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Category: 'Size'
Land of the Giants episode Genius At Work
Land of the Giants was a novel first. A TV producer created a TV series based on it that ran from 1968 to 1970, for 2 seasons! A small aircraft with 7 people and a dog on board crash after a severe storm and when they get out they learn they are trapped, not on Earth, but on a strange planet ...more
Land of the Giants episode The Flight Plan
A small aircraft with 7 people and a dog on board crash after a severe storm and when they get out they learn they are trapped, not on Earth, but on a strange planet of giants! They are literally small enough to be held in a hand of a giant! And that happens often in the series! Utilizing many ...more
Land of the Giants episode Wild Journey
In this episode (the second-to-last of the series' run) Capt. Steve Burton (Gary Conway) and Dan Erickson (Don Marshall) travel through time and space back to Earth to try and persuade the passengers not to get on the ill-fated voyage of the Spindrift. There, they encounter two aliens who try to sab ...more
The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap
Size, Inanimate, Male
Size Throughout the game Link must shrink to Minish size and grow human size to solve many puzzles in the game. As well as defeat some of the bosses. Inanimate At the beginning of this game, the villain Vaati uses his power to turn Princess Zelda into a statue. She remains this way for much ...more
Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
Size, Male, Age
Marked for Deletion after merged into the Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask record. Sara 11/28/07 In this game, a skull kid wearing the Majora's Mask is wrecking havoic on Clock town. One person he has fun with is Kafei. He changes this adult that is about to be married back to his young childish s ...more
The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
Animal, Size, Mythical, Age
Mythical/Age/Animal In this game Link can obtain various masks which allow him to transform into various races from the series; # Deku Skrub (short plant like creature) # Goron (human sized rock reptile like creatures) # Zora (blue skinned fish people) # Fierce deity (a powerful adult size ...more
Leggo My Eggo commercial Unknown
A boy wishs he was bigger so that his older brother can't take his eggo way from him. The boy then grows to 8 feet tall and then his older brother comes into the kitchen and sees his huge little brother. The boy then hands him the syrup and his brother then hands him the eggo.
Legion of Super Heroes episode "Trials"
Age, Inanimate, Monster, Size
Zyx returns, but this time he is not the biggest magical threat to the Legion, instead it is Mordru who takes over his, and Zyx's, homeworld of Zarok. Being a master magician, when the Legion confront Mordru, he is well prepared. (Spoiler Text)
Lego Designer commercial Unknown
A girl is seen leaning on a lego block(which is like an inch tall). Suddenly two fingers come and pick up the lego and the tiny girl falls over. Then the screen changes to a boy holding the lego and laughing at the girl. The girl then looks up at him and gets mad. The screen then changes and the gir ...more
Li'l Abner issue newspaper comic strip 6/13/58 to 8/14/58
Abner Yokum travels into the Brazilian jungles with a local guide O Amoroso. They are captured by a tribe of Amazons (all sexy babes) who possess the mysterious shrinking baths, which they use to reduce men into harmless living toys. The Amazons attempt to dump Abner and O Amoroso into the baths is ...more
Li'l Abner issue Unknown
Newspaper comic strip 7/18/59 to 9/11/59. Abner reads the latest adventure of his "comical strip ideel" Fearless Fosdick, who tangles with the sneaky Nelson Shrinkafeller. Shrinkafeller uses shrinking juice secured from jungle headshrinkers to steal various New York landmarks by making them too tiny ...more
Lilith Unleashed
Demon Lilith, played by Tish Ambrose, is banished from the Garden of Eden for "Doing it" with Satan, she turns up in an insane asylum where her "Shrink" has sex with her and "SHRINKS". She puts him in a dollhouse then escapes and begins having sex and shrinking others, both Men and Women, including ...more
Lilo and Stitch episode Poxy
Jumba shrinks Lilo and Stitch (think Fantastic Voyage) so they can get into Pleakley's body and catch a disease-like experiment. Gantu, the main villain of the series, is also shrunk (temporarily).
Lit "Miserable"
In this music video it shows the lead singer and and the other band members at about 5-6 inches tall walking around and this girl's body (can't remember her name). Its like that through most of the video. And at the end the girl picks up the guys one by one and eats them.
Looney Tunes Comic issue Looney Tunes takes a trip to Wackyland
Tweety follow Go-Go the Dodo to Wackyland. Tweety has the varitable "Alice in Wonderland" Adventure and changes size occasionally thanks to a talking cupcake. Tweety also uses the cupcake to make the "Cheshire Puddytat" really small. You can get the comic anywhere that places are trying to get ...more
Looney Tunes episode Ali Baba Bunny
At the end of the episode, Duffy Duck proves to be so greedy that he tries to stuff a just released genie back into his lamp so he will not have to share any treasure with him. The genie retaliates by shrinking Duffy down to about an inch tall.
Looney Tunes episode Porky's Hired Hand
Porky hires an assistant to guard his chickens from the Fox. The fox sneaks in and tricks the dim witted assistant into becoming partners. While trying to sneak out the foz accidentaly locks himself in the incubator room. When Porky opens the door, the fox, now shrunken to miniature size, comes out ...more
Lost In Space episode Unknown
in two separate episodes of the series, there were 2 occurances of size change. One episode had the robot grow to gargantuan size and Will and Dr Smith had to go inside of him and try to reverse the condition that led to his growth. It has an excellent scene with the exit shrinking along with th ...more
The Luck of the Irish
At the beginning of the movie Kyle Johnson is seen shrunken on a stage. We see him calling up at a girl who is calling out his name over a microphone. Then we see a close up of the girl's foot which then lifts out of view showing Kyle standing there. Kyle then looks up and then we see her foot comin ...more
In the movie there is Dr.Jekle. If you don't know Dr.Jekle is the one who made the formula to turn himself into Mr.Hyde, and in the movie he is huge.
Lynne Reid Banks book The Indian in the Cupboard
A young English boy finds a magic cupboard that allows tiny plastic figurines to come alive. They are not just automations, however, but real people from the past (now only one inch tall). He brings back a 18th century Indian, a cowboy from the wild West, and a World War I medic. The sequels are ...more
Mac World commercial Unknown
A boy has a shrunken McDonalds resturant in his bedroom. He puts it on his desk and looks inside. From inside we see the boy's eye looking in through the drive-through window. We also see a teen who is working at the window. The boy is also seen holding a tiny McDonald's bag in his hand.
Mace: The Dark Age
Size, Animal
One of the fighters named Taria has a finisher that turns her opponent into a chicken. Another of the fighters, Namira, has a finisher in which she shrinks her opponent by kissing them and putting her unfortunate tiny opponent into a bottle after she kicks him/her into the air into her hand.
A website containing several pics, stories, and links of giant furries. Several growth / shrink pics.
Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi episode Hard Boiled
Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi is where two kids jump from world to world and try to get home. Well, At one time they go to the Mobster world. In this world if anyone gets shot they shrink until they are knee high and become a "comedy relief character" with short legs. Funny AND weird.
The Man Who Liked Woman book Marc Brandel
The goddess Venus appears to a man as a three inch tall women. Over the course of more than year she grows to over eight feet.
Man's weight is scratched off commercial Subway
In a comerica for subway's scratch and win game. They show a somewhat overweight man and a giant coin appears and scratches off his fat to represent eat healthy and have a chance to win prizes
Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga
Size, Gender
After you complete the events in Joke's End, Mario and Luigi loose the Bean Star and are not able to get back the Princess. Then the game goes to a cut scene where Mario shows Bowletta that she has the wrong Peach. The peach with him sounds like the proper peach, but keeps her face covered. Bowlett ...more
Mario Kart 64
In it, there is an item that looks like a thunder bolt. if you use it, it will shrink every one but you, who ever has a star item in use, or if you fall off the ledge and it's use while your being pulled back up. While there small, you can run over them and mario sounds weird while he's small.
Mars Attacks!
Animal, Size
A US general is shrunk by the Martians and stepped on. Martians perform a head swap on a pretty reporter and her dog.
Martin Mystery episode Return of the Dark Druid
At the begining of this episode Martin and his two freinds go to a secret base to get their assignment, they find their handler, a beutiful woman code named "MOM" experimenting with a shrinking ray found at an alien crash site. She has just shrunken an Elephant to the size of a guinea pig as well as ...more
Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes
Gender, Size, Mechanical
When you beat the game, you receive a special ending depending on the character you use. ===Gender=== This is a surprising TG ending I found playing with Lilith, a secret character. She's the result of sexy female demons Lilith and Morrigan being fused. When we reach the ending, Li ...more
Mary Jane issue Looney Tunes [& Merrie Melodies]
Sniffles the mouse was a minor character in about a dozen Merrie Melodies in the early 1940s. When he appeared in the "Looney Tunes & Merrie Melodies" comic book (later renamed "Looney Tunes") he was teamed with a little blonde-haired girl named Mary Jane. Mary Jane could make herself Sniffles' size ...more
Maxcat's Giantess Realm
If you enjoy giant women, this is the site for you.
Mega Babies episode Inner Ear Inferno
Size, Animal
The premise of this short-lived Canadian cartoon was that three preemie babies got zapped by cosmic energy on the brink of the new millenium, infusing them with super powers; most of the cartoon, though, dealt with the messy and gross things about babies: runny noses, spitting up, and badly needed ...more
Mega Shrink X
Gender, Size
A fake tv commercial made by college students about a size-shrinking drug, with a twist.
"Micro Management" episode of Danny Phantom
Danny Phantom is weak at Gym. In order to get ready to take the Presidental Fitness Test, Dash is assigned as his "fitness buddy." Things get difficult when Skullker comes back for revenge and Danny's Dad wants to try out his new shrink ray (the Fenton Crammer). Danny, Dash, and Skullker are all ...more
The Micropuff Girl net fiction Unknown
In this novella-length fanfic, a smallish fifth grader is tired of being bullied and wishes she could be a Powerpuff Girl and have adventures with Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup. To her surprise, her fairy godmother grants her wish; but because of the limits of her magic, the new Powerpuff Girl is o ...more
Mighty Morphing Power Rangers episode Green With Evil saga
This is a specal event in the power rangers' series where we get to see the green ranger for the first time. But he's evil to start with and fights for Rita (I think that's how her name is spelled.) I know that she makes creatures grow all the time, but this is different. The green ranger has the si ...more
Mini-Pops commercial Unknown
In this commerical there is a boy who licks a mini- pop which causes his father to shrink. At the end of the commerical the father is shown running on the teen's table top hockey game.
Minimizer's Shrinking Site
Media Site
"Mirror, Mirror" episode of Jackie Chan Adventures
Gender, Size, Animal
I just saw this episode. Four evil mirror spirits possess Jackie, Jade, Uncle and Tohru. They cause Jackie's head to inflate, Tohru to turn into his mother and Jade to turn into a donkey. I can't find details on TV Tome or screencaps on M & K's site, so it's possible that it hasn't aired in the ...more
Mister! We Shrunk Our Mom commercial Unknown
This is an 11 minute fantasy/promotional video for Kirby vacuum cleaners. Three kids are watching a Kirby commercial about monsters (dust mites, germs, pollen, etc) that live in their home. When all three kids use their remotes simulataneously, the combined beam bounces off the television, hits the ...more
"Monster Blood III" by R. L. Stine
A boy named Evan is babysitting his cousin Kermit. Kermit finds a can of Monster Blood and Evan accidently eats some monster blood. He then strats growing bigger in size in the basement. Evan later gets outside and walks around town.
Monsters episode Micro Minds
A professor and his female assistant stumble upon a race of intelligent micro-organisms. When the female assistant talked to to small and minority group of the micro-organisms and found out what the plan the majority of the micro-organisms planned to do, the professor refused to believe her, and shr ...more
Monsters Vs Aliens
Animal, Size
Susan Murphy (Reese Witherspoon) is hit by a radioactive meteor on the day of her wedding to weatherman Derek Dietl (Paul Rudd), absorbing a substance called quantonium and growing into a giantess. (Spoiler Text)
Mood Boobs official preview
Breast expansion based on mood.
Mork and Mindy episode Mork In Wonderland
Mork gradually shrinks after taking an Earth cold remedy. He winds up in a micro-world where humor is banned. (Two part episode.)
Morrowind (PC)
In the PC game Morrowind, you can edit just about everything in the game with the TES editor that came with the game. People make plug-ins and MODs for the game, but you can also adjust the hieght of the people of Morrowind. In one case I grew a female to about the size of 12 feet. Any bigger and th ...more
Mortal Kombat 2011
Age, Gender, Male, Mechanical, Size, Were
In the new MK game, Raiden sends a mental message to his past self in order to prevent the events of Mortal Kombat Armageddon. The game contains various transformations. Age: Babalities, a finishing move where you turn your opponent into a baby, make a return. (Spoiler Text) Size: One of ...more
Mouse Trap game commercial Unknown
A group of four children (ages 8-12) are playing the game Mouse Trap (with the crazy, Rube-Goldberg-like mousetrap gizmo.) After watching the trap get sprung one time, one of the kids yells, "Mouse on the run!" The four game players are now shrunk to the size of game pieces, have to avoid the rollin ...more
Mr. Show episode Sad Songs are Nature's Onions
Mr. Show is a sketch comedy show on HBO and in the begining the two host are transported to a place where there is a kid who claims he creates the tv ratings(tv-14, MA, etc), he then makes the host drink something which makes them shrink half their size then they drink it again and they shrink to th ...more
Ms. Marvel vol. 3
Size, Female
Kamala Khan is a 16-year-old Pakistani-American girl who, in the aftermath of the Inhumanity event, is one of the countless people turned into a super-powered Inhuman by the spread of the Inhumans' Terrigen Mist. With her powers activated she decides to take after her idol, Carol Danvers aka Captai ...more
My Little Pony Paradise Estates dollhouse commercial Unknown
Two girls are excitedly looking over their new My Little Pony Paradise Estates dollhouse. One of them looks at it wide-eyed and says, "Imagine if we REALLY LIVED THERE!" The scene fades to an image of the girls, now doll-sized, opening the majestic gates to the house and checking out all the room ...more
Mystic Knights
Several shrinking scenes. First, the side kick male character is shrunk, in a later episode the lead female is shrunk for nearly an entire episode, and finally one of the villains is shrunk to invade an elf village.
Mystical Ninja:Goemon
Everyone in the game has their own magic ability in this game. Ebisumaru's, the fat, blue dressed one, is to be able to shrink so he can go through small passages and enter through areas with a low cieling. To get this power you have to go to a temple and catch eight sweets that fall from the cielin ...more
Name Space Quest VI: The Spinal Fontier
Roger is shrunk down to microscopic size and injected into the body of a crewmate in order to save her life.
New Super Mario Bros.
In the latest 2-D Mario game there are 2 new power-up mushrooms in addition to the standard Super Mushroom. Mega Mushroom - Causes Mario or Luigi to grow to a gigantic, invincible proportion temporarily. This item can be found at certain Toad Houses and used in any stage. Mini Mushroom - Caus ...more
Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors
The scene starts with Freddy Krueger becoming a puppet handing on the wall. He then cuts the strings that are holding him up and lands on the floor. He then walks over to a bed and grows to his normal size. Later in the scene we see Freddy Krueger towering over the building as a giant.
A Nightmare on Elm Street 4, The Dream Master
During one nightmare Freddy lures a already changing tough girl, who had earlier stepped on a roach, into a giant roach motel. She becomes stuck in the sticky goo and she falls face first, as she pulls away from it, her face comes off and it reveals a cockroach head and body. Her transformation is s ...more
Nils Holgerssons underbara resa genom Sverige
AKA: The Wonderful Adventures of Nils Nils Holgersson was not really a bad boy, but he was lazy and unkind. Then one day he encoumntered an elf and found himself shrunk to elf-size by a magic spell.... written by Selma Lagerlöf in 1906.
Norman Bridwell book Clifford the Small Red Puppy
This is the origin story of Clifford the Big Red Dog, back when he was just a small red puppy. He was originally the runt of the litter (only about 3 inches tall) but thanks to the love of Emily Elizabeth (and it seems some kind of magic) Clifford grows larger and larger, until he is about 25 feet ...more