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Category: 'Television Episode'
Faerie Tale Theatre (1985) episode "Cinderella"
Fairy God Mother used her magic wand to turn two white mice into white horses, and turned a black rat into a coachman. Then at the end (close to the end) of the movie when the prince found Cinderella after trying the glass slipper on her, Fairy God mother used her magic wand to turn Cinderella's ...more
Fairly Odd Parents episode The Big Problem
When Timmy gets annoyed about all of the things that grownups can do, but he can't, what's next but to wish to be a grown-up. But when Cosmo and Wanda grant his wish, finds out that being older isn't all it's cracked up to be. He's stuck with disgusting back hair, a $265 check before remembering t ...more
Fairly Odd Parents episode The Boy Who Would Be Queen
Description found at TV TOME The boy who would be queen: Timmy tells Trixie Tang that he has a great gift for her, so he can be invited to her party. Obviously, he's lying. Later that day, Timmy and Cosmo start making fun of girls, and Wanda becomes so angry she turns Timmy into a girl. Timmy dec ...more
Fairly Odd Parents episode The Switch Glitch
Tired of his babysitter, 16-year-old Vicky, bullying him, Timmy asks his fairy godparents Cosmo and Wanda to turn her into a five-year-old so HE can boss her around. But Timmy overlooks that, as a little girl, Vicky is entitled to fairy godparents of her own! The chief fairy appears and reassigns ...more
Fairly Odd Parents episode Apartnership
On their anniversary, the Fairly Oddparents have an argument and Cosmo returns to their native land. Wanda follows him to his mother's house and continues the argument. At one point Cosmo yells, "I am not a mam's boy!" Wanda waves her wand and replies, "You are now!" Cosmo turns into a baby, wear ...more
The Fairly Odd Parents episode Baby Face
When Timmy wishes for Vicky to have a fish head so she can't babysit, Timmy is sent Flappy Bob's Learnatorium. The problem, however, is that Francis is also there. In order to hide from Francis, he wishes he was a baby and turns into a baby. But, he can't turn back because babies cannot talk, an ...more
Fairly Odd Parents episode Channel Chasers DVD
On the dvd for the second Fairly Odd parents there is a deleted music number featuring Timmy, Cosmo, and Wanda going into different tv shows and becoming the characters of the show. One brief scene is a take off of 3's Company. Timmy is the adult male while Wanda and her husband are the extremly att ...more
Fairly Odd Parents episode Dog's Day Afternoon
Timmt is jealous of Vickey's pet dog, Doylr, so he wishes to his faury godparents to change places with Vicky's dog. He enjoys it for a little, but when he finds out that Vick's dog is going to get fixed, he tries to undo his wish, but his godparents can't understand him, so he is stuck as Doyle. At ...more
Fairly Odd Parents episode Nectar of the Odds
Timmy's lemonade is granting everyone's wishes, thanks to fairly godparent Cosmo's smelly old socks. After Timmy wishes away the lemonade and all of the wishes it granted, everything transformed back to normal. Among those transformations was a blonde bikini model transforming back to a fat, baldi ...more
Fairly Odd Parents episode Presto Change-O
Timmy wishes for a Body Switching Joy Buzzer in order to switch bodies with AJ (Smart kid) to cheat on a test. Basically, is they shake hands with the joy buzzer, they switch bodies. But things go awry when he switches with his teacher, Mr. Crocker, who then tries to use Timmy's body to find proof o ...more
Fairly Odd Parents episode Scary Godparents
The Halloween show opens with Timmy watchimg an episode of "Crash Nebula" in which he bursts out of a perfect Little-old-lady disguise. Afterwards Timmy's Mom and Dad show up in their Halloween each other. Their costumes are perfect in every detail except for their voices, which rem ...more
Fairly Odd Parents episode Tiny Timmy
Timmy gets in a shrinky suit and shrinks down doew insize to a few inches tall. He then goes down stairs and shrinks again on top of a candy bar. While the fairly oddparents get eaten by Vicky and go on a tour through out her body. Vicky then brakes a vase and Timmy then goes into Vicky's mouth to f ...more
Fairly Odd Parents episode Unknown
Timmy cannot ride the best ride in the amusment park,because he is too short, so he wishes he had a body of a 16 year old. watch the video clip i found here...
Fairly Odd Parents episode You Doo
I caught this episode mid-way through... Timmy wishes for voo-doo dolls of random characters in the show (Francis 'bully', Trixie, himself, wanda, cosmo, etc...) He places the dolls in his backpack, but the dolls for Wonda and Cosmo fall apart and they're left to put themselves together. At one p ...more
The Fairly Oddparents episode Mr. Right
I only caught part of this episode, but what I gathered was Timmy makes a wish that he is never wrong. He uses the powers to make 49 states and end school early. On the way home he runs into the bully Francis who plays a game having Timmy guess what he has behind his back. Francis then proclaims th ...more
Fairy Odd Parents episode Channel Chasers
just saw the last 45 minutes of a hour and half fairy Odd parents tv movie called Channel Chasers. Its like the movie Stay Tuned(people going to every channel on the tv), Timmy along with Wanda, Cosmo and a future version of Timmy(which is stronger version of Timmy than the pilot episode one) have ...more
Fairy Tale Police Department
Australian cartoon about 2 police officers, Johnny Legend, a swave pretty boy whom is pretty clueless most of the time, and Christine Andersen, a spunky red head whom acts as the brains of the outfit, in a world of Fairy Tales. Thoughout the series, there are many transformations all caused by dif ...more
Family Guy episode The Tan Aquatic with Steve Zissou
Gender, Animal
In one short bit - a reference to the 1984 movie "Gremlins" - Peter makes the mistake of feeding a cute little Mogwai after midnight. Instead of a gremlin, however, the Mogwai turns into an even more terrifying creature: Fran Drescher. NOTE: I put "gender" as the category because Lois Griffin ...more
Family Guy episode 15 Minutes of Shame
Multiple classifications for this clip, so I put it here. A guy on a talk show has a confession for his goth girlfriend; he's really a girl. He pulls off a mask and shirt, and it's a brunette wearing a pink shirt. No, wait, she confesses she's actually a horse, and unzips a typical cartoon disguise ...more
Family Guy episode Barely Legal
In this episode, all the policemen go away. At one point, a lot of people rip off their skin to reveal black people. Just have a look at the episode, and you'll see why.
Family Guy episode Brian in Love
In the opening sequence Stewey dreams of wreaking havoc in Mr. Rogers' Neighbourhood only to be awakened by Lois. Lois' voice then changes menacingly into Mr Rogers finally ripping off her disguise to reveal the man. Brief and funny.
Family Guy episode Deep Throats
Scandal in Quahog involving Meg and Mayor West, but that is beside the point. Brain gets a job as a Taxi Cab driver to have something to do. Cleveland tries to hail a taxi, but Brain gets a phone call from Lois and doesn't pick up Cleveland. Cleveland takes this the wrong way. The show continues ...more
Family Guy episode Family Guy Viewer Mail No. 1
In the second story the Griffins gain superpowers. Peter's power is being able to morph. As a favor to his daughter he gets a lock of Jonathen Timberlakes hair by impersonating Britney Spears. Hilarious in the way s/he acts and talks like Peter, shaving Timberlakes head and then asking him to kis ...more
Family Guy episode Lethal Weapons
Peter Griffin tries to take advantage of his wife Lois' fighting abilities by challenging people to fight her. Lois objects by saying that she is not a sideshow least not anymore. We then see a flashback of a midget-sized Lois jumping on a trampoline saying "Me likey bouncy ... me l ...more
Family Guy episode n/a
Peter complains about his marraige to Lois and somehow ends up talking about gene splicing, the next scene shows him as a moose man.
Family Guy episode Perfect Castaway
In this episode, Peter and his friends are shipwrecked. They find an island and Peter comments about his ancestor who found the Fountain of Youth. He walks into it and comes out with a baby's body. Frickin Hilarious! lol
Family Guy episode Petergeist
The Griffin family has aquired a ghost by digging up an indian burial ground. The story follows the movie Poltergeist and at one point Peter looks in the mirror and tears the skin off his face (like in Poltergeist) but underneath is Hank Hill from "King of the Hill". Peter than laughs and says "Pr ...more
Family Guy episode Season 5 'unknown'
Herbert has his own music solo in this episode when he dreams of him and chris living together and in his Dream he has a female body but his own face, he even has little children who look like there 'parents' very funny scene
Family Guy episode Son and the Holy Fonz The Father
Stewie gets sick from being baptized in tainted holy water. The doctor tells Lois and Peter that he will be okay but he will have to be contained in a germ free bubble like in that movie. Peter askes if they will have to take his face off like in that movie "Face Off". A cutaway to Stewie and Bria ...more
Family Guy episode Stewie Loves Lois
In the episode Peter makes a joke about a fake movie called Mr. Jeckell and Mr. Sulu (the guy from Star Trek). In the little scene a scientist drinks a potion and turns into Mr. Sulu
Family Guy episode Unknown
Ricky Martin turns out to be Jewel.
Family Guy, "Family Guy's Valentine's Day"
In one of the subplots of this Valentine's Day episode, after kicking out a one-night stand on Valentine's Day morning, the woman tells Quagmire one day he will get what he deserves. After being knocked out from an electric shock from the woman's electric tampon warmer, Quagmire wakes up to find he ...more
Family Matters episode Little Big Guy
Steve Erchal brings in his transmorpantion chamber which is equipped with an expando ray which makes things bigger in size and it also can shrink things in size. As Steve is messing with the controls the machine turns its self on. Big Guy and Steve are then bit by the machines ray. After it turns of ...more
Family Matters episode You Ain't nothin but an Urkel.
The brainy kid Urkel conducts an experiment in hopes of turning into Albert Einstein- but it goes wrong and he ends up turning into Elvis Presley instead.
FamilyGuy episode The Perfect Castaway
Peter and his friends have been cast adrift after "Hurricane Rupal" sinks his fishing boat, (worth a gender mention right there LOL) as they see an island Peter muses that he feels just like his explorer ancestor. We then cut to a short bit where a version of Peter dressed as a conquistador standing ...more
Fancy Lala episode Unknown
The two magical creatures turns into a pair of earing to watch over Miho
Fancy Lala Tv Series
One day, nine-year old girl Miho Shinohara is given two stuffed dinosaurs by a stranger. The stuffed dinosaurs come to life and present her with a magic sketchbook and pen. Within limits, and subject to varying degrees of control, she can draw in the sketchbook and bring the drawings to life. Miho ...more
Fantastic Four (2006 Animated series) episode Worlds Tiniest Heroes
An experiment of Mr. Fantastic's goes wrong but nothing seems to have happened. The next morning they awaken to find that they are only half their size and getting smaller. Their attempts to get to Reed's lab are thwarted by the buildings computer that thinks that they are first Children then Rats t ...more
Fantastic Four (2006) episode Doomed!
Borrowing a plot from the classic Fantastic Four comic #10 back in the sixties, Dr. Doom decides to infiltrate the FF in the form of his arch enemy Reed Richards! Meanwhile Reed is imprisoned in a prison of Dooms as well as trapped in the body of Doom! Shown on cable 10/14/06
Fantastic Four episode Doomed
Doom uses his mind transference technology to swith minds with Reed.
Fantastic Four episode My Neighbor Was a Skrull
In this episode of the new TV series, the FF return to Earth and find that their neighbours are all acting strange. Assorted transformations of the Skrulls are an old lady neighbour of the FF, Alicia Master's, the mailman, and during the big fight scene several Skrulls were various members of the F ...more
Fantasy Island episode The Big Switch
A husband and wife switch bodies. Its to teach the husband to better understanding women.
Farscape episode A Bug's Life
Moya's crew encounters a small Peacekeeper "special operations" team with a top-secret "cargo". When the cargo escapes, everyone must recapture it before it kills them all. SPOILER: The cargo is actually a body-hopping virus that can take full control of it's host. It "jumps" when a current ho ...more
Farscape episode Out of Their Minds
The crew of Moya (except Zhaan) swap bodies several times, many are across gender and species. Crichton lands in Aeryn's body, Aeryn lands in Rygel's body, Rygel lands in Crichton's body, Pilot swaps with Chiana, Chiana swaps with Ka D'argo, Ka D'argo swaps into Pilot's body. This is the longest and ...more
Farscape episode Thanks for Sharing
The beast who sabotaged Crichton's meeting with Princess Sarova had assume her identity by transformed itself to appear as her. This wasn't revealed until near the end of the episode, when the creature revealed itself by transform back as Princess. Isn't clear if the creature just shapeshifting i ...more
Farscape episode Therefore I Am I Shrink
The Moya's crew, except John Crichton, are captured by bounty hunters, who shrink them to tiny size and imprison them in containers built into their armor. Crichton manages to take out the bounty hunters without hurting his friends, and gives the head bounty hunter a taste of his own medicine. Every ...more
Farscape episode Vitas Mortis
D'Argo assists an aging Luxan Holy Woman in the traditional Ritual of Passing (she is dying) but midway thru the ceremony she decides instead to tap D'Argo's life energy in an effort to rejuvinate herself (the Ritual of Renewal). She succeeds in becoming young and vibrant again, but at a price...
"Fashion Victim" episode of Kim Possible
Camille Leon briefly morphs into Kim twice: once to frame her for stealing the latest fashion designs and again in order to trick Ron and Monique.
The Fast Show episode Unknown
In the intro to one Series 1 episode, the singer turns into a woman. It's not particularily good or funny, though.
"Fifty-Fifty" episode of The 4400
In the season finale, we yet again see the 4400 who can make people think he is someone else. This time he morphs into Jordan Collier who is the evil 4400 as a diversion so the real one can escape.
Fighting Foodons episode "To Catch a Beef"
On Episode 20 (To Catch a Beef) of the anime Fighting Foodons, there was an evil foodon named Mouse Special who has the ability to transform and disguise himself as anybody he wants. However, his disguises aren't perfect because sometimes his horns (or hair) and/or tail is visible, or he gets the w ...more
FilmFakers episode Croc Park
It is more like a show about a movie that had a transformation in it. AMC did this prank show called "FilmFakers" were they got a bunch of people who wanted to be actors and put them in this Movie called "Croc Park". It was basically the worst idea and scripting for a movie ever. The premise, in ...more
Final Fantasy Unlimited episode "Subway. Enemy of the Dimensional Tunnel"
Lou Lupus, alias Ru Rufus, is a character that can transform into a werewolf. The transformation is very nice and the werewolf actually has a tail. This happens when Lou/Ru looks into a mirror.
"First Christmas - Part Two" episode of My Parents Are Aliens
At the beginning of the episode Mel catches The boy she wanted to go on a date with kissing another girl under the mistletoe.* A girl who looks astonishingly like her (minus the usual punk/goth psycho-girl outfits she usually wears). Turns out that Brian went on the date Mel was supposed to go on ...more
First Wave episode checkmate (&others)
The Evil (male) leader of aliens invading our planet takes over the body of Jordon, the sexy leader of the underground army(Tracy Lords) she uses her form to betray the cause. She also tricks the hero into having sex with 'her' thinking she is Jordon. So far there have been three shows with the lead ...more
First Wave episode episode 3x06 The Flight of Francis Jeffries
A experiment created a body hopper that could jump from host to another host with a simple touch. The alien wants the small device so they could put their own people inside human body. So they got in contact with the body hopper and he got to work to find the small device, by tracking down his forme ...more
"Fish Schtick" episode of Sabrina, The Animated Series
In one episode, Sabrina is transformed into a fish when she wishes she could swim like one.
"Five Years Gone" episode of Heroes
In this episode, Hiro and Ando travel five years into the future where the bomb went off and the world was not saved, and Nathan Petrelli is the President of the United States...or so they think. (Spoiler Text)
Flash Gordon
Male, Gender
Emperor Ming sent agent to Earth with morphing ability to collect information. He was able to scan any person and appeared as them later on, including Flash Gordon's father, and a female scientist. Near the end, when the morphing device was damaged, he rapidly changed into all the people scanned in ...more
Flash Gordon
dale s spirit (gina holden) is stolen by a sorceress on mongo, and flash has to steal it back.
Flint the Time Detective episode Snug as a Bug
Flint, Sarah, Tony and Merlock are turned into bugs. I can't find pictures anywhere.
The Flintstones episode The Drive-In
At the end of the episode Fred and Barney are sitting at a table and watching their wives sing. When they are done singing Fred and Barney shrink to a few inches tall. We see them sitting on their chairs.
The Flintstones episode Jealousy
Gadzo dresses Barney up to look like a girl. (But I don't think this counts as a transformation).
The Flintstones episode Monster Fred
A mad scientist switches Fred and Wilma, and Barney and Betty. Brief.
"Foothold" episode of Stargate SG-1
Invading aliens have shape shifting device to impersonate Sg-1 staff and take over their base. Female Cpt captures one of these devices and uses it to impersonate male Dr. Jackson.
Forever Knight episode Unknown
A man turns out to be the reincarnation of a female vampire, who begins to suffer blackouts during which he dresses as a woman and drinks blood.
"Forever Phantom" episode of Danny Phantom
Male, Gender, Animal
A ghost with morphing abilities impersonates: A cheerleader; Tucker's dad; a dog; and Danny Fenton. Both him and the actual Danny Phantom get locked in their forms by a Fenton Device.
Forget Me...Not
Season 6/#114. Paige is caught in the middle of sexual harassment troubles, and she helps out the woman in trouble by changing herself to look like the woman and get the chauvinist to get himself in trouble without hurting the woman she was trying to help.
Four Eyes episode Emma's Twin
In this episode of the show Four Eyes which is about an alien girl living on earth as a human girl- her friend Pete needs help with a middle ages history report so Skylark comes up with the idea of Emma lending Pete her glassess so Pete will turn into Emma's human form. It works, but however he abu ...more
Fraggle Rock episode The Trash Heap Doesn't Live Here Anymore
When the Fraggle's oracle, the Trash Heap, is moved to make room for a gazeebo, she seems alright... but her personality keeps changing! Sometimes has a male voice. Also, in the same episode, traveling Matt mistakes an Elevator for a room that changes people into other people.
Fraggle Rock episode Boober's Quiet Day
Boober's quiet day is wrecked when his repressed funside (Sidebottom) manifests itself. A series of lies and misunderstandings forces Boober to impersonate The Old Gypsy Woman. When Boober asks how, Sidebottom waves his hands, there's a puff of smoke, and Boober now looks like the Old Gypsy Woman. ...more
Frasier: Trophy Girlfriend
HILARIOUS! Its an illusion, but very effective. Frasier's new beautiful girlfriend is a gym teacher. when he sees her in action in class he is reminded of his own high school gym teacher who bullied him. Afterwards the audience & Frasier only sees the woman as a burly, stocky unshaven ugly man ( w ...more
Freakazoid episode The Wrath of Gutierrez
The opening sequence of the episode features a monologue by a female villain named Deadpan, who can "transform her features into any shape." After demonstrating her ability by molding her face into Barbra Streisand, Hillary Clinton and Princess Di, she unveils her real plot... to take over Washingt ...more
Freakazoid episode Dexter's Date
In the episode Freakazoid was zapped with some sort of device from his arch enemy the Lobe. It causes freakazoid to unwillingly transform into other characters from movies and TV while still retaining his blue skin and lightning bolt in his hair. I only saw the last ten minutes but he briefly turn ...more
Freakazoid episode Statuesque
Wayland Jeepers has created a magical watch which can turn living beings into stone.He tries to use it on Freakazoid, but Steffi, Freakazoid's girlfriend,pushes him out of the way and gets 'stoned' herself. Freakazoid and his friends, Cosgrove and Jonesy, track down Jeepers to Venice Beach. Jonesy r ...more
Freakazoid episode Unknown
One episode had a scene with a man that had a watch that turned beavers into gold.
Freaky Phoebe
Pretty good show Alyssa MIlano has a ball playing a very ugly sorceress who had switched bodies with Phoebe. She really getting into being so beautiful! She also wants to destroy a rival demons helpers using Phoebe and the charmed ones powers. Piper helps being fooled, but thinks her sister is ...more
Freddy's Nightmares episode "It's My Party and You'll Die If I Want You To"
Freddy possesses the body of a female channeler.
FreitagNachtNews episode -
"Zacherl-einfach..." is a part of a german comedy-show "FreitagNachtNews". In this episode, Zacherl uses the magic of a swami to swap bodies with a woman.
Friday the 13th episode The Sweetest Sting
A strange and complicated plot. A farmer is selling youth to older men for a price. Bees from a cursed hive sting selected people to death. If you eat the honey from that death a person is changed into the physical double of the murdered person. (Spoiler Text)
Friends episode Unknown
Joey plays a comatose man on his soap opera. They kill off a female doctor on the show and transplant her brain into his body. Joey must now pretend to be a woman in a man's body (do shows within shows count?)
Friends episode Unknown
Rachel and Joey start dating, but don't know how to tell Rachel's Ex-boyfriend, Ross. Joey tries to ignore it but then pictures Rachel as Ross. looks like Ross but sounds like Rachel and is in a dress.
Fringe episode "Entrada"
A shapeshifter pretends to be a hostage to help the Olivia from the alternate dimension escape the members of Fringe Division.
Fringe episode "Everything In Its Right Place"
Gender, Male
Agent Lincoln Lee asks to go in Farnsworth's place to the Alternate universe to debrief on the latest about the shape-shifters. There, they uncover one of the humanoid shape-shifters and learn how he works. (Spoiler Text)
Fringe episode "Os"
Throughout the episode, Walter is again focusing on how to think more like Walternate (the other world Walter) and keeps coming back to needing William Bell's help. Bell is presumed dead after the events at the end of Season 2. Walter finds some of William's old research on "Soul Magnets", which ...more
Fringe episode "Stowaway"
Continuing from the events from the previous episode, "Os", William Bell is now in Olivia's body, and mentions that she is asleep inside her own mind. He begins searching for a new body to place himself inside of, and works with the team in place of Olivia. (Spoiler Text) The events of thi ...more
Fringe episode "The Same Old Story"
An exotic dancer, Loraine Daisy, is taken to the hospital by a man that just had sex with her in a hotel. He leaves her at the door as she has gone from being skinny to very fat in the belly. (Spoiler Text) Later, more about the man is revealed. He is actually a killer that Olivia Dunham was ...more
Fringe episode A New Day in the Old Town
Male, Gender
The otherworldly soldier has a machine that can change his body, making him take on the appearance of anyone male or female. During the episode, the soldier is revealed to have taken the identity of three men and one woman.
Fringe, "Unearthed"
A young girl, Lisa Donovan, wakes up moments after being pronounced dead at the hospital and begins to display bizarre behavior such as spouting off top-secret codes and speaking in Russian. (Spoiler Text)
Fruits Basket episode Unknown
A girl lodges with a family who transform into chinese zodiac animals when hugged by a member of the opposite sex.
Frustrated & Female F3: Frantic episode Unknown
From A.D. Vision. Part 3 of the series has a very male demon taking over the body of Hiroe Ogawa, the central character.
Full House episode My Left and Right Foot
Michelle (Mary-Kate or maybe it was Ashley Olsen) is told that she has big feet and gets nagged by her sisters. That night she has a dream that he feet were huge. Someone said that here feet were getting bigger by the minute and he feet started to grow larger and larger until they filled up the en ...more
Full Metal Alchemist episode Death
During his final battle with Edward Elric, Envy twice changes into a copy of the Elric's mother in order to try to disorient Ed.
Full Metal Alchemist episode Farewell
The homunculous Envy shows up disguised as the Elric brothers childhood friend Winry. He also appeared as her right at the end of the previous episode.
Full Metal Alchemist episode Words of Farewell
One of the bad guys of the series has shape shifting powers. In this episode he impersonates a female military officer. His usual form is 'a cute guy'(how he describes himself), but he can't remember what his real body looks like.
"The Full Monkey" episode of Kim Possible
After being zapped while wearing the mystical Monkey King amulet, Kim Possible begins to explore her wild side -- as she slowly transforms into a monkey.
The Funny Company episode Unknown
The Funny Company was a series of short (5-6 minute) films about a group of enterprising kids. One of the Company members was a shy girl named Shrinkin' Violette, who tended to shrink to about an inch in height whenever she was frightened or embarrassed. (In some episodes she was also able to shrink ...more
Fushigiboshi no Futagohime episode Episode 12
As far as I can surmise, the character Fine is turned into a monkey because she curses the "Mother Tree"
Futurama episode The Deep South
A incorrectly processed pet license leads to a fishing accident which lands the spaceship at the bottom of the ocean where the crew finds the lost city of Atlanta (not Atlantis) whose residents have transformed into merfolk as a result of the caffeine in their coke.
Futurama episode The Honking
in this episode of the cartoon Futurama (made by the guy who does the simpsons) Bender gets attacked by a car monster and ends up becoming a werewolf-car crossbreed called a werecar. The TF is very reminicent of American werewolf in london.
Futurama episode "The Prisoner of Benda"
Female, Male, Mechanical, Gender
The Planet Express crew use a mind-switching device throughout the entire episode. First, Amy switches with Professor Farnsworth so that she can eat more. But then they realize they can't switch back. So, as part of an evil plan to steal a playboy Robo-Hungarian emperor's crown, Bender switches ...more
Futurama episode Anthology Of Interest 2: I Meatbag
The Professor's What-If Machine shows what would happen if Bender The Robot was human. In the scenario it shows, The Professor uses reverse fossilization to turn him into a human. Unfortunately, Bender loses all control of his human senses, and ends up drinking, smoking, eating, and partying himself ...more
Futurama episode Anthology Of Interest 2: Wizzin'
Leela has a dream in which she is Dorothy from 'The Wizard Of Oz'. Instead of using her ruby boots to go home, she wishes to become a witch. Her first, last, and only act as a witch is to turn Fry, Bender, and the Professor into frogs.
Futurama episode Bend Her
Bender the robot cheats in the olympics by pretending to be a fembot. He wins 5 medals but has to have a gender verification to keep the medals. Bender has the profesor give him a sex-change and remains a fembot most of the episode.
Futurama episode Love's Labour Lost in Space
The crew attempts to gather two of every animal species from a planet which is about to implode (it had been completely hollowed out due to mining). One species Leela is trying to get is called a "Four Legged Mimic" which assumes a caricature form of the person nearest to it. In this case, it make ...more
Futurama episode Put Your Head On My Shoulder
After an accident damages Fry's body, his head must be attached to Amy Wong's body while Fry's is healed. In the same episode, we see (briefly) an implied TG or crossdresser dating Zapp Brannigan. As he (she?) walks out on Zapp, Zapp implores, "Wait, you haven't shown me your big surprise!"
Futurama episode Teenage Mutant Leela's Hurdles
An accident at a spa turns Leela, Bender, Fry, Hermes, and Zoidberg into teenagers. The professor becomes 53 again. Brian
Futurama S2 Episode 13 A Bicyclops Built For Two
This is the episode where the gang enter the internet through VR helmets. They go to chat rooms and Bender pulls up a windows menu in thin air and picks a sexy nurse disguise. He then turns into a sexy nurse and starts to chat to a man after he charges him $15 a minute. The nurse keeps Bender's voi ...more