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Category: 'Television Episode'
Baffled! episode Unknown
AP, AR, man disguised as woman(the face mask stunt) A manor, old woman in wheelchair, a famous actress and her very young daughter, a race car driver(Leonard Nimoy) with visions he can't explain, a female reporter wondering what the visions all about. All of them come to the manor for a reason un ...more
Bailey's Comets episode series
A show from the early 1970's. A recurring set of charecters were a team of roller skaters called The Jekyl/Hydes. They were normally a group of kind-hearted, proper English gentlemen, who would suddenly turn into mean, greedy, cheating monsters. As gentlemen, they seem oblivious to the fact that ...more
The Basil Brush Show episode Double Trouble Two
The Episode starts with Basil, Molly and Dave in jail. But they are soon joined by cousin Mortimer. After Basil and the gang recap everything that has happened. (They accidently clone 2 mr. stevens, the real one is fired for being bad, the new one a genius has been captured for testing in a secret g ...more
The Basil Brush show episode Thanks a Million
In one part of the episode Aunt Maddie gets a makeover all over except for her feet which remain old due to the fact that she ran out of cash before they got to them.
The Basil Brush Show. episode The Incapables
In this episode, Dave, Steven, Basil and Bingo decide to become superheroes in order to stop a crime wave they become Mighty Muscle, Wide Boy, Flying Phantom, and Derek. In one bit the shop keeper (Anil) turns into an incredible hulk.
Batman Beyond episode Out of The Past
This episode goes back into the Batman history and bring back Ra's Al Ghul. Though out the episode his daughter, Talia, who hasn't aged convinces Bruce to return to the Lazarus Pit and bring back his youth. (Spoiler Text)
Batman Beyond episode Plague
A villain named False Face is in Gotham and he can take anyone's form, he takes the form of Nelson and a flight attendant. Kind of like a futuristic Clay-Face.
The Batman episode The Joining: Part 1
Male, Furry, Gender
Batman sneaks into detective John Jones' apartment, and he catches the Martian Manhunter changing his face to match those he sees while flipping TV channels, including men, women, and even a cartoon dog. His body (human male) remains the same, however. Later, the Manhunter briefly disguises himse ...more
The Batman episode Clayface of Tragedy, Part 2
A special chemical putty from the evil villain Joker turns an ex-policeman into Clayface with the ability to become anyone. He learns to use this ability, impersonating a female detective to get close to the police chief. (I did not catch all of this episode from a relatively recent animated Batman ...more
The Batman episode Strange Minds
In order to find out where the Joker has hidden detective Ellen Yin in another one of those cliched time-running-out death-traps, both Batman and Dr. Hugo Strange enter the Jokers mind. The joker assumes various guises in which he's still as ugly as ever, including a woman and her baby, yet it's Ba ...more
Batman: The Animated Series episode Mudslide
Clayface impersonates a female doctor to steal an ingredient he needs to sustain his powers.
Batman: The Animated Series episode The Forgotten
In an episode where Bruce Wayne (a.k.a Batman) loses his memory, he has a dream while staring at himself in the mirror, his reflection turns into the Joker.
Batman: The Animated Series episode Tyger Tyger
In the episode a scientist gets his half human half ape man servant to kidnap catwoman so he can turn her into a half cat like creature for his genetically created son who is a cat person
Batman: The Animated Series episode Feat of Clay II
Clayface, formerly an actor who is a victim of a cosmetic drug overdose, fakes his death and is last seen as a beautiful woman. Brief, at end. He also disguised himself as an overweight woman in a studio audience earlier on the episode.
Batman: The Brave and the Bold episode Dawn of the Deadman
While fighting Gentleman Ghost, Batman is buried alive and uses an astral projection technique to find help, meeting up with Deadman. There are a multitude of possessions by both Deadman and Batman. Deadman possesses a guy walking by, Batman's body, Speedy (Roy Harper, Green Arrow's sidekick), ...more
Batman: The Brave and the Bold episode The Criss Cross Conspiracy!
The episode with a flashback to Batman and Robin (Dick Grayson) fighting the Riddler, when Batwoman shows up. It turns out she's a bit roguish and Batman admonishes her for putting innocents in danger while thrill seeking. The Riddler unmasks her and reveals her to be Katrina Moldoff, the heiress ...more
Battlestar Galactica episode End Credits - Studio Identification
During the end credits when the studio producing the show displays their logo and name they have a little film type id. Every week their two guys do something different. This week one of the guys said 'This will shock you' and a light bulb came on over his head. Then the other guy says 'Oh yeah?' an ...more
Baywatch Nights episode Possessed.
Gender, Male
A killer(male) was killed in a multi-car accident. He was able to possess those involved in the accidents, including one of the Baywatch babe (Donna D'Errico as Donna Marco)
Beast Machines episode Unknown
After the success of the Maximal spy Rattrap's latest invention - a device which emits Maximal energy signatures thus deceiving the enemy Vehicons into attacking each other - he upgrades the emitter with a holo-chip which projects an image of a random Maximal over whatever robot it's affixed to. To ...more
Beastmaster episode Endgame
Underworld king possesses Trina in an effort to trick Dar into handing over a valuable artifact.
Beastmaster TV episode Veil of Death
Dar protects a white tiger, which embodies his long lost sister, Lycia. In one of the scenes when Dar comes to this land of dead or spirts or somethin, Dar see this white tiger coming towards him and the white tiger slowly morphs into his sister, Lycia. Pretty decent TF. Ive been looking for it f ...more
The Beatles cartoon I've Just Seen a Face
During a recording session, Ringo's voice is hoarse so the other Beatles take him to a haunted house to "Scare his voice back". While in the haunted house a mophead lands on Ringo's head and he is covered in flour and appears feminine. He sees himself in a mirror and becomes infatuated with the ...more
Becker episode He Said She Said
An old friend tells his friend to look up Dr. Becker. It turns out that the friend is a woman. After going on several excursions he proclaims her the perfect woman, only to find out that it is really his friend who had reassignment surgery.
Beetleborg Metallix episode Unknown
The Beetleborgs gain a new ability. The ability to morph into "real" beetles ( as opposed to the borg transformatiion ). They stumble upon this ability while searching an old magic spell book looking for a spell to cure their melting phasm friend.
Beetleborgs episode Buggin Out
A bug-like monster with razor sharp teeth and the ability to shrink is sent after the heroes, it's name is Combat Gnat. Flabber the phasm brings a drawing of a teleporter to life, and decides to test it out but when his genes get mixed with Combat Gnats, he starts transforming into him - he ...more
Beetleborgs Metalix episode The Old Grey Flabber
This episode starts with the eeevil nukus plotting to destroy the beetleborgs , les draws a well detailed portrait of flabber, as soon as flabber recives this portrait, he takes an instant glace at it (to look at his beautiful self), little does he know that the picture is sucking the life out of ...more
BeetleJuice episode Series
In this cartoon spinoff the 1988 classic BeetleJuice- whenever BeetleJuice says something it happens (E.G "I feel like a kid again" and he turns into a baby, or "You scared the living daylights outta me." and he goes all black and stars start shining on him.)
Being Human episode Addicted to Love
Season 2 Episode 5 Spoiler We pick up where last episode leaves off. Sally is possessing Janet, the hot doctors girlfriend. We see her in "Janet's body" getting off while they have sex. Then Quantum Leap style they show Sally. She leaves Janets body and goes home. Her roommates confront her ab ...more
Being Human Episode Do You Really Want To Hurt Me?
Season 2 Episode 2 Sally learns from her other ghost friends they have the ability to possess living humans. Spoilers Sally tries to possession a cute small brunette but finds out it's not as easy to possess some people. She then tries to possession a large black man with no luck. Finally ...more
"Being Tom Baldwin" episode of The 4400
Agent Baldwin is accused of murding a 4400 suspect and he claims he didnt do it even though there are a couple of winitsis. It turns out that the real killer is a 4400 who can make people beliieve he is someone else. Through the episode he makes himself look like coworkers and others.
Benny Hill episode Unknown
An instant change machine turns an old woman into Benny, and later turns him into a young woman.
Benny Hill episode Wonder Gran Skit
This is the skit where the beautiful girl dressed as wonder woman spins into wonder gran. Funny skit. I don't know if it belongs in the female or the age group. If anyone has the DVD with this sit please post some photos.
"Benwolf" episode of Ben 10
A Navajo werewolf (it's actually an alien) scratches the omnitrix on Ben's arm, causing Ben to absorb its DNA and progressively transform into a "werewolf." The transformation occurs in three stages, but there's only one actual transformation scene, and it's only into the first, slightly wolf-like ...more
The Beverly Hillbillies episode Unknown
Ellie May is dating a scuba diver. Granny is convinced that he turns into a frog every time he gets wet. She dreams Ellie May marries the frog man, and when she kisses him at the wedding, she turns into a frog.
Bewitched episode The Catnapper
Endora changes one of Darrin's female clients into a cat. Samantha later changes a private investagator that is trying to blackmail her into a mouse.
Bewitched episode A Chance on Love
Serena briefly changes one of Darrin's clients into a parrot.
Bewitched episode The Horse's Mouth
To talk to a horse, Samantha changes her into a woman.
Bewitched episode A Change of Face
Along with hers mother Samanatha has offended Darrin by changing his face . She changes him back but discoves that he doesn't feel atractive to her or others. She turns herself into a sexy french woman and comes onto him in his favorite bar. A different acress plays the french woman so its not mak ...more
Bewitched episode Alias Darrin Stephens
A misworded spell changes Darrin into a Chimp.
Bewitched episode Bothered and Baldoni Bewitched
Endora changes a statue of Venus into a real woman.
Bewitched episode Daddy Comes to Visit
Darrin is briefly turned into a dog.
Bewitched episode Daddy Does His Things
Samantha's father changes Darrin into a mule.
Bewitched episode Darrin on a Pedestal
Darrin is turned into a statue.
Bewitched episode Double Toil and Trouble Double
A witch's court is held at the Stephen's home at 3 in the morning upsetting Darrin. Endora gets angry at him for breaking it up. As a result, while Samantha is at a bazzar, Serena drops in taking the form of Sam to raise a little hell. In the End the plot is discovered and Endora and Serena both get ...more
Bewitched episode Going Ape
Samantha changes a chimp into a human to find out where he belongs. Note, in Bewitched, changed people or animals can only be changed back if they want to.
Bewitched episode I Don't Want to Be a Toad, I Want to Be a Butterfly
Tabitha changes a kindergarten classmate into a butterfly.
Bewitched episode Junior Executive
When Samantha wonders what her childern will be like, Endora changes Darrin into an eight year old. Note, young Darrin is played by Will Robinson.
Bewitched episode Just a Kid Again
Tabatha changes a department store salesman into a child.
Bewitched episode Long Live the Queen
When Samantha is selected to be the new queen of witches, A Warlock changed into animal by the last queen is asked to be pardoned. Darrin is also breifly turned into a goose.
Bewitched episode Mixed Doubles
Excess magic in the atmosphere causes Sam, who was daydreaming about being married to someone else, to switch places with Louise Tate. While the audience sees them as they really are, the characters on the show see Sam as Louise and vice versa. The only ones who know the truth are Sam, Endora, and o ...more
Bewitched episode Mother-in-law of the Year
Using Magic Endora gets herself picked for Mother in Law of the Year by a Cilent of Darrin. She then refuses to show up for the love TV show where she is is to be named. Sam turns herself into Endora to appear in her mother's stead!! Endora finds out and is furious. She then turns herself into Saman ...more
Bewitched episode Nobody but a Frog Knows How to Live
A frog that was changed into a human tries to get Samatha to change him back into a frog. Later Sam changes the frogman's frog girlfriend into a woman.
Bewitched episode Out of the Mouths of Babes
Darrin gets into an argument with Endora and is changed into a ten year old boy.
Bewitched episode Playmates
Tabatha changes a bully into a dog.
Bewitched episode Samantha and the Loch Ness Monster
We find out that the Loch Ness monster is actually a worlock that Serena changed into the sea monster. After giving in and changing him back, the warlock turn Serena into a mermaid.
Bewitched episode Samantha Loses Her Voice
When Samantha says she can't speak for Darrin, uncle Arthur plays a joke by switching her voice with Darrins. But he's then unable to switch them back.
Bewitched episode Samantha's Old Man
Endora changes Darrin into a old man.
Bewitched episode Samantha's Pet Warlock
A worlock changes himself into a dog to play a game on Darrin.
Bewitched episode Samantha's Wedding Present
Darren is shrunk down to about six inches. He is discovered by an Irish hobo who mistakes him for a leprechaun. Samantha grants his three wishes.
Bewitched episode Samantha, The Bard
Endora changes Darrin into a goat, brief at end.
Bewitched episode Serena Strikes Again
Serena changes one of Darrin's female clients into a monkey.
Bewitched episode Serena's Youth Pill
Larry takes a pill that makes him age backwards.
Bewitched episode Tabatha's Cranky Spells
Samantha assumes the form of a client's dead Uncle.
Bewitched episode Tabatha's First Day at School
Tabatha changes a bully into a frog.
Bewitched episode Tabatha's Weekend
Tabatha believes she caused her grand parents to argue, and hides by changing herself into a cookie.
Bewitched episode Trick or Treat
Endora changes into a little girl wearing a gypsy custom to put a werewolf hex on Darrin. Trivia, the young Endora is played by the same girl that played Marcia Brady.
Bewitched episode Twitch or Treat
A warlock changes a black cat into a beautiful woman.
Bewitched episode Unknown
I saw this episode where Samantha plays tricks with this one guys head by causing him to see her rather than the person in his presence. I really don't know if this is an illusion, a bodyswap, or a transformation of the people involved. It's basically Elizabeth Montgomery all of a sudden being in ...more
Bewitched episode Who's the Wise Witch?
A spell causes all the characters to be trapped in the house. Dr. Bombay transforms himself into a photo so he can be slipped under the door and release everyone from outside.
Bewitched episode Where are You? Mrs. Stephens
Serena changes Darrin's mother into a cat.
Bewitched episode Which Witch is Which?
Samantha has to be two places at the Same time for Endora subs for her and turns herself into Sam for a dress fitting. She meets a handsome man who she starts dating as Smanatha. He turns out to be Darin's old college roomate. At one point Endora chokes on having to say "I love Darrin Stevens". Fun ...more
Big Bad Beetleborgs (1997) episode The Good, The Bad and The Scary
The three Beetleborg kids swap bodies with their Magnavore enemies.
Big Bad Beetleborgs episode She Wolf
Wolfgang (the werewolf) bites jara during a full moon, turning her into a she wolf.
Big John Little John episode Unknown
A grade school teacher, after drinking from the fountain of youth, transforms at random times into a 12 year old boy. The series didn't have a long run.
The Big Show episode Unknown
While reviewing my old videos I found a tape of a variety show called the Big Show hosted by Gene Kelley and Nancy Walker. This particular episode had a 5 minute skit between a male and female comic with upper class british accents having a romantic tryst where they reveal their secrets. both have h ...more
The Big Wish episode Unknown
This story is about a kid who has a goblin( I think ) grant him seven wishes, the problem the goblin has to grant all the wishes in one day so he makes them a little awkward. One wish is that the kid is the best friend of the girl he has a crush on so the goblin grants it ..... the catch is that he ...more
Big Wolf On Campus - Cat Woman episode Unknown
In this episode a hot exchange student named Carole changes into a cat and back to herself.
Big Wolf on Campus episode The Bookmobile
A bookmobile comes to town, in one scene the lady turns people into books.
Big Wolf On Campus episode The Boy Who Tried Wolf
Tommy accidentally bites Merton - turning Merton into a werewolf at the same time a werewolf exterminator comes to Pleasantville...
Big Wolf on Campus episode The Sandman Cometh
In the beginning murton is being seduced by a sexy woman into digging for sand, the sexy woman then morphs into its true form, the sandman, it later morphs into the woman again, very brief.
Big Wolf On Campus episode Being Tommy Dawkins
A take off on being John M. Tommy is handsome football hero and his friend Merton is a bullied Goth Loser. Merton finds that a place in the Janitor's closet allows him to pop into Tommy's head and even take control of his body. At one point the villian also takes over Tommy's wrewolf body. So, so ...more
Big Wolf on Campus episode Exor-Sis
Merton's snitty kid sister Becky a high school freshman opens locker 666 and is possessed by a demon or ghost with a deep male voice who likes to party. Parody of the Exorist. Merton and Tommy bring in an old priest who dies and they use his kit which for example has pellets that instantly turn hot ...more
Big Wolf On Campus episode Interview With A Werewolf
A florist sets Merton up on a date with her niece Violet, whoever she doesn't really have a niece, she is Violet - and she uses a special charm with water inside it to retain her youth and she begins sucking the life out of Merton, as a result of this Merton starts aging and turning into an o ...more
Big Wolf on Campus episode Manchurian Werewolf
Tommy gets brainwashed by the evil werewolf syndicate, and he bites lori. unfortunately, lori's werewolf tf has already started, and tommy and merton only have 5 minutes to till midnight, so, they try to stop the syndicate, but the syndicate leader calls his guards to lock merton and tommy up in a ...more
Big Wolf on Campus episode Switch Me baby, One More Time
Female body jumper steals the Heroines (Laurie's) body. later switches with a male wombat.
Big Wolf on campus episode Thanks
Merton is killed by the hot, female villian of the episode. The villian named Sloan can kill people by kissing them. She can also bring them back to life by kissing them. Merton is a ghost for the whole episode and near the end when Sloan is about to complete her objectives, Merton possesses her bod ...more
Big Wolf on campus episode The pleasentville strangler
Inanimate, Male, Gender
This episode is exactly like the movie "fallen". The ghost of an old man rises from his grave and possesses a night watch man at the school. He then switches into the body of whoever he touches. He switches into the body of several girls at the school and alot of other girls in the middle of a fe ...more
Big Wolf Wolf on Campus episode Unknown
Tommy Dawkins is bitten by a werewolf and becomes one now with the help of his new friend Merton he battles all forces of the supernatural to protect Pleasentville (not the one from the movie).
Big Wolfe on Campus episode The Bookmobile
Show has some funny moments as Tommy(the werewolf has to wear a flea collar!) An evil librain/witch comes to town and turns people into books, including Tommy's dad and his girlfriend. Where confronted she first picks up a book on a box and wears his body and starts beating Tommy up. When defeated s ...more
Biker Mice From Mars episode Changes
In this episode of the Biker Mice revival series, the bro's old mentor Stoker is experimented on and involuntarily transforms into a savage wererat-like monster called Stoker Rat when under the sunlight. The transformation happens a few times in the episode and is shown to be quite painful, t ...more
Billy the Cat
The entire series is about a bratty boy who abused animals. He was found by a magician who loved cats, and decided to swap one of his cats and Billy's bodies. Oddly enough, even though the first episode showed Billy as a brat, once he's a cat for the rest of the series, he's timid and kind. In t ...more
The Bionic Woman episode Sanctuary Earth
A young alien princess from another planet lands on earth. She ends up meeting Jaime Sommers and goes to her house. Aura (alien princess) shrinks herself down to a few inches tall. She is shown standing on top of a coffee table next to a telephone. Aura then turns herself back to her normal size.
Birdy the Mighty OVA series
Bounty hunter/police from outer space is tricked into killing a young boy. So to atone she absorbs his life force. They both exist in the same body, and can take either form. Has some assuming sences where the woman is in control of the boy's form, vica versa.
Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon episode Unknown
The newest scouts, the star scouts, are three boys that change into female sailors.
"Bitter Reunions" episode of Danny Phantom
An old high school friend, Vlad, invites Jack and his family to a reunion. Little does the family suspect that Vlad is another ghost hybrid, just like Danny. However, Vlad has had his powers for twenty years, making him stronger than Danny. Vlad plans to ruin Jack in revenge, defeat Danny, and take ...more
"Black Widow" episode of Poltergeist: The Legacy
While investigating a murder, Nick Boyle hits it off with a waitress at a local diner who looks like his old (deceased) girlfriend Julia. He doesn't realize, however, that the woman who calls herself "Karen Morgan" is a succubus who has been assuming the forms of other women in order to seduce and ...more
Black. White. episode Unknown
A television show where two families swap races. One white family will become black and one black family will become white. The show uses professional make-up artists to simulate their appearance as the opposite race. The people often interacted with the public to see what they could learn about ...more
Blackadder II episode Chains
Blackadder is kidnapped by the evil Prince Ludwig, who is a master of disguise. Blackadder escapes and manages to kill Ludwig, and then the credits roll. After the credits end, we see everyone has been killed and the camera pans to Queen Elizabeth holding a knife. She starts to laugh with Ludwig' ...more
Blackadder III episode Ink & Incapability
In this episode, there is a dream sequence Edmund Blackadder is having where Dr Samuel Johnson confronts him. Dr Johnson tells Blackadder to burn his dictionary, much to Edmund's relief. Edmund then turns round to his dogsbody, Baldrick, only to discover he has a dog's head. "Baldrick, who gave you ...more
Bleach Episode 18
While trying to remember an incident which was partially erased from his memory, Chad has a chain of though which makes him briefly imagine a female version of Ichigo (shown in a thought bubble). Submitted for completion's sake.
Bleach Episode 192
Age, Female
After Ichigo defeated Espada #6, Grimmjow in a battle, Grimmjow was still alive but when Espada #5 Nnoitra shown up, he attacked Grimmjow off-guard and finished off so Nnoitra will fight Ichigo and finish him off himself. When Nnoitra started to break Ichigo’s arm, the intensity of Nel’ ...more
Bleach Episode 271
On this Episode, When Ichigo got a hole in his chest made by Ulquiorra (Espada #4) and thought he was dead, Ichigo transformed into a powerful hollow (his second hollow form) and defeated Ulquiorra in his second release form.
Bleach episode 335
Soul Reapers (Shinigami) are ghost-like entities in the Bleach universe that typically cannot be seen by regular humans. In order to interact with the human world, they need to possess artificial human bodies, known as Gigai, which are perfect replicas of their spiritual bodies. In an omake at the ...more
Bleach episode 340
Soul Reapers (Shinigami) are ghost-like entities in the Bleach universe that typically cannot be seen by regular humans. In order to interact with the human world, they need to possess artificial human bodies, known as Gigai, which are perfect replicas of their spiritual bodies. In order to fool ...more
Bleach Episode 41
Animal, Gender
This is a duplicate entry, has been merged, and is now Marked for Deletion - cj 2007aug08 Yoruichi the cat tells ichigo that he rescue him after the battle. Ichigo asks how could a cat lift me and carry me all the way to a hidden room under the mountain. Yoruichi tells him I have never shown my ...more
Bleach episode 41 - Reunion
Youicjiro a cat turns herself in a woman. Yoruichi the cat tells ichigo that he rescue him after the battle. Ichigo asks how could a cat lift me and carry me all the way to a hidden room under the mountain. Yoruichi tells him I have never shown my true form to you and your friends. Yoruichi dec ...more
Bleach episodes 129-131
Male, Gender
An Arrancar appears that can assume the shape of whoever he eats. In one part he assumes the image of a man, in the other he assumes the image of the side character's sister.
Blinky Bill Song a Song episode Magic, and Mayhem Music
The magician turns blinky's arms into bat wings. he also turns nutsy and blinky into elephants.
Blond Ambition
In the season finale, Adalind Schade transforms into Juliette a few times. This story-line is continued from the previous episode, "The Inheritance".
Blood Ties episode "D.O.A."
This was only mild TG. It could have been so much more. The main character detective was visited by an old friends ghost and wanted her to find his body. After some checking she finds he is alive, but not quite the same person. Turns out another spirit was body jumping to better and better bodies a ...more
Blood Ties Episode "Stone Cold"
Mythical, Inanimate
Lifetime Network's paranormal crime drama: In this episode, in the opening scene (no spoiler here), the main suspect turns out to be a modern-day Medusa - she seduces a male model and then transforms into Medusa (glowing eyes, snakes for hair, the whole bit)...the male model is caught off guard and ...more
Bob Hope Special episode Unknown
Skit on "Secret" commercial, where Hal Linden is changed into Donna Mills.
BoBo Bo BoBoBo episode Every Episode
The weirdest show known to man or beast. BoBo Bo BoBoBo is an anime about a man who fights for hair. An evil corp. is trying to make everyone bald and it is up to BoBo Bo BoBoBo to fight them off... with nose hair. Thoughout the series BoBo Bo BoBoBo changes alot. One moment he is a cabbage, t ...more
Bobobo Bo Bo Bobo episode Enter Bobopatchiggler: Is that how it's spelled?
Durring a fight against the assassins of OVER, Bobobo Bo Bo Bobo fuses with Don Patch and General Giggler and becomes Bobopatchiggler. Bobopatchiggler's one attack is "Majide Time" which overwhelms an enemy. The assassin that looks like an octopus starts to feel weird and becomes a human, the seco ...more
Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo episode 17.-The Ducktail vs. Afro Showdown
Battleship's girl assistant uses a blue little creature called Doll Man, and Beauty is turned into a doll and stay like this until the 20 episode
Bobobo-Bo Bo-Bobo episode Gasser up! I'm ready to drive!
Don't even try to follow the storyline or figure out what is going on in this bizarre anime fresh from Japan, you will wind up in a room with matresses for walls. I will try and set it up. Giraffes are coming out of Bobobo-Bo's hair and nostrils. Don Patch whirled in a typhon trying to take a te ...more
Bobobo-Bo Bo-Bobo episode Mortal Match! Fist of Nose Hair vs Fist of Rice!
This episode is just as fantastically bizarre and random as the other ones, but the transformation is involved when the main villain of the episode (a rice-loving teen who uses attacks centered around rice named Rice) trapped Beauty in a giant bowl of sticky rice. Rice then explained that there is n ...more
"Body And Soul" episode of PSI Factor: Chronicles of the Paranormal
SPOILER ALERT - Young woman has visions of her own death, centered around her boyfriend's childhood home. The visions she receives are not precognitive of her death, but memories from her former life - murdered, as her boyfriend's father.
"Body and Soul" episode of Star Trek: Voyager
The Doctor (played by Robert Picardo) downloads his holographic matrix (his mind) into Seven of Nine's cybernetic Borg circuitry. This gives the Doctor total internal control of Seven's beautiful female body and the ability for him to experience her senses. He exits and re-enters her body several t ...more
Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-Chan episode Episode 1: "I'm the Club-to-Death Angel! Do
In the 1st episode, Dokuro-chan (an angel) turns the class president of her room into a poorly animated monkey. (real pictures used for head, rest of the body is animated normally.) He's not only changed in appearance, but also has the mind of a monkey. In a later episode, Dokuro-chan turns another ...more
"The Boone Identity" episode of Dresden Files
This weeks episode had a thung released from Prison using an ancient egyption artifact to transfer himself into other bodies. He had to kill himself to person the exchange. He had orginally swapped into a Billionaires body. But Dresden had figured it out and had him trapped so he swapped into th ...more
Boston Public episode The One where kids die in an alcohol related car crash
Elderly teacher harvey lipschitz claims to be the reincarnation of George Washington. Later when explaining to the principal he claims that he remembers getting the same doubtful reception of the idea of reincarnation when he was George. The TG element comes in when he answers the question as t ...more
Boston Public episode chapter 67
A young teenage girl is reveled to be a male at the end of the show.
Botmasters episode Unknown
A young girl is quite disgusted about being turned into a beautiful jack-booted villainess for undercover puposes.
"Bounty" episode of Stargate SG-1
After a SG-1 mission, Lt. Col. Cameron Mitchell went to a high school reunion. The whole SG-1 had a contract on their head, and all sort of bounty hunters came to Earth to collect on the bounty. One of the alien knocked out a guy attending the high school reunion, then using a scanner and assume hi ...more
Boy Meets World episode Unknown
First episode of the season, Cory and Shaun return back to Adams High. Cory decides he wants to ask out Topanga. He notes that Topanga is coming back to school a woman to which Shaun says "Yeah so did Coach Michaels" Who then walks by, she is a beautiful blond. Brief but funny
The Brady Kids episode Double Trouble
Bobby inadvertently wishes aloud that he was Clint Flint, the he-man movie star. Marlon uses his magical powers and the wish comes true, except for Bobby's voice. The unsettling things that happen to Bobby at school are nothing compared to what happens when Bobby and the other Brady Kids, along ...more
The Brak Show episode Splat!
Mom and Dad accidentally run over Zorak and kill him, so Mom disposes of the evidence by feeding the body to Dad. But it turns out that the real Mom was on vacation and she isn't too happy about the situation when she returns. So they take what's left of Zorak to Marlin the magician for him to fix ...more
Bratz episode Jade's Dream
Jade dreams of a world where Styles High and the other places are being turned Pink by the main antagonist, Berdine Maxwell. The Bratz Girls become superheroes to stop Berdine, Casey and Kirstie. Somehow, Berdine has a special pink potion she aims a bazooka at Sasha, Yasmin, and Chloe, turning th ...more
"Brian Of The Brownies" episode of My Parents Are Aliens
Gender, Age
In this episode, Brian change himself into a 10 years old girl, who learns how to send brownies.
Bride & Gloom
Pheobe and Piper become evil and are annoyed by Leo telling them them to resist. They get so annoyed that they turn him into a stick in the mud, literally.
"Bride and Gloom" episode of Charmed
Male warlock disguises himself as Piper and later Prue in order to obtain the Book of Shadows.
brigadoon episode 15
after the main female character eats a chocolate from a tree she turns into a grown woman.Then she turns into a baby. We then find out that the fruit she ate was an illusion fruit.
Brimstone episode The Mourning After
Zeke Stone discovers his widow, Roslyn, has a new boyfriend. This boyfriend turns out to be Ash, the woman behind the mass escape from Hell, and Zeke's would-be lover, using her sorcerous abilities to change her appearance as part of her plan to break Zeke's heart. When Zeke confronts her, she says ...more
Brimstone episode Faces
One of the escaped souls is an abused kid with multiple personality disorder. He has 2 male & one female personalities. when the personalities manifest , they physically change his body to match. has several male to female morphs.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode After Life
This take place soon aftre Buffy is brought back from the dead. A demon has come with her(confusing) it has no solid form. So it possesses, from time to time Anya, Dawn, Xander and takes BUffy's shape. to live it finds out that it must kill BUffy. She slays it when Willow using magic makes it sol ...more
Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode Amends
It's Christmastime, and vampire Angel is tormented by an evil spirit, The First, who takes the form of Angel's many victims over the centuries, male and female.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode Beer Bad
Xander gets a job at the local student pub as bartender. Buffy, pining over Parker, decides to go to the pub where she meets Riley. Riley tells Buffy about Parker's nasty attitude toward women, making things worse, so Buffy decides to join some friends in a drink of "Black Forest" beer. The "Blac ...more
Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode Blood Ties
Buffy's 'sister' finds out that she is some kind of key that a major goddess,Glory, wants. So she goes to talk to Ben a doctor who has been very helpful to Buffy's mom while she has had a tumor. As soon as she tells him that she is the key he starts shouting at her to leave because Glory will know e ...more
Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode Bring On The Night
Early in the episode, The First appeared as Spike, and after taunting the real Spike for awhile, then, to manipulate Spike further, it transforms into Drusilla, Spike's ex-flame from Season 2 and remains this way for the duration of the episode.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode Dead Things
Buffy is framed for accidentally killing a woman by the trio of would-be super-villains/computer geeks/sorcerers of Warren Jonathen and Andrew. One of them shape-shifts into the form of Warren's ex-girlfriend in order to set Buffy up to take the fall. A standard morph, though it's apparent that tr ...more
Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode Fear Itself, Wild at Heart, etc Charactor - O
The chactor Oz (Seth Green) is a werewolf and changes on screen several time through out the run of the series. Also in Wild at Heart another werewolf is introduced, Veruca.
Buffy the Vampire slayer episode Gingerbread
Amy, along with Willow and Buffy, are arrested by the parents of Sunnydale for being considered the cause of the death of two children and are to be burned at the stake. Amy escapes by transforming herself into a rat. She remains this way for a few seasons, unable to change back.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode Go Fish
The Sunnydale High swim team is winning meets and everyone is happy with their success but suspects the team of using steroids. One swimmer (Gage) ends up transforming into a "gill monster" and the truth is clear about how the team was winning.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode Him
(note from the editor, willow never completes the spell, and there is no change in this episode) taken from "When the four women convene, they go all Witches of Eastwick as they shout about how they will each get R.J. to love them the most. Willow prepares to cast a spell on him (turni ...more
Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode I Only Have Eyes for You
A male ghost posseses Buffy's body and a female ghost posseses Angel's body.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode Lessons
At the very end of the episode, Warren, who was killed in the previous season, appeared and bragged about his big scheme to Spike. Warren then turned into Glory(FEMALE), who is also dead. Glory turned into Adam (MALE), who became Mayor Wilkins(M), who became Drusilla(F), Spike's lover, who became th ...more
Buffy The Vampire Slayer episode Never Leave Me
This is the ninth episode from the final season. The arch-villian of this season is called "The First" who is known to take on many identities of various characters and morphing into others. In this episode, The First has captured Spike (who happens to have taken the guise of Spike) and taunts h ...more
Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode Nightmares
In the ep something is making everyones nightmares come to life. One of Buffy's nightmares is being turned into a vampire. and so.....tada....she's a vampire.
Buffy The Vampire Slayer episode Show Time
This episode after "Bring On The Night" has the First taking on the figure of Eve, a recently murdered potential slayer. In the only morphing scene the First/Eve instantly morphs into First/Buffy (looking from another camera angle). No detailed face-to-face transformation like the previous two episo ...more
Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode Sleeper
The mystery villain from the 'Lessons' episode appears in this episode as Buffy, urging Spike to kill innocent people, and Spike himself,in a failed attempt to force Spike to drink from Buffy and weaken her enough to be killed by other vampires. (The villain may also appear in episode # 129 as Cassi ...more
Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode Smashed
Willow and Amy are partying in the Bronze. Willow says she's bored with the current band playing music, who are all guys, and changes them into a completely different band, made up of women. After a few scenes with other characters on the show, Willow gets bored and returns them to normal.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode Teacher's Pet
Miss Natalie French, the sexy substitute teacher, is really a giant man-eating preying mantis.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode The Dark Ages
A demon is going around possessing Gile's old uni buddy's. It can jump into any dead or unconsious body. By liquidfying the body of the last victim and then touching the next. In this ep we see it pass from a lady to man, then into Giles's girlfriend Miss Calendar(She's Hot). It try's to seduce Gi ...more
Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode The Killer in Me
After Willow kisses Kennedy (a Slayer in Training), she turns into Warren, the man she killed out of guilt for falling in love again after Tara. At first it's just an illusion, but she begins to take on his characteristics.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode The Witch
Female, Inanimate
Catherine Madison is a witch that switched bodies with her daughter Amy and used sorcery to become head cheerleader, at least until Buffy stopped her. She tried to send Buffy somewhere where she couldn't interfere, but Buffy turned her spell back on her. The last we see of Catherine, she is imprison ...more
Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode This Year's Girl
Faith steals Buffy's body.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode Unknown
Buffy is being plagued this season by a god that wants a key that Buffy has. In several episodes, we see Ben and Glory switch bodies, almost as if they are the same person. In one episode, Glory changes back to Ben who is left wearing her red tube dress. In another episode, Ben changes into Glory ...more
Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered
In this episode, Xander is dumped by Cordelia on Valentine's Day and seeks vengeance against her. He turns to Amy and blackmails her to perform a love spell. But she warns him that love spells need to be pure, and since he is doing this out of vengeance every girl falls in love with him except Cord ...more
Buffy, The Vampire Slayer episode Chosen
In the last episode of the entire series, The First appears in the form of Caleb the mad priest who then morphs into Buffy, right in front of the Vampire Slayer.
Buffy, The Vampire Slayer episode Dirty Girls
Down in Caleb's wine cellar, a young, good looking blond girl is looking for Caleb. She talks about his sermon and how powerful the words were. He talks back to her about power, and how it's not wrong for her to be drawn to the dark powers. She follows him into the shadows and then we hear her gasp. ...more
Buzz Lightyear of Star Command episode Devolutionaries
Warp Darkmatter goes to the distant planet of Binipinardia to nab a naturally occurring de-evolving gas, guarded for eons by the local Binipinardians, in a plot to devolve the galaxy so he can more easily conquer it. Buzz and team attempt to stop him but get "devolved" themselves - Mira becomes a ...more
"By Any Other Name" episode of Star Trek
This is the episode where the crew beams down to the planet to answer a distress call. The aliens after an escape attempt by the crew takes the female yoman aside and a male security guy and turns them into cubes. Female was Julie Cobb. The alien leader then crushes the female cube, but restores th ...more