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Category: 'Superhuman Powers'
Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer
With the arise of the Silver Surfer to planet earth, the Fantastic Four will have to go up against there greatest enemy. In the recent trailer released it shows Johnny and Ben switching powers briefly, so Ben becomes human and can create fire, while Johnny turns into The Thing. guessing there ...more
Loonatics Unleashed
The Kids WB has created a super-hero themed Looney Tunes featuring Ace Bunny (Bugs Bunny), Tec-E Coyote (Wile E. Coyote), Rev Runner (Road Runner), Danger Duck (Daffy Duck), Slam Tasmanian (Tazz), and Lexi Bunny (Lola Bunny) as superheroes, who gain super powers when a freak meteor crashed near A ...more
Mastermind's Mutants
Animal, Female, Furry, Monster
A time-traveling super hero, shape-shifting actress, and telekinetic friend use a magical crystal to open portals to other worlds -- searching for a way to stop a mind-controlling super villain from turning everyone on Earth into mutant slaves. Along the way, they discover an ancient alien secre ...more
Union of Heroes / Union der Helden
Inanimate, Mechanical
Union of Heroes is a photowebcomic about a team of superheroes – from Germany. The prologue starts with a young man named Marc, who is transfered to a parallel world by a stranger who just introduced himself as "TheOneWhoKnows". There Marc finds out that his alter-ego was the superhero "Erze ...more