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Category: 'Television Episode'
I Dream of Jeannie episode The Incredible Shrinking Master
Jeannie trys to help tony by shrinking a part to fit into a machine, but it spills over onto tony and he has to survive being mere inches tall and a hungry cat as I recall.
I Dream of Jeannie episode Eternally Yours, Jeannie
Jeannie gets jealous of Tony once again. (They are married in this show)and turns herself into a duplicate of Tony's visiting old girl friend. Tony finds out but then the real girl friend shows up with her huge husband and for a time they are mistaken for each other. Funny show, could have been bet ...more
I Dream of Jeannie episode Fly Me to the Moon
Jeannie changes chimp who is to be shot into space into human (Larry Storch, Cpl. Agarn on TV's F-Troop)
I Dream Of Jeannie episode Haven't I Seen Me Someplace Before?
Its Roger's birthday and Jeannie and Tony throw a small party for him. Instead of a normal gift Jeannie decides to give Roger something he has always wanted, his very own wish. As Roger is leaving the house, Tony mentions the fact that the next day he is going on an important space flight and Roger ...more
I Dream of Jeannie episode Jeannie's Beauty Cream
Mrs. Bellows asks Jeanie how she keeps here complexioning looking so good. Jeanie tells her she uses "Genie Cream" and gives her a container of it. Mrs. Bellows returns to her house and applys the Genie Cream. Instantly Mrs. Bellows is transformed into a different woman (but with the same voice.) S ...more
I Dream of Jeannie episode My Turned-On Master
Major Nelson unknowning gets genie's magic powers for a day. At one point he changes Roger into a baby, breif.
I Dream of Jeannie episode Unknown
Magic makeup makes Mrs. Bellows younger, effect is temporary. Later, Major Nelson accidentaly uses it and also gets younger.
I Dream of Jeannie episode Unknown
Jeannie helps Tony copy a Rembrandt so well he's accused of forgery. The picture's not pretty when Jeannie transforms Tony's donated copy of a Rembrandt painting into the original, highly valuable self-portrait. When the NASA charity calls for assistance from an art expert, Tony has only 24 hours t ...more
I Dream of Jeannie episode What's New, Poodle Dog?
Jeannie keeps changing Major Healey into a dog. At the end, she changes the two beauty queens that the Majors are to date into dogs as well.
I Dream of Phoebe
Pheobe in habits the genie's body. Brief but still effective
I My Me Strawberry Eggs episode entire series
(Note from the Editor: this item will be pulled in one week unless I can get further conformation) The main character becomes female to get a job as a high school teacher.
I've Got you Under my Skin
In the first season. The witches battle a demon that steals youth from young women. You see some good morphs with them going from young to old. Piper finds out about it as a woman she knows has a unique tatoo on her hand & she finds a very old woman with the same tatoo! Spoiler Great Morph at ...more
Ikkitousen episode Episode 12 and 13
The heroine Hakafu is possessed by Toutaku's dead spirit in order that he can lure his arch enemy Saji into a battle and kill him.
The Immortal
A body hopping demon that able to take over several human, include a woman.
The Importance of Being Phoebe
Very funny show. Demons have tried to destroy the charmed ones using all kinds of black magic & always failed. I guess they're through with being 'Mr Nice Guy' because now they bring on lawyers and the law! Operating behind the scenes Cole has Piper's club shut down because it has rats, frames Paig ...more
In Living Color episode Unknown
In one sketch, a group of prisoners are broadcasting a show from the jail. One of the guests is a Marilyn Monroe look alike. She used to be a man until she had another prisoner perform a sex change on him, using a laundry press.
Incredible Story Studio episode Spell Bound
A girl and her friend are fooling around with a magic spell book during her birthday. Her bratty little sister comes in and refuses to leave. In jest, the friends read a spell which turns the little sister into a frog. To reverse the spell, she needs to kiss a Danish prince. Now where will they fin ...more
Incredible Story Studio episode To Be a Fly or to FLy
Show features stories written by kids coming to life. 2 stories to each episode. In this story, a teenage witch who is a late-bloomer when it comes to flying, tries to "cheat" with a flying spell. However, she reads it wrong and accidently turns her grandmother into a fly.
"Down Deep" episode of Star Trek: Voyager
Seven of Nine is possessed by the minds of victims of the Borg. Includes a male Klingon and male Vulcan.
Inspector Gadget episode The Amazon
In this one, Inspector Gadget is in the Amazon jungle looking for the man who had given him his bionic powers. The man is being held prisoner by Dr. Claw at the MAD Amazon Jungle base so he can produce a series of deadly robots based on Inspector Gadget (and they are - they look just like the inspe ...more
Inu Yasha episode Unknown
A new anime series from the Rumiko Takahashi, creator of Ranma 1/2. Main hero is a half-man, half-dog demon named Inu Yasha. He is were-human, during full moon he changes into mere human and lose all his superpowers. He wants to become human, but evil Naraku (who was a human, but becomes demon) ...more
Invader ZIM episode Balognius Maximus
ZIM injects a virus of some sort into Dib that slowly turns him into a balogna. Dib pays ZIM back by injecting the virus into him as well. The two end up joining forces to try and cure themselves, but fail and wind up as a pair of sausage-shaped balogna, in a house surrounded by hungry dogs
Invader ZIM episode Unknown
ZIM makes the school hamster grow to monsterous size. Very funny episode, because no one wanted to fight the monster since it was so cute(being a hamster and all)!
The Invisible Man episode Impetus
A virus that causes people to age from their 30's to their 70's rapidly affects 2 characters in this episode.
"Irish Jug" episode of Poltergeist: The Legacy
The spirits of a couple of 18th century Irish roust-abouts are freed from the jug that had been imprisoning them, and possessed 2 members of the Legacy house.
It's Punky Brewster! episode Fish Story
From the animated Saturday-morning spinoff. Punky and Margeaux are competing for the role of a mermaid in the school play, but Punky's hastily-thrown-together costume is no match for rich-girl Margeaux's expensive custom-made costume, so Glomer helps Punky... by turning her into an actual mermaid! ...more
It's Punky Brewster! episode Little Orphan Punky
In this episode of the animated Punky Brewster spinoff, Punky is separated from her forster parent Henry, and sent to a orphanage that is actually a forced slave-labor camp for little girls, who must make candy for the owner or face her wrath. She gets a videotape of the activities going on there, ...more