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Category: 'Television Episode'
G Force episode Various
Galactor, the evil alien of the series, impersonates a beautiful hostess in order to trap a scientist. Good episode. In other one, the same Galactor transforms himself into a female designer (or something like it) to manage a fashion show.
G.I. Joe episode Grey Hairs And Growing Pains
Cobra steals a secret age changing formula and uses it on the Joe's. One group including Flint is aged into seniors, another group including Lady Jay is turned into 7 year olds.
G.I. Joe: Cobra Claws Is Coming to Town
Cobra's latest plot...ruin Christmas. A shrink ray allows Cobra to infiltrate Joe headquarters and take them prisoner. Cobra plans to use Joe equipment to attack the nearby town and frame G.I. Joe. If the links below don't work, go to Youtube and type in the episode name. Episode, Part 1 Epi ...more
Gadget and the Gadgetinis episode "In Touch With Your Animal Side"
CIA Agent Foxy (?Mulder) changed into fox by alien meteor. MAD planned to change all people into animals too. Foxy asks Gadget for help, and Gadget thinks that he is the Colonel's dog.
Galactic Pirates episode Unknown
An anime where apparently everyone is turning into cats, need more information...
Galaxy Angel A episode Super-Spicy Kid's meal
After Ranpha finds a box of Uirou (rice jellies) which is really a lost technology after Cocomo and Malibu leave it on a desk without a note warning anyone about after th galaxy angel team eat the Uirou it turns them in to toddlers and babies it is then up to Cocomo and Malibu to try and catch ...more
Galaxy Angel episode Monkey Salvage Combo
Mint, Vanila and Forte change into monkeys by virus that was held on cosmic station to which they arived. It can expand by the air. There is shown one moment when Forte is looking on her hand that is starting to grow hair. Then after that are scenes when Mint, Vanila and Forte are shown as monkeys. ...more
Galaxy Angel Z episode Episode 6
Forte a rought girl exchanges body with Milfiuel a sweet girl that is naive, along with the whole angel brigade.
Galaxy High School episode #1 I think.
There is an episode where doyle gets turned into french fries after falling into the school's frier. Taking him to a laboratory they turn him into various aliens to get him back human. Brief, but quite funny.
Galxay Angel A episode Thick-sauced Beef Bowl with a side of mustache
When a lost technology in the form of a box is opened it releases a gas that changes the gender of those who are engulfed by it. First Forte and the commander are changed and then just before the male Forte is married to Ranpha he uses the box to change the rest of the angels into there male forms ...more
"The Gameskeeper" episode of Stargate SG-1
The SG-1 team are trapped in a VR world run by a mysterious Keeper who offers both Daniel and O'Neil a chance to play out different scenarios regarding some painful memories of theirs and try to change the outcome. Daniel's memory involves the death of his parents who died in a museum exhibit a ...more
Garfield episode Unknown
I saw it a long time ago so i may have messed up a bit so please bare with me. In one epesode Jon takes Garfield to a magic shop. Jon leaves Garfield with the wizard's dog alone and then the dog starts chasing Garfield and at one point, they get magic wands. They start transforming each other int ...more
Garfield episode Unknown
A magic idol switches the bodies of Garfield and Odie. Later Jon and a female gypsy switch bodies. Very Brief.
Gargoyles episode The Mirror
Demona captures the trickier Puck, and forces him to grant her wishes. She first wishes to be rid of the human Elisa Maza. Puck then twists her wish and turns Elisa into a gargoyle. There are a lot of transformations in this episode.
Gargoyles episode The New Olympians
After coming upon the hidden island of New Olympus, Elisa is arrested for being human and confined to a cell until the council decides on her fate. In the next cell over, she is introduced to the shapeshifting titan Proteus who takes her form after she falls asleep and tricks Goliath into believing ...more
Gargoyles episode Avalon, Part 1
The fairy sorceresses, the Weird Sisters, have their magical spell turned back on them and are transformed into owls.
Gargoyles episode City of Stone (parts 1-4)
Demona casts a magic spell turning the entire population of Manhattan to stone during the night.
Gargoyles episode City of Stone 3
In order to save his family, MacBeth trades his youth to an aged Demona.
Gargoyles episode Cloud Fathers
The Native American trickster Coyote takes the form of Elisa's father as a young man.
Gargoyles episode Eye of the Beholder
A ancient necklace transforms the villaness Fox (who later becomes good) into a werefox (anthro) at night or whenever anyone tries to take it off or even touches it. The Gargoyles spend the episode trying to (reluctantly) save Fox. The episode is nicely done, the transformation scenes are excellent, ...more
Gargoyles episode Eye of the Storm
In Norway, Goliath and the others cross the ancient god Odin. Odin takes the form of a polar bear to try and recover the amulet that is his eye. Later, Goliath uses the eye to combat the god, becoming a callous god-like version of himself.
Gargoyles episode Future Tense
After winding up in a hellish future where a trusted member of his clan has turned everyone in NYC into Mutates, Goliath is asked by his love -Elisa - to use the temporal powers of the Phoenix Gate amulet to travel back to the present and prevent this future from ever coming to pass. Goliath is ab ...more
Gargoyles episode Gathering, Part 2
*Spoilers* Xanatos's right hand man Owen is revealed to be the shapeshifter Puck.
Gargoyles episode Golem
The ailing Halcyon Reynard leaves his body and possesses the form of a large clay statue (golem).
Gargoyles episode Grief
The Emir, a sorcerer working with Xanatos, summons the Egyptian jackal god Anubis. His aim is to gain control over death and resurrect his dead son. Before the god's power can enter him, Jackal (one of Xanatos's henchmen) takes advantage transforming into a man/jackal cyborg. Once he gains the ...more
Gargoyles episode High Noon
Features first sequence showing Demona's change from human to gargoyle form and vice-versa.
Gargoyles episode Hound of Ulster
The gargoyles arrive in Ireland where they come face to face with the Banshee, a shapeshifting fairy. During the episode she takes the form of a human girl, her true form, and that of a monstrous serpent called Crom Kruagh.
Gargoyles episode Mark of the Panther
In Nigeria, the gargoyles come in contact with two were-panthers in the service of the sorcerous spider Ananzi.
Gargoyles episode Metamorphosis
Elisa's brother Derek is exposed to a mutagen that alters his DNA, changing him and three others into cat/bat humanoids with the ability to emit electrical charges (electric eel).
Gargoyles episode Possession
Puck uses his magic to liberate the souls trapped within the magical cyborg ColdStone into seperate mechanical bodies. To do so, he takes Goliath's form. Xanatos' fey-blooded son Alex accompanies him in the guise of Hudson, and later takes possession of Lexington.
Gargoyles episode Sanctuary
On his wedding day, MacBeth is horrified to discover the woman he loved to be his ancient enemy Demona who, due to fairy sorcery, is human during the day. Demona shapeshifts before him in her wedding dress.
Gargoyles episode Upgrade
The gargoyles' old enemies The Pack return, bigger and badder than before. Now Wolf has been gene-spliced into a large half-canine creature and the siblings Jackal and Hyena have been augmented into deadly cyborgs.
Gargoyles episode Walkabout
In Australia, the gargoyles' former enemy Dingo faces (and later merges) with a shapeshifting collective of nanomachines called the Matrix.
Gargoyles: The Goliath Chronicles episode Seeing Isn't Believing
Once again, the shapeshifting Proteus is on the loose and this time he's finally escaped New Olympus and reached Manhattan where he attempts to drive a wedge of distrust between Goliath and Elisa by taking on their respective forms and betraying each of them in succession. Proteus takes on Elisa's f ...more
Gene Shaft episode Episode 5
A minature ring disguises itself as various members of the Bilkis crew to infect the ship's computer.
Generator Rex episode Mind Games
Male, Gender
Rex rescues someone he believes to be his girlfriend/love interest Circe from agents of Providence, but it turns out to be a shape-shifting E.V.O. named John Scarecrow. Scarecrow was sent to infiltrate The Plant and steal information about the Master Control-Nanites for the Black Knight. Scarec ...more
"Genesis" episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation
A virus transforms the entire crew, except for Data, into prehistoric creatures. Riker becomes a neanderthal, Troi an amphibian, Barkley into an arachnid, even Data's cat Spot isn't immune and becomes an iguana. One of the series better episodes.
Genie in the House episode Out of Our Minds
I read this off for a series they are showing at the moment : Emma wishes her dad could know what it was like to be her, and Philip wishes Emma could understand what life is like for him. Adil obliges, and father and daughter swap bodies. Emma, who looks and talks like Philip, has to ...more
Genie in the House episode Our House
The two main characters, Emma and Sophie, end up taking care of their cousin. They find a way to keep him busy with their old doll house. They end having a conversation which ends up with them accidentally wishing them living as a doll. Their genie, Adil makes their wish come true with Emma and Sop ...more
Gestalt episode Unknown
Quite obviously based on the manga previously mentioned on the list. The video seems to be a collection of the first three episodes of an anime series. It concerns a priest on a quest to an unholy place called Gestalt but refered to as "G". Along the way he unwillingly acquires an overly affecti ...more
Get a Life episode Unknown
Chris experiments with time travel and screws up the present. When he returns, Gus has had a sex change...and is now his wife!
Get a Life episode Unknown
A wish goes wrong, and at the end of the episode, Chris Elliot wakes up in the body of his neighbour's wife. (Elliot remains on-screen instead of the actress playing the wife, though.)
Get Smart episode The Return of the Ancient Mariner
At one point late in this episode, a KAOS agent known as the Chameleon disguises himself as 99 to fool Agent 86, Maxwell Smart. Very brief.
Get Smart episode Pussycats Galore
Agent 38 is a women that has a man's voice. (not sure if this counts)
Get Smart episode "How To Succeed In The Spy Business Without Really Trying"
Hans Svensen, a research scientist working with hormones, turns out to be a beautiful brunette.
Get Smart episode Valerie Of The Dolls
A KAOS agent smuggles part of a secret formula into the country disguised as a little girl. The little girl is played by Caroline Adams, Don Adams' daughter. Very brief.
Get Smart, Age Before Duty
A photographer named Felix is hired to take CONTROL agents' file photos. But Felix is a KAOS agent and practitioner of voodoo who has developed a special gray paint (called Dorian Gray) which, when painted onto photos, causes the person to age rapidly. When all of the CONTROL agents suddenly get ve ...more
GetBackers episode Unknown
Shido turn's into a were person version of the animal he imitates and gains animal like abilities.
Ghost in the Shell: SAC - 2nd GiG episode Episode 13: Face - MAKE UP
While investigating the death of a "face designer" (an artist who creates custom faces for people with full-cyborg bodies), team member Pazu is implicated. Is someone commiting murders disguised as him? One of Pazu's (notorious for his one night stands) ex-girlfriends becomes obsessed with him. ...more
Ghost in the Shell: STand Alone Complex episode Episode 1: Section 9
In order to steal important government documents, the bad guys exchange cores with a Minister(thus stealing his body). It is also mentioned in the episode that the minister liked to get drunk and put his core in the bodies of the robot geisha girls, but it's not shown in the episode.
Ghost Stories episode Consumers
A supermarket next to retirement home has become the favorite hang out for those old people. They come to the store to shop---for their next life and body, with selection from those works at the supermarket, with a owner willing to sell his empolyees, and the Isle 5 freezer section that keeps on fre ...more
Ghost Stories episode Mirror Mirror
A rich old woman live with her niece, whom also act as her caretaker. Old woman's young boyfriend dipping into both women, and later worked with the niece to kill the old woman, by pushing her down a flight of stairs. After the mouring period and reading of the will, the niece got the house and all ...more
Ghost Whisperer episode Final Execution
The show is pretty much "Sixth Sence" the series, a woman named Melinda who sees ghost and helps them move on by helping them finish unfinished business. The episode had her helped an executed killer who was also a painter who was hung (yep they still do that, at least until 1996) help get his paint ...more
Ghost Whisperer episode Melinda's First Ghost
Getting close to her birthday, Melinda begins to see a ghost of an 8 yr old girl which at first she doesnt reconize. Later she has flashback dreams of when she was 8 and at school learned that a classmate had died and she is confuse because she sees the girl in the classroom and we learn when she sa ...more
Gilligan's Island episode The Friendly Physician
Gender, Male
In the famous TG episode, the mad doctor swaps Gilligan with Mr Howell among the M/F bodyswaps! Mad doctor switches castaway's minds around. The Professor swaps bodies with Mary Ann, Skipper is swapped with Mrs. Howell, and Ginger swaps with the mad doctor's hulking assistant Igor.
Gimme a Break episode Melissa
The chief meets a great woman who shares his interest in baseball. The romance falls apart, however, when Simpson recognizes her as his ex-karate instructor. Rather than tell the chief the truth, she breaks it off with him.
Girl's Bravo episode Bravo in the Swimming Pool!
Due to some magical pins placed near the school swimming pool people swap bodies, first 2 guys then a lot of females and the two guys with some females. One of the guy is really perverted so he imidiately goes for the breasts. A very good episode.
God, the Devil and Bob episode There's Too Much Sex on TV
The Devil's servant Smeck briefly takes the form of Ali Landry in order to convince Bob not to pursue his goal of getting rid of sex on television.
Godzilla: The Animated Series episode Trust No One
There was this one Godzilla episode where the H.E.A.T. teams goes into a jungle looking for a lost invention. What they don't know is what they are after is the "mimic", a being that can take on the form of anyone it touches. Chaos ensues as the mimic takes on the form of each of the members, thus ...more
Gokudo episode Identity Crisis! I am You but Who are You?
For some unknown reason the main character sucked up into the sky, and land in different locations in each others bodies. It's a round robin swap with the main character Gokudo ending up in Rubette's body, Rubette in Genie's body, Genie in Prince Niari, Niari in a mokey, and no one knows where Goku ...more
Gokudo episode Swordsman Extrodinaire
In the first part of the series "Gokudo," the hero meets a djinni who changes himself to a female. Then, in a bar, a very smitten djinni changes the hero into a woman (with a man's voice in the dub).
Gokudo Swordsman Extrodinair episode I'm a girl suddenly
Gokudo a selfish and rude adventurer steals from an old woman's purse. When he checks what he stole a genie appears to grant his wishes, but won't let gokudo have selfish wishes. Later the genie turns into a woman so gokudo will listen, but he still doesn't and goes into town. In town the genie gets ...more
Golden Girls episode Unknown
Blanche is falsely accused of sleeping with the local mayoral candidate. Surprisingly, he does not only not deny this to the press, he confirms it. In the end, he admits he did this to foster his macho image, as he used to be a woman.
Goodbye Charlie episode Unknown
A half-hour version of the Goerge Axelrod play that managed to be even worse than the movie.
Goodnight, Sweet Grimm
The hexenbiest Frau Pech uses a doppelganger potion to swap bodies with Adalind Schade. The potion transformed their bodies into each others' while Adalind was unconscious so that Pech could meet the gypsy Stefania in disguise. (Spoiler Text)
Goosebumps episode An Old Story
An old lady turns two teenaged boys into old men with some prune cookies
Goosebumps episode Attack of the Mutant
In a two-part episode a boy named Skipper discovers that a comic-book villain named the Masked Mutant has seemingly come into existence in the real World. At the end he discovers that his new girlfriend is really the villain in disguise.
Goosebumps episode Chillogy part 1: Squeal of Fortune
When she gets sucked into the toytown Carlsville, enterprising girl Jessica is offered money by selling lemonade. When she is found diluting the lemonade and selling at inflated prices, she turns into a greedy pig.
Goosebumps episode My Hairiest Adventure
Larry starts growing hair all over his body after her rubs instant tanning lotion on himself, he thinks the hair is due to the lotion but his parents reveal to him that (Spoiler Text)
Gotham, episode 18 "Everyone has a Cobblepot"
Brief, fifteen second cutaway to a male head transplant on a female body. The shot shows the male head and neck on what appears to be a female body in a hospital gown. The transformation is like "Frankenstein" with different parts from different bodies sewn together. The left arm is definitely fema ...more
The Grahame Bond Show episode Unknown
Comedy series with a Panel discussion. In one episode, the host question what it would be like to be a woman. He 'magically' appears as one of the more shapely female cast members for the rest of the show. She acts as he would through out the remaining 20 minutes occassionaly making jokes at ...more
Gravity Falls, "Carpet Diem"
Animal, Female, Male, Gender
Mabel and Dipper find a secret room in their house with an experimental carpet, which can swap bodies once rubbed on by static electricity. In the beginning, Dipper switches with Mabel and Soos with Waddles the pig. Later, bodies are swapped between Mabel, Dipper, Soos, Waddles, Candy, Grenda, Old ...more
Gravity Falls, episode "Into the Bunker"
Gender, Monster, Male
In the second episode of the second season of the show, Dipper, Mabel, Soos and Wendy go down into a bunker to find out who the mysterious author behind the three journals is. Dipper and Wendy encounter a mysterious looking man who claims to be the author and tells them he is on the hunt for a sha ...more
The Greatest American Hero: The Beast in the Black
Robert Culp's character Bill Maxwell gets possessed by a female ghost. When the female ghost is in control of his body his eyes changes color from brown to ice blue and he talks with a female voice. In order to seperate the ghost from Bill's body, Ralph had to take him to the 4th dimension where th ...more
Green Lantern: The Animated Series episode Reboot
While gathering his team, Hal Jordan discovers the Ship's Nav AI 'Aya' (a female living robot) has been replaced with 'LANOS' (a Male Nav AI computer). LANOS briefly ends up in Aya's body during this episode. (Spoiler Text)
Greg the Bunny episode Being John Malkovich
In the episode they spoof the movie Being John Malkovich , but its more of Freaky Friday. In the episode Greg buys this skull thing from a china town shop and during a fight with Warren which both of them wish they would know what its like to be each other and then they switch bodies. But they each ...more
The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy episode Billy and Mandy Save Christmas
Santa (voiced by Gilbert Gottfried) has been bitten by a vampire-- not by the Head Vampire, but actually by the Head Head Vampire. It's up to Billy, Mandy, and Grim to save Santa before Christmas is ruined! Mandy and Grim team up with Head Vampire Baron Von Ghoulish (voiced by Malcolm McDowell) to s ...more
The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy episode Chicken Ball Z
In a hilarious spoof of "Dragonball Z", Mandy enters a martial arts contest and acquires a male trainer, (Eris in disguise), who gives her a Chicken Ball to eat. This "Chicken Ball" gives Mandy mystical powers in which she proceeds to lay the smack down on Sperg, and every opponent in the tournamen ...more
The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy episode Get Out of My Head
After the Grim Reaper teaches Billy how to possess others by jumping into their head, Billy possesses his sister Mandy. Then he/she proceeds to do things throughout the day which will make her look like an idiot.
The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy episode Grim for a Day
In this episode Grim and Billy switch jobs for a day- but they end up turning into eachother.
The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy episode Halls of Time
Billy, Mandy and their friend Irwin are regressed to babies.
Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy episode Mommy Fiercest
Billy's mom and dad are tuened into kids.
The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy episode Sickly Sweet
Grim and Billy, after being tormented by Mandy to much, put the mask of the beast on her. The mask has supernatural powers that make the wearer be nice or else. If the wearer is mean, they will turn into a horrifing monster. Mandy can't be nice so she startes to turn into a beast. She first grow ...more
Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy episode Substitute Teacher
Billy's cousin, Junior, is the son of Billy's boring aunt and the underworld villain Nergal. He apparently has the ability to change his form, and when the class bully is picking on him for being the new kid, Nergal Jr. takes it out on him by stealing their teacher's form. We later see that the teac ...more
The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy episode Tween Wolf
Billy's doofus friend Irvin gets bitten by a werewolf. Staggering around, he sees an ad depicting someone's bikini bottom getting pulled down. This "full moon" triggers a very nice werewolf transformation, as Irvin's feet burst from his pants, followed by a bushy tail. "Oh no! It's puBERty!" he exc ...more
Grizzly Tales For Gruesome Kids - "The Fruit Bat"
Cherie Stone hasn't been to the loo for a year, because she never eats fruit. When she is bitten by a Fruit Bat, however, and turns into one, fruit becomes the only thing she eats and her constipation is blown away.
Gulliver Boy episode "hasshin ! SHIIRAION"
On this Anime Episode of "Gulliver Boy", A male fairy turns into a female fairy.
Gummi Bears episode A Gummi By Any Other Name
Female, Male, Gender
A magic hat gives the wearer the form of anyone whose name they utter. Among the transformations include Sunni turning into Grammi, Cubbi, Princess Calla, Cavin, Sir Tuxford, King Gregor, and a couple of ogres. Cubbi changes into Gruffi and Zummi. In the climax, Princess Calla uses the hat to ch ...more
"Gwen 10" episode of Ben 10
In this non-cannon episode, Ben wakes up in the past the day before he got the watch and when it comes round to him getting the watch Gwen gets it instead and starts transforming like Ben use to. Later on Gwen loses the watch and grandpa puts it on and he turns into Upgrade