode Unknown
Evil Michael Jackson (revealed to be a serial killer!) briefly morphs into a little girl while battling the rock band KISS.
MAD TV episode Unknown
During the monolouge, the blonde girl confesses to being homesick in New York. The other cast members surprise her by revealing that they have transported her room from home to the studio. The contents of her room reveal more than she wishes, including the fact that her name was Nick until ...more
"Magic Johnson" episode of My Parents Are Aliens
Lucy has to perform a magic show as part of a charity event, but things keep going wrong. Eventually Brian helps her out by morphing into Lucy for the grand finale.
Magic Mongo episode Two Faces of Donald
Not sure if this qualifies for I have not personally seen the show, but I seem to remember a description of this episode in a Sid & Marty Krofft book I looked at once. Magic Mongo is a genie that is controlled by this guy named Donald, in this episode he needs a disguise to hide from some people an ...more
Magic Power Scouts episode all
kids visited magic world where they changed into animals. Magic world part of the movie made by puppets, so no SFX. But TF's on site looks interesting.
Magic School Bus episode Going Batty / In the City / Mussel Beach
There are animal TFs in at least three episodes. First(Going batty), kids and bus changed into bats to learn that bats are not vampires. Second(In the City), all kids changes into variuos animals to learn city ecology. Third(Mussel beach), they changes into mussels. I'seen only first episode of ...more
Magical DoReMe episode Pilot Episode
The Witch known as Petina runs an old magic shop, the "Rusty Broom Magic Shop" where she sells trinkets and stuff to customers who somehow end up needing help. Dorie Goodwyn is one of these customers. She enters and Petina then says, "Please shut the cat hates the light.." Dorie notices ...more
Magical Fairy Persia episode Unknown
A young girl is given magical powers so that she can bring spring back to the frozen land of dreams. One of her powers is the ability to change into an adult. In the first episode she becomes a police officer when she gets lost. There is also a strange gender transformation tied to her powers. I ...more
Magical Project S episode Baby Sammy
Magical Project S is a spin-off of the Tenchi Muyo series that focuses on Sasami, who has the magical ability to transform into Pretty Sammy, a defender of Earth. In this episode, her teacher, Washu, conducts an experiment that's supposed to age her. It turns her into a 15-year-old at first, but w ...more
Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi episode Hard Boiled
Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi is where two kids jump from world to world and try to get home. Well, At one time they go to the Mobster world. In this world if anyone gets shot they shrink until they are knee high and become a "comedy relief character" with short legs. Funny AND weird.
Magical Taruruto-Kun episode Unknown
Taruruto-kun, a baby demon, on different occasions uses sex swapping juice to transform Honmaru into a girl. In one episode he joins a female vollyball team, in another he's transformed into a beautiful harem girl. The potion is also given once to a girl, although that one might only be in the com ...more
Magician Mickey episode Unknown
Presented in Technicolor, Circa 1937 Mickey puts on a stellar performance as a magician for a sold out audience. (Goofy working lights and curtain) Some tricks included turning his cape into a crow and turning a balloon into a lobster. But when a heckler by the name of Donald Duck storms the s ...more
Maho Tsukai Sally episode Unknown
There are two series of this character the second beginning in 1989 for a total of approximately 200 episodes. I can confirm that Sally has a mischievous little brother named Kabu with shapeshifting powers that allow him to become any human or animal of either sex or any age. Of the four episodes ...more
Mahoromatic episode Dreams Should Be Grand
I haven't really watched the show at all, so if somebody has more insight, please add it. However, I have seen this particular segment I am submitting: The nurse character, who is constantly feeling embarassed by her small chest, buys a device that will make her breasts grow. However, it turns ou ...more
Mahou Sentai Magiranger episode many episodes
Mako Mermaids episode "Evie Times Two"
Rita's cat, Poseidon becomes human after walking through some chemicals: he turns into a duplicate of Evie after making a connection with her.
Malcolm In The Middle episode If Boys Were Girls
After being rattled by a battle among the boys, a pregnant Lois ponders the consequences of raising another brawling kid. So she fantasizes that her unruly sons have morphed into well-behaved young daughters. Malcolm becomes Mallory, Reese is transformed into Renee and Dewey turns into Daisy.
Mamotte Lollipop episode Episode 8
googling it confirms it exists but being new, 2006, it may take some time to get to dvd's a japanese boy and girl are involuntarily bodyswapped via a magic bandaid??? a better description and pictures can be found at ...more
The Man Show episode The Millenium Show
One of the products of the future is the Juginator 3000 which turns ordinary women into Juggy girls (dancers on the Man Show). One of the hosts wonders what would happen if a man used it, so he goes in and comes out as a woman with short hair, bushy eyebrows, and his old voice. The res ...more
Manimal episode Unknown
Short run series about a college professor with the ability to change into any animal. Notable because it often showed the change on camera.
Mansquito episode Unknown
"A scientist trying to find a cure for the West Nile Virus accidentally transforms herself and a junkie into mutant mosquito creatures." Premieres March 12th SciFi channel just keeps churning them out...
MAR: Marchen Awakens Romance
Inanimate, Gender
An anime where a boy get trasported to a different world. ARM, or magical weapons, are used to fight. One of the ARM can talk and is definately male. Its owner can make it transform into different shapes and guardians. One of the guardians is a female used for healing. The ARM is embarassed th ...more
Marginal City episode Unknown
Joker can be either male or female.
Married With Children episode Calendar Girl
Bud decides to make a class project of shooting a pinup calander of the girls of his college in swimsuits/lingerie, Al decides it would be a top seller if it was published nationwide, specifically because of "Miss November" who at first is worried about that but relents, it is a big seller and "Mis ...more
Married with Children episode Dud Bowl
Al & friends decide to have a football game with rival Jackie O'nassis High to decide who had the better undefeated team his senior year. When al gets the team together it turns out that Thad the Quarterback has had a sex change.
Married... with Children episode How Bleen Was My Kelly
Gender, Male, Race, Age
The episode features a morphing montage when Kelly is testing various Bleen antidotes on Bud (as well as its' backing instrumental) are references to the classic music video Black & White by the late Michael Jackson from 1991.
Married... with Children episode Psychic Avengers
Al and the family get into the fraudulent phone psychic business. But when they refuse to give a real witch a cut of their profits, they are changed into monkeys. Buck the dog becomes a person.
Married...with Children episode Damn Bundys
Al makes a deal with the devil and the Bundys wind up in hell. Kelly has the head of a gargoyle, Bud has lobster hands, Peg has hooves. Al challenges Satan to a football game to return them to earth.
Cole tries to sabotage his wedding day by casting sleep spells on the sisters, and when Paige is about to find him casting a spell on his sleeping bride to be, Cole morphs into a copy of Piper! It lasts for about 1-2 minutes and Cole successfully fools Paige! Then to continue his masquerade, ...more
Martha Speaks, episode "Dog Daze"
Carolina, the cousin of the titular dog Martha's owner Helen, is unimpressed with Martha's very canine behavior. Martha wishes Carolina would try and see things from her point of view and have a little sympathy. The wish comes true when Carolina wakes up the next morning as a rough collie. The ...more
The Martian Chronicles episode Unknown
The mini-series did the same story as appeared in an episode of the Ray Bradbury theater. The difference here is that this series is much better. The segment is longer, with a much prettier actress playing the martian who finds himself turning into a young human woman of about 16.
Martin Mystery episode Hairier And Scarier
I haven't seen all of the episode, only a part where martin becomes a were-wolf fighting other were-wolves...
Martin Mystery episode Return of the Dark Druid
At the begining of this episode Martin and his two freinds go to a secret base to get their assignment, they find their handler, a beutiful woman code named "MOM" experimenting with a shrinking ray found at an alien crash site. She has just shrunken an Elephant to the size of a guinea pig as well as ...more
Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., "Inescapable"
FitzSimmons are trapped in their own minds (long story, don't ask). In the beginning, Simmons regresses to her seven-year-old self, much to Fitz's annoyance.
Marvel's Avengers Assemble episode Head to Head
Gender, Male
MODOK takes S.H.I.E.L.D. hostage with a mind-controlling stone called the Mind Stone. When trying to destroy the Avengers he causes them to switch bodies. Hulk ends up in Falcon's body, Falcon ends up in Captain America's body, Cap ends up in Iron Man's body, Iron Man ends up in Hawkeye's body, Ha ...more
Mary Hartman episode Unknown
A male character's brain was transplanted into a younger female character's body anybody have more info
Mary Shelley's Frankenhole episode "Robert Lewis Stevenson's 'Belushi'"
In this episode Blankett (Michael Jackson's kid) seeks help from Victor Frankenstein on an ressurected John Belushi. Victor who is a huge fan of John's work agrees to do it but warns of Dr Jekyll's potion. John (voiced by David Cross) somehow gets up and drinks the potion, turning into his u ...more
Mary Shelly's Frankenhole episode "Yawn of the Dead"
In the episode "Yawn of the Dead" there is a brief moment where the Frankenstein monster's head is transplanted onto a woman's body for fun. He isn't amused by the situation. As he stands there, completely nude he implores: "Why must I be dragged through this humiliation?" Very brief.
Masters of Horror episode Chocolate
A divorced man begins getting psychic projections from a woman - essentially seeing and feeling everything from her perspective including some rather "adult" moments with her boyfriend.
Masters of Horror episode Dreams in the witch house
The show features different stories each week directed by some famous horror directors. In this episode a man rents a room in a creepy house. He gets close to a single mother and while babysitting her baby he has a very strange dream in which he is having sex with her but then it turns out she is re ...more
Masters of Horror episode Sick Girl
A tale of lesbian love, bug sex, and insect transformation with a happy ending. What more could anyone ask for?
Medical Center episode Parts 1 & 2 The Fourth Sex
Dr. Pat Caddison (Robert Reed) visits the hospital to have sex reassignment surgery. He plans to tell his ex-wife and teenage son about this before the actual surgery takes place. There is a lot of drama and anguish, as the ex-wife and son were hoping for a reconciliation. (Note: the show - for whic ...more
Medium episode "Being Joey Carmichael"
Murdered criminal possesses the body of his badly injured Twin brother to avenge them both on a drug dealer, who killed him and had his innocent brother shot. (The brother still has a bullet in the brain and is mentally and physically handicapped).
Medium episode "Bring Your Daughter to Work Day"
Allison and her twelve year old daughter Bridgette swap bodies, after they both receive the same visions about a missing homeless man. Bridgette's classmate, Cameron, is accused by Allison's boss of exploiting the homeless man on a series of viral videos depicting him doing demeaning things, like ...more
Medium episode "Who's That Girl"
Alison's 16 year old daughter is acting strangely. The watcher quickly learns she is possessed by a murder stripper seeking revenge on the man who murdered her.
Medium episode One Behind the Wheel
Alison wakes up and claims to be a very rich woman (Sandra). Who by the why is not very nice and is very unhappily married to a plastic surgeon. Possession? But the woman seems to be very much alive. Alsion/Sandra later even gets out of an institution the DA has put her in by successfully foolin ...more
Meego episode Unknown
The demonstrates his shape-shifting powers by briefly turning into a bikini-clad babe.
Mega Babies episode Crucean Revolt
In this disgusting (yuck!) animated show one of babies is allergic to sea food. When he eat it, he changes into lobster\octopus\seashell or other things.
Mega Babies episode Inner Ear Inferno
Size, Animal
The premise of this short-lived Canadian cartoon was that three preemie babies got zapped by cosmic energy on the brink of the new millenium, infusing them with super powers; most of the cartoon, though, dealt with the messy and gross things about babies: runny noses, spitting up, and badly needed ...more
MegaMan: NT Warrior episode The Incredible Rush!
In this episode Mega Man, Roll, and everyone else in the cyber world has been turned into cat-people and they keep turning more and more into cats throughout the episode due to a cat-virus that has been released. Also, the cat-virus travels to the real world along with Rush. Both, the cat and Rush ...more
"Mel Barker - Superstar" episode of My Parents Are Aliens
Mel becomes a school DJ and her alien parents immediately become her obsessive fans. Near the end Sophie and Brian both try to take Mel's place on the air with Brian succeeding and predictably making a fool of her. Earlier Sophie also morphed into Josh's friend Frankie. Funny.
Memories of Mara
The Joes are on board the USS Trogan searching for a missing sub, the USS Nerka. Shipwreck rescues a woman named Mara who was took part in a Cobra experiment that turned her into part fish thus she needs to be in water to survive. Cobra has captured the USS Nerka and her crew , and is trying to coe ...more
Mentors episode The Other Half
In This episode Simon and Crystal switch bodies and are faced to live as eachother until they are changed back.
Merge With Caution
Peter and Myka are chasing a thief who has stolen a pair of Robert Louis Stevenson's bookends, which are in the form of a griffon (Body of a Lion, and head of an Eagle). The thief and a security guard have merged into one body due to the special effect of the bookends. When Myka and Pete get the ...more
Mermaid Forrest episode The Last Face
A woman who ate mermaids flesh became immortal. However she has a disfiguring scar and a controversial past. To get a new life she skinned off a dead womans face, then her own face, and attached the new face. It healed on. She switches faces several times in the story, but eventually the scar ap ...more
"Merry Chrismas" episode of Ben 10
After breaking down in the desert Ben and the others find a town totally based on christmas. Uncle Max is then kidnapped by the elfs that live there thinking that he is Santa Cause. The leader Mr Jingles then make Max look like Santa Clause Elsewhere in the town Ben and Qwen find out from a v ...more
"Michael" episode of Stargate Atlantis
Hard to categorize this one since there isn't a category for it, but I guess "Male" is close enough. Not a bad episode but then I usually enjoy watching shows that explore the psycological aspects of a TF. This is a major spoiler so if you haven't seen it yet then read no further!! I mean it! ...more
Mickey Mouse episode Unknown
A few years ago, i saw a Mickey Mouse cartoon were mickey makes a special potion which will turn anything living into a super hero. in it he spays a fly, a mouse, a cat, and a dog.
Mickey Mouse, episode "New Shoes"
After an encounter with Pegleg Pete, who gives them a huge wallop, Mickey, Donald and Goofy switch bodies, with Mickey in Goofy's body, Donald in Mickey's body, and Goofy in Donald's body.
"Micro Management" episode of Danny Phantom
Danny Phantom is weak at Gym. In order to get ready to take the Presidental Fitness Test, Dash is assigned as his "fitness buddy." Things get difficult when Skullker comes back for revenge and Danny's Dad wants to try out his new shrink ray (the Fenton Crammer). Danny, Dash, and Skullker are all ...more
Midori No Hibi episode Unknown
In this anime a highschool student named Sawamura Seiji awakens one day and finds his hand is gone. In its place is the top half of a girl named Midori. They dont explain how any of this occours (yet anyway). As for her original body--they only indicate she is in a coma like state. Froth-Bit ...more
The Mighty Hercules episode None known
The evil wizard Daedalos uses a Pod of Transformation to make himself look like Hercules. He is later changed back by the use of the earth that the pod grew in.
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers episode "Switching Places"
The general plot is Billy (David Yost), the Blue Ranger who is the brainy, one invents a mind reading device. He and Kimberly (Amy Jo Johnson), the Pink Ranger who is the sexy gymnast test the device to see if it works, unbeknownst to them that Baboo and Squat changed it. The device switches their ...more
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers episode "The Wanna-Be Ranger"
A yeti-like monster named "Primator", who has the ability to shapeshift into anything, turns himself into any of the Power Rangers in Disguise.
Mighty Morphing Power Rangers episode Green With Evil saga
This is a specal event in the power rangers' series where we get to see the green ranger for the first time. But he's evil to start with and fights for Rita (I think that's how her name is spelled.) I know that she makes creatures grow all the time, but this is different. The green ranger has the si ...more
Mighty Mouse episode Unknown
The female mouse (Pearl Pureheart) and the evil cat (Oil Can Harry) switch bodies.
"Mind Games" episode of Kim Possible
A personality switcheroo involving Kim and Ron delays the heroic duo from thwarting Drakken, who's plotting to steal a military super weapon.
Mind Of Mencia episode S01E10
Very minor, and just for completion. In this stand-up comedy show, Carlos Mencia has a skit featuting "bad-ass back to school" supplies. Some crazy stuff, like your own pocket Asian friend for all your math problems and the stun gun calculator. The last item is the erection distractor, for when you ...more
Mini Fee episode Unknown
The adventures of a mystical brother and sister who have magical powers. I one episode the boy takes his sisters place so he can go to her school.
Miracle Girls episode Episode 13
Tomomi & Mikage switch bodies, due to the effect of their braclets
Miracles episode "Mother's Daughter"
In this episode of the short-lived supernatural series, the soul of a big city debutante inhabits and eventually takes over the body of an Amish girl who drowned and came back to life.
"Mirror, Mirror" episode of Jackie Chan Adventures
Gender, Size, Animal
I just saw this episode. Four evil mirror spirits possess Jackie, Jade, Uncle and Tohru. They cause Jackie's head to inflate, Tohru to turn into his mother and Jade to turn into a donkey. I can't find details on TV Tome or screencaps on M & K's site, so it's possible that it hasn't aired in the ...more
"Miss Deep South" episode of Quantum Leap
Sam leaps into a beauty pageant contestant.
Moldiver episode Unknown
An inventor's sister changes the programming for his body suit. When he puts it on he finds himself looking like a flying supergirl.
"Mommy's Bosses" episode of The 4400
The was the season finale of season 2 in which most of the 4400 have a virus. This has nothing to do with the tf, but at the end Lilly and Richard's (both 4400s) baby daughter Izable mysteriously disapears, then the next shot shows a full grown woman walking into Shawn's (another 4400) office, and ...more
Mon Colle Knights episode "Mirror Mirror off the Wall"
Animal, Monster, Female
Eccentro used a magic mirror to make both a young girl named Rockna and her little pet monster friend named "Love-Star" to witch bodies. Eccentro also used the Magic Mirror to transform an entire army of rats (Thousands of Rats) to merge together into one Giant Worm Monster. After The Giant Mons ...more
Money or the Gun episode He/She
A man's head was put on Elle McPhersons body. A story fable where the main character is changed into a girl. A potion turns a man into a women.
Monkey episode Unknown
Monkey took on the appearance of many different people, including women. Pigsy change a few times and Sandy' first transformation into a mortal was as a woman. Tripitaka was once transformed into a beautiful demon to fool other demons.
Monkey Magic episode "Slimelord, The Monster Eel"
Female, Monster, Mythical, Animal
Episode 13: A Large demon chef like-eel named Slime Lord was transformed into a giant eel to battle against Runlay in her Dragon form. But after he was defeated, he has been shrunk and transformed in a small tiny eel. Also, Runlay (who is referred to as the White Dragon Horse) who transformed in ...more
Monkey Magic episode "Peach Party Pandemonium"
On Episode 8 (Peach Party Pandemonium) of Monkey Magic, Kongo was facing against a powerful opponent named Lord Refang. During the middle of their fight, Kongo and Lord Refang transformed into a few different animals. Kongo: Small bird, Black bird, a lion, and then a mole (or ground hog) Lord ...more
Monkey Magic episode "Sanzoh to the Rescue"
Female, Animal
On Episode 11: After Kongo is subdued for over the time period of 500 years, The Beautiful Goddess (or Deity) "Lady Blossom" had regularly appeared before Kongo at random times as a crane to feed Kongo and deliver him insight -- never at any point did Kongo actually realize that the crane was truly ...more
Monkey Magic episode "The Quest Begins"
Female, Mythical, Animal
Episode 12 (& 13) - A young girl named Runlay (who is referred to as the White Dragon Horse) who possesses great supernatural abilities to disguise her appearance and conjure storms through the use of her dragon globe, a magical orb that serves as the source of her magic. She Transforms into a Drag ...more
Monkey Magic episode "Zooming On The Jet Cloud"
Monster, Animal
Episode 2: Monkey Magic - After the Master Subodye performs a body clone manipulation skill, he utters two words. Kongo believes to have figured it out, and these three disciples spy on him, they do as they heard. However, they did so wrong, making them become monsters in appearance.
The Monster's Ring episode CBS story time
Boy being bullied buyd a magic ring from a wizard in a shop, that turns him into a monster. Based on a book by Bruce Coville of the same name, this was adapted into a short cartoon under CBS storytime. Kids of 80-90s just might recall it. Can't remember much from the cartoon, but I remember the ...more
Monsters episode Micro Minds
A professor and his female assistant stumble upon a race of intelligent micro-organisms. When the female assistant talked to to small and minority group of the micro-organisms and found out what the plan the majority of the micro-organisms planned to do, the professor refused to believe her, and shr ...more
Monsters episode The Bargain
A plain, scholarly young woman who owns a book shop is in love with a shy auto mech. She answers an ad for a new face. A very scarred young woman offers to sell her a mask which will make her beautiful. The charge - her books. She agrees. Puts it on and turns into a very beautiful, sexy blond. She ...more
MONSTERS, Parents from outer Space
An abused 10 year girl hates her foster parents. Their bodies are switched with intellegent rats from outer space who are kind and loving. She must prefers them. Their space ship need repairs. Show is played mostly for laughs. (Spoiler Text)
Monty Python's Flying Circus episode The Buzz Aldrin Show
The gumbys turn into girl gumbys. Very Brief, at end.
Mork and Mindy episode The Night They Raided Mind-Ski's
The KKK is tormenting Mindy because of her Polish heritage. Mork retaliates by changing all the Klan members into blacks, Asians, and Hispanics. The grand dragon ends up striped like a barber pole.
Mork And Mindy episode Metamorphosis- the TV Show
A short circuit switches Mork's mind with Mearth's. I think at the end Mork swapped back and somehow Mork swapped with Mindy's dad (Conrad Janis) Then he (in the father's body) suggested to mindy that they would swap bodies later after the swap with her father wore off. It's been a long time si ...more
Mork and Mindy episode Mork In Wonderland
Mork gradually shrinks after taking an Earth cold remedy. He winds up in a micro-world where humor is banned. (Two part episode.)
Mortal Kombat: Conquest episode "Flawed Victory"
Gender, Male, Female
===Male/Gender=== In a clever double deception, Shang Tsung impersonates Quan Chi - posing as Sora, one of Quan Chi's sexy undead assassins - in a deliberately failed attempt to kill Emperor Shao Kahn. ===Male/Female=== Taja (Kristanna Loken) and Siro (Daniel Bernhardt) are impersonated by M ...more
Mortal Kombat: Conquest episode "Immortal Kombat"
I remember in this episode that there was an old Witch/Sorceress that Kung Lao had to go see to get an reverse-aging potion to help his 2 friends, Taja and Siro from dying from rapid aging which Shang Tsung gave them (it was meant for Kung Lao so he wouldn't be able to compete in a tournament). Wh ...more
Mortal Kombat: Conquest episode "Shadows of Doubt"
Shao Kahn calls upon warrior Mileena (guest star Meg Brown) who he transforms to look like his stepdaughter and friend to Kung Lao, Princess Kitana(Audie England).
Mortal Kombat: Defenders of the Realm episode Overthrown
Shang Tsung impersonates Shokan leader Sheeva to disrupt Kitana's attempt to overthrow Emperor Shao Khan.
Mr Meaty episode Parkerina
Parker, one of the main characters transforms into a girl. The transformation scene is a send up of "American Werewolf in London"
Mr. Show episode Sad Songs are Nature's Onions
Mr. Show is a sketch comedy show on HBO and in the begining the two host are transported to a place where there is a kid who claims he creates the tv ratings(tv-14, MA, etc), he then makes the host drink something which makes them shrink half their size then they drink it again and they shrink to th ...more
Mrs. Gorf episode of Wayside
This animated television series of the famous wayside school children's book series. In this episode, Mrs. Jewels' class is out on a camping trip. Dana tells the story of the meanest sub their class ever had, Mrs. Gorf. A witch that turn nearly the entire class into apples and one potato.
Mucha Lucha episode The Incredible Penny Plutonium
In an advert over in the UK theres a short clip where the main female character and the Flee (i think thats his name) are shown as a Mouse and a Monkey it's really quick clip but still a tranformation none the less
Mummies Alive episode Who's Who
A body switch episode, including a switch between the head mummy and the female mummy.
The Munsters episode Just Another Pretty Face
Gender, Monster
Herman is hit by lightning, and 'disfigured', ending up looking like actor Fred Gwynne. Grandpa tries to fix the problem, but creates a feminine Herman instead. (Fred Gwynne in Herman makeup and drag. Not pretty.) Another bolt of lightning restores him to normal.
Munsters episode Lily Munster Girl Model
When Lily gets a modeling job, Herman decides to get her to quit by making her jealous. To help with his plan, Grampa uses a magic potion to become a beautiful woman. At the end of the episode Eddie accidently drinks the potion and becomes a girl.
Muppet Show episode Newsflash - Mallerditis
Guest Star: Lou Rawls The Muppet newscaster reports on an outbreak of mallerditis, the new disease that turns victims into a duck. Of course, at the end of this sketch, he catches mallerditis and turns into a duck!
Muppet Show episode Unknown
An outbreak of cluckitis is causing the cast to change one-by-one into chickens. By the end of the show almost everyone is a chicken.
Muppet Show episode: Harry Belefonte
Doctor Strange Pork switches Ms Piggy and the captain. He also switches Kermit the Swedish Chef and himself with Janice.
Muse To My Ears
In this episode a Warlock has shape-shifting powers. To deceive the charmed ones, he uses his power to take the form of a muse to get close to them. He begins to attack Phoebe, but is struck by Cole. When Cole pries the ring off of the Warlocks finger, he morphs from a beautiful woman to his normal ...more
Musumet Ep 2
An Extraterrestrial named Modoki morphis one of the Musumet Girls into Midori, to fool her sisters. In One moment of the clip the sisters say: she has a thing that the girls don't have (lol), that's probe isn't Midori The clip is in Spanish You can see a clip at Youtube.
Mutant X episode Body and Soul
16 year old boy was being trained in Astral Projection and possesion to become the ultimate assassin. However, something went wrong and his body died before he could return to it. He now is stuck having to constantly take over other bodies as his possesion burns them out and when he leavesfor a new ...more
Mutant X episode Brother's Keeper
Lexa's brother Leo is a "multiple" - a shapeshifting mutant whose personalities manifest when he morphs. One of Leo's personalities, seen briefly, is a young girl named Mary Kate.
Mutant X episode Dream Lover
This time in Mutant X, scientist create a special machine that clones people. One of the female characters Shalimar Fox was captured and becomes the guinea pig of the experiment. The scientist clone her and she just about fools everyone in the show.
Mutant X episode Inferno
Emma, a member of the mutant team, becomes possesed with a dead firefighter.
My Babysitter's a Vampire episode "Three Cheers for Evil"
Two boys discover their new friend is a Vampire, and help her fight other supernatural phenomenon around their school. There are other vampires at the boys' school. One of the boys has special psychic powers inherited from his grandmother, who is a witch. In one episode, a new cheerleader na ...more
My Babysitter's a Vampire episode Guys and Dolls
In this episode of the Teletoon/Disney Channel series a doll named Debby is brought to life as human doll though still made of hard plastic. However to stay alive she must feed on energy, (Spoiler Text)
"My Brother's Keeper" episode of Danny Phantom
Danny, trying to fight a ghost (Spectra's henchman), trashes her office. She's posing as a counselor at Danny's school and feeding off kids' misery to keep herself young. Jazz thinks Danny is depressed so she makes him go see Spectra, but Danny can't sense her because her office is so cold. Feeling ...more
My Favorite Martian episode I'd rather Fight than Switch
Uncle Martin exchanges bodies with his landlady Mrs. Brown.
My Gym Partner is a Monkey episode Inocluaton Day
It is a the day for everyone at Charles Darwin Middle School (a school for animals) to get their shots. This includes a savage hunt with a blow dart by the nurse. Adam Lion, the school's only human student (he was put there by mistake because his last name is Lion), gets hit was a booster shot tha ...more
My Gym Partner's A Monkey - episode: The Two Jakes
In this episode Jake and Adam decide to create clones of themselves because they think it would make life easier for them. But the clones of them are mischevious troublemakers and age more quickly (E.G they start off as young ones in the middle, teenagers in another part, adults near the last part ...more
My Hero episode Big
Gender, Inanimate, Age
one of the character in this show is a talking baby (talking babies are never a good thing) one episode is about the baby (Ollie) rapidly growing due to health problems, we see him at 6 months, 7 years, 10 years and 17 years. due to the medicine, Ollie also changes sex and becomes Oliva for a short ...more
My Hero episode Brain Drain
George (Thermoman) tries to help out his friends by filtering out all the negative thoughts and feelings that make up their personalities. Trouble is he mixes up the discs when he reloads their minds and his wife Janet ends up with the mind of the weirdo next door; Tyler. Worse, Janets mind ends u ...more
My Hero episode Mine's a Double
Saw only the end which had the tg "George has to attend a Super-Hero Conference which means leaving Janet at home alone, minding the baby. In their wisdom, the Ultron Council provides a 'George clone' with the unlikely name of Hilary to keep Janet company. But while Hilary looks just like the real ...more
My Life as a Teenage Robot episode Return of the Raggedy Android
Jenny is a robot, programmed as a teenager, whose dream is to fit in with other teens. In this episode, Jenny is kicked out of local hangout, since they don't allow robots. So,her inventor designs a suit that makes her look like a regular teenage girl. But, the body suit begins to have a mind of its ...more
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic episode "A Canterlot Wedding"
Female, Gender, Mythical
Queen Chrysalis, a changeling, assumes the guise of Princess Cadence, the bride-to-be in Equestria's big wedding. Princess Cadence is to be wed to Twilight Sparkle's brother, Shining Armor, and the Princess is not acting like herself. She criticizes the food, decorations, and the other pre-weddi ...more
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, episode To Where and Back Again
Male, Gender
When Starlight Glimmer returns to Ponyville, she notices the Mane Six and Spike acting a little off. Later in a dream, Princess Luna warns her that the changelings have returned and have replaced the Mane Six and Spike. Thorax, a reformed changeling, briefly impersonates Twilight Sparkle to prov ...more
My Mental Choices Are Completely Interfering with My School Romantic Comedy - Ep
God calls Kanade on his mobile and proves to him that he is god by changing him into a girl. Chocolat immediately starts calling him Kanarin. God gives him the choice to stay a girl but refuses. (Spoiler Text)
My Mother the Car episode Unknown
'My Mother The Car' is a comedy where a lawyer's mother is reincarnated(!) as a 1928 Porter automobile! 9/65 - 9/66 NBC. See also
"My Wife As A Dog" episode of Friday The 13th, The Series
In this episode, a man with a dissolving marriage and an unhealthy attachment to his aging dog comes into possession of a cursed dogleash which allows its owner to physically exchange the traits of two other subjects when a murder is performed using the leash. Under the guise of trying to reconcil ...more
Mysti episode UK TV - Sat 4th September 2004
Mysti - a BBC TV Saturday morning kid's show - contained a sketch in which 3 men were sitting in a diner. One man wished that the diner would be full of good looking women, and he gets his wish in a (slightly predictable) way! Very basic SFX but well handled overall - male actors played their fem ...more
Mythic Warriors episode "Odysseus and Circe"
An evil sorceress named "Circe" has turned Odysseus's men into Pigs and a few men into a lion, a deer, a bear, and wolf. She also tried to turn Odysseus into a fox but he managed to stop her spell from turning him into a fox after sniffing a purple flower that he held on. When Odysseus refuse to st ...more
MythQuest episode Unknown
This was a mini series on PBS and on some of the episodes such as the Greek Mythology themed epsiodes there was serval Animal TFs such as a man morphing into a wolf.