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Category: 'Supernatural'
"Georgina Kincaid, Succubus" book series, by Richelle Mead
In Richelle Mead's novels "Succubus Blues", "Succubus On Top", "Succubus Heat", etc., titular character Georgina Kincaid is a kind-hearted succubus, an immortal shapeshifter who changes herself into men's fantasies in order to have sex with them, corrupt them, and steal their souls' lifeforce. Sha ...more
Age, Animal, Inanimate, Size, Mythical
A "wild west" fantasy webcomic loosely based on Native American mythology mixed with supernatural/spiritual elements from multiple religions. Characters undergo many supernatural transformations into animals or monsters, or cause other characters or inanimate objects to transform. (Spoiler Te ...more
Curse of the Were-Woman
Gender, Were
He couldn't resist her. She was just so beautiful. So magical. So seductive. He knew that if they ever had sex, she would slowly drain him of his masculinity -- that was, after all, what this were-woman did. She was a supernatural creature who sexually fed on the male life force. And if she drained ...more
Hua pi 2
Among the usual Martial arts is a beautiful filmed and poetical film of love and human desire and dreams. Main characters are a beautiful female demon who wants to be human and the scared Princess of a Chinese Empire who in love with a young general who once saved her life. The demon convinces ...more