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Category: 'Television Episode'
KABLAM! episode Harold's Glow-In-The-Dark Brand Butter
There is a cool show on Nickelodeon on SNICK called KABLAM! It is hosted by two cartoon kids named Henry and June. Henry keeps getting an anvil dropped on him at times, while June introduces the various shows, like "Life with Loopy" and "Action League Now!" One time, Henry and June discover they ...more
Kamen Rider Faiz episode All of them
In 2003's run of the Kamen Rider franchise in Japan, the kaijin(monsters) that the heroes have to face are called Orphenochs. These creatures can transform from human to a more monstrous animal version. Three of the main characters, Kiba, Kaida and Yuji are Centaur, Dog, and Crane Orphenochs respect ...more
Kamichu! episode Unknown
Episode 2 "Please God" Episode 3 "Oh no, this is not what I wanted!" Yashima-sama a local god briefly possesses one of the girls twice in episode 2 and twice in episode 3. Usually so that he can talk to the other girls who can't see him. One time he did it to play the Guitar in front of an audie ...more
Kanon (2006) episode Whole Series
Baby Fox is changed into a girl and tries to live as human. Because of that change she lost her memory and soon will lost her life.
KAOS Reunion episode Unknown
As part of TV Land's Get Smart marathon, they airing comedy shorts between episodes that features old villains from Get Smart having a reunion. In one segment, Siegfried (Bernie Koppel) asks Dr. Zarko (Tom Poston) to introduce him to a sexy young woman in a red dress smoking a cigar. Zarko says it i ...more
Kasimasi - Girl Meets Girl episode TV series
A relatively new anime series (Only on its second episode), but a boy, after being rejected by the girl he likes, goes to the mountain where he met her. Then an alien spaceship crash lands, of all places, exactly where he's standing. His body's destroyed, but the aliens regenerate it... Except it ...more
Kassai and Leuk
26-part TV series about a boy and a hare who tried to rescue his country from the curse by assembling the magical artifact. Based on African folklore, so I suppose many TFs. Definitely, there is a girl (Princess Marana) who was cursed to change into a gazelle during the day.
"Keeper of Traken" episode of Doctor Who
Near the end of the 4th part of the episode, the Master, in a badly damaged and decaying body, took over council Tremas's body, and transformed back to his own healthy self.
The Kenney Everett Show episode Unknown
Kenney is a fairy that flies around 'spreading beauty wherever he goes'. The sprinkled fairy dust turned whoever it touched into beautiful women, lavishly dressed. It's actually cross-dressing, rather than Gender change. It's on YouTube under the name: A Big Chunk Of The Kenny Everett Video Sh ...more
Kenritsu Chikyuu Boeigun episode Unknown
Cyborgs Sanchin and Yuuko emerge from the pods that grew new, fully human bodies for them. Unfortunately, they got put into the wrong pods, and switched genders.
keroro episode 99 (3/3)
Main heroine of the show changes into dog by cursed dog collar. This episode wlii come out on March 3, so pls catch it, who can. (japanese, but could be tF into English by babelfish)
keroro gunsou episode 94
Kidd Video episode Chameleons
The copy cats, one male one female, use a machine to turn into into pretty human teenage girls in order to trap Kidd Video's friends.
Kiddy Grade episode Unmasked/Face
two female villains take over the bodies of Eclair and Lumeire, and take control of G.O.T.T. headquarters, later the real Eclair and Lumieire, apper in new bodies.
Kids in the Hall episode Unknown
In a weird sketch, a boy tells his parents he wants to become an (east) Indian woman. He begins dressing for the part and marries an Indian man. He apparently does become a woman, because he gives birth to a son (his reincarnated father, who had a heart attack when his son told him the news).
Kids in the Hall episode Unknown
The devil during a rock and roll musical duel takes the form of a beautiful woman to off balance his opponent. And believe it or not they used a real woman.
Killer Bash episode Unknown
Becky Jeckyl, a college student, gets possessed by a guy who was killed by his frat brothers when she puts this certain ring on her finger. Using her body, he kills members of that fraternity. Currently airing on the "here!" network. Apparently it is a network aimed toward gay/lesbian audiences.
Killjoys episode "Meet the Parents"
(Spoiler Text) Both characters notice (and mention) the differences in strengths and vulnerabilities of their new body versus their own, correct body.
Kimagure Orange Road episode I'm a Fish I'm a Cat
Animal, Gender
Kyosuke, his sister Kurumi, and his grandfather switch bodies between the three of them. Brief. As you might have guessed by the title he also body swap with a fish and later a cat.
"Kinda" episode of Doctor Who
The Mara, appears as a man, possessed Tegan's body while she slept under a wind-chimes, leaving a snake tatoo on her arm. Later she met a man and transferred Mara from her body to his.
"Kindred" episode of Heroes
Female, Gender
Candice changes her appearance and name because the police are looking for her previous form. (Also because of the fact that Missy Peregrym, who played Candice, is on another show.) Her name is now Michelle and she takes care of Sylar, who is not dead. She tries to help him heal because he is po ...more
Kindred: The Embraced episode The Rise and Fall of Eddie Fiori
Assamite shapeshifting assassin Marissa can take male shapes, including Kindred prince Julian Luna or his bodyguard Billy.
King Arthur's Disasters episode King Guinivere
Merlin's magic goes awray. The king switchs bodies with Guinivere. They must then find the slamming book of Cheshire to change them back.
King Crab: Space Crustacean episode Unknown
This item was featured on Cartoon Network's "What a Cartoon!" show back in 1999. It's basically a parody of any 1950's/60's science fiction series you can think of. The animation and style is very much like a John K. cartoon (like Ren & Stimpy). In the episode, the youngest crewmember of King Cra ...more
Kingyo no Fun episode Unknown
A couple switch bodies during sex two days before their wedding. They decide get married away and take on each others identity. the movie shows their lives afterward. I've seen part 2 and 3. Roughly an hour long each part. parts 1, 4, and possibly five should have been shown as well in the lat ...more
Kino's Travels episode Episode 4
In episode four of the anime it goes into flashback about where the main character originated from. It turns out she was from a country (more like city-state) where on every child's 12th birthday they are taken away to the hospital on the hill where overnight a machine ages the child to an adult (an ...more
Kochikame episode I'm Reiko and I'm Ryou-chan
In this episode, Ryoutsu and another officer (the attractive Reiko) get their bodies changed into one another's after having their picture taken in a photo sticker booth made by a bizarre scientist. The change back shows that they didn't just bodyswap, but rather their bodies actually had change ...more
Kolchak The Night Stalker episode The Werewolf
Reporter Carl Kolchak goes on a cruise ship to write an article. Also on board is Bernard Stiglitz, a NATO officer on medical leave. It seems Stiglitz was the only survivor of a unit that was killed by wolves.However, there's reason he survived the supposed attack:he was the one responsible. Of cou ...more
Kolchak: The Night Stalker episode Bad Medicine
An evil Shaman (Richard Kiel) is able to transform himself into both a Coyote and a raven in order to steal from and murder people.
Kolchak: The Night Stalker episode The Devil's Platform
Tom Skerrit guest stars as a slimy politician who begins winning elections when his opponents all wind up dead. In reality, he's made a deal with the devil and is able to change into a "devil dog/hellhound" (sort of a pit bull on steroids) whenever he needs to in order to kill off whomever he wishe ...more
Kolchak: The Night Stalker episode The Youth Killer
Helen Certes is the owner of a singles dating service. She is also the legendary Helen Of Troy. The dating service is her way of finding perfect physical specimens to offer as sacrifices to the goddess Hecate. Helen's spell keeps her young and beautiful, but causes her victims to age to death, going ...more
Korgoth of Barbaria episode #1 - Pilot
A sword and sorcery cartoon comedy/drama on the Cartoon Network. The animation is just OK but the women are drawn really hot. Korgoth is a Conan clone who moves from adventure to adventure. In the pilot episode he is tasked to steal an artifact from a wizard. After the confrontation between the ...more
Korgoth of Barbaria episode Pilot
This is a duplicate entry and is now marked for deletion - cj 2007nov26 in an episode of the cartoon network's adult swim series, Korgath is ransacking a wizards floating castle when his new girlfriend (rescued during the trek to the castle) walks in and is killed by the elderly wizard. When Ko ...more
Krypto The Super Dog episode Unknown
Tiny aliens shrink Krypto and his human friend.
Krypto the Superdog episode Puppy Problems
The Dog Star Patrol are turned into Puppies.
Krypto: The SuperDog episode Dog-gone Kevin
In this episode, Kevin is going to his nieghbor B-day party. (Girl who owns Streaky) He & Krypto would love to trade places & such. When Kevin looks in to see what girt his mom picked out for her, finds a necklace, which happens to be Red Kryptonite, which ends up Swapping Kevin & Kryto. Funny ...more
Kung Fu (2021) episode Alliance
Kerwin tries to escape with Mia, but his father Russell Tan has his men stop them. After this, off screen, a change occurs. This change is discovered at the 31:34 mark. (Spoiler Text)
Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness episode Shifu's Ex
Gender, Animal
Master Shifu and Mei Ling swap bodies by the Zhou Deng Soul Gem.