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Category: 'Television Episode'
The Jack Benny Program episode Unknown
Jack does something unusually generous and takes some kid fans of his to the circus (including a young Harry Shearer). While there he runs into an old friend of his (Mr Kitzel?) who shows up doing a number of odd jobs including dressing up as a gorilla. Near the end of the episode they walk past a ...more
Jackie Chan Adventures episode Big Jade Little Valmont
While in london seaching for a noble horse, Jackie Chan's niece, Jade, wants to grow up. She casts a grow up spell to make herself older, but instead It turns makes her grow taller until she is gigantic. The wizard Dao Long Wong creates an ogre too destroy Jackie but instead it ends up fighting J ...more
Jackie Chan Adventures episode Mirror Mirror
Jackie accidently releases evil mirror spirits who transform people into what they fear the most about themselves. Jackie's head grows, Jade turns into a mule, and Tohru turns into his mother. This appears to be a duplicate entry for entryid=1868 - now marked for merge. - cj 2007mar07
"Jade Monkey" episode of Jackie Chan Adventures
A magic monkey talismen transforms many of the characters into animals. The whole episide is full of animal transformations including Jade being transformed into a monkey and trapped in that form for a good portion of the episode.
Japanese TV show episode Unknown
Found something very special: I did never believe that a mask can be so realistic as seen on this Japanese TV show. A man becomes disguised as "Megumi" (maybe an actress or famous idol singer). At the end it seems as if they want to surprise the real Megumi in a restaurant with her copy, but the cli ...more
The Jersey episode The Switch
The magical Jersey becomes mroe powerful and switches athelic Morgan with her snobby Cousin Hillary who is running for Homecoming queen. At first they do there best to ruin eacch other lives as they hate being each other. Hillary gets Morgan benched on from the soccer team and Morgan gets Hillary of ...more
The Jersey episode Cheers, Jeers, and Tears
Hillary's crying over her responsibilities as being cheerleader captain so she jumps into football player Tim Couch and she/he gets advice and lessons from professional cheerleaders on new cheers to the shock of the coach and the other players. (Female to Male possession)
The Jersey episode Jersey Switch
A body switcheroo between Morgan and Hilary forces them both to experience the other one's hobbies; Elliott's responsible for making the jersey even more powerful. Nick: Michael Galeota. Coleman: Jermaine Williams. Elliott: Theo Greenly. Morgan: Courtnee Draper.
The Jersey episode This Rocks
The Jersey episode Willa Jumps
Animal, Gender
gs: Sam Garnes (Himself) Willa tries the jersey for size by exposing it to the whole school. But first she jumps into a football player, Amani Toomer (Himself. Then she tries to sell rides to others at school and a male nerd winds up in the body of a little girl on a store rocking horse. Af ...more
Jessie, "To Be Me or Not to Be Me"
Animal, Gender, Male, Female
Part of Disney Channel's Freaky Freakend stunt. Ravi gets a magic bell from India in the mail that has body swapping powers. Jessie switches with Zuri, Emma switches with Luke and Ravi switches with Bertram. Later, after everyone seems to have switched back, Jessie switches with Mr. Kipling the gia ...more
Jigoku Shoujo seasons 1 and 2
Inanimate, Monster, Furry
An anime about a website that can only be accessed at midnight where one can type the name of the person they truly wish to take revenge on and Jigoku Shoujo (Hell Girl) also known as Enma Ai and her compatriots will make a pact and then carry out the revenge. She and her companions deliver peo ...more
Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius episode Substitute Creature
Jimmy's teacher, Miss Fowl eats one of the seeds from Jimmy's DNA-accelearted spinach plant. She turns into a 50 foot plant creature. At the end of the episode Carl also eats one of the seeds and grows into a plant creature.
Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius episode Grumpy Young Men
Jimmy and his friends want to buy a violent video game, but unfortunately, they're too young for that. Meanwhile, Jimmy invents a gadget called the Metabolic Accelerator which will make you older if you step through it. But his plan works too well; he and his friends become elderly!
Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius episode Trading Faces
Do not follow the show, but the basic plot seems that Jimmy Neutron is a genius. He invents a Mind reading device and uses it at show and tell. However, Cindy makes a fool out of him. So he goes and upgrades the device. To test it he calls her and starts to listen to her mind, when lightning strikes ...more
The Jimmy Timmy Power Hour 2: When Nerds Collide episode Unknown
Many transformations in this second crossover between Timmy Turner and Jimmy Neutron. Jimmy and Timmy get turned into snails, Cindy gets turned into a fish, Carl into a half llama, and Prof. Calamitous gets shrunk and turned into Mrs. Neutron.
Joan of Arcadia episode Silence
Helen Girardi, while dreaming she's in a church, talks with a teenage boy who is one of the many incarnations of God who've spoken to her daughter Joan. After two lines, however, Helen looks again and God is in the form of Joan, but still talking with the boy's voice. Brief.
Johnny Bravo episode The Incredible Shrinking Johnny
Johnny is sent to the store to get so foot powder for his mom. On his way he falls off his bike and lands in front of "Octava's Black Magic" store. Once inside Johnny kiss the hand of the owner and she then places a spell on him which causes him to start shrinking. Johnny gets on his bike and notice ...more
Johnny Bravo episode A Wolf In Chick's Clothing
Johnny got rejected a ton of times But, this is his 1st date but little does he know that his date is a deranged female werewolf!
Johnny Bravo episode Island of Dr. Morceau
In this episode Johnny see a commerical for bizzare genetic experiments and "everyone knows that bizzare genetic experiments is code for hot sexy doctor seeks wonderful stud-muffin", to quote Johnny. He goes to the Island of Dr. Morceau (refences to Dr. Moreau is purely intentional). Dr. Morceau's ...more
Johnny Bravo episode Unknown
One of Johnny's dates turns into a werewolf, than into a nerdy fan boy. Brief at end
Johnny Bravo episode Vendella
in this episode johnny goes on a talk show hosted by a woman named vendella and opposite johnny is another guest who has written a book about men like johnny and as a result gets into a heated debate with johnny and finally is so angered by johnny that she rips off her clothes and like the incredibl ...more
Johnny Bravo episode Witch-ay Woman
Jonny makes a gypsy mad so she curses him to be a woman until he figures out women. Not bad but it was on cartoon network.
Johnny Test : Johnny to the Center of the Earth
Johnny Test is turbo charged kid with a flaming head of hair, a talking dog (that drinks coffee), and genius sisters use him for wild experiments. What else could you want? In Episode 1, Part A "Johnny to the Center of Earth" Molemen (Referred to as 'The Thieves of the Earth's Crust' by Jonnhy) ...more
Johnny Test episode "Papa Johnny"
Susan and Mary switch Johnny's brain with their dad's brain. (slight spoiler below...) at the end, when the males swap back, the mother and one of the daughters swap.
Johnny Test episode "Roller Johnny"
Johnny and his dog are turned into roller-derby women to enter a contest.
Johnny Test Episode: Johnny Susan Susan Johnny
In this short episode, Johnny is forced into swapping bodies with his sister Susan via a body swapping machine. As in most animated kids shows they retain their own voices in the other body.
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure - Episode 02
Gender, Monster
In the second episode, a man named Kakyoin uses his Stand (a sort of ghostly manifestation of a person's psyche), Hierophant Green, to possess a school girl in an attempt to kill JoJo. The possessed girl (who looks and sounds rather zombie-like when possessed) manages to stab JoJo with a pen befor ...more
"Joshferatu" episode of My Parents Are Aliens
In this episode Sophie tries to help Mel by askin Trent out for her by morphing into Mel. She is rejected then to make the real Mel not to feel rejected Sophie morphs into Trent and Mel asks him out.
Journeyman Episode The Hanged Man
The main character, Dan, is somewhat unstuck in time. He has a wife and son and his involuntary trips back in time often cause problems in his relationships with them. In this episode Dan accidentally leaves a camera from 2007 with a kid in 80's and as a result technology progresses at a much faste ...more
Julia Jekyll and Harriet Hyde episode Unknown
BBC children's show where young genius Julia Jekyll drinks a potion and periodically transforms into the large and furry Harriet Hyde.
Jumanji episode Who Am I
In an episode of this cartoon the boy and girl switch bodies.
Jungle de Ikou episode Series
Natsumi, a young child, is given a magic necklace that channels the spirit of a flower goddess (Mii) to defend the world against Ongo, a spirit of destruction. She is surprised to find that as mii she is older and has ridiculously huge breasts.
Jungle wa Itsumo Hale Nochi Guu episode Unknown
*SPOILER* In ep. 7 Guu gives a very special present to Hare... She somehow swaps him with the Doctor! That way he learns he's not such a bad guy... or is he?
Just Desserts episode Unknown
A Twilight Zone meets Fantasy Island-style series pilot starring Joel Grey. In one thread, a womanizer is made female as punishment. This also appeared in an the ABC special called 'The Best TV shows (That never were)' a pilot was shown for a potential series called 'Whispering Pines' starring J ...more
Just Shoot Me episode Brandi, You're a Fine Girl
Finch's old friend, Bert, is coming to visit. Finch is shocked to learn that Bert has become Brandi, a sexy young woman. He manages to overcome his shock and the two start to be friends again. Then, Finch starts to have feelings of lust. When he tries to act on them, Brandi rejects him and says tha ...more
Justice League Action episode Abate And Switch
After the Brothers Djinn use the power of their names to briefly remove both Wonder Woman's and Superman's powers, 4 of the JL members switch costumes and appearances (with Constantine's help) in order to confuse the Djinn. Plastic Man uses his shapeshifting ability to pose as Wonder Woman. He deve ...more
Justice League Action episode Mxy's Mix-Up
Male, Gender
While on a mission to stop Gorilla Grodd, the Justice League team is also attacked by Mister Mxyzptlk. He decides to make things interesting and swap members of the Justice League team into different bodies. (Spoiler Text) Later, they call in the Bravo team who also get switched around.(Sp ...more
Justice League episode The Brave in the bold part 1.
In this one- The flash goes through several hallucinations in which he turns into the following things: A fat man, a skinny guy, a puppet, and a gorilla.
Justice League episode Secret Origins
Invading Aliens take the forms of the captured Hawkgirl and Superman to fool the rest of the team.
Justice League episode Unsold Live Action Pilot
Unsold Pilot available through conventions. There is about a 2 minute scene where the Martian Manhunter becomes the Green Flame to help protect her identity.
Justice League Unlimited episode The Great Brain Robbery
In the recent UK release episode of Justice League the gang try to find out the hide out of Lex Luthor and others when it goes terribly wrong and The Flash and Lex Luthor swap minds. Lex now in Flash's body runs around the watch tower trying to escape and causes alot of havock, meanwhile the flash ...more
Justice League Unlimited episode Dead Reckoning
In this episode the Justice League helps a ghost called Boston Brand retrieve a mystic orb (which has the imprisoned spirit of one of Batman's old teachers) from the Legion of Doom. Grodd plans to use the orb to turn every human on earth into gorrilas like himself. At the very end of the episode ...more
Justice League Unlimited episode Epilogue
In a flashback to the Justice League's final battle with a new Royal Flush gang created by Ace of the last gang, when they are defeated and turn back to normal the Queen changes into a man. It's on screen for less than a second, so it's hard to really tell.
Justice League Unlimited episode Kid Stuff
In the above episode a Sorceress and her "young" son find the "amulate of first magic", in hopes of making her immortal son ruler of the world but the boy tired of being told what to do by his mother banishes her and all adults to another dimension. To stop him the Sorceress regresses Batman, Superm ...more
Justice League Unlimited episode This Little Piggy
Batman and Wonder Woman run afoul of the goddess Circe who transforms Wonder Woman into a pig. Batman and Magician Zattana must track her down, upon finding her she transforms several men into savage beasts to battle them. Meanwhile Wonder Pig has escaped them and entered a slaughter house.
Justice League Unlimited episode Hawk and Dove
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