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Category: 'Television Episode'
C.O.P.S. (1988) episode The Case of the Crook With a Thousand Faces
Animal, Inanimate, Male, Gender
Classic (but short lived) 1980's cartoon recently released on DVD. Dr. Bad Vibes invents a shape-changing robot, Shifty, to commit a number of crimes. Shifty's primary form is that of a man, but he does many different transformations in this episode (gender: a female bank teller and Mirage; male: a ...more
Camelot episode 4
Morgan(Eva Green) uncontrollably shapeshifts into her stepmother Queen Igraine(Claire Forlani).
Camp Mini Mon episode Unknown
A personality switching spray switches the human girl with frankinstein jr, she is also later switched with the werewolf boy. The girl witch and the invisible boy are also switched.
Caprica - There is another Sky
A prequel series to Battlestar Galactica which revolves around the emergence of the Cylons. On Caprica people can jack in to the "HoloBand" which is a Matrix like virtual world. In this episode we find out that its possible to copy someone elses avatar and take on its form yourself. Previously t ...more
Captain N & the Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 episode "The Beauty of Kootie"
Animal, Male, Female
In the episode Kootie Pie gets turned into a beautiful girl to keep Mario busy. When she gets changed back Mario changes Luigi into Casanova Koopa keep her busy. Luigi changes back from Casanova Koopa after Kootie Pie kisses him.
Captain N & the Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3: Life's Ruff
Luigi and King Windbag are attacked by the two Koopa kids, who steal the King's wand and transforms both Luigi and the King into dogs. The koopa kids run off into the real world and Luigi and the King take chase and have several misadventures as a dog, escaping from the Dog Catcher and whatnot, bu ...more
Captain N: The Game Master episode The Lost City of Kongoland
The Princess put on a helmet that had been the prison of an evil male magician who possesses her body for most of the episode.
Captain Planet and the Planeteers episode Frog Day Afternoon.
Linka and Wheeler are struck by a shrinking formula by the villainous Doctor Blight. To get to it (they may redirect you to their home page), click TV Shows (left menu), 90s (Beavis and Butthead -_-), Captain Planet and the Planeteers, Frog Day Afternoon. I recall that episode primarily for Linka ...more
Captain Planet episode The Unbearable Blightness Of Being
The Planeteers' arch-enemy, Dr. Blight, switches bodies with their mentor, Gaia.
Captain Planet episode In Zarm's Way
Two children are kidnapped and sent to their own little world. They can have naything they wish. the little girl wishes for a dog and the little boy wishes for a cat. they start getting into numerous fights and each time they age, while their pet gets more monstrous.
Captain Sturdy episode The Originals
Cpt. Sturdy an over-the-hill superhero gets his old team together to fight their nemesis. One of these heroes was Commander Guts the world's toughest soldier. When Cpt.Sturdy finds him he has had a sex-change and married his/her team-mate the rubber man. This aired on adultswim on cartoon network.
Cardcaptors episode The Switch
Our Cardcaptors are chasing The Change, which looks like a large blue iguana with spikes. It jumps up into the air and Sakura tries to catch it, but it lands on her head and leaps off into the air again. This time Li catches it as it falls to the ground and Kero leaps onto it. The Change struggles t ...more
Cardcaptors episode Double Take and Under the Weather
The name of this card is called Mirror Card. She disguise as Sakura and makes havoc in front of Sakura's friends in Double Take. But after fooling Tori (Touya), Sakura's brother, she realize her mistake whe Tori knows she's not her sister and surrender herself. In the episode Under The Weather, ...more
Cardcaptors episode No Problem Too Small
Maddison comes over to get the measurments for a new costume for Sakura. Kero and Sakura sense a clow card, so she rushes to find it. She walks into her dad's room and finds the little card, but before she can catch it she is shrunken and left only a quater of an inch tall!
Cardcaptors/Card Captor Sakura episode Sakura in Wonderland
When Eriol places a spell on Sakura's book, you guessed it, Alice in Wonderland she ends up in the world of that book. When she meet up with the Mad Hatter, Touya/Tori, he offers her tea and Sakura shrinks again like in "No Problem too Small/Sakura's Little Adventure." After Tweedle Dee and Dum, L ...more
Care Bears episode "The Fountain of Youth"
On this Episode of the Care Bears, Shreeky takes a drink of the water from the Fountain of Youth and she turns into a little baby.
Carol and Company episode Reunion
This was the new Carol Burnette show that aired in the late 80s. In a sketch that lasted the entire show, Carol plays a post-op transsexual who is back for her high school reunion. She must face her old best friend (who is freaked out but accepting), her old teammates from the football team (who ...more
The Carol Burnett Show episode Ms Hyde
I believe its a spoof of Dr Jeckyl and Sister Hyde.
Caroline in the City episode Caroline and the Outer Limits
Caroline and Julia switch places. It's done Quantium Leap style so the women appear to the viewers as themselvies, not who they've become.
Case Closed episode Unknown
I saw the first show of an animie series on Cartoon Network in which a 17 year old young man wouldbe detective is attacked and given a strange drug the regresses him into a little boy. It currently airs at 12:30AM and again at 3:30AM
Catdog episode All Hail the Great Meow-Woof
The Catdog flights to the island, ruled by mighty rabbit-shaman. Becayse they are falling from the sky, locals overthrown rabbit and start to obey "gods". But rabbit decide to show them real magic and uses purple dust on lizard to change she into a dragon. Nothing happens. Until Cat remind himm to ...more
"Cats Paw" episode of Star Trek
A beautiful sorceress and her accomplice use illusion to hold Kirk and the others captive. The sorceress is actually a small strange looking creature but she's quite enamoured with the new sensations of being a woman. She doesn't mind changing into a black cat either, of both regular and giganti ...more
Catscratch episode Lovesick
In this episode of the funny cartoon Catscratch that is about three rich cats- the scottish one (Gordon) gets a gift of brocolli from Human Kimberly but unfortunately he is allegergic to brocolli and this allergy to it gives a really strange allergic reaction (He changes into a furry monster cat if ...more
Celebrity Death Match episode Maddona Vs. Michael Jackson
Michael tries to morph himself into something terrifying, but turns into a hamster. Maddona flips him into a pool of acid.
Celebrity Death Match: King of the Lil' People
In the new episode of Celebrity Deathmatch episode King of the Lil' People. All the fights are between celebrities with Lil in the name. The card was: Lil Bow Wow v. Little Romeo Lil Wayne v. Little Flip Lil John v. Lil Kim Well anyway in the plot, there was a problem. Lil Romeo and Lil Bow ...more
Celebrity Deathmatch episode The Three Stooges vs The Three Tenors
The Stooges have a machine that will age/de-age people. They stick a tenor in there and age him a hundred years. He comes out all rotting and gross. Later in the match, Larry decided he could beat them if he were 10 years younger. He accidentaly sets the dial to 1910 and comes out a sperm.
Celebrity Deathmatch episode Episode 82
One episode's main event featured Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen v. Jack and Jelly Ozborn. Mary Kate killed Jack and when Kelly was all alone she threw a cupcake to distract Mary Kate since she is the one with the eating disorder. She fight with herself whether or not she should eat it like Gulem in Lor ...more
Celebrity Deathmatch: Barry v. Bud
In the new episode Barry Bonds took on MLB Comminisher Bud Selig. Most of the match Bonds was easily defeating Selig until he accidently throws him in his gym bag that is filled with a dozen or so needles filled with Steroids. Selig is then accidently injected with then and grows to a giant.
The Centurions episode Double Agent
Dark Terror has a scientist switch the minds of ace mccloud and Hacker to get his hands on a new top secret weapon the centurions have. The episode can be seen on youtube.
Ceres: Celestial Legend episode all of them
This is a very dramatic and well written series with suprising twists. I won't give away too much, but the plot deals with a teen-aged Japanese girl who finds she is both a decendent and reincarnation of a celestial maiden, who under certian circumstances she transforms into. This is a take off on ...more
Chaotic episode "Welcome to Chaotic, Part 1"
This children's cartoon is about teenagers that play a battle card game (a la Yu-Gi-Oh) called Chaotic. A select few have been given a password that allows them to actually enter the game and conduct battles as their selected character. In the first episode the new kid, Tom Majors, battles a boy, S ...more
Chappelle's Show episode Unknown
Dave visits a physical representation of the internet. When he goes to a chatroom a beatiful woman starts to chat with him. She tells him to come close so she can tell him a secret and rips off his mask to reveil he is a guy trying to get him to buy an all natural penis enlargement. Very funny.
Chappelle's Show episode Unknown
There's a skit where Dave gets a magic camera which can show where the person you're shooting will be in 10 years, the last person they slept with, what they're thinking, and they're inner self. He uses the inner self camera on his friend who turns out to be a girl on the inside.
"Charlie X" episode of Star Trek
In this episode from the original series, the Enterprise picks up a human youth who has been stranded on a far-flung planet, supposedly alone, since the crash of the ship he was a passenger on as a baby. Actually, formless aliens have raised "Charlie X" and endowed him with awesome mental powers w ...more
The Charmings episode Unknown
In this short-lived comedy/fantasy series focusing on Snow White and Prince Charming awakening to find themselves in modern LA, Snow's evil witch stepmother cooks up a reducing potion designed to make her wealthy as a weight-loss guru, only to have it shrink Charming to about six inches in height. ...more
Cheap Seats episode Evel Knievel
Gender, Inanimate
Early in the episode, Rand and Jason Sklar get magic wands after noticing that Evil's microphone looks like a magic wand. Jason turns a person into a plate of cookies. After Randy asks for a cookie, Jason turns Randy into a teddy bear. In response, Randy turns Jason into a magic wand. Early in the ...more
Chemistry episode Unknown
Some drama show in which the main charactor Rachel and CK swap bodies for 8 episodes.
Cheribino's New Life episode Maid to Stays
cheribinno in his maid disguise is transformed into a real chambermaid for the the rest of the day
Chespirito episode Chapulines vemos cerebros no sabemos
A mad doctor invented a brain switching machine, and swaps the bodies of the woman (Florinda Meza) and a fat doctor (Edgar Vivar). This episode has been made 3 times, with the same characters in different seasons, includes voice swap . It is included in the chapulin colorado dvd vol. 6
Chespirito episode Doctor Chapatin
This is the Mexican variety show that 'Bumblebee Man' on the Simpsons is parodying. In one skit, a doctor is visited by a fat man who wants to be thin and a thin woman who wants to gain weight. The doctor solves their problems by performing a head swap.
Chikyu Shojo Arjuna episode Unknown
A story about a typical high-school girl Juna. She was almost killed in accident and clung between life and death. She came back to life with a little help from "Earth". Now when "Earth" is in danger she changes into the mythical Avator of Time - Arjuna, with a special power to protect and destroy e ...more
Children of Dune episode Unknown
The Face dancer disguises himself as the daughter of one of Muad'dib's close friends in order to leed him into a trap.
The Chimp Channel episode James Bond
In a spoof of James Bond, male orangutan Cue turns himself into a beautiful female chimp wearing a bikini after taking a disguise-o pill. (although with chimps, it's kind of hard to judge beauty). Since the effect only lasts for an hour, 009 suggests that they adjourn to his hotel roo ...more
Chip 'N Dale's Rescue Rangers episode A Fly in the Ointment
Chip exchanges bodies (just bodies not heads) with the girl mouse, Gadget.
Chip N Dale: Rescue Rangers episode A Wolf in Cheap Clothing
In this episode the mad scientist Nimnul invents a device that can swap the species of 2 creatures. He uses it to turn himself into a wolf to commit crimes & at the same time Harry the wolf turns into a man. A Tasmanian Devil & a rabbit also get switched, & near the end the device gets misplaced ...more
Chip N Dale: Rescue Rangers episode Dale beside himself
In this episode a trio of shape-changing aliens are visiting earth but one dosen't want to leave. He escapes from the others & meets up with Dale, & turns himself into a copy of him. The team like the new helpful Dale so when the other aliens demand he return he sends the real Dale instead.
Chojin Locke episode Unknown
Locke is an ESPer that can trnasform himself into many people, male or female. He uses the body of a female nightclub singer in early episodes but usually appears as a teenaged boy.
Chokyukai and the Abducted Bride
In this episode, The country side is bothered by a pig demon, Chokyukai, that is abducting young women. It is up to Inuyasha and the gang to stop them. We'll things don't go so well and Kagome gets kidnapped. In order to sneak into Chokyukai's lair, Shippo transforms into a woman to distract him ...more
The Chronicle episode Hell Mall
A female ghost of a elderly female nurse with a desire to disembowel her victims possesses Tucker. There are other possessions shown and one apparently is a woman possessed by a male ghost of a killer from the same asylum, though no male identity or expression was apparent. The same can be ...more
The Chronicle episode Only the Good Die Young
An aged convenience store employee attracts the reporters' interest when he claims to be only 21 years old. When he goes undercover, Tucker gets more than he bargained for and winds up in the body of another old man while the elderly scoundrel wreaks havok in Tucker's youthful form. There is also ...more
Chuck Finn episode The Switcheroo
Chucklevision episode Barry the Spider.
Paul and Barry check out the proffessors lab. They stumble on a matter transferance device. Barry gets switched with a cat then a spider.
Cinderella Boy Tv Series
Cinderella Boy, features a main character named Ranma, who just happens to turn into a woman (at the stroke of midnight, hence the Cinderella reference). Although MP's Ranma works in a detective agency instead of a martial arts academy, and unlike Rumiko Takahashi's Ranma it's the clock, not a dou ...more
The City episode Unknown
Model Azure C is secretive about her past and publicity shy; later she is outed in a New York tabloid.
Class of 3000, "Funky Monkey"
The Upperclassmen are putting on a musical version of King Kong called, "The Kong and I" and Sunny Bridge's class has to help out. Little D has been given the task of helping out the actor that will be playing the role of King Kong. Little D points out to the tempermental star that he is short ...more
Cleopatra 2525 episode In Your Boots
Mad Joker Like Villian swaps bodies with Helen a chief of the good guys just before his execution, leaving her to die in his place. Pretty good with some good acting by the actress playing the bad guy playing the good girl.
The Click episode Unknown
About a alien device which makes people horny and can change their bodies. Many transformations in the series, most female/female, but 2 short man/woman and one (in the last of the seven) change man/woman for about 15 minutes. Very funny scene as the tranformed man sees his breasts.
"Clues" episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation
Very good mystery episode. Deana Troi's body is possessed several times by an alien. Her voice is male & the way her body moves is more male than female. At one point Deanna looks in thee mirror and the memory of the possession makes her think that another mind is behind her eyes and she scream ...more
Code Lyoko episode A Fine Mess
In Code Lyoko, a group of children fight a virus in a supercomputer generated virtual world. In the episode A Fine Mess, two of them swap bodies when they rematerialize in the real world. One's a pre-teen boy, the other's an early teen girl. Some of the problems of it are addressed. Her bra stra ...more
Code Name : Eternity - Fatal Error episode Unknown
In this episode Mr. Dent gets infected with a virus and changes forms uncontrollably. He changes into A hot girl, A little girl, David Banning and a cowboy.
Code Name Eternity - The Long Drop episode Unknown
In this episode Mr. Dent(the android) changes into Laura, a police officer and Ethaniel's brother.
Code Name Eternity episode Lose Your Dreams
Mr. Dent disguises himself as two women in this episode. First, he turns himself into Jan, Ethaniel's "sister" and then turns into Dr. Steiner in order to trick the main female lead Laura.
Code Name: Eternity episode pilot episode
There is a brief transformation from a woman to man. A male android disguises himself to get close to his female traget. very brief not that good.
Code: LYOKO episode Unknown
At first glace, this would appear to be an anime. But further research indicates that it is actually a "Franime," that is, an anime produced in France instead of Japan. Weird. Anyway, the show is pretty cool. It's about a group of boarding school kids that discover a supercomputer with a ...more
Codename : Eternity episode Chameleon
In this episode Ethaniel shows Laura how to use this device that can change someones appearance. Ethaniel changes himself to look like Laura.
Codename Eternity episode Deep Down
Mr. Dent disguises himself as the wife of a salvage diver for most of the episode. Appears to be uncomfortable maintaining this form.
Codename: Eternity episode Various
One of the main villain characters is an android killer named 'Mr. Dent'. He has the ability to change shape(possibly a hologram, but since he's touched others while disguised and nobody noticed it might be a true shape shift), and in several episodes has taken on female forms. Not sure if this co ...more
Codename: Kids Next Door episode "Operation U.T.O.P.I.A."
Numbah One finds himself in an island paradise just for kids. He befriends a pretty girl there. (Spoiler Text)
Colbert Report episode Threat Down: Pooh
Believe it or not, I am a fan of the Daily Show and the Colbert Report. In this bit, Stephen Colbert reports on the major threats to the nation. His number 1 threat is Pooh as in Winnie the Pooh. Colbert's number one threat is normally bears ("I don't know what a 'Pooh' is but it looks a heck o ...more
The Collector episode The Exorcist
A demon possessed young woman later possessed her father.
The Collector episode The Ripper
An episode showing Morgan's prior work as a Collector before he made his agreement with the Devil. Set in London, the soul Morgan has to collect is Jack the Ripper. Morgan searches for Jack, fixing on an artist as a likely suspect. However, it turns out that the one who made the deal with the Dev ...more
The Collector episode "The Ufologist"
Female, Male, Gender
The Collector has been doing a lot of original wishes for people that sell their souls to the devil. The Premise is Morgan Pym, is a guy who used to be a Monk 600 years ago but then sold his soul to the Devil to spend 10 years of his life with the woman he loved, Katrina. Now Morgan works for the D ...more
"Collision" episode of PSI Factor: Chronicles of the Paranormal
The soul of an accident victim possesses the driver who killed her. Both are women in their 30's, apparently. After her father died a young girl's mother poromised she would never leave her. But she never expected to be killed in a car accident while driving her daughter to an activity. ...more
The Comedy Company episode Unknown
A man presses a "change" machine and becomes a woman. Exactly the same as the Mad Cartoon.
Comedy Lab episode Blackout
A series highlighting the UK's newest and freshest comedy. An outwardly politically-correct North London woman starts suffering from blackouts - during which she turns into a black man. This episode airs on Channel 4 here in the UK on MONDAY 16 MAY between 11:35pm - 12:10am.
Conan O'Brien episode Spring Desk Drive
On this episode of Conan, he takes a "desk drive" with a lady from the audience and they get run over by a steamroller.
Coronation Street episode Pantomime Christmas Special
The panto cinderella is the theme and the fairy godmother casts a spell over one of the male characters. She says something like "oh I have had enough of your moaning, lets see how you like living the next hundred years as a garden gnome". She and some good looking girls (including Tina O'Brien an ...more
Corrector Yui episode Double O' Yui, Rookie Spy
In search of the last Corrector software, "Synchro," Yui and friends find themselves on Spy Net. When it seems as though a spy named "Q" may actually be the software they're looking for, a race ensues to see who can find "Q" first. Will the Corruptors beat Yui to it? The funny thing is that, from ...more
Corrector Yui episode Ep 12: Heart-Thumping Double Date Part Two
It is the year 2020 and computers have become an integral part of daily life for most people, however despite the fact that her father is a software developer Yui Kasuga cannot use computers at all. However an evil computer called Grosser wants to take over the ComNet (what the Internet is called in ...more
Corrector Yui episode Investigation on the Orient Express - Episode 15
Corrector Follow morphs himself into Freeze, the lone female Corruptor, to try to fool another Corruptor, Virus. Sadly, Virus sees through this ruse right away. Also of note, ealier in the episode Follow was disguised as a Sherlock Holmes-like detective and he also briefly turned himself into ...more
"The Counter Clock Incident" episode of Star Trek: The Animated Series
The Enterprise is pulled into a universe where time runs backwards.
Coupling episode Nine And A Half Months
Steven has a dream in which his lost missing porn buddy Jeff has returned as a pregnant woman, Jeffina. He realizes it's a dream because Jeffina looks like their 6th grade math teacher. Steven is truly disturbed when Jeffina tries to grope him.
Courage the Cowardly Dog episode Courage the Fly
Courage gets tuned into a fly by Di Lung. Di Lung was trying to turn Courage into an ox though. Courage has to stop a satelite from crashing into the family's house. At the end, the two army guys who were watching the satelite get turned into ox by Di Lung.
Cow & Chicken episode The Girls' Bathroom
Chicken,Flem,and Earl alll wonder what's inside the girl's bathroom. Chicken has to go in because he "drew" the best straw. Even though Cow and Mom tell chicken not to go into the girls' bathroom and it might change his life forever he goes anyways. Later that night Chicken enters the bathroom. He c ...more
Cowboy Bebop episode Gateway Shuffle
Eco-terrorists develop a virus that mutates humans into monkeys and threaten to unleash it upon an entire planet of people. Several scenese show monkeys held in captivity, each held in a single human size capsule/container. At first you are only given a hint that they might have once been humans ...more
Cowboy Bebop episode Jupiter Jazz
*spoilers* It's revealed that injections while have given GRENCIA MARS ELIJAH GUO ECKENER, a minor character, while he was in prison have given him a woman's secondary sexual characteristics. He still has his voice and face and presumably, genitalia but the rest of his body is completely feminine ...more
Cowboy Bebop episode Sympathy for the Devil
Early on in the episode we see that there is something unusual about a young boy playing the blues on his harmonica at a jazz club. It's later revealed that he's not as young as he looks -- a freak accident when he was a child left him immortal, but stopped the aging process as a side-effect. So he' ...more
Coyote Piper episode from Charmed
A she-demon can body-hopping, only with killing of her current host. She killed her female body in order to escape, and possessed a man nearby. Later the man followed Piper outside of the P3 club and killed himself, and possessed Piper as she came close to see if she can help. The possession of Pip ...more
Cream Lemon episode Maningyo
Hiromu is turned into a female, controled by a supernatural being.
Crimes and Witch-Demeanors
A demon possesses the body of an attractive police officer.
Criminal Minds episode "The Uncanny Valley"
On Criminal Minds it had a serial Kidnapper that was "collecting" people to replace her dolls that she had as a child. She would then drug them so they couldn't move but were conscious. They had one scene where one woman was trying to escape and when she was dragging herself on the floor, her legs ...more
Criss Angel episode Screwed
Criss Angel transforms an 8-year-old girl into a 20-year-old version of herself.
"Crusade" episode of Stargate SG-1
Vala returns - in the body of Dr. Jackson, thru the use of the same alien technology that allowed them to be transported into the bodies of two others in the episode "Avalon".
Crusade episode "Appearances and Other Deceits"
alien possesses attractive nurse
CSI episode "Leapin' Lizards"
Several key characters transform from human to lizard-like alien beings. Most are full transformations, but there is at least one partial transformation. (Spoiler Text)
CSI episode Ch Ch Changes
Wendy a Trangender is killed in the begining of the show and more transgender show both mtf and on ftm on the show very good show.
CSI episode Fur & Loathing in Las Vegas
Although this episode of CSI doesn't actually have transformations, it does have a LOT of furries and plushies. The episode focuses on the murder of Rocky Raccoon. The CSI crew goes to a furry convention and interrogates several furries, including Sexy Kitty (a scantily clad, blue cat). They even ...more
CSI: Identity Crisis
A serial killer named Paul Millander, appears in at least two episodes. The storyline is that Paul Millander was born female and saw his dad murdered. Believing that no one would believe a young woman that it was not a suicide, the girl has a sex change and becomes Paul Millander.
Cyberchase episode CastleBlanca
Cyberchase is about three kids, Matt, Inez, and Jackie, who are recruited by a kind ruler of Cyber-Space called Mother Board and her assistants, Dr. Marbles, Motherboard's programmer, and Digit, his assistant. The main villian is The Hacker (voiced by Christopher Lloyd), who plans to ruin Motherboa ...more
Cyberkidz: Episdode 6 - Xyloids in the House
Female, Gender
Near the end of the episode. The protagonists disguised themselves as adult women to get past the enemy. Cyberkidz: Episode 6 - Xyloids in the House - Part 2
Cyborg 009 episode Operation Auroras
This is from the episode of the 2003 remake airing on Cartoon Network. Cyborg 007, who has the ability to shape-shift into anything, fools the evil organization Black Ghost that they've kidnapped the weapon inventor's daughter.
Cyborg 009 episode Unknown
The 00 Cyborgs were once human but were turned by Black Ghost to Cyborgs that have different abilities. Black Ghost also made other people into Cyborgs to fight the 00 Cyborgs.