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Category: 'Size'
Tabitha King book Small World
Washington society matron Dorothy Hardesty hooks up with a nerdy scientist who has invented a shrinking device. She uses it to steal various things for her antique dollhouses (including a park carousel). She also uses the device to shrink some people she has a grudge against, most notably newswoman ...more
Tales of Symphonia
The Sorccorers ring can be used to shrink the entire party.
Tarzan Digest issue Tarzan And The Ant Men
Marlene, a female explorer, is captured by doll-sized warriors known as the Ant Men.They use their technology to shrink Marlene to their size in hopes of making her a slave girl.Tarzan and Marlene's boyfriend shrink down to rescue her. After they escape, the trio,with a friendly Ant Man as guide, ha ...more
Teen Titans episode "Wavelength"
Cyborg, while he and the other Titans try to stop a villain who has stolen his technology to make a weapon, battles a character named Bumble Bee, a girl with insect wings who has the ability to shrink in size while keeping her full size strength, similar to the Marvel comics Wasp. It is said she wi ...more
The Cinnamon Bear
A children's Christmas-fantasy-musical radio serial; 26 episodes, 15-min. each, written by Glanville Heisch, first broadcast in 1937. Three-inch tall ornament Paddy O'Cinnamon tells twins Jimmy and Judy that the Crazy Quilt Dragon has stolen the silver star which always crowns the family Christmas ...more
The Twilight Zone: The Last Night of a Jockey
Season 5: Episode 125: Mickey Rooney is a man named Grady: a fomer jockey, banned from horse racing and down on his luck. He gets one wish, and wishes to be big. He starts to grow to over eight feet tall. He's then reinstated to horse racing, but due to his huge size, can no longer compete.
Tom and Jerry episode Dr Jeckle and Mr. Mouse
Tom makes many futile attempts to keep his milk dish away from Jerry. So he decides to poison it. He dumps all sorts of chemicals into it and leaves it for Jerry. Jerry drinks it and grows to about twice his size and gets quite muscular. He proceeds to beat up Tom. Eventually it runs out, with a bu ...more
Tony Abbott book The Incredible Shrinking Kid (The Weird Zone)
Sean Vicker is zapped by a mad scientist's shrink ray and begins to shrink. It is now up to his friends to return him back to normal size and stop the scientist from shrinking everyone in town.
In the online rpg game Disney's Toontown in which you play a cartoon animal character who fights corporate robots called cogs, there are quests you can complete that will allow your character to be very tall (towering over everyone else) or very small (coming up to the knees of others) for a littl ...more
Totally Spies episode The Incredible Bulk
Jerry, WHOOP founder and coordinator, sends Sam, Alex, and Clover to investigate an ex-body-builder who has been sending the younger male body builders some Bulky Bars that contain a substance that makes their muscles bigger and lose their intelligence (they start to end up like the Hulk, without th ...more
Totally Spies episode Attack of the 50ft Mandy
An old enemy of the Spies tries to use a growth ray on one of the spies by tampering with a beautification booth at a spa but ends up causing the their school rival Mandy to slowly grow to 50 feet tall. Eventually the villian uses a handheld version to grow one of the Spies into a giantess and the t ...more
Transformation and Giantess Fantasies
Gender, Size, Inanimate, Animal
Dedicated to making short videos (for sale) of all types of transformations.
Transformation Fastasies
Gender, Inanimate, Size
Video clips of various transformations. Sold at
Transformers episode Microbots
Turbo Teen episode Unknown
There was an episode of "Turbo Teen" in which one of the main characters is accidentally shrunken to a few inches tall during a test in a laboratory. The scientist friend of theirs who was conducting the experiment sends them on a mission to recover a microchip after shrinking the rest of them and ...more
Twas The Night
A boy and his uncle see Santa Clause and he tries to get away. Santa runs over toward the fireplace and trips over a coal shovel. He hits his head on the fireplace and gets knocked out. Then Danny and his uncle go over to Santa and get on their knees next to him. Danny picks up a round gold ball lik ...more
Twilight Zone episode 4 O'Clock
A vengeful, crazy man decides that at 4:00, all evil people in the world will shrink down to 2 feet tall. Three guesses as to who actually shrinks...
The Ultimate Book of Spells episode The Rift
The kids go through the book of spells and end up in the Underworld where imps live. They then end up inside an imp's shop and find the magical portal device the imps were using to seal things from the world above. The kids take the portal, but go back to retreve the book of spells which they left b ...more
Ultimate Ghosts n' Goblins
Animal, Gender, Size
Arthur can be changed into different forms: Small Fry, Beanpole, Skeleton, Chicken, Grasshopper, Moth, and an XL Woman *XL Woman- Arthur is turned into a portly female villager where he is unable to uses his magic powers, shields, double jump and pickup items. Also, the agility is reduced and t ...more
Ultra Maniac episode Gigantic Pets
Maya's pet chameleon Lulu and Nina's pet cat Rio turn into giants after being splashed by a magic enlarging potion.
The Uncanny
A writer (Christopher Lee) believes that cats are evil creatures bent on taking over the world. He tells a publisher three tales to illustrate this. In the second story, young Lucy is sent to live with relatives when her parents die. Her teenaged cousin Angela takes special delight in bullying th ...more
Underdog episode The Big Shrink
Simon Bar Sinister invents a shrink potion, which he squirts people with through a flower on this lapel.
Unending BE Addventure
Age, Animal, Female, Male, Mythical, Size, Gender
This site features an unending story with characters who often find themselves being transformed in many ways. The most common stories feature men becoming women in awkward situations. All of the stories are written by people who visit the site. I'm afraid my description doesn't do this site any ...more