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Category: 'Species'
Doctor Who - The Zygon That Fell to Earth
(Spoiler Text)
GG Guys Webcomic - #133
Skyrim characters witness transformations before their eyes of character from male to female and eventually to Lizard.
Shaggy & Scooby-Doo Get A Clue
In this series, Shaggy and Scooby have some nano-tech laced Scooby snacks that Scooby sometimes uses to transform into different forms. At least one episode has Scooby impersonate a bad guy, and another episode seems to have him change into a cougar. There also seems to be a villainous mad sci ...more
Shinzo episode "Battling Daku"
There was an insect enterran named "Katai" who is King Daku's most royal subject. He has the ability to disguise himself in anything he wants even a human. Just like how he disguised himself as a young girl named "Kiri" just lead Yakumo to King Daku's Castle in order to capture her.
Sonic Gang's Totally Random Adventures
Fanfiction involving Sonic and his friends. Many changes include breast expansion for both genders, gender changing, size changing, changing into different species, and others.
Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together
Gender, Inanimate
In this isometric strategy game exists a powerful set of equipment aptly dubbed "Ogre" equipment. Aside from becoming all but impervious to attacks with the full set equipped, the "Ogre" sword casts a spell called BodyGrab when used as an item. When a character uses BodyGrab, they steal the body of ...more
The Planet of the Ood
The head of a corporation specializing in the surgical alteration and enslavement of an alien species to serve mankind is slowly drugged by one of his 'loyal servants'. Towards he end of the episode we see him transform into one of the aliens quite graphically after his attendant alien has revealed ...more