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Category: 'Size'
I Dream of Jeannie episode The Incredible Shrinking Master
Jeannie trys to help tony by shrinking a part to fit into a machine, but it spills over onto tony and he has to survive being mere inches tall and a hungry cat as I recall.
Iduna and Loki
In this Scandinavian myth, Iduna (also called Idun) is the goddess of youth and beauty, and caretaker of the Golden Apples which kept the gods and goddesses of Asgard from growing old or dying. With Loki's help, a nasty giant named Tjassi kidnapped Iduna and imprisoned her in his castle. The deities ...more
In the Small by Michael Hague
A mysterious blue light (given the name "The Blue Flash") instantly reduces every human being on Earth - and ONLY human beings - to one-twelfth of its original size, so a six foot tall person is now a six INCH tall person. In a (literal) flash, Nature turns the tables on Mankind: Machines and dwel ...more
Incredible Crisis
Incredible Crisis is a PSone Game that is... out there. You have to guide this family through the wackiest day in Tokyo. On minute you are dancing in office building, the next you are trying to steal a golden pig from a bank, then you are fighting a giant teddy bear to save the world. Wierd, but f ...more
The Incredible Shrinking Man
Highly praised -- in fact, a little over-praised -- sci-fi tale of poor Scott Carey, a guy whose exposure to both heavyduty insecticide and a drifting cloud of atomic radiation has him gettin' shorter and shorter. Many evocative and well-remembered sequences (meeting the dwarf woman, the fights wit ...more
The Incredible Shrinking Woman
Lilly Tomlin stars as a housewife whose exposure to household chemicals causes her shrink. It was billed as a comedy, though when I saw it at age five it gave me nightmares.
Incredible Shrinking Women
This link has many other Shrinking Women links, and this link has even this website added to its group of links...
The Indian in the Cupboard
A young boy finds a cupboard that can make his action figures come alive. They are not automations, however, but real people from the past (only now one inch tall). He brings back an 18th century Indian, a cowboy, and a World War I medic. Based on the book by Lynne Reid Banks.
Inner Space
Dennis Quaid is placed in a craft, shrunken, and injected into the body of a rabbit. Something goes wrong and he's injected into a man's body instead. In the end of the movie, two terrorists are permanently shrunken down to half their original sizes.
Invader ZIM episode Unknown
ZIM makes the school hamster grow to monsterous size. Very funny episode, because no one wanted to fight the monster since it was so cute(being a hamster and all)!
J. (Judith) C. Greenburg book Andrew Lost [On The Dog]
Andrew, a 10-year-old inventor, has invented the Atom Sucker, which he believes is "the world's most powerful shrinking machine". He has in mind to make himself ant-sized to observe ants for a science project. But something goes wrong and he winds up shrinking himself and his 13-year-old cousin Ju ...more
Jackie Chan Adventures episode Big Jade Little Valmont
While in london seaching for a noble horse, Jackie Chan's niece, Jade, wants to grow up. She casts a grow up spell to make herself older, but instead It turns makes her grow taller until she is gigantic. The wizard Dao Long Wong creates an ogre too destroy Jackie but instead it ends up fighting J ...more
Jason and the Argonauts
Jason is seen standig outside next to some Roman ruins when the greek god Hermes appears before him and grows into a giant then disappears. Then we see Jason shrunken in size and standing on Herme's hand. Hermes then lowers his hand on top of a table and Jason walks off Herme's hand onto the table. ...more
Jeannie aur Juju
Animal, Gender, Inanimate, Size, Age
Modern version of "I Dream of Jeannie" from indian television. Episodes with tiny genie appearances: tiny female genie(s): 7,8,12,15,22,23,26,28,29,31,32,41,55,56,59,60,65handheld,71,73,75,85,86,89, 111,114,115,121,122,124,125,128,130,133,135,136,145,147,148,155,161,164,168,174,184,185,189, ...more
Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius episode Substitute Creature
Jimmy's teacher, Miss Fowl eats one of the seeds from Jimmy's DNA-accelearted spinach plant. She turns into a 50 foot plant creature. At the end of the episode Carl also eats one of the seeds and grows into a plant creature.
John F. Carson book The Boys Who Vanished
A science experiment goes terribly wrong, and two boys are shrunk to the size of ants. The book details their adventures as they adapt to their new world, finding food and shelter in their new environment and dealing with insects and spiders that are now bigger than they are.
John Nickle book The Ant Bully
When Lucas is picked on by the neighborhood bully, he takes out his frustration on the ants on his sidewalk. But the ants get tired of his squirting them with a water pistol, and they capture him and put him on trial. The queen ant shrinks Lucas to ant size and decrees he must work with the worker a ...more
Johnny Bravo episode The Incredible Shrinking Johnny
Johnny is sent to the store to get so foot powder for his mom. On his way he falls off his bike and lands in front of "Octava's Black Magic" store. Once inside Johnny kiss the hand of the owner and she then places a spell on him which causes him to start shrinking. Johnny gets on his bike and notice ...more
Johnny Bravo episode Vendella
in this episode johnny goes on a talk show hosted by a woman named vendella and opposite johnny is another guest who has written a book about men like johnny and as a result gets into a heated debate with johnny and finally is so angered by johnny that she rips off her clothes and like the incredibl ...more
Johnson's Baby Oil commercial July 2, 1945 Life Magazine
A mother wishes she had the 'soft life' of her baby, and winds up baby sized, in the stroller. I saw this in a reprint.
Jurassic Fart
A red T-Rex terrorizes a small green dinosaur. Right before he eats him, the T-Rex's stomach gurgles, and he lets off a huge fart, spreading green gas across the screen. When the gas clears the T-Rex is now the size of the green dinosaur. The green dinosaur runs off. Huge rumbling shake the little T ...more
Just a Few Inches
Carrie Roberts, a high school cheerleader, overdoses on weight-loss pills and shrinks slowly from 5'8" to doll-size throughout the course of the book. Young adult fiction dealing with issues of body image and self-esteem.
K.A. Applegate book Animorphs Series
The entire series is centered around a group of kids who are able to morph into animals to save the world. Most of these processes are incredibly descriptive...also, in (I believe) the 23rd book, there is a full chapter devoted to a few of them being shrunken.
Kellogg's Corn Flakes commercial Unknown
A live-action little boy (perhaps 7 years old) is sitting at the breakfast table, when the rooster from the Kellogg's Corn Flakes box jumps off and invites him on an adventure. The two go on an animated trip to the moon, but their spaceship is damaged and they need someone REALLY BIG to get them ho ...more
Kenneth Robeson book Doc Savage: The Monsters
Doc Savage, a World War II era pulp hero, takes on an evil scientist who can make people grow to fifteen feet tall.
Kenneth Robeson book He Could Stop the World.
Doc Savage battles an insane scientist (again) who can turn people into mind-controlled giants (again). At the end of the book, several mountain men and lumber jacks are left as ten-foot-tall monsters.
Kingdom Hearts
Size, Mythical
===Mythical=== When you go to Ariel's world, Atlantica, which is nothing but water, Donald casts a spell that turns Sora into a mer-man, Donald into a squid and Goofy into a turtle. No transformation is seen but when playing you can feel the difference in the movement ===Gallery=== ...more
Kingsajz is a name of a world of grown men in opposition to the Drawerland where liliputs live, as in Drawedland everything is miniature and mediocre and outside it everything is king size. Also a green potion that allows a liliput to became "big man" for a certain period of time was called K ...more
Knuckles Chaotix
There are two powerup boxes that change the size of your character. The blue arrow pointing up makes your character grow to twice his size and allows him to jump many times higher, while the yellow arrow pointing down makes your character shrink to less than half his size and makes him lighter and a ...more
Krypto The Super Dog episode Unknown
Tiny aliens shrink Krypto and his human friend.