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Category: 'Size'
R. L. Stine
Animal, Age, Gender, Size
Author R. L. Stine needs a description.
Ray Cummings book The Girl In The Golden Atom
first published in the 1919, a scientst shrinks himself to subatomic size and has an adventure on the surface of an atom. Turns out there is a whole world and tiny people and he gets it on with a princess before returning to normal i think. The Mork and Minky shrinking episode is very reminicien ...more
Return to Dust
Due to an experiment, a scientist is slowly shrinking. He tries to get help despite being mere inches tall. This appeared on the radio series "Suspense" and a transcript can be found at
Richard Matheson book Incredible Shrinking Man
When Scott Carey is exposed to radioactive mist and a pesticide, he begins to slowly shrink (about one inch per week). His relationship with wife Louise deteriorates; he has a brief affair with a dwarf, encounters a group of taunting teens, and escapes from a drunken child molester. Later, he's ...more
Richie Rich And Casper issue #45
Dr Frankenspook uses a "switcherooray" to turn Casper Richie and several others into oddly shaped cartoon images of themselves. Richie and Gloria get legs that double themselves in height for example, while Casper is stretched out to a more humourous, angular ghostly shape.
The Rise of the Mushroom Kingdom net fiction Unknown
In part 2 at the end, Luigi gets to Bowser and they have a quick battle and in the middle Kamek make Bowser 3 times his size. After Luigi gets hit, he sreanks like in Mario games. Warning:This Flash Movie has high amounts of gore.
Roald Dahl book George's Marvelous Medicine
In this children's book, George creates a medicine to teach a lesson to his mean old grandma. The medicine ends up making her grow four stories tall. When he attemps to recreate the potion, she drinks an incomplete version and shrinks away to nothing.
Robert Bloch
Gender, Size, Male, Size, Animal, Male, Gender
First person narrative. In the 40s a census taker comes to a house. meets an orginary lookng woman who says her occupation is a witch and she is 700 plus years old. he tries to leave, but the door has disappered! Its written very hard boiled detective syle. He is forced by her to go to a sabbath ...more
Robert James book The Incredible Shrinking Stanley (Eerie Indiana
When the family washer goes on the blink Mitchell and Stanley take the laundry to the Laundromate. While at the Laundromate some soap gets spilled on Stanley and he then begins shrinking.
Animal, Size
The Duke uses his magic to grow into a giant owl. He then starts spinning around, creating a giant tornado. After Chanticleer crows, brining up the sun, a ray of light comes shooting through the sky, striking the Tornado-Duke. The Duke starts spinning the other direction, shrinking. When he finally ...more
Rugrats episode The Incredible Shrinking Babies
Chuckie fall asleep and starts dreaming about being shrunk. It starts with Chuckie lookig up and seeing Dil as a giant baby compared to his shrunken size. Then Tommy,Phil,and Lil come out from under a blanket. Dil then sneezes and Chuckie grabes hold of blocks to keep from blowing away. Phil and Lil ...more
Age, Animal, Inanimate, Size, Gender
Turkish comedy show, that seems to be about a man whose wife died and comes back as a ghost to prevent her husband to be married again. She can perform magic and transforms mainly her husband but also other people as well. some episodes of possible interest: 05 - man wears baby clothers 10 - T ...more
Sabrina The Teenage Witch episode The Great Mistake
After Sabrina is returned back home by a cop for seeking out of the house. Sabrina starts feeling small and she then shrinks to a few inches tall while sitting on a chair. Her aunts take Sabrina to her bedroom and puts her on top of her desk. Salom the cat takes Sabrina over to her bed and then her ...more
Sadistic Sorceress net fiction Web story
Size A really great story on The female owner and chef of a high class cafe is really an evil witch. Shrinking, animal TF and more.
Sagamore Cottage
Aired on the CBS Radio Mystery Theater. A young couple rents a cottage from an old woman. They hear squeaking noises which they assume are mice, so they get a cat. They notice their landlady has a collection of dolls dressed in historic costumes ... and they seem to move at night. Then, the couple ...more
Saturday Night Live episode Fantastic Voyage 2
In a 1970s episode of Saturday Night Live, the cast did a satire of "Fantastic Voyage" in which scientists are shrunk to fix a cavity in Egyptian president Anwar Sadat's mouth. While searching for the cavity, one of the scientists finds a discarded beer can (proportionately normal sized to him) and ...more
Saturday Night Live episode Unknown
President Carter (Dan Akroyd) grows to fifty feet after visiting Three Mile Island. He dumps Rosyland for a cleaning woman (Garret Morris in drag) who also became a giant.
Saved By The Bell. Dancing To The Max
Jessie thinks that's she too tall to dance with anyone at the dance. She fantasies that everytime a guy asks her to dance she grows several inches. By the end of the fantasy Jessie has grown to around 8 feet tall. =Link=
SciFi Channel short spot commercial Unknown
A man (dressed as a Celtic Warrior or Viking) holds a tiny woman, perhaps a fairy, in his hand. The woman appears to be about four inches tall. The woman casts a magic spell, and sparkling light fills the screen. When the light clears, the woman is holding the warrior in the palm of her hand; he now ...more
Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed
Gender, Size, Monster, Animal
In the movie, Shaggy and Scooby mess around with potions. Each one with a different affeect. (Spoiler Text) There is also a big change at the end. (Spoiler Text)
Screammates Book 3 Monster Jam
Sarah is the shortest person on her basketball team. But after visiting a strange old lady Sarah wishes that she was taller. The next day Sarah does begin to grow and at first it improves her basketball skills. Sarah's only problem is that she keeps growing and growing and growing.
Scry Hard
Piper and her husband Leo, a former White Lighter who just had his powers taken away, are attacked in their home by demon warriors, their Son witnesses this and having powers of his own Shrinks the both of them and transports them into a Doll House in order to keep them safe. Eventually more demons ...more
Sea Devils #2
The evil scientest Mr. Posiedon shrinks the Sea Devils to doll-size and imprisons them in a bottle.
Secret of Evermore
Animal, Size, Male
Follows the adventure of a boy and his dog who are transported to a fantastic world, where they must defeat the source of it's evil to return home. Animal: The most notable transformation in this game involves the dog. Depending on your current location, the dog takes on a different form, incl ...more
Secret Places Dollhouse commercial Unknown
Two little girls (one carrying a cat) look over their Secret Places dollhouse. The cat is set down, and the girls shrink to the size of one of the dolls (about two inches). As the theme music plays, the girls discover the secret compartment that holds the doll's doll (the "secret place" of the ti ...more
Seiken Densetsu III
aka Secret of Mana II, in an early section of this game, the party uses the Midge Mallet to shrink to enter a village of midgets. Not really that similar to FF3j, though, as there are no battles, and this scene is tied moreso with the rest of the plot. Shrinking is also used as a weapon against you ...more
A turkish TV show revolving around a young woman who is infact a goddess/angel from another world sent to project the Earth from rival angels. She has the ability to cast magic on herself and others including teleportation, size changing spells and more.
Sesame Street episode Adventures of Little Big Bird
In this two part episode of Sesame Street big bird is shrunk down to a few inches tall. He meets an ant and a lady bug named Mike. He rides on the lady bug's back and ends up in Hopper's Store and sees Baby Bear eating. Big Bird then is blown out the window by baby bear and lands on Gorden's shirt. ...more
The Seventh Voyage of Sinbad
In another of those wonderful Harryhausen never-never wonderland adventures, an evil magician forces Sinbad to take him to the deadly isle of Colossa (so that he can retrieve a powerful genie in a lamp) by surrepticiously shrinking Sinbad's girlfriend to about four inches in height. She remains thi ...more
She-Hulk issue The Big Picture
She-Hulk now a lawyer goes to visit a client at a prison where they shrink down all the prisoners to keep them from escaping.
Size, Gender
A new cartoon premiering on The Hub on June 1, 2013. A boy becomes a superhero when he inherits a ring from his deceased aunt. The catch is the ring was meant for a female so he becomes a female superhero named SheZow. SheZow has super-strength and super-speed; a "sonic scream," and SheZow's han ...more
Shining force II
There is a whole part of the adventure when your enitre party has been shunk to only inchs tall. In two major battles you fight chess pieces and a rat (which is huge compared to you).
"Shrink To Fit" episode of Sabrina, The Animated Series
Sabrina and Chloe are trying to fit into a pair of jeans. They both step on a magic scale. The next day at school Sabrina and Chloe shrink to only a few inches tall. They end up in the hallway and almost get stepped on. They then go into a locker and climb into Gem's purse. They use dental floss to ...more
The Shrinking Sorceress E-Zine
This site is dedicated to women who use magic to get what they won't. Full of Galleries and stories about women who magically change people to everything from animals to cigars.
A sideshow barker turns people into freaks and puts them on exhibition (Ooh, how original). One victim is a girl who wants to be young and beautiful forever, but not be touched. She is turned into a living doll on display in a glass jar. Brief, and not worth sitting through this schlocky movie for.
The Simpsons episode Treehouse of Horrors
In the second story of that year's TOH, Lisa creates a mini world in a simple dish. After she protects them from Bart destroying their world, they use a "De-bigulator" to shrink her down to their microscopic size.
Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger
Animal, Size
In a scene of this movie the witch Zenobia turns herself into a seagull and flys to Sinbad's ship. Once on board she turns back to her human form but is shrunken to a few inches tall. She goes into Sinbad's cabin and she makes her way across the floor towards a table. A baboon in a cage sees her and ...more
Size Matters
Inanimate, Size
A demon doll collector shrinks Phoebe (one of the charmed witches) that Paige had asked for them to investigate. A demon turns beautiful women into small porcaline figurines. In the begining a young woman goes to the demons house and is shrunk down, but the next scene where it looks as thoug ...more
Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow
Evil scientist Dr. Totenkopf sends robot legions to collect two of every animal species on the planet, shrinking them to fit into 1' tall cages for storage. The animals are all loaded onto a rocketship "Ark" to be launched into space while the earth is incinerated. The ship will later land and r ...more
Sly 3: Honor Among Theives
In the series, Sly Cooper has a love interest, Carmelita Fox. Only problem is that Sly is a thief and Carmelita is a cop, so a game of cat and mou - er... a game of raccoon and fox insues. During one part of the third game, Carmelita is possessed by the "Mask of Dark Earth" and she grows to 50 feet ...more
Smallville episode Craving
In this episode, an overweight girl wants to become a slim figure and has to put up with constant teasing around school. Her name is Erica and she grows vegetables with Kryptonite rocks in the soil. When she makes the vegetables into a vitamin juice, she consumes it and gradually reduces her si ...more
Smushed commercial
This commercial starts with a teenaged girl, smushed to about two feet tall, standing in her bedroom. (She looks like a live-action counterpart of a cartoon character that has been squashed by a piledriver or falling safe) The narrator says, "You used to be tall!" and the girl replies that she was s ...more
South Park 64
Spirit Of Wonder
In the town of Bristol in Great Britain, Dr. Breckenridge is testing his new shrinking ray. Unfortunately, his landlady "Miss China" is upset with how far behind he is on his rent and kicks his door in at a crucial moment of the test; as a result, she gets bombarded with the shrinking energy. At fir ...more
SpongeBob SquarePants episode Mermaid Man And Barnacle Boy IV
SpongeBob finds Mermaid Man's belt and he puts it on. He pushs a button on the belt and shrinks things around the kitten where he works. Then his boss Squidward comes into the kitten and sees SpongeBob with the belt. Squidward then goes to the phone to call Mermaid Man but SpongeBob shrinks him to s ...more
Strange Days at Blake Holsey High episode Shrink
Series Premise: Josie Trent arrives at prep school Blake Holsey High and discovers a number of weird things going on. Some of these seem to happen because of a wormhole that exists in the science lab. With the help of her friends in the science club, Josie is confident they will find an explanation ...more
Stripperella episode Evil things come in small packages
A short villain bulids a shink ray and shinks buildings cars and people (including Stripperella) so that he himself will be "normal sized" in comparison.
Sudafed commercial Balloon Head
I saw this ad this morning on the Today Show. A cute woman suffers from nasal congestion,which causes her head to inflate like a balloon until it's on the verge of exploding. Great effects.
Sugababes: Angels with Dirty Faces
This animated video is a retelling of the Powerpuff Girls episode "Nano of the North" (also on this board under Television Size Transformations). In the same style as the cartoon - in fact some of the exact same scenes appear to have been used - a strange rain appears to dissolve Townsville. The Pow ...more
Super Mario 64
Size When entering Boo's Mansion stage, Mario will shrink to fit inside, as it is the size of a doll house. Other When Mario gets the Metal Cap switch activated, he can find Metal Caps in some of the blocks. When used, Mario changes into a solid metal mass that is slow, heavy and invincible ...more
Super Mario Series
In any of these games, there is a power-up the Super Mushroom. This power-up changes Mario or Luigi (if available in the game) into a super-sized form that can break bricks by jumping into them. In later games, in the super form, the brothers are able to break bricks by jumping on top of them. B ...more
Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island
Mechanical, Size
In this game, a prequel to the entire Mario series, the clan of Yoshies have the ability to morph into all sorts of weird stuff, among them a handful of machines. Included: #A Train - which can shrink down and ride the chalk-drawn tracks on the walls (this form also appears in Mario Kart: Doubl ...more
Super Mario World 2:Yoshi's Island
Marked for Deletion: This entry is a duplicate of another entry, which was incorrectly labeled as Yoshi's Island:Super Mario World 2 before. This information is already in the other entry, except for some of this size part, but I cannot tell if it really is a change, Sara 11/29/07 In this game ...more
Super Paper Mario
Female, Inanimate, Monster, Size, Gender
===Female/Gender/Monster=== One of the enemies in the game, Mimi, has the power to shape shift. In the first chapter of the game, her real form isn't shown, but starts a scene as O'Chunks(another enemy), then turns into Count Bleck (the main villain), then into Princess Peach, and then into Bows ...more
Super Smash Bros. Melee
Size, Gender
If you've played Zelda: Ocarina of Time, you know that Zelda magically disguises herself as a transvestite to hide from Ganon. In Super Smash Bros. Melee, Zelda is included a fighter, as well as her gender bending abilities. You can use her Down B Special to be transformed into her male alter-ego Sh ...more
Superboy #61
Superboy notices that he seems to be getting smaller. He discovers an ant-sized spaceship has fixed a ray on him that is slowly shrinking him. Superboy has a number of adventures as he gets smaller and smaller. He finally gets so tiny that an ordinary fly towers over him as if it was a jumbo jet! ...more
Superman #167
Luthor and Brainiac capture Superman, shrink him to a few inches in height, and imprison him in a bird cage. He's saved by the Superman Emergency Squad, several men from the bottle city of Kandor whom are also only a few inches in height. (Kandor itself deserves a mention, as it was a normal-sized ...more
A race of supervillanous aliens comes to Earth to conquer it. They comically attempt to fit in along with several darker moments where they dispatch those who may blow their cover. These include, shrinking and crushing them underfoot using their technology or beating their enemy to death with super ...more
Surface episode Episode 2
In the episode the iguna like animal is fed small goldfish then in a flash of light the goldfish are huge
Sym-Bionic Titan episode The Ballad of Scary Mary
Mechanical, Size, Gender
A shape-shifting phantom "chameleon" alien tries to kill Ilana at a party out in the woods. It changes from its natural form, a blue insect-like creature (gender unknown, possibly male) into various shapes. (Spoiler Text)