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Category: 'Television Episode'
L.A. Law episode Unknown
After a partner dies in the office, his secretary delivers his eulogy and reveals that she is a pre-op transsexual and his lover. In Episode 1 she haggles over a severance package, since the other partners are too transphobic to keep her on.
L.A. Law episode Unknown
The bald attorny defends a lovely model who was fired when her sex change became public.
La Rosa de Guadalupe, episode "En Sus Zapatos"
in this episode mother and daughter fight constantly changing body due to divine help to live for a moment the life of the other.
Lab Rats episode "Three Minus Bree"
Leo gives his mother Tasha a new experimental pill that computer diagnoses medical conditions in the human body but accidentally sends Eddie, the male artificial intelligence running their computer systems, into her body and controlling it, overriding his mothers control. Eddie uses the opportunity ...more
Land of the Giants episode Genius At Work
Land of the Giants was a novel first. A TV producer created a TV series based on it that ran from 1968 to 1970, for 2 seasons! A small aircraft with 7 people and a dog on board crash after a severe storm and when they get out they learn they are trapped, not on Earth, but on a strange planet ...more
Land of the Giants episode The Flight Plan
A small aircraft with 7 people and a dog on board crash after a severe storm and when they get out they learn they are trapped, not on Earth, but on a strange planet of giants! They are literally small enough to be held in a hand of a giant! And that happens often in the series! Utilizing many ...more
Land of the Giants episode Wild Journey
In this episode (the second-to-last of the series' run) Capt. Steve Burton (Gary Conway) and Dan Erickson (Don Marshall) travel through time and space back to Earth to try and persuade the passengers not to get on the ill-fated voyage of the Spindrift. There, they encounter two aliens who try to sab ...more
Land of the Lost episode Album
Will is lured to the Lost City by a mysterious mental summons and is reunited with his mother who died when he was very young. However, "Mother" is really one of the presumably-male (no females ever mentioned)Sleestak who has created the illusion to draw the Marshalls into a deadly trap!
"Landslide" episode of Heroes
Female, Race
Candice, still holding Micah prisoner under Linderman's orders, disguises herself as a black woman named Miss Baker to bring Micah into the voting booths.
Last Fight
Brief. When visiting Adalind's storage facility, Elizabeth, Renard's mother, tastes a bit of Adalind's potion and transforms into Adalind and then Juliette. Transformation happens at 20:53.
Doctor Who episode The Last of the Time Lords
Continuation from previous episode. (Spoiler Text)
Last Picture Show
The minor subplot of this show has a magic marriage counciler swap Leo & Piper's bodies in a 'walk in my shoes' treatment. The magic stays in Piper's body. Best part of the swap was when 'Piper' threatens to freeze 'Leo' if 'he' doesn't stop whining. No mirror checking out. Though the nw Piper do ...more
Late Nght with Conan O'Brian show episode Unknown
Twice this week, Conan shows his legs under his desk by having the front of the desk removed... and Lower part of his body, especially the bare feminine legs, are those of a beautiful woman dressed in a skirt! Through a greenscreen effect and careful timing, the half man/half woman Conan spins in ...more
Late Night with Conan O'Brien episode Unknown
In a skit about NBC's budget cuts Conan mentions a number of things that had to be budgeted on the set, inculding the announcer Joel Goddard. He is now a black woman, but still has his voice.
Late Night with David Letterman episode The Alan Kalter Makeover skit
Alan intros a new skit, where he gives people makeovers. A pretty blonde woman is his first subject. Alan washes her hair, applies her makeup and picks out an outfit. Then he shows us the final product and his exact double walks in, except she is still speaking with her own voice. "What did y ...more
Laverne and Shirley episode Unknown
This was one of the later episodes, where only Laverne, Carmine, and Squiggy were still with the show. Laverne's body is possessed by the ghost of a male track star, who wants to prove, using Laverne's body, that he should have won an Olympic gold medal in the 30's.
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit episode Identity
The officers accuse a forteen-year-old boy of killing an attempted rapist in self defence, as his DNA was found at the scene. It turns out it was really his twin sister. The sister was born a boy, but a botched circumcision destroyed her penis. Her parents raised her as a boy, with the help of a ...more
The League Of Gentlemen episode Unknown
An evil carnival owner, Papa Lazoroue, Kidnappes people and transforms them into animals. A mans wife is transformed itnto a lion, An elderly woman is transformed into an aligator and A group of people are transformed into an elephant.
The Legend of Tarzan episode Tarzan and the Return of La
Animal, Gender
The disembodied spirit of a villainess, Queen La, first possessed Jane. Later on, she possessed Tarzan and said his body was far better than Jane's body whom she possessed for a while before switching over into Tarzan. At the end, she is beaten and transfers into a rat to escape, but is caught. ...more
Legend of the Seeker
Zedd falls victim to a mysterious spell that strips him of his memory - and his old age. Emboldened by his newfound youth, the once-wise wizard is convinced he must replace Richard with a new Seeker to find the Stone of Tears and save a town threatened by a rift to the Underworld. Now, it's up to R ...more
Legend of the Seeker, Episode Identity, S01E07
Female, Male
An old witch switch body between the seeker and another guy that's going through his wedding. This was done Quantum Leap style, ie we see which character is really whom, but the rest of the people around them didn't see the changes. At the end, the old witch transformed herself into a much young ...more
The Legend of Zelda episode Doppelganger
In this episode, the evil Wizard Ganon send a magical mirror to Zelda's room. That night, as Zelda is combing her hair in front of the mirror, the moon shines down and reflects an evil clone of Zelda, who proceeds to jump out of the mirror and replace her.
The Legendary Journeys Hercules episode Unknown
In the spirit realm Dayhok is after Iolus's soul and torments him by changing shapes from a male friend helping to exorcize dayhok to a female one and then into Hercules himself!
Legends of Tomorrow episode Too Legit to Quit
Female, Race
In order to keep computer Gideon occupied, when it is time to show Esperanza "Spooner" Cruz's (Lisseth Chavez) future, (Spoiler Text)
Legion of Super Heroes episode "Trials"
Age, Inanimate, Monster, Size
Zyx returns, but this time he is not the biggest magical threat to the Legion, instead it is Mordru who takes over his, and Zyx's, homeworld of Zarok. Being a master magician, when the Legion confront Mordru, he is well prepared. (Spoiler Text)
"Child's Play" episode of Legion of Super Heroes
Inanimate, Monster, Animal
In this episode Zyx, a young sorcerer child, is causing reckless havoc on Earth. Lightning Lad chews the kid out a bit, and in a tantrum the child turns Lightning Lad into a rat. The child sorcerer also turns into a few animals during the episode (including a large cat, a dragon and an octopus) ...more
Létající Cestmír episode Der fliegende Ferdinand
Ferdinand is on his way to the school when suddenly a unbelievable thing happens, a meteorite absorbs him and finds himself on the planet of the flowers. Making him late for school, of course. However, from the planet of the flowers, Ferdinand has brought two flowers. He finds that if he smells one, ...more
Lexx episode The Game
A game of chess for life and death using people for peices. Late in the episode one of the male pawns reached the end and turned into a beautiful queen.
Lexx episode The Key
Prince is once again killed at the end of episode 3.07 but this time returns as a double for Xev. Kai and Stanley return to the Lexx taking Xev (Prince) with them. Prince as Xev has sex with Stanley to get the key to controlling the Lexx from Stanley.
Lexx episode A Midsummer's Nightmare
Spoiler alert below... Kai and Stanley seek out the "Feast of Mograth", hoping to resurrect Xev. There they meet Oberon, king of the faeries, who grants their request... But in return he demands their eternal servitude unless they can escape his forest before sunrise. Oberon must marr ...more
Lexx episode Love Grows
Members of the crew of the spaceship LEXX swap genitals, sex drives and change voices. The rest of their bodies stay the same. The ship LEXX (a male ship) changes to a female ship. Sexual innuendo, no graphic sex scences. Same cast plays their opposite sex roles (they really don't look different).
Lexx episode Vlad
Three Witches transform into Xev, Kai, and 790 respectively in order to deceive Stan and aquire some of Kai's proto blood.
Li'l Horrors Volume 2 episode Trouble Double
In the second of five short stories on the DVD, Cleo casts a spell so that Vlad and Medusilla swap bodies, but can the spell be reversed when everyone has had enough? The children at the school are junior versions of many of the staple horror characters. Vladimere is a young Dracula and the main ...more
"Liasions" episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation
An alien pretending to be female is marooned with Picard, so he can better understand human emotions.
"Liberation" episode of Quantum Leap
Sam leaps into an older housewife, during women's lib.
Lidsville episode Take Me To Your Rabbit
Villain Merlo the Magician turns himself into a female rabbit. It is a costume not unlike the Lion in Wizard of Oz with breasts. How can we submit multiple types?
The Life and Times of Juniper Lee episode The Great Escape
Juniper and gang are on a visit to the local zoo on a field trip. While there Juniper overhears some camels speaking to each other. Turns out that the zookeeper has been kidnapping magical creatures and turning them into animals. Juniper goes back to the zoo that night to spring all the animals. ...more
The Life and Times of Juniper Lee episode I've Got You Under My Skin
June tries to create a body-double when she needs to be in two places at the same time. In this episode, there are several transformations: Ray Ray becomes June's copy Monroe becomes Ray Ray's copy Nobody becomes Monroe's copy. *NOTE: According to TV.Com, the First Air-Date of th ...more
The Life and Times of Juniper Lee episode It Takes a Pillage
A cursed Viking medallion causes Juniper's classmates, male and female, to be possessed by the spirits of Vikings, who then go on a Nordic rampage.
The Life and Times of Juniper Lee episode Oh Brother What Are You
Rei Rei, Junipers little brother, drinks a growth potion in the making and turns into a big dinosaur like creature. In an attempt to change him back they make a clone of him but each clone is different, One is a humanoid dog, another part elephant, and even an adult female version of himself.
The Life and Times of Juniper Lee - Party Monsters
=The Life and Times of Juniper Lee - Party Monsters= *Categories: Misc, Television Episode In this episodes, June's family members come to her Ahmah's birthday party. But a strange orb from a monster starts turning them into monsters. ==Images== Image 1 Image 2 Image 3
"Life Interrupted" episode of The 4400
The main character Tom Baldwin wakes up in a parawell universe where the 4400 were never taken and they lived on from the time they were taken to the time they died or the present. We see an elderly version of Miaya who was taken in 1946 when she was 8, and since she was never taken she lived a ful ...more
"Lifeboat" episode of Stargate SG-1
SG-1's discovery of a crashed space vessel's cryogenically preserved crew is complicated by a sudden energy burst that allows the aliens to possess Daniel. Throughout the episode Daniel is possessed by twelve different people several of which are women, some men and some are children.
"Lifeline" episode of Star Trek: Voyager
Looks like this makes *two* gender-morphs for the Doctor (in just a few weeks no less!) and *three* for the entire series! Anyway, the Doctor receives word that his creator - Dr. Zimmerman - is dying so the Doctor is downloaded via compressed stream to Zimmerman's lab on Earth. However, he fi ...more
"Lifeline" episode of Stargate Atlantis
Atlantis sent a small team to steal a Z.P.M. power module from the Replicators homeworld. Dr. Weir was captured but able to link with Replicator central link to freeze all Replicators. When the leader of the Replicators thought he finally able to break through and capture the whole team, and tried ...more
Lilo and Stitch episode Baby-Fier
An experiment that turns adults into babies breaks loose and turns everyone but Lilo and 625 (vaguely important cousin of Stitch) into babies.) Lilo has to learn responsibility in order to restore them.
Lilo and Stitch episode Bugby
When an experiment that can turn people into bugs arrives, Lilo and gang are turned into bugs (she becomes a ladybug, Stitch becomes an ant, Jumba becomes a stinkbug, and Pleakley becomes a mantis).
Lilo and Stitch episode Frenchfry
Lilo, Stitch and Pleakley fatten up after eating food prepared by a chef-like experiment, as does Gantu. We also learn how Jumba got so fat.
Lilo and Stitch episode Poxy
Jumba shrinks Lilo and Stitch (think Fantastic Voyage) so they can get into Pleakley's body and catch a disease-like experiment. Gantu, the main villain of the series, is also shrunk (temporarily).
Lilo and Stitch episode Retro
In the episode Lilo and Stitch run into an experiment called Retro who has the ability to revert anything to its primitave state. Elephant into Mamoth, Tiger into Sabortooth Tiger, car into an older modle, etc
Lilo and Stitch episode Skip
Lilo is transported 10 and then 20 years into the future. She is aged instantly, as is everyone else.
Lilo and Stitch episode Swapper
In this episode Lilo and Stitch find a creature that can swap peoples bodies. Lilo and Stitch are both swapped. There are many other swaps during the episode.
Lilo and Stitch episode Wishy-Washy
Lilo and Stitch: the Series episode "Morpholomew"
In this crossover episode between Lilo and Stitch: the Series and American Dragon: Jake Long, Lilo finds an experiment than change any living thing into another living thing. In the episode Lilo gets transformed both into her crush and Jake Long. Nothing is really made of the gender change of cours ...more
"Line of Duty" episode of Stargate SG-1
In the episode - "Line of Duty" of the series Captain Samantha Carter is possesed by a male Goa'uld named Jolinar who is a member of the resistance group called the To'Kra.
Little Box of Horrors
Pretty good Charmed episode except for the soapy scene in a stuck elevator Spoilers. A female demon kills the guardian of Pandora's box. Then impersonates the woman to get the charmed ones to help her fine the box. Planning of course to release more evil into the world. The witches h ...more
"Little Green Men" episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
A mishap sends Quark, Rom, and Nog back in time to Earth of 1947 in Roswell, New Mexico, where military forces mistake them for alien invaders. Odo morphs and reverts into/out of a German Shepherd in this episode.
The Little Mermaid episode Red
King Triton begins to feel old so Ariel buys some kind of orb from a Glowfish. When King Triton sees the orb he becomes younger until he is a red haired boy, maybe between the ages 8-10 and he calls himslef Red. Later it is revealed the Glowfish was hired by a eviul wizzard fish that triton had bani ...more
The Little Wizards, episode "Everything's Ducky"
In this episode of the cartoon about a boy prince named Dexter and his three friends (who are small monsters as well as the titular wizards), Dexter has to rescue a princess from the clutches of his evil uncle. His solution? Transform himself and his three wizard friends into ducks to sneak ins ...more
"Live Fast And Prosper" episode of Star Trek: Voyager
A group of humanoid aliens - one female and 2 males - have been pulling scams across their sector of space by posing as Janeway, Tuvok, and Chakotay. Dala - the female impersonating Janeway - is captured by the *real* Voyager crew and then escapes. The con artists quickly proceed to the planet wher ...more
Living Single episode Unknown
Not exactly a transformation hypnotism session that in all of her past 1000 lives, she was a man.
Lizzie McGuire episode Those Freaky McGuires
Lizzie and younger brother Matt swap bodies in this live action Disney show! NOTE This episode may be shown on friday in the final week of June or a bit later (July???) as Disney has scheduled a contest for voting online between this and another episode to be shown first.
Lloyd in Space episode Lloyd Changes His Mind
There is an episode of this cartoon series in which Lloyd switches bodies with his little sister. I caught only the end of it yesterday on Disney's "1 Saturday Morning." I wish I'd seen the whole thing so I could post a decent review. Just know that it exists.
Lloyd in Space episode Neither Male Nor Female
Zoid a gender neutral alien boy reaches an age when he must decide whether to be male or female. Lloyd and the boys bet the girls that Zoid will choose to be their sex and both groups treat him to fun experiences such as sports and belching contests for the guys and shopping and aerobics for the g ...more
"Lockdown" episode of Stargate SG-1
Anubus is back and without a body. He possesses a Russian on the base and then enters Dr. Jackson. He enters a pretty hot nurse too. Later he possesses the body of the hot chick member of the team, I forget her name.
Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman episode Brutal Youth
A woman finds a way to drain life force from people and transfer it to herself. The victim gets older and feebler as she gets younger and more vibrant. She uses it on Jimmy Olson, who ages to an old man. At the end, she uses it against Superman; he barely changes, but his super-powered life force ...more
Lois and Clark episode Big Girls Don't Fly
A alien assassin sent to kill superman changes into, among other things, his mother and an attractive woman.
Lois and Clark episode Ghosts
The ghost of a gangsters wife possesses Lois.
Lois and Clark episode I Now Pronounce You...
On Lois and Clark's wedding day Lois is kidnapped by Lex Luther and Lois is impersonate by her Clone.
Lois and Clark episode Madame Ex
Luther's Ex wife creates a double of Lois using an accident victom who she has a Dr transform into Lois. She plans to frame Lois for crimes as revenge. Many laughs in the show - Lois and her double confront each other and critisize each other's fashion sense! - Or when they find captain who marrie ...more
Loiter Squad Episode "The Shady Bunch"
One of the characters is having pillow talk with a blonde woman when she admits she is a man. She then removes her wig to reveal an overweight Hawaiian.
"The Long Goodbye" episode of Stargate Atlantis
Male, Female
Dr. Weir was possessed by alien found in a lifepod. Another alien in another lifepod took over Sheppard's body. And they fought to the death due to the 2 aliens were enemies.
Long Live the Queen
Cole's power is questioned when his wife Phoebe interferes in a Demonic Attack. Because of this botched attack, Cole kills the Demon so that this news does not spread. To save face, the Demons tell Cole he should kill the innocent to boost Demonic Morale. Near the end, Phoebe comes to her sisters P ...more
"The Long Road Home" episode of Friday The 13th, The Series
A cursed yin/yang medallion allows the user to transfer his personality into the body of another after he first kills the second person. A few same-gender swaps take place in this episode, and very near the end, the mind of a killer is placed in the form of a scarecrow (which orginally was built a ...more
Look Around You episode Invention of the Year
In the last episode of this British spoof of 80's technology shows, a sex-change machine is shown. One of its inventors and one of the presenters are both changed into women.
Look Who's Barking
The sisters cast a tracking spell to help them locate a screaming Banshee. Since a Banshee's cry is so high only animals can hear it, Prue (Shannen Doherty) is inadvertently changed into a pure white Malamute. She remains in this form for much of the episode, retaining her own mind but not being ...more
Loonatics Unleashed
The Kids WB has created a super-hero themed Looney Tunes featuring Ace Bunny (Bugs Bunny), Tec-E Coyote (Wile E. Coyote), Rev Runner (Road Runner), Danger Duck (Daffy Duck), Slam Tasmanian (Tazz), and Lexi Bunny (Lola Bunny) as superheroes, who gain super powers when a freak meteor crashed near A ...more
Looney Tunes episode The Big Snooze
During a dream, Elmer Fudd is transformed by Bugs Bunny into something reminiscent of Rita Hayworth.
Looney Tunes episode Ali Baba Bunny
At the end of the episode, Duffy Duck proves to be so greedy that he tries to stuff a just released genie back into his lamp so he will not have to share any treasure with him. The genie retaliates by shrinking Duffy down to about an inch tall.
Looney Tunes episode Bewitched Bunny
After helping Hansel and Gretel escape from Witch Hazel, bugs spends the episode being chased around the witch's house. When he is finally cornered, Bugs uses some emergency magic powder to change Witch Hazel into a female rabbit. The new rabbit couple walk off into the sunset arm in arm.
Looney Tunes episode Broom-Stick Bunny
While trick or treating bugs ends up at Witch Hazel's house. But Hazel doesn't realize bugs is wearing a costume, and thinks she may no longer be the ugliest witch. So she mixes up a beauty potion to eliminate the competition. Aftering finding out that bugs is a rabbit, she decides her guest wou ...more
Looney Tunes episode I Was a Teenage Thumb
Gender, Animal, Inanimate
In this take-off on the "Tom Thumb" story, wizard Ralph K. Merlin changes shape uncontrollably when he hiccups. In one series of transformations, he sneezes himself into a beautiful redhead. Very brief. The first sequence of rapid-fire sneeze-induced transformations is: dragon, cow, baby carriag ...more
Looney Tunes episode Knight-Mare Hare
Merlin uses a pinch of magic powder to change Bugs into a pig. But he just unzips his piggy form and returns to normal. While Merlin is trying to figure out what went wrong, Bugs changes him into a horse. But when Merlin unzips him self, him's still a horse.
Looney Tunes episode Porky's Hired Hand
Porky hires an assistant to guard his chickens from the Fox. The fox sneaks in and tricks the dim witted assistant into becoming partners. While trying to sneak out the foz accidentaly locks himself in the incubator room. When Porky opens the door, the fox, now shrunken to miniature size, comes out ...more
Los Protegidos, Season 3, Episode 4
Age, Gender
While cheering up the little kids in the living room, Lucus transforms into the little girl and chases her brother.
Lost episode Fire Plus Water
This episode is all about Charlie (Every episode is about one castaway and what their lives were before the plane crash). We knew already from previous episodes that Charlie is a washed-up heroin-addicted rock star. He got over his addiction on the island. In the this episode Charlie is having st ...more
Lost Girl Season 2 Episode 9 "Original Skin"
Male, Gender
A night out at the Dal goes awry when an insane trickster spikes the beer with a substance that transfers Bo out of her body resulting in a ripple effect that finds our regulars inhabiting the skin of their friends, lovers and rivals.
Lost In Space episode A Change of Space
Will Robinson takes a trip on a faster-than-light spaceship and becomes super intelligent. Dr. Smith decides he wants his intelligence increased, too, but when he returns from his trip he has aged to an old man.
Lost in Space episode The Mechanical Man
An army of tiny duplicates of the Robinsons' robot appear on the planet and demands that their great leader - the Robinsons' robot - return with them to the planet Industro. The robot agrees to go, but the tiny robots - unimpressed with the robot's kind-hearted personality - transfer Dr. Smith's ...more
Lost In Space episode The Promised Planet
The Jupiter 2 lands on a planet whose population appears to be entirely teenagers, and whose activity seems to be one neverending party. Their leader, Bartholomew, explains that they are in age stasis: they are all physically stuck at their current age and need someone (they have in mind Will) to gi ...more
Lost in Space episode All That Glitters
With only Smith and the female crew members around - the rest are on an expedition - a mysterious voice directs Dr. Smith and Penny to "the greatest treasure in the universe". It turns out to be a necklace that gives its wearer a platinum touch. Penny thinks it wiser to leave it alone, but Smith can ...more
Lost In Space episode Kidnapped In Space
The Robinsons run into a group of alien travellers who have limited control over time. Dr. Smith (never one to learn from his mistakes) sees possibilities for personal gain in this and messes around with one of the alien machines. He then turns into a little boy, noticeably younger than Will.
Lost In Space episode Space Beauty
During the series third and final season, Judy enters a beauty contest consisting of contestants of all shapes, sizes, and species. In order to snag a chunk of the prize money, Dr. Smith enters the Robot, modified into a female robot with the help of Farnum B's agent. It's really hilarious seeing th ...more
Lost In Space episode Unknown
in two separate episodes of the series, there were 2 occurances of size change. One episode had the robot grow to gargantuan size and Will and Dr Smith had to go inside of him and try to reverse the condition that led to his growth. It has an excellent scene with the exit shrinking along with th ...more
Lost in Space episode Unknown
Doctor Smith tries using an alien time control device to shave a few years off, but ends up as a child.
Lost In Space Forever (special) episode Unknown
On the set of the Jupiter 2, the Robot announces that the ship has passed through a cloud that has aged everybody on board 33 years. Will Robinson and Dr. Smith join him; Will is now in his upper thirties, and Smith is an elderly man. (This was not much of a stretch for the actors, as this skit was ...more
Lost World episode Mark of the Beast
Lord Roxton & Margeritte chase a monkey who has stolen her necklace. She is tricked into picking up a strangel; amulet. It marks her hand. The monkey turns back into a man thief. The Amulet changes people into animals. Margeritte becomes a python, a young reporter an eagle, etc. A strange tribe want ...more
"Lotus Temple" episode of Jackie Chan Adventures
In this episode, which doesn't exactly follow any storyline, Jackie and Jade stumble across the Lotus Temple, a powerful magic temple where a little girl is trapped for all eternity as the temple guardian. She is doomed to transform into a vicious yeti-like beast every time an intruder enters the t ...more
Love American Style episode Love And The Genie
A quarreling couple rub a magic lamp and the genie decides they should see life thru each others eyes at a nightclub.
Love Hina episode A Sepia-colored Promise with a Sleeping Girl: A Trick?
Keitaro discovers a doll that can move on its own. Everyone is amazed by it, but Keitaro seems to be the only one who can hear it talk. He finds out from the doll that his great grandfather promised to fix its legs but never did and being the good guy he is, Keitaro decides to fulfill his ancestor's ...more
Love Hina episode Kendo Girl and the Legend of the Dragon Palace: Is This a Drea
During meditation, Motoko enters a dreamworld where everyone is living in an RPG. Keitaro is a knight on a quest to save Naru from the Dragon King and the silliness of it all turns off Motoko. But as she continues to meditate further, she finds a lesson in the dream. There are two age transformat ...more
Love Hina episode Mesmerized by Naru on the Haunted Island! Something's Fishy!
Naru becomes possessed by an evil spirit and Motoko is the only one who can destroy it. Unfortunately, she doesn't know the technique to kill the spirit without killing the body and it's quite a predicament. The spirit is a female who lures men into the water with her and drowns them. The spirit als ...more
Love Hina episode Who Is the Beautiful Women Wandering in the Moonlight?
Age, Age
A mysterious woman appears in Hinata with her pet alligator. The duo are wreaking havoc all across town and Kentaro claims that it's actually a grown-up version of Kaolla. The mysterious woman is actually Su's older sister. But Su actually does become a grown woman when she sees the red moon. O ...more
Love Spell episode My Girl (Episodes 1-4) My Boy
This is a love story between Stephanie and Simon. Stephanie was just a typical high school girl, that wanted to be cool and popular like Vanna and Rhea. They told Stephanie that for her to be like them, to be their friend, and to have the same necklace as the one they have, she has to have a boyfri ...more
Love's A Witch
Two witch familys ( good witches actually) are feuding Ala Romeo & Juliet. A male witch tells Paige that his lover was killed in the cross fire ( actually not true someone did it deliberately) Unknown to anyone she becomes an evil spirt seeking vengence on both houses. She also plans on posessing P ...more
Lupin the Third episode First Contact
Lupin disguises himself as a beautiful woman in order to sneak into the bedroom of a crime boss and steal a precious flask.
Lupin III (Second Series) episode Unknown
Lupin disguises himself as Fujiko in order to steal a gang member's safe.
Lupin III episode Unknown
In the made for TV movie, Lupin disguises himself as Fujiko (complete with the lingerie she was wearing) to make himself appear as her reflection. Later in the movie, the male villan disguises himself Fujiko (tied up and captured) in order to trick Lupin into rescuing him/her.
Lupin III episode Unknown
Lupin goes up against a thief (Kikuko Benten) who disguises himself as a woman in order to steal a painting. The thief disguises himself as Fujiko in Episode 55 to seduce Lupin and get information from him. It is Episode 56 that it is revealed that the thief (who had been disguised as a woman in b ...more